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Issue 53 / January 2016

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Welcome to our January edition... And so, here we go barrelling into 2016 at the same frantic pace that saw 2015 seem to flash by. The old saying that “there’s always someone worse off than ourselves” certainly rang true with our team, here on the magazine. A recent crisis, where one of our computers crashed big-time, just a day before a deadline, leading to stress levels going astronomical, soon paled into insignificance when footage from the flooded streets and fells of the beautiful Lake District came on to our television screens. Yes, we do sometimes have “issues” to be How about “May all your troubles in 2016 be as longlasting as your New Year’s Resolutions in years gone by”, as a welcome to this leap year? A very early word of warning first, to you bachelors out there, to be extra vigilant on “Leap Day”, February 29th, because when the good lady gets down on one knee, gives a little cough of embarrassment, and opening a small box, whilst staring into your eyes, utters those four famous words, they won’t be, “What’s for dinner, darling?” (I’ll resist the temptation here to add, “Will you marry me? is

resolved, but that’s all they are, and life goes on. Let us spare a thought, instead, for the poor residents whose Christmas (and much of 2016, I’d imagine) was totally wrecked by those record rainfall amounts, and resolve to always think that our particular problem/ crisis/ disaster is likely to be nothing, compared with that of somebody else. And, talking of resolutions, we resolve to continue to provide you with a lively, interesting, useful and entertaining magazine every month. Please keep the feedback coming our way, and all the very best for a happy, healthy and successful 2016.

C la ire x

only four words, but one very long sentence!”) What a fabulous prospect 2016 has in store, with all of us sports fans eagerly awaiting South America’s first Olympic Games, in Brazil throughout much of August and then September. Before then, Leicester City and the mighty Posh F.C. will have been crowned champions … and all will be well in “Dreamland”. Enjoy this month’s offerings from the “Discovering Bourne” team, and may your resolutions indeed last well into the second week of January!

Jo h n

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Bourne 4, 8, 11 Health Issues. 6 Community Matters. 7 Bourne Academy in


“Romeo and Juliet”.

Bourne’s Lights Weren’t Pants!


School Spotlight – Edenham.


“Bourne Again” Netball Club.

26 Word of the Year – “Binge-watch”.

38 Words from the Mayor. 40-41 Christmas Fayre

43 51

photograph feast.

Boddington Law feature.

Rex Needle in the Hot Seat

58 Pets and Vets - “Pigeon Pie”. 62-64 Events Diary. 65 Bilinguasing – singing,


music and movement.

Bourne United Charities – a chance to get involved.

68 Bourne SciFest

– an appeal.

Bush Cottage.

69 The Puzzle Page. 73 Discovering … Cuckoo

74-79 Local Businesses Directory.

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January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Health

Renu - health, fitness & beauty

Happy New Rear! After the joy of all the Christmas and New Year festivities, we are often not so happy at our reflection in the mirror as the new year dawns! The extra lumps and bumps don’t usually just appear during the over-indulgence of Christmas though. It’s more likely that our hectic lifestyles make it difficult to eat well and exercise regularly, for the majority of the year.

Claire Saunders and her fitness team at Renu have helped hundreds of women in the Bourne area get a better understanding of how to control their weight, look good and feel great with their unique thirty-minute exercise programme for women. Their “speedy gym for busy women” is specially designed Renu This month, Claire Saunders from her res sha ess Fitn Health, Beauty and er low r you e ton to es rcis exe favourite s! tum and s body. In particular, legs, bum

The Lunge Take one leg back, heel up. Bend your front knee, making sure your knee is over your ankle, then push back up. Repeat on the other side. Progression – As you come up to standing from the lunge, lift the back leg off the floor and take your hands above your head. Make sure you pull your tummy muscles in as you do this. Repeat 10 each side.

The Knee Raise Start on all fours with your back long and your tummy pulled in. Raise both knees about a centimetre from the floor and hold for as many breaths as you can. Progression – raise one foot from the floor keeping your hips level.

to achieve results quickly, no matter what your size, age or fitness level may be. The instructors offer personal motivation to everyone, and include a wide range of FREE studio classes in the membership to keep you motivated. If you would like to find out more on how they can help you, then please call 01778 423923 to book your FREE trial.


The Curl Up Lay on your back with your knees bent and your hands by your head. Keep your hips relaxed and lift the top half of your body up, keeping your head in line with your body, then relax down. Repeat 10 – 20 times. The Leg Lift Start kneeling with your forearms on the floor. Keep your back long and your tummy muscles pulled in. Take the sole of one foot to the ceiling, keeping the knee bent and the tummy in and return to the floor. Repeat 10 each side.

Join our facebook page to work-out with Claire 4

The Squat Stand with your feet hipdistance apart, your spine long and tummy pulled in, with hands across your chest. Sit back, feeling your weight into your heels and stand up tucking your hips underneath you. Repeat 10 – 15 times. Progression – once you have mastered the squat. As you come up to standing, from the squat, take one leg out to the side, take your arms above your head, and pull your tummy muscles in. Then repeat on the other side.

Bourne | January 2016



d 11/2 nds an ree 1/2 pou th 5 t in s t o is l I a n my w elieve it! o s e h tb inc s I can - week

I love the fact it on ly takes 30 and the pe rsonal 1minutes 1 sessions motivate have kept d all year, me I have lost 32 inches!

It’s t

he ne

xt be

st th

ing t

I was suffering terribly with arthritis and now I am in much less pain and enjoying socialising with all the ladies





Renu | 27 Abbey Road | Bourne | Lincs PE10 9EN Tel 01778 423923



We bring you items of interest for your home and community. If there is something you’d like us to cover or you have something to say please get in touch with Claire:

01778 421427 or 07837 499061

Lucy Goldsmith - Daily Mirror Hero of Construction 2015 Morton-based, Lucy Goldsmith, 22, recently brought home the most prestigious award from the annual C.I.T.B. celebration evening, held at London’s Natural History Museum. The youngest of the two daughters in the family painting and decorating firm, K. Goldsmith and Daughters, Lucy was presented by celebrity host, Alistair McGowan, with the award for “Hero of Construction”. This award celebrates those who have stepped up and proven themselves, in difficult circumstances, and the winner of the award is someone who is an inspiration to others and extremely successful.

building his business; he has worked so hard trying to build it up for me and my sister and if the business failed, then it would’ve devastated him.”

“Last year, (Spring 2014), my dad became very ill and was told he would need a triple heart bypass. It was difficult,” said Lucy. “He went into hospital and was told that if he didn’t have the operation, then he wouldn’t make it out.

“I want to make the business huge and be able to give my dad a pension. I have worked hard, and am determined to make it a success and do my family proud”, added Lucy. Judging by father, Kenny’s comments at the Awards ceremony, she’s certainly achieved that … and more!

So, having decided to put her social life on hold, and continuing with her studies at Lincoln College for her Level 3 NVQ in Painting and Decorating, Lucy “grew up overnight”. At the age of twenty-one, she managed the firm’s accounts, undertook quotes, negotiated with suppliers, interviewed and employed new staff, (as the family firm expanded considerably at this time), alongside being a painter and decorator.

“I had to step up and keep

Out ER – What’s That All About Then? Have you been wondering about those new little red signs which have appeared like a rash on some of our “highway furniture” around Bourne recently? Maybe a Republican call to arms (Elizabeth R. out). Treason, to even consider it! What about those around Elsea Park signifying an “out ER” ring road, (thus confirming the rat-run past Sainsbury’s as the “inner ring road”)?! No, the answer is much more obvious, (or so the County Council would like to have us think). In the “interest of public safety”, £105,000 has



been spent on these Flood Evacuation route signs, aimed at protecting Lincolnshire’s coastal communities. A tidal surge in 2013 led to extensive damage on the coast, including at Donna Nook, where hundreds of seals were displaced. Officials said the signage would help people reach places of safety. Thirteen routes along the east coast, besides ours in the south of the county, will benefit from the warnings. Richard Davies, executive member for highways at L.C.C, said: “This provision will help us encourage residents who live in

Bourne | January 2016

these flood risk areas of our county to follow the signs in an emergency and will also raise awareness amongst tourists and visitors who are not familiar with our road network.” So it’s all to get us away from Spalding p.d.q. and up on to the hills, once the deluge arrives. Just as well then that not all of our county is flat!

From “Fair Verona” to Peterborough, via Bourne Academy On Wednesday November 11th, students from Bourne Academy took part in the nationally acclaimed Shakespeare Schools Festival at The Key Theatre in Peterborough. A cast of twenty performance artists from Year 8 to Year 10 performed a modernised ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with great focus and flair. Recently, students had undergone stage combat training and received physical theatre techniques, courtesy of a “Frantic Assembly” workshop. There was much to admire in this well-put-together performance with actors as young as thirteen years old playing the roles of Romeo (Connor McGinlay) and Juliet (Elara Kirtland) with great maturity, true to Shakespeare’s original intentions. The context of the play was fresh and exciting for students, as the Montagues were represented as rough looking street-wise lads from a failing school, and the Capulets as grammar school girls from a single gender intake, educational establishment. Their coming-together was manifested, with great reluctance, when having to form a new Academy, under the guidance of the newly selected, no-nonsense Headmaster/

Principal, Escalus (played by Tom Paskin). The death of Mercutio (Ed Saberton-Ward) set in a school yard, as an effective fight sequence, involving realistic hair grabbing, body throws and fist fighting fury, saw the feisty Tybalt (Becky Robinson) finally get her come-uppance. In the final and most famous scene, students bravely took on the new physical, theatre weight-bearing techniques, mastered by teacher/directors Mrs Parker and Miss Hunt, to portray the lovers’ final tragic moments in the tomb. All this tragedy was interspersed by the moments of laugh- outloud brilliance by characters such as Paris (Keiran Reid) who masterfully created the role to maximise its comic potential.   Students shared the professional stage with Jack Hunt School (who performed their version of ‘Taming of the Shrew’) and Peterborough Regional College (performing ‘Titus Andronicus’). It was a night of high standard performance work – the culmination of months of hard work and commitment. All in all, a fantastic tribute to the work of our most beloved and famous playwright, who continues to inspire and connect with an audience of all ages.

Three Counties Dog Rescue Charity Shop Now Open in Bourne Three Counties had two and a half days, from the signing of the lease on Wednesday November 25th, to achieve the aim of opening their new shop in time for the Bourne Christmas Market and switching on of the lights. It meant burning the midnight oil, as the shop was painted throughout, fittings put in place and stocked, sorted, priced and displayed. The scheduled Saturday opening was met and the shop launched with a successful start. It will now be open on Mondays to Saturdays, and aims to feature quality items as well as plenty of bargains.

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Health

The Beardwood Practice, Clinical Hypnotherapy by Christine Beardwood



he New Year is a great time to make a fresh start.

With hypnosis you will have more control over your life, be less stressed, with more energy, and the ability to find a better quality sleep. As we head into 2016 you may be looking at alternative ways to ease the stresses of working, and living, in our modern hectic 24/7 lifestyle. As you take on more and more, you can sometimes find that we struggle to cope, and so, stress becomes that unseen burden that can lead you to become anxious, sleepless and prone to anger or even overeating. Most people will go into the New Year with the very best of intentions to take back control of something in their lives where there has been no control, then the motivation stops and they return to the same old ways, so it is important to keep that motivation high and to have a firm and realistic goal set that you can aim towards. Hypnotherapy can help you keep the control and focus on things which are important to you achieving the things you want to improve. “Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to help to empty ourselves of stress and to be more at peace with the world



around us,” says fully qualified, registered and insured practitioner Christine Beardwood. “We work with a client to help them move forward in their lives to greater achievements in a relaxed, calm and confident way.” Hypnotherapy is well known in successfully helping people to stop smoking in one simple session but it can also be used to help in other, tremendously positive ways – from losing weight, depression, improving confidence and sleep through to easing stress/anxiety and promoting relaxation. Hypnotherapy is also widely used to help people overcome specific phobias, including the fear of flying. “Spring is a time when people may be looking ahead to booking flights for summer holidays and some individuals may find flying a little

daunting – we can help ease the fear of flying using specific hypnotherapy techniques which are therapeutic for the individual.” Christine is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) which insists on the highest standards of practice from its members – many of whom hold the prestigious Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma (HPD). Why not use the power of your mind to take back control of a habit you need to be free of ? If you would like to book an appointment contact Christine on: 0780 9690 964 or contact@

T: 0780 9690 964 | E:

Bourne | January 2016

Bourne’s Lights Weren’t Pants!

“We’re not taking our pants down for anyone”, said the lady on the radio recently. This was intriguing stuff indeed from Sue Griggs, the chair of Tiverton’s Christmas Lights Committee. Apparently, the Devon town’s display this year bears a remarkable resemblance to a row of underpants hanging on a washing line. Rather than feeling embarrassed though, Ms. Griggs went on to say how the town is now celebrating its unexpected notoriety, suggesting that more people than ever are coming to the shops, so that they can cop an eyeful of “Santa’s pants”! Any suggestions how the organisers of Bourne’s fantastic display of Christmas lights could follow this lead, and come up with something similarly, seasonally sensational for 2016, please e-mail us here at “Discovering Bourne”.





01778 395987

8 Angel Precinct • North St. • Bourne • Lincolnshire • PE10 9AE January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G







01778 422424 |

Harvey’s Universal Fitness Centre, Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, Lincs PE10 9LA



“Frankie’s” becomes “Phi Phi” For one business owner, this New Year marks a time of change. “Frankie’s Health and Beauty” has now become “Phi Phi Beauty, Health and Wellbeing Clinic”. Frankie tells us what she has planned for the coming year. “It feels like the right time to introduce some changes, as 2015 was ever-evolving. I am pleased to now be in a position where I can introduce Abby to the business; she brings her expertise to Phi Phi, by adding further treatments to the clinic” Phi Phi (pronouced Pea Pea) is a new concept, and offers a wide variety of essential and luxury beauty treatments, as well as alternative and holistic therapies. I’m aiming to help clients with the everyday stresses, by giving them a little ‘Me Time’ in this quiet and secluded haven. Both Frankie and Abby are highly skilled therapists with over twenty-five years in the industry

between them, eleven of those also spent educating their upand-coming therapists. Abby is an award-winning massage therapist and specialises in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. She will be offering free consultations with her treatments to ensure she can treat the individual as a ‘whole’, and restore physical harmony. Frankie specialises in Colon Hydrotherapy and, having worked in London over the past five years, is excited to be bringing Colon Hydrotherapy back to Bourne. It is an ancient treatment and is known to successfully help relieve such things as constipation, IBS, headaches, skin conditions, tiredness and lots more!

Treatments available: Alternative Therapy • Colon Hydrotherapy Holistic Therapy • Reflexology • Indian Head Massage • Aromatherapy Massage Beauty Therapy • Lycon Waxing • Katherine Daniels Cosmetics Facials • Microdermabrasion • Swedish Body Massage • Body Contouring • Manicures • Pedicures • Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish • Tinting

So, whether you’re looking for essential maintenance or a special treat, give Phi Phi a call and see if they can help in making you feel you again! 07837 862 870 January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Spotlight on Schools

Edenham Church of England Primary School Edenham C. of E. Primary School is situated in the village of Edenham, four miles west of Bourne. With its unofficial motto, ‘Learning through Mud and Fun’, head teacher, Mrs Kris Radford-Rea, here sheds some light on this remarkable little school. “Our vision is that all pupils will learn to the best of their ability, achieve success academically and in other areas of life, but most of all, we want to inspire a love of learning and a passion for living life well. “Our environment dictates some of the path which our curriculum has taken; the school has close physical and historical links with the Church of St. Michael and all Angels in Edenham, and the Grimsthorpe Castle Estate. With resources such as these, (beautiful landscapes, ancient trees, a small but diverse river valley, badger setts, kite nests, bats, owls, friendly local farms and a castle estate and church, steeped in history), we realised that we’d be foolish not to make them central to our way of learning. So, about five years ago, we started to develop our grounds to include a spiritual garden designed for wildlife, ‘an outdoor classroom’, a gardening area, and we made the woodland and river accessible once again. We trained a really talented “Forest School Teacher”, David Hawes, with whom the children now learn skills, ranging from knot tying and bridge-building to problem solving and creativity. “We prioritise trips, both locally and further afield,

as vital learning experiences. In addition, we see healthy, loving and caring relationships as the underlying thread to everything we do. Our pupils are encouraged to think about friendships, bullying, families and their own well-being regularly. “Our last Ofsted, in November 2011, concluded that we are a “good school with some outstanding features”. We’d like to think that we send our young people out into the world as good human beings - well prepared and loved - a view shared recently by a grandparent of one of our leavers”. “My granddaughter was shy at first, but by the end of Year 6 she had become a totally different person, not only achieving very well in her learning, but also becoming an outgoing, helpful and caring person, with a real Christian attitude to people and life. This has been a real asset at her new, larger school, with its challenges and pressures. She has continued to do well, thanks to all she learnt at Edenham. ” School Lane, Edenham, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 0LP · Tel: 01778 591207 Email: Website:



Bourne | January 2016





North ShoeS fittiNg ShoeS SiNce 1876

18 North Street, Bourne. Tel: 01778 422886

2 Red Lion Square, Stamford. Tel: 01780 755400

10 Westgate, Peterborough. Tel: 01733 313890

| Health

Wellhead Practice Excellence in head to toe Complementary Healthcare

Sacro-iliac Joint problems

Found at the lower end of the spine, the Sacroiliac joints (SIJ) connect the sacrum (a triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine) to each of the larger outer pelvic bones (ilia) to make the pelvis complete. They act as shock absorbers allowing movement and body weight to be transferred in a smooth and controlled manner from the upper body through to the legs and vice versa. Philip Hakim, Registered Osteopath, Owner of the Wellhead Practice

Possible causes of injury: SIJ injuries are not unusual. The more traumatic causes can include a fall onto your side such as a miss-timed sliding tackle, or slipping and landing onto your bottom. Less dramatic reasons include repetitive weight bearing activities such as running, jumping, dancing or gymnastics for example. In practice, a common cause is a sudden jolt to the pelvis such as missing a step or dropping into an unseen hole in the ground whilst walking the dog. A rounded or slouching posture can also be a triggering factor. Symptoms: Pain is usually felt on one side of the lower back often localised to the dimpled area just below your waistband. You may feel discomfort in the buttock, lower abdomen or groin regions too. Some patients report a sense that the affected leg feels a slightly different length or that it even drags or doesn’t swing

properly when they walk. Occasionally the front of the thigh feels achy or appears to burn if they have been on their feet too long. Rest can be a relief although you can end up feeling slightly stiff afterwards and turning over in bed can be painful too. Treatment options: In my experience, most SI problems respond really well to manual treatment. Using techniques to decompress or

Tel: 01778 392832 E:



re-align the joints and straighten the pelvis can work really well to restore normal joint movement. Soft tissue massage and stretching can then reduce the localised muscle spasm and encourage a healthier blood flow to the tissues. This helps to drain away any inflammation built up and speed up the recovery. Muscle re-education can then strengthen the surrounding areas or correct any postural imbalances that may be contributing and reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence. Sometimes a special pelvic belt or sports taping is useful to stabilise the joint for a while. Very occasionally the most persistence may need referring for a corticosteroid injection or further tests.

13 Abbey Road, Bourne, PE10 9EF

Bourne | January 2016

Excellence in head to toe Complementary Healthcare

Osteopathy Acupuncture Chiropody & Podiatry Hypnotherapy Nutritional therapy Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation T: 01778

392832 | E: 13 Abbey Road, Bourne PE10 9EF

| Clubs


The club was started in 2012 by Vicki Moult, who decided that she would really like to play netball again, so she started asking her friends if they would like to join her … and the rest is history, as they say. She asked Lorna Clayden if she would be their coach and umpire and they haven’t looked back. “We have had lots of support from local businesses and groups, such as Bakkavor, Precision Sports, The Round Table, Abacus Recruitment and the Len Pick Trust, who have donated money to enable the club to buy kit, posts and balls, and to pay for Lorna to become a qualified level 2 coach”, Vicki explains. The club has also had tremendous support from Bourne Westfield Primary Academy, by allowing them to train there during the summer months and also to use whatever equipment they need for free. Quentin Marks Estate Agents and Gordon’s Photographic have also supported the club in various ways. “Bourne Again” joined the England Netball “Back to Netball” programme in 2012 and started in Division 4. By the end of last year, they had 16


progressed to Division 1, and have now joined a higher league. The club has approximately twentyfive members and currently has two teams in the Stamford Netball League. The club is going from strength to strength and are now looking for new members to expand the amount of teams they have. They are also looking to add another training night, so that they can invite players of all ability to play and not feel out of their depth. The club is open to ladies, from sixteen upwards. Currently, one boy trains with them, but unfortunately, boys are not allowed to play in the local leagues! If anyone would be interested in joining the club, then please contact Lorna at or Vicki at Training is on a Wednesday evening at Bourne Grammar School and matches in the Stamford League are on a Tuesday. It is £3 per training session, and £20 to join the club. Please contact Vicki or Lorna beforehand if you fancy turning up for training.

Bourne | January 2016

Anyone for Yoga? Laura has worked in the fitness industry for twenty years and teaches Hatha Yoga, which is suitable for all ages, abilities and levels. Everyone is welcome.

Alexander M. Jamieson D.Hyp, PDCHyp, PDCBHyp, MBSCH

To use Laura’s words, “My aim is to make people feel better; life these days can throw us stress, anxiety, injuries and illness. I like to see people float out after class, smiling and looking a lot happier than when they walked in!” Her new class starts in January 2016 at Wake House, Bourne, on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am. Please check the website for further details:  Start your 2016 positively and more healthily!

Serenity Yoga with Laura Hatha Yoga Classes suitable for all

07951 288801

✦ Monday 9.15am Uffington Village Hall ✦ Monday 6.40pm Exton Village Hall ✦ Tuesday 9.30am Bourne Wake House

Unwind, Re-energise, F ind your inner peace and happiness

A Registered Member of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis Clinical and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.

Now practising at The Point of Health Clinic 63 Casterton Road, Stamford PE9 2UB 01780 753781 or 07890 305320

New Year Fitness Made Easy at Rutland Sports

Find us: Rutland Sport @RutlandSports1

01778 426482 Opening Hours Monday: Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm Rutland Sports, 26-28 North Street, Bourne PE10 9AB Also at Catmos Street , Oakham LE 15 6HW

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Travel Column

“Travel Counsellors” – Why Not In the age of online booking sites, using a travel agent may feel like going the way of the dinosaur. But Travel Counsellors is about so much more than simply selling you a holiday. With twenty-three years of experience in travel, I provide services and have knowledge that you just can’t get online. And when things don’t go to plan, knowing you have your own personal Travel Counsellor working for your best interests gives you that invaluable peace of mind. I’m Clare Lockett, your personal Travel Counsellor, and here are ten reasons why using me will change the way you think about booking your travel.

1) Expertise and Personal Experience Simply put, I know a whole lot about the travel world. I give you insider tips and advice, using my personal experience to guide your holiday decisions in a way that provides you with the best holiday experience possible at the best value for money. I have access to the personal feedback from hundreds of my clients, and know many contacts in the travel trade network, allowing me to provide insights you can’t find on TripAdvisor!

2) Travel Counsellors Have Clout I have developed many personal relationships with individuals at the companies with whom I deal. I can use these relationships to get you things you can’t get on your own, for example that “sold out” room or the connecting rooms you want, when the website says they aren’t available.

3) The Fixer In addition to getting you more on any particular trip, I’m available twentyfour hours a day and can step in and fix things, should your trip go awry. The average person books one or two

trips per year, typically with different travel suppliers, so you have little or no leverage when things go wrong. The many great relationships forged with suppliers consistently provide me and my customers with consistently excellent service. Travel Counsellors is highly regarded in the travel trade with suppliers. Our contacts at the suppliers, hotels, airlines, will step up to make things right or simply to make sure that our relationship is not marred.

4) Cost Savings Travel Counsellors is an award winning company, having twice won the prestigious ‘Queens Award’. We have unique access to benefits that can save you a lot of money and provide you with a better experience – ranging from free room upgrades and spa privileges through to food and drink credits. Add in hard-to-get restaurant reservations, exclusive or priority access to attractions, and you will have a lot more value on your holiday. Ever wonder why 18


Bourne | January 2016

Leave it to the Experts?

9) You Get Matched Right

the couple in the next room to yours got champagne and you didn’t? They probably used Travel Counsellors!

5) Time Savings Instead of searching blindly on the internet for hours, days, or even weeks, let me do the research for you. With your personal needs in mind, I’ll put the work in to ensure every component of the trip is tailored to your wishes.

6) Safety Net If anything should go wrong during your trip, you can rely on me to assist you. I will suggest and arrange alternative travel arrangements, help you to deal with any travel emergency you may have, and put you in touch with

the right local people to answer your needs.

7) On the Cutting Edge

Travel Counsellors are on the cutting edge of what’s new. We are the first to know about a new resort, cruise ship or tour. So if you want to travel on the latest and greatest, Travel Counsellors is the way to go!

If you call a cruise line directly, they won’t tell you that their competitor is a better fit for you and your travel needs. As I’m an independent, I have the freedom to sell everything, able to focus on your particular needs, and make sure you are matched up with the right holiday.

10) An Ongoing Mutually Beneficial Relationship

8) You Pay the Same Anyway!

A good agent is like a good mechanic. Once you find them, you’ll never want to give them up. A holiday may be your biggest discretionary spend in any given year, along with your limited time, so you want to make sure it’s done right.

It’s a common misconception that you’ll pay more to book with an agent. With the relationships we have forged with airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car hire companies, attraction tickets suppliers, (to name a few), we have access to excellent rates, along with discounted rooms rates and excellent airfares.

For a chat about your upcoming travel needs, all built around the things you love most, call me on 01778 338530 at a time to suit you

Travel Counsellors

T 01778 338530 E

With ’s personal January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



New Year - New You

Barnsdale Hall Hotel

If you want to say,”NO!” to cigarette smoking, then why not let The Vape Project help you out with those New Year’s resolutions? The Vape Project, with their outlets on West Street, Bourne and Market Gate, Market Deeping, offer a large range of devices to cater for the new users of e-cigarettes (looking to kick the cigarette smoking habit) and to advanced users, looking for higher powered tanks and premium layered flavours. For the whole of January, 2016, we will be giving new users 20% off starter kits to give that vital boost when you start your New Year’s resolutions.

January Sale

All flavours are available to try, on our flavour-testing station, and all of our staff have a wide range of knowledge to help and guide you along, to ensure you get the best advice and user experience.

Leisure day with flotation treatment and lunch for two… £55.00 Relax and unwind and welcome the New Year with this fantastic sale offer. Arrive and enjoy the full use of our leisure facilities, 22 metre pool, sauna, steam room and spa pools, a 30 minute shared flotation treatment and then a 2 course lunch for two.


(Due to health contraindications please check with the spa staff if you suffer from any medical conditions).

This is a limited offer, available 9.30am-6pm Tuesday-Friday throughout January and February 2016. 20% off any additional treatments when booked together with this offer.

Call the spa to make your reservation now on 01572 771313

Opening times 10:00-18:00 Mon-Fri | 9:30-17:30 Saturday GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE

• This is a limited offer •

Nr Oakham | Rutland LE15 8AB

Tel: 01572 757901 20


t. 07738 431099 35b West Street | Bourne | PE10 9NB

Bourne | January 2016

Beautiful Nails for 2016 Gel Shellac Only £20.00 GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE Telephone: 07519 730181

The Powder Room, Natwest Rear Bank Chambers, 2 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9EA

B The Powder Room 1/4 Page Advert JAN16.indd 1

14/12/2015 14:04

handson massage pulse practice

Est: 2003

sports and body massage

Registered Bed & Breakfast Guest Accommodation

Double & Single / Twin Rooms Available

Tel: 01778 571689

Relax, soften & stretch over used muscles from work, sport & stress Increases joint flexibility & range of movement Reduces recovery time

6 Edenham Road, Hanthorpe, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 0RB

Promotes tissue regeneration reducing scar tissue Reduces depression & anxiety 0 tr fo ea r tm 1 h en o t ur

07904051873 | £3

28 West Street, Bourne PE10 9NA

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



Fish ● Pies ● Burgers ● Chicken Ribs ● Grilled Kebabs


Cakes •Birthday Cakes •Christening Cakes Cakes •Christmas Cakes •Engagement Cakes •Retirement Cakes •Gluten Free Cakes •Diabetic Cakes •Anniversary

Telephone 07599 255646


Goldilocks Re-visited

TELEPHONE ORDERS WELCOME OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN: Mon - Thu 11.30 - 23.00 | Fri - Sat: 11.30 - Midnight Sun: 12.00 - 23.00

38/40 ● North Street ● Bourne ● PE10 9AB

T. 01778 393970 22


A recent newspaper report caught my eye and got me thinking of whether or not animals have developed the notion of revenge. In October, a lady in Asheville County, North Carolina, U.S.A. returned to her daughter’s apartment, to find a bear had entered the building and was helping itself, not to porridge, but to some pet food. By pulling down on the unlocked door handle, the bear had gained entry to the premises. Fire Department spokeswoman, Kelley Klope, said that the emergency services were called and, by hitting on the ceiling, had managed to scare away the hungry intruder, without too much damage being caused. She refused to say whether or not a small chair had been broken or the smallest of beds slept in!

Bourne | January 2016

Specialist in Authentic Cuisine

FAST FOOD - Kebabs, Burgers, Chicken, Chips, Drinks BANQUET NIGHT


Join us in our restaurant and choose ANY starter, main course, side dish, rice or nan bread for just

£10.95 per person

(King prawn dishes £2.95 extra. Dine in only)

Fully Licensed & Air conditioned KIDS MEAL DEALS AVAILABLE (please ask for details)


Within 8 miles | min order £6 applies

TELEPHONE DELIVERY/ COLLECTION / BOOKING Tel: 01778 393959 / 01778 423683 8 Abbey Road, Bourne You can now order online @ OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK: 5.30pm - MIDNIGHT

L Sa ive tu mu rd s ay ic ev eve en r y in g

Find us on

Join us at The Bluebell in Helpston

Food. Music. Relax January 2016 Diary 1st January To 10th January - Drink’s Lotto Monday Evenings 5pm – 7pm The Grumpy Old Mens Club Sunday Evenings 8pm Quiz Night For more details about any of the events at The Bluebell visit our website or call 01733 252394 See our Facebook page ( Email us: | Phone us: 01733 252 394 10 Woodgate, Helpston, Peterborough PE6 7ED

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our loyal customers


your food bill during January with this voucher* T’s & C’s apply .exp 31.1.2016

01778-393644 2 Abbey Road | Bourne | PE10 9EF Email:

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



2015 Word of the Year is “Binge-watch” Our wonderful language continues to be augmented year on year, and the practice known as the “binge-watch” has claimed the title of Collins’ Dictionary “Word of the Year” for 2015. Meaning “to watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession”, it reflects a marked change in viewing habits, due to subscription services like Netflix. Helen Newstead, Head of Language Content at Collins, said: “The rise in usage of ‘binge-watch’ is clearly linked to the biggest sea change in our viewing habits since the advent of the video recorder, nearly forty years ago. It’s not uncommon for viewers to binge-watch a whole season of programmes, such as House of Cards or Breaking Bad, in just a couple of evenings something that, in the past, would have taken months.”

Firth and Leonardo DiCaprio thought to have developed such a fine figure. Other contenders for the “word of the year” title included: • Corbynomics (noun): the economic policies advocated by the UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. • manspreading (noun): the act or an instance of a male passenger in a bus or train splaying his legs in a way that denies space to the passenger sitting next to him. • clean eating (noun): following a diet that contains only natural foods, and is low in sugar, salt, and fat.

Those partaking in binge-watching may run the risk of “dadbod”, one of ten in the “word of the year list”. Referring to an untoned and slightly plump male physique, dadbod is not without its admirers, with actors like Seth Rogen, Colin

On-line take away and delivery service available | 01778 424 411 / 01778 424 111 Opening times Monday - Thursday Evening: 5.00pm - 10.30pm Saturday 12.00pm - 2.30pm, 5.00pm - 11.00pm | Sunday 1.00pm - 10.00pm Ala carte buffet

37 North Street Bourne. PE10 9AE



Bourne | January 2016




ÂŁ9.99 each


Chefmate Copper Non-Stick Cookware

Prestige Inspire Bakeware


Taylors 6 Piece Knife Block



5 Piece Chopping Board Set

Crockpot Slow Cooker

Waterside Garden Centre, King Street, Baston, PE6 9NY | 01778 560000 January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



Sew... what's new in 2016? There is a huge revival in interest in traditional crafts including sewing, from cushions to quilts. The great thing about this kind of sewing is that you can spend all day cutting and machine sewing, or you can sit in the evening (or all day!) and hand sew, the choice is yours. Learning something new can be difficult if you rely on books and the internet for your information. You just can’t beat a class where you can be shown exactly what to do, and be given the skills and encouragement to experiment for yourself. Most importantly, in a class you get to work alongside fellow enthusiasts; the immediate support is impossible to find even in online groups. Barn Creations is an exciting new business in Hanthorpe where Sue O’Riordan shares her passion for patchwork, quilting, and all things textiles. “I have always loved sewing and crafting

and I realised that there were many other people who were really interested as well, but did not know where to begin. As well as patchwork and quilting, I run one-off workshops where you can make single items such as bags, fabric bowls, folders and book covers, and simple embroidery. The introduction to fabric dyeing day is a great way for you to create unique fabric to use in your projects.” If you want to find out more, or join Sue at one of her patchwork classes, or craft workshops, contact her on 01778 570846 or Alternatively visit

promised yourself for 2016?

e ac pl id t! ur avo en yoto ntm ok w oi Bo no app s di

What have you

Forget your usual promises and try something different this year…

If you have ever wondered how to make a quilt? Now is the time to find out. These classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced quilters, and sewing can be done by hand (all classes) or machine (Hanthorpe classes only). When are these classes running? Tuesday 12:30 - 2:30pm (Bourne) Wednesday 12:30 - 2:30pm (Hanthorpe) Wednesday 7:30 - 9:30pm (Hanthorpe) Thursday 7:30 - 9:30pm (Bourne)

Call us on 01778 570846 E.

D Barn I SCreations C O V EAdvert.indd R I N1 G 28DB DD 1/2 Page

Bourne | January 2016

14/12/2015 09:21

fi fa n d ce us b o on ok


01778 420700 |

Unit 6 Hereward Estate, Off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LA (Opposite Branch Bros)


Inter iors

A Little Something Beautiful Furniture and Gifts

t Served! First Come Firs

01778 424442 | 44 North Street, Bourne

3 South Street | Bourne | PE10 9LY

Although there are one or two jobs that you can do, January is a good time for sitting by the fire with a nice cup of tea and organise a planting plan for what you would like to grow and where you are going to grow it. Take stock of what grew well this year, or if you have an allotment, what success other growers had that you would maybe like to try growing. How about trying to grow something a little unusual for a change; away from your usual standard fruit and veg?


f there are any areas of your plot that still need a winter digging, then make sure that the soil is not frozen or waterlogged (if the soil sticks to your boots, keep off it) ,as this will only compact the soil. Well- rotted manure, or organic material can be added to the soil surface and it will become incorporated naturally. At this time of year, rhubarb can be forced, using pots or an upturned bucket, making sure any holes are covered to completely cut out the light. What could be tastier than pale pink sticks of rhubarb, harvested in late February? Towards the end of the month, seed potatoes should be available and you can start chitting them in seed trays ready for planting. Other jobs that can be carried out are pruning apple and pear trees, (but not stone fruits such



as cherry and damson, which should be summer pruned); plant bare-rooted trees and bushes; support Brussels sprouts and sprouting broccoli; protect plants from cold; and check stakes and ties. You could start a bean trench by digging down about 60cm and then start filling it with your organic kitchen waste. Each time you add a batch of waste, cover with a layer of soil: continue until the trench is full and leave it to rot down. It’s a good time of year for a spot of cleaning: seed trays and plant pots can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution to kill diseases that may have carried over to the new seedlings. Also, gardening equipment can be cleaned (linseed oil any wooden handles) and the shed and greenhouse may benefit from a clean and tidy–up. I hope you have a fruitful (and a “veggiful”) 2016!

Bourne | January 2016

D Fre es e ig n

s ee t e Fr ma i st E

Extensive range of Garden Rooms

Supalite Tiled Roof Conversions

UPVC Doors

Composite Doors

“A” Rated Energy Saving Windows & Doors

Transform your Conservatory

Guttering, Cladding & Fascias

WWW.FOURSEASONSWINDOWSOLUTIONS.CO.UK Design House | Meadow Drove Farm | Bourne | PE10 0AL Tel: 01778 394440 |

Manual & Electric Garage Doors

Job Opportunity

Are you looking to make a lifestyle change in 2016? Can you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions? Do you like to chat ? Are you friendly ? Do you have a good sense of humour ? Are you self-motivated ? Would you like to make 2016 your year ? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, we would love to hear from you . The team at discovering magazines are looking for another great salesperson, to increase their well-established client base. Flexible working hours, great earning potential and full training will be given.

and the surrounding villages ON GHT SPOTLI odhouse Wo





Your success is in your hands! Ea st re a a n d C


r it









ay /M







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ity un m rs -14 Com atte e 12 M ag p







Ad vice




z in





o o r

at . Se .M .E ot H lB e el th K In rian e 63 B ag p



e re










opeNiNg times


oNly £7.00

01778 346620 393618 01778 1 angel Precinct, Bourne


Mar light ch Go on lf


wAshed & pressed


oNly £19.95

7 shirts

Monday – Friday 9.00am- 5.00pm Saturday 9.00am- 4.00pm

March 2015 | D I S C O V E R I N G


oNly ly £10.00



For more information please call 01778 393618, or visit

Bourne | March 2015

r Bea w ra al St stiv e 10 Fe ag p

Any 2 suits fOr


Hall Hotel






e 18


ee sidi s s u Int h i s


Any size wAshed shed & dried




Eighty years ago, Mr. William Layton established his first dry-cleaning business in Whittlesey and expansion soon followed into March and Wisbech. Market Deeping and Spalding were then in line for the “Layton touch”, and the reputation for quality drycleaning became firmly established in South Lincolnshire. Now, in the capable hands of his grandson, Andrew, this family firm is here in Bourne, trading from their completely refurbished premises in the Angel Precinct, off North Street. Seeing the demise of the existing dry-cleaning business on this site enabled the ambitious and convivial Mr Layton to expand into Bourne, removing the need for his many long-standing customers to pad the A15 to his Deeping branch. Emphasis is placed on a quality service, the “old-fashioned, individual approach”, where respect is paid to the customer and their often, very expensive garments. Laytons are specialists in the careful treatment of wedding dresses, alongside the daily range of clothing, curtains, upholstery and work-wear. Add the fact that an express service is part of Laytons’ “modus operandi”, (at no extra cost!) then you have their recipe for success. Over seventy local agents service, twice weekly, an enormous patch of Eastern England for Laytons, (including Morton, Corby Glen and Folkingham), and, as you would expect, Laytons’ staff are fully trained in all aspects of the laundry industry.


Issue 43 / March 2015







Make the change today and call 01778 421427 or 07873 499061 Or email



Yo ur fa vo u ri te fr e Y o u r f a v o u r i t e f r e e ct hoi m m u n i t y m a g a z i n e delivered to your door co s iss mm W ue un tickein Dry tw Laytons o As it y Waterside Garden Illusions Tattoo Crick ts at LAYTONS Cleaners Move hes Now mCentre M & Piercing fund et Dry Cleaners a g 25 Years! to Bourne opeNClub arch Now ev page 8 in Bourne page a6 zi this issue eninra page 10ising s “You’d be Hard Pressed to ne g pa Get a Cleaner Deal!” MAd MArch rch de Gents &ge Offers liv Spot LaDies suits 23

If you are thinking of re-designing your bathroom, or buying a new bathroom suite then why not visit our showroom and see some of the stylish contemporary and traditional products available! | t: 01778 420868 | e: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5.00 pm

Saturday 9 am - 4.00 pm


3 Victor Way (off Cherry Holt Road), Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PT



Bourne | January 2016

| Legal Affairs

advice by Hegarty Solicitors

“Cohabiting Couples” – Advice from the Experts A survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics has concluded that unmarried “cohabiting couple families” are the fastest growing family type in the UK, with nearly half of those families having dependant children living with them. However, there is still no real protection in law for these families, should either party find themselves in a financial predicament as a result of the breakdown of the relationship. Many people still hold the incorrect belief that there is such thing as a ‘common law marriage’. In fact, a British Social Attitudes Survey, conducted in 2008, concluded that 51% of people who were asked believed that unmarried couples who lived together probably had the same rights as married couples.  This is simply not the case. Where the parties have children together there is some limited recourse available via the court or Child Maintenance Service but the court’s powers in these circumstances are very restricted, and the Child Maintenance Service are generally limited to applying the government prescribed calculation. Conversely, couples who are married or are civil partners, have the protection of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 which gives the court a wide range of powers to ensure that both parties can adjust to the separation without undue financial hardship.  There is no equivalent legislation for couples who are not married or civil partners.   Politicians have woken up to the need for such legislation, yet the Cohabitation Rights Bill, intended to address the rights of cohabiting couples, is still only in the early stages of passing through Parliament. 

Many couples are therefore entering into Cohabitation Agreements. A properly prepared and entered-into Cohabitation Agreement can determine shares in the family home, deal with the ownership of personal property, and provide for one party to pay some form of financial maintenance or lump sum to the other party upon separation.  It can therefore offer the protection which is currently unavailable to these families. It is however imperative that such an agreement is prepared by a specialist Family Lawyer to ensure that it has the best possible chance of being enforceable.   

If you wish to speak to a specialist Family Law solicitor about what options may be best suited to your particular circumstances, please call Chris at the Stamford office on 01780 752066 or email Chris Brown is accredited by the Family Lawyers’ organisation Resolution as a Specialist in dealing with Complex Financial Remedy cases featuring low, medium and high or exceptional income and assets.

Hegarty Solicitors | 10 Ironmonger Street | Stamford | PE9 1PL Tel: 01780 752066 |

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G





● UNBELIEVABLE VALUE MYSTERY WEEKEND Saturday 30 January 2 Days HB from £79


● SCENIC SOMERSET Monday 1 February 5 Days HB from £209 ● LLANDUDNO LANDLUBBERS CRUISE Sunday 14 February 5 Days HB from £339 ● MYSTERY WEEKEND Friday 26 February 3 Days HB from £149


● TWO DAY GETAWAY - SCENIC SNOWDONIA Sunday 6 March 2 Days HB from £89 ● PAIGNTON & DELIGHTFUL DEVON Friday 11 March 4 Days HB from £229 ● MYSTERY & HISTORY WEEKEND Friday 18 March 3 Days HB from £149


Holiday Tours and Private Hire

| Consumer Advice By Eileen Le Voi

Safe Local Trades benefits consumers – and traders Launched in 2008, award-winning Safe Local Trades has proved to be a huge success as a local community safety service, protecting consumers from cowboy and rogue traders. Providing free and easy access to a register of local recommended tradesmen, this hugely beneficial service has been greatly praised by the general public who regularly use and recommend this local website. With over 8,000 customer reviews, Safe Local Trades is the named vetted register for local Age UK branches. David Bache, CEO of Age UK Peterborough, says: “Safe Local Trades has really helped to complement the range of services that we offer to the older and vulnerable people in our communities, by successfully providing trustworthy traders to our clients, over the past several years.” Targeting the PE Postcode area, Safe Local Trades is recognised as a tried and tested service and is supported by a host of local agencies, Neighbourhood Watch groups, local authority services and charities across the PE postcode areas.

● TENBY & PICTURESQUE PEMBROKESHIRE Monday 21 March 5 Days HB from £319 ● EASTER BREAK IN NORTHUMBERLAND Friday 25 March 4 Days HB from £269 ● BLACK FOREST & ALSACE HOUSE PARTY Monday 28 March 6 Days HB from £429


● TWO DAY GETAWAY - CHESTER & LIVERPOOL Saturday 2 April 2 Days HB from £99 ● CRICCIETH "ROLLING BACK THE YEARS" Monday 4 April 5 Days HB from £299 ● LONDON & THE WALDORF EXPERIENCE Sunday 10 April 2 Days BB from £149 ● DONEGAL - IRELANDS COASTLINES & CASTLES Sunday 17 April 6 Days HB from £499 ● 4 STAR SUNDAY NIGHT SAVER Sunday 24 April 2 Days HB from £79

PART-TIME JOBS AVAILABLE NOW Brook Street are proud to be working in partnership with Interflora, who are currently recruiting Sales Advisors and Customer Care Advisors.

● BABBACOMBE & TORBAY Thursday 28 April 5 Days HB from £289

Working for the world’s largest flower delivery network you will need to: n Be flexible and available 7 days a week n Be committed to the job n Have an excellent telephone manner n Be confident with customers at all times

These exciting temporary positions are available immediately and full training will be given. Does this feel like the job for you? If you believe you have the right skills then please get in touch.

South Lincolnshire’s Leading Family Owned Coach Tour Operator

We offer a fun working environment with a friendly atmosphere. Pay rates begin at minimum wage and increase to £7.06 after 12 weeks. For more information about these exciting opportunities, please contact us today on 01522 528115 or

More great opportunities at



Bourne | January 2016


Not sure who to trust? Need a

Recommended & Appro ed

The award-winning is your trusted local website, providing you with a register of highly recommended, tried and tested tradesmen in your area. All members are criminal record checked, vetted and WINNER approved, have agreed to abide by a of Best New Service Charter and are monitored on Business Idea 2008 an on-going basis; thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

recommendation for a reputable trader?

in association with the

Peterborough Neighbourhood and Home Watch Looking out for the community

Here are some of our members …


oors & Rep

os TDrriavdeewsamyse&n Pati

eD New Garag


with a Van


Call Ian on

Call Tracey on

t 01733 Tel: 01733810063 123456

01733 772934


ianen TErleacdtreicsm

Patio Driveway / airs ep R & g in n Clea

Call David on

Untitled-3 1

Call Adam on



Blinds & Sh

01778 341534

Specialist Bathroom

Call Gavin on

Call Paul on

01778 393862

Call Clayton on

Call Andrew on



01733 252683

01733 305155

ffits, Fascias, So dding Cla & g n ri e tt Gu 17/07/2012 13:54:55

t 01778 Tel: 01733345046 123456



0800 612 8850

TV Alarms & CC tenance) in a M & n o (Installati

Call Barrie on


01778 219426

To see our full list of members and to read all recommendations, just go to…

0800 014D I1832 S C O V E R I N G Bourne January 2016 |


Tear out page and keep

m o r f s Word or y a M e h t I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out on a very cold Saturday to celebrate the switching on of the Bourne lights on November 28th, and to support the Christmas Market. I hope you all enjoyed the day.

having another quiz and Beetle Drive in the spring, along with a whist drive and probably, on April 2nd, a “Lancashire Night”.

Although the Town Council provide the lights, the tree and the switch on, the real heroes and heroines are those who take the trouble to plan for and provide the street market and all the entertainment. I am sure we are all grateful for their magnificent efforts. A little girl called Del made a substantial contribution, as it was discovered immediately before 4.30 pm that we had no switch. Fortunately, Del was wearing a bright red hat and, calling upon the mystical wonder of the season, we were able to use the hat as a magic switch. To widespread disbelief, not least that of Del, the lights came on, right on cue! The last few weeks have been very busy for us. Following on from the Remembrance activities, the preparations for Christmas began, and we have hosted a quiz, a Beetle Drive and the first round of our Pub Winter Challenge. The next round will be at the Wishing Well in January, and it would appear that the attendees have enjoyed the events. We will be



Despite the feeling of joy generated, it is impossible not to be reminded of the terrible events taking place in the world, and in particular in the Middle East. It seems impossible to comprehend the evil that invades people’s hearts to commit such appalling atrocities. Regardless of feeling helpless on a global scale, it should not destroy our regard for the basic humanity of most men and women. It would be marvellous if we could all find the time and energy to be inclusive in our celebrations over this holiday period, demonstrating our care and concern in practical ways. I suspect that many of us will have over-indulged with food, with drink and with presents, when just a modicum of consideration for those less fortunate might be more appropriate and mutually rewarding. May your 2016 be better than your 2015, as we celebrate the new year, reflecting it in our care and love for our neighbours particularly the elderly and the lonely.

Bourne | January 2016


Lampshades Cushions Curtains • Blinds

Bedrunners Upholstery Paint • Wallpaper


Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 9am – 5pm • Sat 9am – 4pm • Sun Closed 4 Cresswell Close • Spalding • PE11 3TY 01775 711654 • January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G





Bourne’s Magical Chris

“Proud sponsors of Santa’s Christmas Grotto! Rosedale would like to thank all of the businesses who helped to create the grotto experience and a very special thank you goes to the ‘one and only Santa’ who the children loved yet again. A chilly, but wonderful day was had by all and the team at Rosedale were delighted to create some magical memories for the lovely children of Bourne”.

Bourne Event’s Team would like to also thank all the businesses and people in Bourne who helped to promote our wonderful event.

Branch Brothers • Bourne Carpet Store • Gordons Photographic• Fi (especially Peter ) • The Corn Exchange • Sukies Party Emporium • Building Society • Bourne Westfield Primary Academy • Perfect For Salvation Army • Joanne’s Bookwork Services • Helen Powell • Jess • LDC – Andy Willis • Bourne Scouts • Waterside Garden Centre • Ju

s t m a s - S a t u r d a y 2 8 t h NO V E M B ER

ireplace Finesse • St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice • James Campbell Roofing • Fovia • Wake House • Groovy Foods • Crown Jewellers • Lime House Interiors • Lincolnshire Police Force • Norwich and Peterborough The Home • Rotary Club of St Peters • The Round Table • Rosedale • Philip Knowles • Bourne Town Council • sie Bellamy • Newton Fallowell • Jack & The Beanstalk Cast • Paul Fellows • Hind’s Amusements • Bourne Academy ulies Café • Sainsburys • Discovering Bourne • Gordon Lack • JJ Mac Ltd builders • Georges’s Fish Bar


The Other B.B.C. The Bourne Business Chamber Those of you that have been involved with business networking groups in the past will probably be familiar with the fact that many do not allow more than one subscribed member in a given service or business sector. In today’s business environment, this does not make sense, as many small businesses will diversify and offer multiple services. For example, a PC maintenance company may also offer webdesign services. Similarly, a printing company may also branch out into offering web services, as could a training company. Three very different businesses, but with a common overlap. At Bourne Business Chamber, we make no such restriction, and you may well find yourself sat opposite another member who is normally a business rival. To accommodate this, all members

Finance | Legal |

‘leave their weapons at the door’, metaphorically speaking. It is refreshing in our meetings and gatherings to see those that would normally be considered ‘rivals’, sharing ideas. Meetings are managed in a friendly, but professional manner, and almost everyone contributes with their stories and experiences. If you are a local Bourne business, and would be interested in joining the group, you are welcome to attend two sessions before joining, to check if the group is of value to you, and indeed if your business and you can further enhance an already diverse group of local businesses. For more information on the Chamber, and up-and-coming meetings and talks, refer to our website at www.bournebusiness.

Business | Culture | Bourne

BUCKLES SOLICITORS MEETING ALL YOUR LEGAL NEEDS FOR YOU: Family and Matrimonial Personal injury Wills Wealth Preservation Probate Lasting Powers of Attorney French Law Peterborough 01733 888888 Stamford 01780 484570


Fire Protection

≥ Fire Alarms ≥ Fire Extinguishers ≥ Emergency Lighting ≥ Fire Hose Reels

FOR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS: Company Commercial Employment Dispute Resolution Commercial Property Construction and Engineering Insolvency Social Housing Mediation

Fire Safety Consultancy

≥ Fire Risk Assessments ≥ Safety Signs ≥ Fire Evacuation Drills ≥ Community Fire Safety Safety Training

≥ Fire Training ≥ First Aid Training ≥ Manual Handling Training ≥ Specialist Training Call us on 03333 445 007 e. M-Fire Ltd, Unit 8A The Arena, Roman Bank, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9LQ.

Bourne Business Chamber JANUARY 2016



Boddington Law - Protection for You and Your Business “Affordable law without compromise” certainly sounds an attractive proposition, and it becomes even more so when Bourne’s Boddington Law associate member, Peter Fisher, explains the fundamentals of his firm’s business model. Rather than a client having to take time out of their day to travel to their local law firm for their appointment, and leave the office in the hands of others, the Boddington Law solution sees one of their own associates visit the client, discuss the issue and, having returned to their own office, then organise a solution. We’re all well aware that time is valuable, and by the client being able to maximise their presence at their own base, it is no wonder that this solution continues to prove a very popular part of the Boddington Law process. The “Direct Legal” membership scheme is another way in which this very ambitious law firm can help their clients solve any business-related problem or

legal wrangle, without it having to cost the earth. A very reasonably pitched monthly subscription enables the client to get a rapid response from the associate and, by their having existing knowledge of the client and their type of business, a speedy and cost-effective solution is more likely to ensue. Peter Fisher can offer a long and impressive range of life experiences, including his having owned successful businesses in various fields. Alongside other like-minded and supportive colleagues at Boddington Law, Peter feels confident that any legal or business-related solutions are never going to be far away.

gton Law J .Boddin Associates


Affordable Law Without Compromise

Protecting YOU and your BUSINESS

Have you ever needed some legal advice for a business? How to form and run a company? What contracts to put in place between directors or with clients? How to sell or finance a business? How about how to chase debts or manage your own cash flow?  

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pick up the phone, or drop an email to a law firm for some advice, and do not have to worry about the cost? Enrol in our DIRECT LEGAL membership scheme

Key Membership Benefits:

Legal advice in many areas of business Debt management advice for you and your business Mediation with customers who owe you money Your legal team on standby providing a wide range of advice and support

Contact us now: J.Boddington Law Associates (Bourne)

Business Transactions Forming and Running your Business Financial Matters Business Challenges Relationship between business owners Relationships with Others and if your problem is not here,

just contact us!

A law practice with a difference

We come to YOU!

(A Division of C & P Law Ltd)

Tel : 0845 643 4507 /Fax: 0871 253 9233


Bourne Business Chamber


❱ Your Finances

by Paul Ross, Financial Planner at Landmark IFA Ltd

New Year’s Resolution: how to get your finances in order Tackling your finances doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some ideas on how to cut debt, start saving and make some money in 2016. The start of a new year is a great time to face up to those credit card statements, check your savings pot and get your finances sorted in 2016. Along with eating better, going to the gym more and bothering to read “War and Peace”, working on your financial situation often crops up on New Year’s resolutions lists. It only takes a few changes to make your money work harder for you: Down with debt With 35% of borrowers estimating it will take over three months to pay for their Christmas overspend*, tackling debt should be top of your financial “to-do” list in the New Year. (*Source gocompare. com) If you have credit cards or overdrafts, you need to clear these before even thinking about saving – there is no point receiving 2% interest on your savings if you’re paying 20% interest on your credit card! Clearing debt doesn’t have to be difficult; there are a few small things you can do to chip away at the money you owe and, more importantly – try not to rack up anymore.

I have a few suggestions. Please e-mail me, if you want to know further and I will e-mail these to you. Pick up a pension We are now into the era of Workplace Pensions. Your employer must have a scheme and contribute to it on your behalf – but only as long as you do too! Do not opt out! You will be automatically enrolled if you are aged between 23 and 65 years, and earn £10,000 or more per year. If you are earning less than this - but over £5,824 - and aged 23 to 74 years, you can ask to be enrolled, and your employer will have to contribute. If you do not meet any of these criteria, you may still join but your employer is not forced to contribute. Anyone contributing to a pension scheme under auto-enrolment will have contributions of at least 2% rising to 7% of salary by 2018, including at least 3% employer contribution and 0.8% tax relief.

Make Hay On Your Mortgage Historically low mortgage rates mean that you should review your mortgage – rates will rise, so this is a perfect time to look at longer-term fixed rates. The mortgage is typically your single biggest outgoing, so it should be high up on the review list. You should be looking to get a better deal, even if you are not moving. Consult an Independent Financial Adviser and ask for a review. Rates are historically low, but you should be looking to position yourself for rate rises as they occur. If you can afford to, make overpayments on your mortgage. Many lenders will allow you to overpay, usually by about 10% of the outstanding balance in any one year without incurring a fee.

Why would you turn down free money from your employer????

To contact Paul Tel: 01778 440555 Mob: 07786 224495 Email Main office: 1st Floor, Rock House, Scotgate, Stamford, PE9 2YQ Tel: 01780 761313 Landmark are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Number:  225538


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❱ Your HOME


‘Keeping on top of your property – don’t let maintenance issues turn into problems’ Like all of us, houses need to be looked after. Older houses, especially, need tender loving care, but new houses too need to be carefully and regularly checked. Issues will always arise from time to time, and you really need to keep on top of them before they develop into expensive problems. A bit of care and planning now can prevent costly damage further down the line. A lot of issues I find with houses are a result of owners not keeping on top of things. A simple blocked gutter or running overflow which can be solved in a few minutes can, if left, cause serious damp, mould and damage. Many major problems start off small and can be easily and cheaply ‘nipped in the bud’ if you check things over once in a while. My top tips for winter: 1) Next time it rains, pick up an umbrella and stand outside looking at roofs, rainwater gutters and downpipes. A lot of autumn leaves could be stuck in gutters and cause overflowing. Also, look at the wet ground around the house. Think – ‘if I was a droplet of water, how could I get in?’

are experienced with how old buildings work, using breathable renders, paints, mortar etc. Keeping your house in check will save you money and worry. I would be happy to give free, over-thephone advice and talk through any concerns you may have. Please give me a call on Stamford (01780) 758524 Peterborough (01733) 475790

2) Check for gaps, cracks, old open pipe holes, cracks in render and rot developing in timberwork. 3) Check the chimney stacks for cracks and damage. Before you light the fire, make sure the chimney has been properly checked and swept by a specialist. 4) Get the boiler checked and serviced, if it hasn’t been done in the last year. Many heating engineers are also plumbers, so get that checked too. If you have any houses standing empty over the cold winter months, drain the system down to prevent freezing and leaks, which could cause a lot of damage if the house is not checked regularly. 5) Make sure pipes are insulated, including external pipes such as cold water pipes to outside taps and drainage pipes. A frozen pipe leading to an outside tap can cause leaking inside.

An independent local firm of Chartered Surveyors, undertaking comprehensive Building Surveys; RICS Homebuyers Surveys and professional valuations of residential and commercial property. We have a wealth of experience in particular with large and historic property and take pride in our attention to detail, quality of service and approachable manner. Gowers Surveyors Ltd. Orion House, 14 Barn Hill, Stamford, Lincs PE9 2AE

Gowers Surveyors Ltd. 26 Priestgate, Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE1 1WG

Tel: (01780)

Tel: (01733)

A lot of things you can probably do yourself, but there are things that need to be done by a specialist. Bad DIY, using the wrong materials etc. can cause more problems than they solve and if you own an old house, you need tradesmen who



865075 e.

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“Watch Over Me” – Use your mobile to aid personal safety “Watch Over Me” is a free app that can be loaded onto iOS and Android devices to provide an emergency ‘panic’ button and a personal safety monitor. It is an ideal tool for teenagers, the elderly and where anyone feels a little threatened and would like someone to check on them or be quickly contacted in an emergency. It can be configured to allow others to track your location; be contacted immediately if you shake your phone; or be sent automated photos or messages. It also allows the user to send an ‘I’m Safe’ message when they reach their destination. As a parent, I would have taken a great degree of comfort if my teenage daughter had had this available to her when out and about. You can read more at http://www.

You will now be offered a ‘tour’ of the features which I would suggest that you take. Finally, you will be at your account screen where you can set up various items such as ‘safe places’ (e.g.; your home, school or work place), your contacts for use with the app and also the start button for the “Watch Over Me” element. In the message screen shown, I set up the app for me and also made me the emergency contact for demo purposes, and you can see the type of message that the app sends. Note that it is the USER that initiates the monitoring, not the receiver. To start the monitoring, the user clicks “Watch Over Me” and sets the time period for the app to be in use. I then shook the phone violently to simulate a call for help and the last text shown includes a link to the location where the phone was detected (it was spot on too). When the alert was sent, my phone started to make a loud siren noise and the camera also shot a video stream and saved it on the device (note this would also have been uploaded to the internet, if configured to do so).

To install, go to your Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), search for “Watch Over Me”, download and install on the device that you want to use. You will be asked to Allow the app to access your location information which obviously is essential. On the next screen, select Sign Up and provide your details (optionally, you can login using your Facebook details if you have an account). You will IT Support and Training for Home Computer Users and Small Businesses 01778 590632 07894 659479


be sent a verification code to the mobile device to complete the installation.

I think this a superb tool, not only for parents but for anyone who worries about travelling and would like the added confidence of feeling more ‘in touch’. Better still is that the basic version is free to use.

Sales, Support & Training for: Desktop & Laptop PCs Tablets & Tablet PCs Wireless & Small Networks Smart TVs Smart Phones

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Web design and search engine optimisation for Small Business, Creative Individuals & Organisations Social media setup, advice and training (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & blogging)

£ £ £

Do you need help with any aspect of

BOOKKEEPING? • Accounts • PAYE/CIS • In-House

The Season of Goodwill….? We hope you’ve all had a very merry Christmas and, of course, this holiday is meant to be a happy time for families. But, along with all the festive traditions, it is recognised that the stresses of the season can act as a catalyst to relationship breakdown.


Bookwork Services

• VAT • Self Assessment • Out of House

£ £ £

07951 841333 • Email: 1 Main Road, Dyke, Bourne, PE10 0AF

Breaking up is hard to do…. whether you are married to your partner or not. Time and again, we emphasise that common law husbands and wives are a fiction, and cohabiting families do not have the legal protection a marriage can claim. Basically, the law does not acknowledge that a man and woman, or same sex couple, living together outside the state of marriage, have any legal rights, one against the other. What to do? Again, we repeat so many times, think about what could go wrong in the future. It may not be very romantic, but one in three relationships are at risk of breakdown, whether you are married or not. Agree from the outset what the two of you would do if you do end up going your separate ways. How would you share the equity in your home and its contents, how would you apportion the debts? People insure their home against loss and damage. Why ever don’t they insure their relationship? You know it makes sense! Happy New Year. JANUARY 2016

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Forever Living Products Discover and enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera

A Jewson lot more..

• Health & Nutrition • Personal Care • Animal Care

• Skincare & Cosmetics • Sports Supplements • Weight Management

60 Day unconditional money back guarantee Call Pam for more details on 07538 550126 |

open to the trade and public building materials • landscaping • electricals & plumbing • Windows, doors & Joinery • tools & Fixings • painting & decorating • Kitchens & bathrooms

Guaranteed savings for your home! The Utility Warehouse guarantee that you will save money when you switch all your services to them, or they will give you back ‘Double the Difference’


01775722792 01775722792

1 South Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9JB

01778 421167


Home Phone





Terms and conditions apply. The Utility Warehouse ‘Double the Difference’ Price Promise requires you to become a Double Gold customer ie. taking Home Phone, Broadband, Mobile and at least one energy service. Gold benefits are only available to homeowners or customers aged 25 and above. For full details of the Price Promise see the Utility Warehouse website. B5L

FREE ey &



● Easy walk in & out shower/baths ● Waterproof wall panelling ● Level entry wet floors ● Grabrails, shower seats & raised toilets ● Non-slip safety flooring ● Product & labour guarantee ● Low price promised ● Grants & council work ● Discounts for OAP’s, WI members, SSAFA & British Legion members


Georg * ia toile t & ba with e sin very c o m ple bathro om ord te er *offer end January s 31st 2016

Spalding & local areas 01775 739263 48


Bourne | January 2016

John Lindsay Building Contractor • Plastering • Central Heating • Full Renovations • Carpentry • Plumbing • Garage Conversions • Bathrooms • Woodworm Dry/Wet Rot Treatment • Damp Proofing 30 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee All Insurance Work Undertaken

All vinyl records wanted CASH paid for collections or part collections

John Lindsay Tel: 01778 219 615 Mob: 07767 246 110

07711 873435

Call Bob

y, b! lit jo ua top p q e, To rvic e ps to

Specialising in all types of fencing, gates and decking Garden makeovers & landscaping • Local friendly service Call Darren for a FREE quotation • No job too big or small

Unsightly stains removed Carpets dry within 1-2 hours Upholstery Cleaning

Call us on 01778 700 363


E. enquiries@ • M. 07545 220 923 Find us on Facebook topcattfencing SALES | REPAIRS | SERVICE | PARTS | HIRE

opcatt Fencing 1/8th Page AD JAN.indd 1

owroom visit our sh Come and p on dis lay for models

01778 701147 or 07739 540654

e. |




T. 01778 560466 / 560425 E.







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Cloudy2Clear Windows – Service With A Smile!

It’s been a crazy few months for Cloudy2Clear Windows. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has grown rapidly as homeowners take advantage of their services. Managing Director Mark Sherwood feels that it’s all about service. ‘Our product is simple. If your double glazing is misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 5 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Many tradespeople have

struggled since last year and I honestly feel that during the good times a minority perhaps didn’t focus on customer care as much as they should have done. We make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. I often get comments back from customers on how they really didn’t expect that sort of service which, in a way, is very sad for the service industry as a whole.’ Cloudy2Clear service Bourne & the surrounding villages and Mark is finding that his approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal

satisfaction that I get from doing a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much

a little bit of effort is appreciated.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Mark a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the Frames... just the Panes!

Broken or Damaged Windows? Faulty Hinges, Handles or Locks? Want The Latest Energy Saving Glass? All Glazing Backed By Our 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee Priority Freephone

0800 61 21118 ...we make saving money perfectly clear... 50


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| In the Hot Seat

Rex Needle, Local Historian, Music Lover, Retired Journalist

1) Who has had the greatest influence on your life and why? The army taught me a code of discipline that I have tried to follow ever since, notably a respect for others, neatness and punctuality. The adjutant of my old regiment who guided me through much of my military career also stressed the importance of personal values such as trust, truth and honesty. 2) Which two characters, alive or not, would you most enjoy sharing a meal with and why? Books and music have always been an abiding interest and I think that Elgar and Vaughan Williams would make excellent guests at dinner, with perhaps Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn from the literary world to spice up the conversation with a little gossip. 3) How would you describe yourself in (a minimum of) five words?

Rex Needle is a former Fleet Street journalist and, since retirement, has become local historian and editor of the Bourne web site since 1998, the longest running small town web site on the Internet, which pioneered the use of digital photography to attract readers. He is also the author of several books, including “A Portrait of Bourne” (on CDROM) which has become the definitive history of this town. He lives in Bourne with his wife, Elke, and they have a son, Justin, who is married to Sonia, both university academics, and a grandson, Anton.

Despite the cynicism acquired during more than sixty years in journalism, I remain hopeful for mankind and for the future but sceptical about many of the ideas currently abroad which are given credence by the media. This may be a surprising criticism from a veteran journalist but there are times when the constant flow of misinformation appears to be completely out of control. 4) If there was one thing which you could change about Bourne, what would it be and why? Additional parking space, to help visitors and to boost trade to local shops, and a north-south bypass for the A15; otherwise our town centre will become even more dangerous than it is now, from traffic fumes and heavy vehicles, which is hardly a suitable legacy to leave future generations.

Where were you born, and what is your favourite memory of your childhood?

5) What advice would you give to a “sixteen-year-old you”?

I was born in Peterborough and spent many of my boyhood years singing with the church choir which gave me a lifelong appreciation of sacred music.

Take care how you treat people in life and cherish friends, family and other close relationships.

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



“Ain’t no sunshine when it’s gone” Government cuts to the Solar Feed in Tariff are expected in early 2016. Read on to find out why now could be your last chance to secure a return on your investment. Thousands of homeowners across the country have installed solar panels over the last few years, saving money on their energy bills, protecting themselves from future price rises and, best of all, getting paid by the government, tax free, for the electricity they generate. This has made solar energy a sound investment and given homeowners a healthy return on their investment. Recent announcements made by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) proposing cuts to the Feed-in Tariff have come up against strong criticism. However the industry is still expecting to see drastic cuts being announced in January that may come into effect as early as February 2016. The Feed-in Tariff for small scale solar PV installations could be cut by as much as 87%. That would mean the estimated tax free income and savings generated by an average domestic system would fall from £750 per year to approx. £379 per year. The FiT payments are made over 20 years and the cuts could mean homeowners will earn up to £7,000 less over the FiT payment period. All bands of the tariff are likely to be affected quite severely by the proposed cuts. However, it is the installations in the 0-10kW band (almost all domestic installations) that will be hardest hit. In addition, a review of the default degression (applied to all tariffs) is expected to reduce the Feed-in Tariff



to zero, for installations under 10kw, by 2019. If you are considering installing a solar PV system, our advice is to ACT NOW, or risk a significant reduction in the pay back your system generates. Systems installed prior to the tariff cuts will receive the Feed-in Tariff currently shown on the Ofgem website, which is up to 12.03 pence per kWh. After the cuts come into place it could be as low as 1.63 pence per kWh! Princeenergy is a registered MCS installer, and can offer advice on all aspects of solar installations, from products and the suitability of your property to potential paybacks and government schemes. We can install solar panels on your home in under two weeks from initial enquiry to final handover, so there is still time to take advantage of the current FiT tariff. All systems installed before the end of January will also receive a FREE energy monitor. As a trading division of Princebuild, a family-run business that has been trading for over forty years, you can be safe in the knowledge that Princeenergy will be here to provide support and servicing through the life of your solar panels and beyond.

Contact one of our team to discuss your requirements, and arrange a free, no obligation quotation. Call us on 0345 600 7 800, or contact us via e-mail

Bourne | January 2016

Time is running out to get Solar Panels installed on your home Recent government announcements propose DRASTIC cuts to the Feed-in Tariff in early 2016. Cuts for small scale solar PV installations could be as much as 87%. Secure the best tariff possible by installing solar panels NOW. Call us today for a free no obligation quotation and get your solar panels installed before it’s too late.

TAX FREE INCOME earn up to £750 per year LOCAL CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS available SIMPLE installation process FREE no obligation quotation LONG-ESTABLISHED family run company

We can offer you advice on all aspects of solar installations - from products and the suitability of your property to potential paybacks and government schemes. Market Rasen

For more information about our solar panel solutions...

Spalding Northampton

Peterborough Thetford Bedford


visit call 0345 600 7 800 Princeenergy is a trading division of Princebuild Limited, one of the Eastern Region’s most trusted family Building Maintenance and Construction businesses for more than forty years. *Terms & Conditions Apply

‘House to Home’ a stress free move! Please ask for more details

Open weekends Part exchange option available

The Croft at Bourne



…an ideal opportunity to take a look at this award-winning development Visit us to find out more about the last remaining properties available.

Open daily from 10am to 5pm The Croft, North Road, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9AS Telephone 01778 426995

Equity share option available

The Croft at Baston





ESI G N ED EX C LU SI VELY FO R THthose E O VER 55 TheDperfect solution for looking to downsize or part exchange their existing property... S

Visit us for a tour and an opportunity to find out more about this development.

Open daily from 10am to 5pm The Croft, Mayfield Gardens, Baston, Lincolnshire PE6 9QW Telephone 07825 275820

General Enquiries

...better, because we care

 01778 391555

Showhomes open daily 10am - 5pm Prices and information correct at time of going to print. Number of remaining properties is subject to change. Purchase options subject to status - terms and conditions apply.



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1924 1215

merry maids

Quality house cleaning from people you can trust • Same cleaning team each visit • Cleaning team trained & insured • Regular and one off cleans • Weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks • Clean customised to suit your needs • Thorough cleaning every time • Satisfaction guaranteed • Exclusive own branded cleaning products • Supply our own cleaning equipment • All our teams are employed by us Contact us for a no obligation quotation

0800 0855 632

The domestic cleaning experts

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Property News

by Peter Ledger, Residential Valuer, Newton Fallowell

Stamp Duty Land Tax - What is it? How does it affect me?

Between January 1st and July 1st 2015, a total of 252* properties over £125,000 were purchased in our local PE10 district. Stamp Duty Land Tax is therefore a serious concern, and in my role as Sales Valuer for Newton Fallowell, I consider it crucial for everyone to grasp its true meaning and what it will involve you having to pay. What does “Stamp Duty Land Tax” mean? Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax levied by the Government which is paid by the purchaser on completion of a property or piece of land in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. What is the current threshold? The current SDLT threshold is £125,000 for residential property and £150,000 for non-residential property.

What are the current rates? On December 4th 2014, the Government made SDLT fairer and changed the way it is levied. The table below shows the current rates for SDLT. (See table) If I purchased a property for £265,000, how much Stamp Duty will I have to pay? If you buy a house for £265,000, the SDLT you owe is £3,250. This is calculated as follows;

Purchase Price of Property

Stamp Duty Land Tax Rate

Up to £125,000


The next £125,000 (the portion from £125,001 to £250,000)


The next £675,000 (the portion from £250,001 to £925,000)


The next £575,000 (the portion from £925,001 to £1.5 million)


The remaining amount (the portion above £1.5 million)


Your local property experts!



Bourne | January 2016

0% of the first £125,000 = £0 2% on the next £125,000 = £2,500 5% on the final £15,000 = £750 Total SDLT payable = £3,250 How will the Autumn Spending Review affect me if I want to purchase a buy-to-let property or second home? In Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne’s recent spending review, it was announced that, from April 2016, higher rates of SDLT will be charged on purchases of additional residential properties above £40,000 (such as buy-to-let properties and second homes). The higher rate will be 3% higher than the current SDLT rate. I hope you have found this information interesting and informative. If you are still not clear, or need any other advice on property-related matters, please give me a call on 01778 422567. * Source: Land Registry Price Paid Data – Correct as of 3/12/15


The Gables, Elsea Park, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0FY 2 & 3 bedroom homes from ÂŁ129,995

Special offers available

New year, new place to call home Out with the old, and in with the new this new year. Why not start 2016 with a brand new home? You could move into your dream 2 or 3 bedroom home at our Oak Spring Gardens development in Bourne hassle free by using our Help to Buy scheme with just a 5% deposit*, or our popular Part Exchange scheme, for those with a property to sell. Visit the development this weekend to choose your new home for the new year, now. * Normal Taylor Wimpey terms and conditions apply. Images used for illustrative purposes only. Images include optional upgrades at additional cost. Prices correct at time of going to press. Offer available on selected plots and developments only. Eligible applicants will be offered an equity loan of up to a maximum of 20% of the purchase price (based on the open market value) Applicants are required to fund at least 80% of the purchase price by means of a conventional mortgage, savings and any deposit where required. For the first five years there is no fee charged on the equity loan component. At the start of year six a fee of 1.75% is payable on the equity loan, which rises annually by RPI inflation plus 1%. The equity loan is provided by the HCA and held as a second charge. Terms and conditions apply and full details will be provided on request. This offer is subject and only available on selected developments and properties in England only. It is not offered with any other promotion. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE.

Call 01778 300 621 or visit Sales centre open daily 10.30am – 5.30pm

39302_TWEM - Discover Bourne advert January_159WX225H plus 5mm bleed.indd 1

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G

03/12/2015 Bourne



| Pets and Vets

By Alder Veterinary Practice, Bourne

“Pigeon Pie” - A Tasty Little Tale! A few months ago, one of my cats brought home a recently hatched bird. He was very young, with only a few feathers beginning to appear through his skin. The cat had killed another hatchling from the nest and badly injured this one. He had a large gash down his neck, his abdomen was badly bruised and covered in small bite marks, and he could not move his left leg properly. I did not expect him to survive. I cleaned his wounds, gave him antibiotics, kept him warm, and syringed him with a liquid fluid support product called Critical Care Formula. A few hours later, he was looking brighter and was now trying to peck me and hit me with his wing when I approached him - a plucky little bird! We now named him “Pigeon Pie”. (Please forgive our warped sense of humour; previously, we had rescued a duck that we called “Crispy”!) “Pigeon Pie” was too young to feed himself and could not yet walk or fly. Initially, I force- fed him with small pellets of food made from wild-bird seed, held together with dampened chick crumbs. He gained in strength and his feathers began to grow, whilst his leg began to improve. He stopped trying to attack me and began to greet me with little chirping, whistling noises, and clacking his beak. I now had a problem, as I was due to go on holiday to Cornwall .I did not think it would be fair to leave him with our animal sitter, so he joined us on our holiday. We had to smuggle him in, under a blanket!

had grown such that he could fly a little. He was beginning to feed himself, but seemed to want us there to feed him fully .It was also now obvious that he was a Wood Pigeon. He was born late in the year, and so the question to face now was when and how to release him back into the wild. Winter is a hard time for birds to find food, and so I was hoping that he would stay around, for me to feed him on release .On one of my introductions to the outside world, he flew over our hedge to next door and was precariously perched on a branch, with a large dog jumping up trying to get him. I had to go next door and ask if I could rescue my pigeon! I now had a difficult decision to make. I did not have the facilities to ensure a safe release and it would not be fair to keep him in our bedroom forever. I contacted a wildlife rescue centre in Lincoln, who had outdoor aviaries to facilitate his release. It was a sad day when we handed him over, but also a good day, knowing it was his best chance for a real life.

“Pigeon Pie” grew stronger and stronger. We now kept him in our guest bedroom with a converted clothes drier as a perch. By now, his feathers

For more information, please contact the surgery on 01778 422863.

BOURNE t. 01778 422863 | e. 15 Exeter Street, Bourne PE10 9NW



Bourne | January 2016


MeadowDrove Motors




Usual Price

£24.00 £35.30



All makes & models 421230

CAT BOOSTERS Flu & Enteritis Flu & Enteritis & Feline Leukaemia


Please call: 01778 Offer Price

£19.20 £28.24

Unit 2 Meadow Drove Farm | Meadow Drove | Bourne | PE10 0AL


DHP DHP & L2 DHP & L4 KENNEL COUGH (on its own) KENNEL COUGH (with other booster)

Offer Price

£27.00 £27.00 £36.00 £20.90

£21.60 £21.60 £28.80 £16.72




Offer Price



ID CHIPS Usual Price

Offer Price



*offer is off usual price and excludes any other offers or promotions; 20% discount offer also applies to L2 and L4 boosters on their own and Feline Leukaemia on its own – ask for details.

t. 01778 422863 | e. 15 Exeter Street, Bourne PE10 9NW

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Police Patrol

New Business Watch Scheme Launched in South Kesteven Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce are delighted to announce that, following on from the success of the Pub and Shop Watch schemes operating in Sleaford, Spalding and Holbeach in reducing crime and antisocial behaviour, a new scheme will be launched in South Kesteven, as part of a countywide initiative. Business Watch operates on a membership basis and each town has its own Business Watch group made up from members of the local business community, the local authority and the police. Connectivity of a Shop or Pub Watch is via top of the range digital radio handsets that link and are monitored by the local CCTV commands. The primary objective of the scheme is to share realtime information with business owners, in an effort to reduce and deter criminal conduct in and around business premises and in so doing, help to develop a strong, safe and pleasant neighbourhood that can be enjoyed by all within its community or by those who choose to visit.

“I am really excited to work with Bourne businesses, to establish both a local Pub and Shop Watch scheme. I’m confident the scheme will grow in the future as more businesses find out about it. But success will only come if we work together. It is in everyone’s interest; employers, employees and patrons to make the social environment of our shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants as safe as possible”

The Co-ordinator’s role • Attend and complete incident reports • A  dminister Standardised Warning and/or Banning Notices

The South Kesteven scheme is run by newly appointed Co-ordinator, Lance Morgan, who is employed by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and based at Bourne Police Station.

• Collation and dissemination of intelligence

Lance Morgan said of the new scheme, “In other towns in Lincolnshire, Business Watch has led to arrests and prosecutions for retail and night time economy crime, as well as the return of stock. Shop and pub staff feel safer knowing there’s a community of retailers watching out and listening in to what’s going on in our busy town centres which is supported by CCTV commands and Lincolnshire Police.”

• Hold regular member meetings

• C  irculate named photographs of excluded persons and/or persons of interest • Crime prevention advice • Training • Single point of contact for businesses • S upport the police campaign ‘Challenge and Prevent

For more information, or to take part, please e-mail or ring 01522 523333 / 01778 394864 60


Bourne | January 2016

WE BELIEVE QUALITY HOME INSURANCE CAN’T BE RUSHED We’ll to you gettt the We ’ l linvest inv e sttime t ime t ohelp h e l p you yo u ensure e nsure yo u ge h e right righ tcover c o v e r for f o r your yo ur home. h o me . C al l0 1 7 7 84 2221 8 f o r a quo te o r po p in

1 6a A bbe yR o ad,Bo urne , L inc o l nsh ireP E 1 09E F

Our agents are appointed representatives for general insurance products and introducer appointed representatives for life, pensions and investments of NFU Mutual. Our staff introduce to NFU Mutual for life, pensions and investments. NFU Mutual is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and by the Prudential Regulation Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers. For security and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.

| Events Diary:

January 2016

Events are brought to you by Hilary Bloomer. To send in your events please contact her via or phone 01778 421427 / 07837 499061 2nd Bourne Spiritualist Church.19a North Street,Bourne--usual weekly services recommence after Xmas break at 6.30pm. 6th Clairvoyant evening with spiritual readings at Bourne Spiritualist Church,19a North Street,Bourne 7.30 -8.45 pm. Admission £5. All welcome, so come along for an interesting and friendly evening. 7th Quiz night at the Jubilee, Bourne: £1 entry per person, teams of four, start 8-30pm. 10th The famous Masons Arms quiz tonight has a jackpot of £255, if it has not already been won! £1 entry. 13th “Meet your local SKDC councillor.” Councillor Duncan Ashwell is holding a surgery at Elsea Park Community Centre from 7-8pm. Everyone is welcome to meet him and discuss any local issues.

Tickets£14(£12) box office: 01780 766455 or at www. Please note this show is not suitable for younger audiences. 22nd Crowland Sequence Dance Club at Bourne Corn Exchange, with leaders Jean and Denis, from 8pm11pm. Music and CDs: £4 admission. 22nd Belly Dancing workshop with Ms Jae at Stamford Arts Centre from 7-9pm. Tickets £7-50 16yrs+. 22nd Stamford Farmers’ Market. 24th Table top sale and coffee morning, in aid of NSPCC at Bourne Corn Exchange. Doors open to the public at 9.30 am. Refreshments of filled rolls and home-made cakes. To book a table ring Mrs Audrey Durno on 01778426487 24th The Masons Arms quiz jackpot stands at £260 tonight, providing nobody has won it yet! £1 entry.


15th Friday Film Club at Elsea Park Community Centre, open to all film club members, doors open at 7pm. Membership is free to all: to join please email filmclub@

27th The Royal Geographic Society presents Tim Jarvis Am talking on his successful trip to Antarctica to retrace the steps of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s voyage of 1916: “Safe Journey Doubtful: Endurance Retraced.” 7-30pm at Stamford Arts Centre: tickets £12(£10) £9 RGS members.

15th Stamford Ghost Walk with Martin Tempest: £5 meet at Stamford Arts Centre 7-30pm. 16th New Day Baptist Church, Morton is running an Alpha course on Tuesdays 7-9pm for the next 11weeks. 1st hour free hot food & dessert, then 20 minute video, then coffee, then 30 minutes chatting. All subjects are up for debate! Contact, Pastor Andy McManus by visiting

16th-17th Stamford Corn Exchange presents the “Adult Panto!” Aladdin Trouble, a viable alternative to the family panto, from the Market Theatre Company. With a minimum of set, props and costume this small company will take a traditional story and distort it almost beyond recognition – packing it with corny jokes, raunchy jokes and blatant sexual innuendo. Tickets £15/£14 01780766455 or the Corn Exchange website. 18th Bourne U3A presents a talk by Bernard Locket entitled “Reflections of Growing Up in Post War East London.” 2-15pm at Bourne Corn Exchange. Entrance £1 –new members always welcome. For further information tel. 08455191385 or check out the website on 21st Quiz night at the Jubilee, Bourne: £1 entry per person, teams of four, start 8-30pm. 21st “A Slice of Saturday Night,” a show that will take you spinning back to the swinging sixties, celebrating the eternal embarrassment of teen age, at Stamford Corn Exchange: book, music and lyrics by the Heather Brothers. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 7-30pm.



30th Felting Workshop at Stamford Arts Centre 10am – 4pm –“Large felted forest picture.” £45.

FORTHCOMING EVENTS FEBRUARY 27th Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice’s sponsored team “Jailbreak Challenge.” The doors of your cell will be unlocked at 9-30am. Which team will be breakfasting in the most far-flung point on Sunday Feb.28th? Intrigued? To find out more or sign your team up for Jailbreak – registration fee is £60 per team of 4 - visit the website thorpehall/jailbreak or call the fundraising team on 01733 225999. If you would like any further information, in the first instance please contact Suzanne Ostler at Thorpe Hall on 01733 225991 or 07814143870, or email

Bourne | January 2016

REGULAR EVENTS MONDAY • Tai Chi for healing 1.30pm - 2.30pm • Bourne U3A - Third Monday of every month 2.15pm at Bourne Corn Exchange. Join Bourne U3A and enjoy education and entertainment by a variety of speakers at each monthly meeting. Visitors can attend two meetings before deciding if they would like to become a member. More info on • Spiritual Meditation & chat with friendly group . Tea & Biscuits provided. Monday Evenings 7.30 pm 01778 423351 • Bourne Choral Society meets every Monday evening 7-30pm at Bourne Abbey church Hall. New members are always welcome. For further details visit or on Facebook. • Monday cash Bingo at The Five Bells Morton – eyes down at 7-30pm • Paint A Pot Place, West Street, Bourne. Mondays “Parent and Me”, for preschool children 10am – 12pm £5 each. Wednesdays 5-11yr olds 4-5-1`5pm £5 each. Each session includes a free drink and a piece of pottery to paint from our session’s collection. Email • Weightwatchers - Mondays 9-45 at Bourne Abbey Church Hall. • Slimming World – every Mon at the Darby & Joan Hall, South St, 6-7.30pm & 7.45-9pm. TUESDAY • Tai Chi 2pm - 3.30pm & 7.15pm - 8.45pm • Bourne Library. Storytime for Pre-School children 2-2-30pm. • Yoga (Hatha) class, suitable for all, 9-30 -10-45am at Wake House, Bourne. Tel 07951 288801 or email Laura. • Sugar Mill – quiz night every Tuesday. • Tuesday, quiz at the Sugar Mill, Bourne: 8-30pm start. WEDNESDAY • Bourne Organ Club. Meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at Bourne Corn Exchange. All ages welcome. Please call Edith for more information 01778 422262 • Exercise to music for men and women 50 plus age group. 11-12 Aslakby Village Hall 01778 423351 • Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, U3a Scrabble club at The Nags Head from 3pm • The Deepings Camera Club meet every Wednesday from September to May at the Market Deeping Community Centre in Douglas Road Market Deeping. 1st Meeting is on the 2nd September which is an open meeting for anyone who has an interest in improving their photographic skills. • Weightwatchers - Wednesdays 6pm at Bourne Abbey Church Hall Thursdays 7pm Wake House • Slimming World – every Wed at the Darby & Joan Hall, South St, 10am. THURSDAY • Bourne Bridge Club meets Thurs 6.50-10pm for duplicate Bridge. Tuesdays, same time for ‘Gentle Duplicate’ at the Masonic Hall, 1-2 Roman Bank, Bourne. email: ‘phone Brenda if you need a partner on 01778 342967. FRIDAY • Tai Chi for learning support 1.30pm - 2.30pm Contact 07413 620344, Wake House, North St, Bourne • Jem’s Hip Hop Fun & Funky Dance Classes – 5:30pm 3-7 years, 6:30pm 7-12 years and 7:00pm Adults. Fridays at Darby & Joan Hall. Info call 07590 271752, 07885 612595 or visit • Bourne Folk Club at The Wishing Well, Dyke. 7-45PM –FIRST Friday of every month. • Paint a Pot Place Friday Night Magic, every Friday 7pm -11pm “Magic; The gathering Club” A role playing card game. Pop in for more details. • Friday, Disco Night at The Burghley Arms and Archie’s Bar, Bourne: 9-00pm start SATURDAY • Sequence Dances - Crowland Modern Sequence Dancers. Fourth Saturday of each month 7.30pm - 11.30pm at Bourne Corn Exchange Modern Sequence Dancing is based on the standard ballroom and Latin dances including waltz, quickstep, foxtrot and rumba and is a social style of dance.  It’s great fun and a good way to meet new people.  Everyone is welcome.£3.00 on the door • LDC NEW street/commercial Dance Classes every Saturday (starting on 6th September) at Renu’s Dance Studio, 27, Abbey Road, Bourne. 4-7yrs 11am12pm; 8- 12yrs 12-1pm; Teens 1-2pm. All classes are £4-50. • Saturday, Disco at Archie’s Bar, Bourne: 9pm start SUNDAY • Hare and Hounds, Haconby – “Unplugged”- 2nd Sunday of every month 8pm. Performers and listeners all welcome. OTHER EVENTS • Cupcake parties. Young or old, male or female, all are welcome. Can be held at weekends or evenings. Contact us for more information on 01778 393079 or • National Blood Service Donor Sessions - Selected dates: Bourne Corn Exchange. 1.00pm - 3.30pm & 6.00pm - 7.30pm. More info on dates available at

| Events Diary

Gigs and Musical Events 2nd “Afterlife” at the Masons Arms, Bourne at 9pm. 2nd Harmonica workshop for all abilities 12yrs+, from beginner to more advanced, at Stamford Arts Centre 1-30pm – 5pm. Harmonicas (diatonic) in C are available to purchase on the day for £8. For more details visit 3rd “Open mic,” at The Hare and Hounds Haconby, pa equipment provided. Tel Nick Gomm 07785515343 5th The Masons Arms, Bourne, Folk open mic night, all performers welcome: 8pm start 7th Jazz at The Toft House Hotel at 8 00 pm. Stamford Jazz Music Society presents The Toft House All Stars. Guests include Simon Nelson (trumpet), Peter Oxborough (clarinet/saxophone) and Chris Wigley (trombone) all from DixieMix plus Bill Coleman (bass) - ex Kenny Ball Jazzmen .Admission £10, booking advisable, 01778 590335


9th “Sharna” will be entertaining you this evening at the Royal British Legion, Bourne. Start time 9 pm but open from 7pm, early arrival is advised. Phone 01778 421775 for more details if needed. Members £1 entrance. Nonmembers welcome £2. 9th Karaoke with the ever-popular Nick Glover at The Masons Arms, Bourne: 9pm start. 9th It’s Acoustic night at the Jubilee in Bourne! Open mic at 8pm, all amplification provided. If you wish to perform please contact Ryan or Mark tel 01778 392700 9th Limehouse Lizzy –Thin Lizzy tribute band at Stamford Corn Exchange: doors open at 7pm for a 7-30pm start. Tickets £16-50 box office: 01780 766455 or at 10th Pennyless at Mama Liz’s Stamford: 4-6pm admission free. Why not enjoy a drink or food whilst listening to some excellent music? 10th Free Public Singing Workshop 2-00 pm to 4-00 pm Stamford Arts Centre, 27, St Marys St Stamford. An opportunity to join the group for a taster session to learn “The Circle of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King” 10th “Unplugged Folk Singaround”, at The Hare and Hounds Haconby. Tel Jan Limback 01778 425442

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



| Events Diary

The Corn Exchange Bourne presents

Frank Sinatra & Friends Swing Show with

Martin Rhodes international swing & cabaret artist 15th Like Rock music? Then come along to the Masons Arms, Bourne at 9pm and listen to “Skulduggery.” 16th “A Handful of Harmonies” sings for the Mustard Seed Project at Stamford Arts Centre at 7-30pm. During this charity evening of choral entertainment A Handful of Harmonies will sing a varied programme, including African songs and will also be joined by the Youth Choir. Tickets £7.50 adults, £6 concessions (OAP/U16) available from Stamford Arts Centre 01780 763203

Friday 29th January Bar opens 6.30pm

Showtime 8pm •Tickets £10.00

16th The popular singer/ guitarist, Mark Bishop, returns to the Masons Arms, Bourne: 9pm start. 22nd “Dean and Co.”, popular folk band are playing at the Masons Arms, Bourne: start 9pm. 23rd It’s Acoustic night again, at the Jubilee in Bourne! Open mic at 8pm, all amplification provided. If you wish to perform please contact Ryan or Mark tel 01778 392700 23rd The Masons Arms, Bourne present “Son of a Gun” tonight at 9pm. 23rd The Royal British Legion, Bourne, presents singer Nik Powers. Start time 9 pm but open from 7pm, early arrival is advised. Phone 01778 421775 for more details if needed. Members £1 entrance. Nonmembers welcome £2. 29th “Frank Sinatra and Friends,” swing show with Martin Rhodes at Bourne Corn Exchange. Bar opens at 6-30pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets £10 phone 07547336511. 29th Paul Jones and Dave Kelly, founder members of The Blues Band are playing at Stamford Arts Centre at 8pm.Tickets £18(£17) from the Arts Centre box office 01780 763203 or

Rat Pack • Matt Munro Paul Anka and many more

30th “Leftovas,” rock band at the Masons Arms, Bourne at 9pm. 30th Karaoke 9 til late at Archie’s Bar, Bourne. 30th Pennyless in concert at Langham village hall, Rutland. For more details visit their website at www.



Bourne | January 2016

Bring your dancing shoes & swing the night away!

For Tickets please call 07547 336 511

| Groups

- singing, music and movement BilinguaSing is an awardwinning singing, music and movement class for parents, babies, toddlers and pre-school children. We know that music, movement and sensory experiences are fundamental to baby and child development, which is why at BilinguaSing we teach languages in a unique way – purely through music! We also use a variety of actions and engaging props to make language learning super-active and lots of fun. Say ‘byebye’ to boring and ‘hello’ to bilingual singing, action-packed adventures!! We’re constantly amazed at how quickly such young children (and their parents!) are singing along in a foreign language! It really is infectious! Being an “Early Years” teacher,

Classes are running in Bourne, Market Deeping and Stamford Mondays – 10 am - Bourne Youth Centre, Queens Road, Bourne. PE10 9DX

I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to live and teach abroad in different parts of the world, including Northern Spain. I discovered how quickly and easily young children can learn a completely new language, particularly through music and movement. The best time for anyone to learn a new language is while they are still learning their own. This is why people who are exposed to a second language from birth or toddlerhood end up speaking more than one language effortlessly. It’s a real gift to give a second language to our little ones.

Mondays – 1.45 pm – Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill, Stamford.PE9 2AE Tuesdays – 10.30 am – Deepings Community Centre, Market Deeping.PE6 8PA Thursdays – 11.15 am - Love Stamford, Broad Street, Stamford. PE9 1PX CLASSES COMING SOON TO OAKHAM

For more information, please contact: or visit or visit BilinguaSingEastMidlands

Come along for a free taster! Classes are running in Bourne, Market Deeping and Stamford. January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



Bourne United Charities – An Opportunity to Become Involved

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for maintaining Bourne’s fabulous Abbey Lawn or the Well Head? How about the famous Red Hall, the Memorial Gardens, Shippon Barn or Baldock’s Mill? Well, the answer is Bourne United Charities, who are a small group of fifteen people, dedicated to ensuring that these “jewels in Bourne’s crown” are kept shining brightly. Significantly though, as we enter a new year, that number is only thirteen, and so the purpose of this feature is twofold - to raise awareness of the role of the Trustees, but also to make a plea, so that two of you could be encouraged to become Trustees. What a wonderful New Year’s resolution that would be?! The role of the Trustee is voluntary and involves an application process (in writing with a C.V. attached). A monthly meeting, on the last Thursday evening of eleven of the twelve months, is the minimum time requirement. However, there are opportunities for the Trustee to volunteer to become part of a series of sub-committees, which of course would involve more commitment. The role lasts for four years, but could be extended if needed. By way of a “job spec.” the Trustee would need to be able to give of their time freely, have an eye for the longer term, be totally un-biased and, underlying everything, they



must always have the continuing well-being and future successful direction of Bourne clearly in sight. The Bourne United Charities Trustees act as custodians of many key establishments in the town, including The Red Hall, Baldock’s Mill Civic Centre, Shippon Barn, the almshouses on West Road, Wellhead Park and the Memorial Gardens, as well as the much-prized and magnificently maintained Abbey Lawns. There are many activities regarding these establishments over which the Trustees have jurisdiction, and many times there have been important decisions to be made. There is much interest at the moment, for example, with the “Bourne 2 Play” group working hard to raise both awareness and vital funds to re-furbish the play area on part of the Well Head Park. The town remains, in many people’s eyes, a beautiful, safe and happy part of the world, with many features of which we can all be proud. Why not take this opportunity then to become part of it, and have some influence on how these key “jewels in Bourne’s crown” continue to be overseen by the Bourne United Charities? Further information can be found on the website,, and The Clerk to the Trustees, Mrs Gail Clingo, can be contacted at

Bourne | January 2016


To be included in this directory, send your details to: Youth Not all Bad Queens Rd, PE10 9DX. 01778 426134 or 07947 930542 Bourne Town Girls FC Julie: 01778 424341 Salvation Army Youth Club Manning Rd, Bourne, 01778 421916 or 01778 393459 Stamford and Bourne District Scouts Margaret Scott: 01780 762405 Bourne Town Harriers Junior Athletics Lisa Richardson: 01778 424529 Bourne Town Juniors Football Club Tel: 07891804432. Email: Young Youth Group for 7-12yr olds, at The Centre @ Elsea Park, starts on weds 15th April from 5pm – 6-30pm. Pool table and games: cost £1 per child to include drink. For info call Niki on 07949034743 Rock You Theatre School Brand new for September 2015.

SCHOOLS Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. 01778 422163. Bourne Grammar School South Road, PE10 9JE. 01778 422288. Bourne Westfield Primary Academy Westbourne Park, PE10 9QS. 01778 424152 Bourne Academy Edinburgh Crescent, PE10 9DT. 01778 422365. Willoughby School South Rd, PE10 9JD. 01778 425203. Morton C of E Primary School Station Road, Morton, PE10 0NN. 01778 570389. Thurlby Community Primary School. Lawrance Park, Crown Lane, Thurlby, PE10 0EZ. 01778 423311. Edenham CofE Primary School School Lane, Edenham, PE10 0LP. 01778 591207. Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy

CHURCHES Bourne Abbey Church Church Lane, PE10 9UQ. 01778 424584. Bourne Baptist Church West Street, PE10 9NE. 01778 424206. Bourne & Deeping RC Church 3 St Gilberts Road, PE10 9XB. 07988 682925. Bourne Methodist Church Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. 01778 394380. St John the Baptist Church High Street, Morton PE10 0AP. 01778 571184 Bourne United Reformed Church Eastgate, PE10 9JY. 01775 722311. The Salvation Army Manning Road, PE10 9DD Tel: 01778 393459 e-mail: New Day Baptist Church & Dyke Baptist Church High St, Morton - Main St, Dyke 07931 652718 (except Mondays) mortonandhanthorpe St Firmin’s Church 10 Church Street, Thurlby, PE10 0EH. 01778 422475.

Bourne Spiritualist Church 19a North St, Bourne divine service with spiritual readings and healing every Saturday @ 6.30pm.We are a very friendly church and we hope you can join us. Refreshments available after service. 01778 394454 Bourne Evangelical Church, The Baxter Room, Wake House, 41 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE 01529 421389

CLUBS Dementia Support Group Corn Exchange, PE10 9AF. Kate Marshall: 01778 440153. Ringstone Players Contact Cheryl 01778 421216 Toolbar Bourne Snooker Centre, Cherry Holt Rd. 07749689026 Rotary Club of Bourne St Peter Toft House Hotel, Toft, PE10 0JT. Alan Kaye: 01778 560458. Evergreen Care Trust 01780 765900. Bourne Bridge Club Masonic Hall, 1-2 Roman Bank Bourne PE10 9LQ. 01778 423313 Bourne Motor Racing Club The Bourne Corn Exchange Hall. David Dykes: 01733 253867. A Handful of Harmonies All female choir. Weekly sessions on a Monday from 7.30 – 9.00pm at The Red Hall, South Street. Contact Andrew 01778 345857 Bourne Youth Choir Mixed children’s choir who meet on a Saturday at Bourne Abbey Church Hall. Ages 6 – 16. Bourne Borderers Edenham Village Hall, Church Ln, PE10 0LS. Elly: 01476 550741 Bourne Darby & Joan Club Memorial Gardens, South Road. 01778 570571. Rotary Club of Bourne Bob Brown 01778 421882. Bourne Business Chamber Paul Ross 01778 440555. Bourne Ladies Dinner Club Conservatives Offices, North St. Shirley Fairbairn: 01778 424613. Nubourne Woman’s Institute Meeting Abbey Church Hall Mrs Shirley Jones 01778 422397 The Gateway Leisure Club for people with learning disabilities Masonic Centre,1-2 Roman Bank Bourne on Mon 7pm-9pm, 01778 424235. Parkinson’s Disease Society 01778 440695 / 345395. Hereward Probus Club Rob Denton 01778 425276 Bourne Preservation Society, meets 3rd Monday of each month at 7-30pm in the Baxter Room, Wake House, North St. Bourne. Contact: 109 Beech Avenue, Bourne PE10 9RZ. Tel. 07903047418 Bourne Garden Club Every third Thursday at Bourne Abbey Church hall at 7.30pm. Janet: 01778 422304 Marian: 01778 421023 Bourne Round Table PO Box 95 PE10 1AF. 07970 083134. Friends of Bourne Woods Sarah: 07760 468052. Bourne U3A Tel: 08455191385

Bourne and South Lincs ME Support Group Wake House, North Street, PE10 9AE Jan: 01778 425422. Bourne Chess Club All standards welcome. Call Tom on 07903 855 443 Bourne Civic Society Heritage Centre/Baldocks Mill, 21 South St, PE10 9LY. 01778 422775. Organ Club John Wass: 01733 424947. Bourne Footlights Karen MacQuarrie. 01778 345530 Bourne and district scrabble club Every Mon afternoon 2.00. Wake House. Angela 01778 426617 or Betty 01778 425234 South Lincolnshire Garden Society SLGS. Thurs at 7.30pm in Jan, March, May, Sept and Nov at Village Hall in Folkingham.

CHARITIES Bourne and Thurlby First Responders 01778 420357 or 07875 308837. St Barnabas Lincs Hospice Janie McCormick: 01476 591010. ssafa Nev: 01778 394483. British Red Cross 01778 426452. Mencap Housing and Support 01778 423726. Bourne & District Lions Club PO Box 57, Bourne PE10 9HB. 0845 833 2810. Len Pick Trust PO BOX 92, Bourne, Lincs PE10 1AD. 01778 424159. Bourne United Charities 01778 422387. Royal Air Forces Association Masonic Hall, All Saints St. Stamford, PE9 2AD The Butterfield Centre 2 North Road, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9AP. 01778 421422 Bourne Arts and Community Trust Wake House, PE10 9AE. 01778 393517. Royal British Legion Burghley Street, PE10 9NS. 01778 421110. SSAFA Bourne & Stamford Nev Johnson 01778 394483 Sue Ryder Hospice Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice, Longthorpe, Peterborough, PE3 6LW, 01733 225999,

CHILDREN Baby Massage + Baby Yoga Groups (up to 1) Bourne Children’s Centre. Kim: 01778 570120 Bourne Children’s Centre Queens Road, PE10 9DX. 01778 395895. Little Bees 14-18 Manor Lane, Bourne, PE10 9PQ. 01778 422669 Bourne Army Cadets Cadet Hut, Austerby Road, PE10 9JG. Tatty Bumpkin. Weds- 1pm for Baby Explorers (active babies and toddlers) at Bourne Youth Centre, Baby Bumpkin class on Thursdays, 9.30am (from birth) and a Baby Explorer at 10.30am both at Market Deeping children’s centre. Tatty Bumpkin is a yoga-inspired music and movement class for children and babies. Teen sessions on a Thurs afternoon at Bourne Youth Centre at 4.15pm. 07770 16276. Dinky Dancers Dance for 2-4. Wed am All Saints & St Johns Church Hall Stamford.

Thurs Elsea Park Bourne. Friday Ryhall Village Hall. 01780 591469 Musical Minis Pre-school music group for babies and toddlers. Janie: 01778 570340. Bourne Girls Brigade Bourne Methodist Church, Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. 01778 423729 Elsea Park stay and play Playgroup term time only for 0 -4 year olds, The Centre @ Elsea Park on Thursdays 9.30 until 11.00a.m  £1.00 per session per family.

DOCTORS Market Cross Surgery Market Place, Corby Glen, NG33 4NH. 01476 550056. Glenside Country Practice 12b High Street, Castle Bytham, Grantham, NG33 4RZ. 01780 410205. Galletly Medical Practice 40 North Road, PE10 9BT. 01778 562200. Hereward Group Practice Exeter St, PE10 9XR. 01778 391700.

SPORTS Bourne Abbots Petanque Club Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 394083. Bourne Town Harriers Senior & Junior Athletes Bourne Rugby Union Football Club Clubhouse, Milking Nook Drove, PE10 0AX. 01778 393420. Bourne & District Lawn Tennis Club Abbey Lawns, Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. Helen Whitfield: 01775 670252. Bourne Town FC Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 420456. Brotherhood Kickboxing Academy, Bourne Martial Arts Centre, 3 Victor Way, PE10 9PT. 07944 281892. Bourne Town Bowls Club Coggles Causeway, Bourne. Mike Northen 01778 423353 Bourne Deeping Hockey Club Bourne Outdoor Pool Abbey Lawns, Abbey Rd, Bourne, PE10 9ET. 01778 422063. Tracy Hankin Bourne 4 Fitness Disco/80’s Revival workout and Yoga/ Pilates. 07799250581. Bourne Leisure Centre Queens Road, Bourne, PE10 9DX 01778 421 435. Bourne Ladies FC 07971 555710 Bourne Kart Club Please visit our website for details. or find us on Facebook: bournekartclub Ki-Ways Tai Chi Club 07413 620344 Bourne Dancercise & Keep Fit Methodist Church Hall, Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. 07730 223557.; Bourne Badminton Club Play at Bourne Leisure Centre on Friday nights (new season starts 4 Sept) between 7:30 and 9:30pm.New members welcome ages 11 to adult. Contact Julian Cooke for details, 01778 423994. For Police ring 101 (the non-emergency number)

January 2016 | D I S C O V E R I N G



Bourne SciFest – An Appeal In the year 2000, a small group of teachers and helpers got together and organised a Science Festival for the young people of Bourne. This proved to be so successful that Bourne SciFest now takes place every two years. There will be an introductory event for the 2016 Festival on Thursday May 5th at Witham Hall School, when Ally Caldecote from Warwick University will give her presentation, “Too Cool for Skool”. Look for further details in the local press.

python and a crocodile – not for the fainthearted! Matt Pritchard, Science Boffins and James Soper complete the line-up for the school visits.

The main event will start with school visits on Monday October 3rd, and will continue all week. We shall be meeting up again with some old favourites – Dave Shaw and Earthbound Misfits who have entertained us at every SciFest since its conception. Dave has visited tribes in Ecuador and Madagascar, and has delighted us with his experiences. Earthbound Misfits examine the effect of gravity and other forces and, linking with circus skills, have taught us how to juggle.

In addition to all this, on the evening of Tuesday October 4th, Science Boffins will give a show in the Corn Exchange which we are told will include Air, Fire, Water, Forces and Fun.

The world of astronomy will be revealed to us by Starlincs, who use a portable planetarium to show the wonders of the heavens.

It goes without saying that such a Festival costs a lot of money, particularly as the schools get all of their presentations free-of -charge. This means that we are looking for some generous sponsors. This year’s Festival is estimated to cost in the region of £15,000. This sounds expensive but when you realise over 4,500 children get some experience in science, then it is very reasonable. So, if you feel you would like to sponsor this event which brings the wonder of science into the lives of the young children of Bourne and district, the committee would be pleased to hear from you, either through Discovering Bourne, ( ), or via our website Even if you feel you would like to sponsor the event, but can only manage a small donation, it will still be most gratefully received.

Younger children will be introduced to a number of minibeasts, including Colin the corn snake and his friends. They will also experience simple science with the help of Katie Green and Green Bean Dance. Another animal show is programmed to visit us and this will include meerkats, a



On Thursday evening, October 6th, James Soper will present “Ultimate Science”. Details of these two events will be advertised in the local press and through the schools.

Bourne | January 2016

e l z z Pu Pa g e


A) General K nowledge 1.

At which town, and when, did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp?



Which guitarist is known as “Slowhand”?

10. Which is the smallest member of the flute family?


What does a numismatist study or collect?


What liqueur, bearing the letters D.O.M. on the bottle label, was developed at Fecamp, France, in the 16th century?


In knitting, what is meant by the initials ‘psso’?


Where in Cornwall is the most southerly point of mainland Britain?


Who was the first black player to captain England’s soccer team?


How old is a horse when it changes from a filly to a mare?

What make of car was the time-machine in the film “Back to the Future”?

11. Which former member of The Humblebums is known as “The Big Yin”? 12. Located at St Pancras, what is the largest public building constructed in the U.K. in the 20th century? 13. With 15.1 million listeners each week, which is the U.K.’s biggest radio station? 14. In cricket, what is a “Michelle”?

15. Which famous leader was born on November 30th 1874, at Blenheim Palace?

B) Train That Brain!

Take the first number and follow the instructions until you reach the answer. Try it first without pen and paper, and don’t even think about a calculator. Guaranteed to keep brains active and frustration levels high! 1.

31 -4, 1/3 of it, square it, -7, halve it, +12, 5/7 of it, -9, x3 = ?


102 x3, 68, +half of it, +53, 70% of it, x2, +56, 90% of it, -8 = ?

C) “The Cate Quiz” - Part 2

m Hmmm

. ..

If you were given the example of : “The cate who teaches”, the answer would be “educate”. Try these: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The cate who resigns. The cate who talks. The cate who seizes things, as a penalty. The cate who copies. The cate who gives out pills.

6. 7. 8. 9.

The cate who shortens. The tamed cate. The cate who gives for a specific purpose. The cate who is banished from Church.

10. The cate who pronounces her opinions pompously.

C) 1. abdicate, 2. communicate, 3. confiscate, 4. replicate or duplicate, 5. medicate, 6. truncate, 7. domesticated, 8. allocate, 9. excommunicate, 10. pontificate. B) 1. 78, 2. 484 A) 1. Skegness in 1936, 2. Eric Clapton, 3. Coins and/or medals, 4. Benedictine (DOM = Deo Optimo Maximo = To God, most good, most great) , 5. Pass slipped stitch over, 6. Lizard Point, 7. Paul Ince, 8. Four years old, 9. De Lorean, 10. Piccolo, 11. Billy Connolly, 12. The British Library, 13. Radio 2, 14. When a bowler takes five wickets in an innings (from Pfeiffer=”five for ..”), 15. Sir Winston Churchill.


| Motoring - monthly advice from Tom Ingram

Awareness is Everything Recently, I saw an exchange on a popular Parents’ Facebook page between drivers regarding the yellow box painted on the road at the Northorpe crossroads on the A15. It soon became evident that a poster who was exasperated at how other drivers were showing signs of frustration towards her husband while he was waiting to turn right into the junction, was unaware that her husband had a “knowledge gap” of how to correctly use yellow box markings near junctions. Lack of awareness is being given as a primary cause for so many “middle-lane hoggers” on motorways, who appear to be oblivious to the hazard they cause. It appears likely that the policy to impose a £100 fine and three penalty points for offenders is now going to be extended across the whole of the U.K. Both of these issues highlight a problem. In the UK we only get tested once. After that initial test, it is entirely our choice as to how well we keep aware of traffic legislation and the expectations of applying the law. I see very regularly drivers failing to accord precedence to pedestrians on

zebra crossings in Bourne, some drivers constantly driving too close to the vehicle in front, and we all see drivers breaking speed limits daily. It may however, be simply the case that drivers did have the knowledge initially, but with the passing of time, the key concepts of safe driving have been forgotten. Also, a big factor in the news of late is the hot topic of doctors passing on to the DVLA the details of patients who should not be driving on the road anymore for medical reasons. (Whatever your feelings about that, you only need to browse through my weekly blog posts on my website www. to see far too many examples of elderly drivers with the most extraordinary driving behaviour which it is sad to say, has sometimes fatal consequences.) A common thread with all of the above examples is that the drivers concerned will simply not appreciate what they do not know. They do not have the self-awareness to acknowledge that they are breaking the law, frightening drivers in front of them or pedestrians on crossings by driving dangerously. Loss of pride (especially amongst male drivers) prevents some from being willing to even accept the possibility of there being an issue with how well they are driving.

A Happy New Year from BIG TOM Driving School (Bookings: 07894 262 718)



Bourne | January 2016

Japanese cars, performance to g in ic from serv upgrades. Just ask for Dean!

INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSES ers, For learners, non-UK driv & employers wanting to upskill staff.

Test fee included! Call now

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E R E H B H! U L NT C .uk O R o U RM s.c e O n zi Y E a g E 1P a S m I g ÂŁ n T eri T R v S E co n!' s V U i AD OM J l info@fdormatio FR o e-mami ore in ace




te mi


Specialist Childcare Training . Teaching Assistant Training . Team Leading Management Business Administration . Customer Service . Health & Social Care Apprenticeships . Traineeships Professional training from Levels 1 - 5 Boost your career, or improve the skills of your workforce with Riverside Training

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Bourne | January 2016

| A little bit of History

Discovering. . .

Cuckoo Bush Cottage

We protect our large and important buildings for posterity yet the smaller ones, the cottages where the people lived, brought up families and died, have in the past been demolished indiscriminately despite the part they played in our social history. Strict planning regulations now protect our ancient properties but in past years many mediaeval cottages around Bourne were bulldozed out of existence to make way for new developments and our heritage has been diminished accordingly, one of the most famous being the 18th century Cuckoo Bush Cottage, a quaint and attractive thatched property which stood at what was then an isolated spot in North Road. During the 19th century, this delightful property was owned by Edward Briggs, a shepherd, whose son had emigrated to seek his fortune. They lost touch and when Mr Briggs died, he wanted him to inherit the cottage, writing in his will dated 1874: “Whereas about fourteen years since, my son and only child Edward Briggs went, as I believe, to

Australia, and I am not aware whether he is now alive “ - the point of this clause being that if his son should prove to be dead or could not be found within two years, the property would then be inherited by his two nieces who lived at Osbournby. The executors of the will made exhaustive inquiries and found that the son had emigrated to the United States and not to Australia as his father had thought but although they advertised for information about him in newspapers such as the New York Herald and the Washington Evening Star, their investigations drew a blank. By this time, the necessary two years had elapsed and so the deeds of the cottage were handed over to the nieces who sold it at a public auction held at the Angel Hotel on Thursday 15th

March 1877 when it was bought for £190 by Thomas Hardwick, a farmer, of West Street. The cottage was subsequently let to various tenants but had by now achieved some fame and even became the subject of an Edwardian picture postcard called A Bit of Old Bourne. Copies were posted all over the world but sadly its days were numbered and the building was eventually demolished to make way for an access road to the care home Digby Court which opened in 1965 in what is now Christopher’s Lane, although the name persists because many older residents still refer to it as Cuckoo Bush Lane. Archive photograph from 1905.


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TUTor (MATHematics)

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We may not be able to help you get fit or land that big promotion at work this year, but we can help you to make the BIG MOVE and SAVE MONEY.

Goals for 2016


Get F


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tion a

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t Wor


Discovering Bourne issue 053, January 2016  
Discovering Bourne issue 053, January 2016