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Issue 15 / November 2012

and the surrounding villages

In this November issue...

◗ PAGE 6 - Find out how to vote in the Police and Crime Commisioner elections ◗ PAGE 8 - Find out about adoption ◗ PAGE 9 - What is happening in Bourne for Christmas



DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

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hope everyone had a great Halloween, whether it was trick or treating or going to a party. Also, I hope everyone went into Bourne to take part in the BRM Day. I know members of the public had stalls out themselves and shops opened on that day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather that day. Its not long at all now for Bonfire night where everyone will be buying fireworks and getting ready for a good night. It is a time which everyone can enjoy and be amazed but just remember to be safe. Don’t forget about your animals, make sure they stay indoors out of the way. Take a look at our events if you can’t decide which one to go to. In this issue take a look at what Care Assistant Vicky Crofts is doing to raise money for The Old Hall Care Home and Help for Heroes. We also have the latest information on the vote for our areas PCC. Take a look at our story we have about a family and their journey to adoption, there is advice to help for those who are interested in adoption. It is getting very close to the time where we all go out Christmas shopping, some might have even started and some leave it to last minute...I am definitely a last minute sort of person. Don’t forget to have a look around Bourne as you might be surprised at what you can find that makes you think “they will love it.” Sit back, have a cup of tea and enjoy this month’s edition!

Sian Rogers x


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How to get in touch If you would like to get in touch with please email with Mayor in the subject heading.


A word from your Mayor

Helen Powell

ello everyone, Autumn approaches again with beautiful colours. The gardens are bedding down for the winter. The birds will look in your garden for any scraps during the winter months. Wonderful to see Green FInches and Woodpeckers in my garden again this year.... the Wood Pidgeons are always very cheeky. Remembrance Sunday. 11th Nov - 10.20am Parade leaves Bus station, thru town to Cenotaph and Wreath laying. Please bring a wreath to lay if you wish. 11.15am Service in Bourne Abbey - This event is becoming bigger every year. Do come along and join in the parade and service. You will be very welcome. Friends of Nyansakia - The marvellous work of Chantal Armstrong, Terry Westwood ( Treasurer 01778 425996) and their friends are achieving so much for the children in this deprived area of Kenya, helping them become Self Sufficient. 500 people donating just £2 a month would solve their present challenge to feed everyone. A standing order form can be picked up from the Salvation Army shop. Please

fill in a form and give one to a friend. These people have no running water or electricity. Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. Voting day..... 15th November 2012. Who will you put in this important driving seat? Candidates information is on the Lincolnshire Police website. Mayors Charities and Visits - The Mayors Charities this year are. S.A.F.A., The Bourne Butterfield Centre and The South Lincs Dementia Support Group. Your help would be gratefully appreciated in any small way. Please look out for information regarding charity events, a Christmas Dinner and Dance will be on Dec 7th for details or volunteers please contact me on 01778 421042. If you would like me to visit your class or group, give me or the office a call, as above or 01778 426123. Ten minutes or two hours it would be a pleasure to meet you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the Autumn. Keep warm and safe. Kindest regards


Make sure you are registered to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections Residents in South Kesteven need to register to vote if they want to have their say in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place on Thursday 15 November. Over the last three months, annual canvass registration forms have been arriving at

households across the district…..and they need to be returned by Wednesday 31 October. Beverly Agass, Electoral Registration Officer for South Kesteven said: “You have to be on the electoral register if you want to have your say in the first Police and Crime Commissioner elections. “Some people wrongly assume that paying council tax means you are registered to vote. I am urging all those eligible to vote in South Kesteven to check that they are registered.” Anyone who would like to vote by post also has until 31 October to submit an application. For more information contact South Kesteven District Council’s electoral services team on 01476 406125 or email


DiscoveringBourne November 2012 | | November 2012



And then there were three... Kim and Andrew became the official parents of their adopted two year old son James in June. We went along to meet them at their home to hear their story.


im had a condition which made it difficult to conceive and when they learnt they would have less than a 10 per cent chance of conceiving through IVF they thought about adoption instead. “Some of our friends had adopted successfully through Peterborough City Council, so we went to an information evening which we found very interesting and enlightening” Kim recalls. “A social worker came to see us to talk about the practicalities. You have to be prepared to be asked all sorts of questions which can be difficult. We spent the next few months getting our house ready before we heard we could go on the adoption course.” After the course, a period of home study continued for the couple with visits from a social worker. Kim and Andrew described it as intensive but necessary. Three months later, Kim and Andrew had to go before a panel. They were asked many questions, some quite hard, but at the end they were approved. “I was so happy that I burst into tears and just wanted to kiss everyone,” Kim laughs. “We thought it was going to be months before anything happened.“ “Then a call came four weeks later. Our social worker, who could not have been more helpful and supportive, told us they had a child. He was a 12 month old boy whose parents had had problems and they were not able to look after him. “We were told that while he had struggles very early in his life he had been with the same foster carer since he was just a few months old and that he been cared for in a very stable and happy environment. I did not want to see his photo initially in case the process did not go any further, but then when I did get to see his picture I fell in love with him then and there. It suddenly became all very real and overwhelming.” They had a health and safety visit and then another panel where it was agreed Kim and Andrew were a match for James. A weeklong introduction process began with Kim and Andrew visiting James at his foster carer’s home. “Our social worker came into the room carrying James and put him into my arms and said ‘meet your son’,” Andrew recalls. “He blew


me a raspberry and that was it. We just got on the floor and started pushing cars around.” “We met every day for the next week, building up our time with him. One morning we got there early so that we could get him up, give him his breakfast, bath him and get him dressed. The day after that we put him to bed, and eventually towards the end of the week we brought him home for a while before eventually bringing him home for good.” That was a year ago and since then it has just been an incredible time for the new family. They gradually introduced James to the rest of his new extended family. Then in June, all travelled with their social worker to the court for the official adoption hearing before a judge when James legally became their son. James has a life story book so that he will always know of his background and where he came from. “We met up with James’s mother, who is not with his father anymore. She said she was pleased that James was with us. It was a really good feeling to have her validation,” Kim concludes. “Our life has changed beyond belief and now we look forward to our future – the three of us together.” *Names have been changed to protect their identity

To find out more... To find out more about adoption, telephone 01733 317448, email: adoptionenquiries@peterborough., visit or visit our adoption information stands: • Saturday 3 November, Serpentine Green, Peterborough • Thursday 8 November, Queensgate, Peterborough • Saturday 10 November, Springfields, Spalding • Sunday 11 November, Grafton Centre, Cambridge • Friday 30 November, Swansgate, Wellingborough

DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

LOCAL NEWS IN YOUR AREA Bourne Traders Christmas is coming once more and again Bourne Traders are planning to block Abbey Road and North Street and like last year have a mix of fun Charity fun fair and other stalls for the public to enjoy. Application has been made for the road closure and the fun fair has been confirmed.

• If you would like a stall for this festivity, give Kim from rollaway or Rebecca from cake kabin a call on: 01778 393769 / 01778 393079.

Art Classes Art Classes for kids in Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre for ages between 4-16 held in the Village Hall at Langtoft near Bourne.


(5-7 year olds) on Tuesdays 4.45pm – 5.30pm.


(8-12 year olds) on Tuesdays 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

Seniors (13-16 year olds)

on Tuesdays 6.30pm – 7.30pm.

Raising money for a good cause Care Assistant, Vicky Crofts is doing a skydive to raise money for The Old Hall Care Home in Billingborough and Help For Heroes. To help Vicky raise money please visit: and donate what you can.

• All sessions just cost £1.50 a week. For more information please call: 01778 345857 or 01733 322268. | November 2012




DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |


“ “ “

I like Discovering Bourne for it’s breadth of information like health matters. Plus, all the interesting articles. It is a free magazine that doesn’t go in the bin.

Lots of local interest and information, special offers and competition – all for free. S James

“ “ ” ” ” ”

Mrs K Foston likes how Discovering Bourne

keeps you notified of local events

It's a nice size magazine and it's great on information, and it's got a page that tells you what is going on in the next month too. The articles on things past and present are a good read.

J Matthews

Excellent read, informative, handy size. A Gedney

The Butterfield Centre article was very interesting as anyone who is due to retire or getting on in years is concerned about the future.

Mrs E A Marshall

To send in your comments email Find us online at | November 2012



Delivering Simple Financial Advice - That really works

A monthly feature that focuses on current financial issues. Many local Banks and Building Societies have lost their ‘in house’ adviser and few are independent. Eamonn is a fully qualified local Independent Financial Adviser.

Long Term Care planning


Ask the expert today

s soon as someone reaches a particular point in their life when they are unable or unwilling to care for themselves – care needs to be provided for them. The discussion then begins: Who should pay for it and what does it cost?

• If there is a gap between the cost of care and the level of income – what are the options? Firstly it is important to ensure every benefit available is being claimed • Secondly will the local authority pay or will the NHS provide funding?

Currently if the beneficiary has £23,250 or more – the answer is likely to be ‘You pay for your own care until the value of your assets drop below that level’. If you own a property – will that be taken into account? – i.e. will I have to sell my home? The answer is not the same in all circumstances, there are situations under which a property may be disregarded – it makes sense to talk with a specialist Long Term Care adviser such as myself.

• Thirdly – can an accumulating debt be charged against a property and settled when the property is sold without accruing interest?

How much will care cost and how much might the local authority contribute? Again the answer differs depending on many factors including the level of care in terms of time and specialisation, the location of the care, and in which area you live (believe it or not).

• Fourthly, can a lump sum deliver a level of income regardless of how long care is needed? As you might imagine – knowing your way around this complex subject is the key to making better decisions. If you are involved in this or you know someone struggling with it – give me a call on any of the following contact details:

Knowing your way around this complex subject is the key to making better decisions


DiscoveringBourne November 2012 | | November 2012




Internet Parental Control – Part Two By Taff

Lovesey of LitesPC

Last month we looked at how to set up a unique user account to provide control on how your child accesses the PC. This month we will take this a step further and investigate ways that control of internet usage can be added to reduce the availability of inappropriate content.

Internet Browser Control:

The most readily available content control is to use your internet browser. Internet Explorer has parental control built-in but other browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, require the download of additional extensions. For this reason we will focus on Internet Explorer. Login to your account (must be an administrator) • Open Internet Explorer • Open Internet Options • Click on Content • Locate the Content Advisor and click on Enable You will now be shown a list of control options • Click on each category to select it

• Move the slider to set the level of censorship required As you move the slider a summary of the level appears in the Description box at the bottom of the window. When you have set the levels that you want to use… Click on the General tab. You should now ensure that the second box is ticked and then click on Create Password. Enter a password that you will NOT FORGET but that is not known by your child. Keep clicking OK until you come back to the main browser window. You now have restricted content set up. IMPORTANT: This level of control is set on a system basis, not user, so the content restriction will be in place for ANYONE that logs in to the system. However you can use the security password to either ‘allow’ access to a restricted page when prompted, or to disable the control for unrestricted browsing. If this method proves a nuisance then there are other commercial options available (e.g; NetNanny) and even a free method for blocking inappropriate websites externally by changing your broadband service ‘name server’ to point to OpenDNS Family Shield (see )


DiscoveringBourne November 2012 | | November 2012




Ray Pawlett looks at the benefits of Tai Chi for Dementia suffers

Tai Chi and Dementia


n November 2011, Dementia Support South Lincs tried their first Tai Chi lessons. It was a great leap of faith for the group because they did not really know what they were in for and the benefit of Tai Chi for people living with dementia is relatively new ground worldwide. The class includes people with all forms of dementia, their carers and people who work for the support group. There are also several people with Parkinsons’s disease. The age and ability range is wide with very fit people in the class along with people coping with various health issues. Rather than trying to cope with the hundreds of movements that make up the traditional Tai Chi sequence, we keep it simple. There is a mixture of warm-ups, health exercises, traditional Tai Chi moves and meditation techniques.

Tai Chi obviously cannot take away dementia or any such diseases but it can improve the lives of both the carers and their partners. The fact that Tai Chi can help in such a profound way is really of no surprise to people who understand what Tai Chi can offer. The combination of body, mind and spirit exercises has been used in the Far East for helping people with all kinds of complaints for many years. In the West, we are waking up to the potential that these ancient exercise systems have. Whether you are young, old, fit or well – there is something for you in Tai Chi if you are up for the challenges it offers!

For Dementia Support South Lincs, please contact Kate Marshall on 01778 440153, 07867 635611 or email

The effect of the sessions on the group has been amazing to say the least! All in the group have experienced increased mobility, better flexibility, improved breathing, stress reduction and an improvement in general wellbeing. Individual members of the group have told me about better sleep, reducing the effects of emphysema, reduced pain and swelling in the joints and reduced neck pain. The group is also fun so it gives the members something to look forward to and a sense of achievement that they have taken part.


DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

Introduction to Barefoot and Minimalist Running In memory of Micah True - "the courageous and fearless spirit" Forgive the pun but there is a prominent movement afoot and I am part of it! I started my own journey only two years ago after reading Chris Mcdougalls “Born to Run”. The journey is long and needs to be meticulous but if like me you are plagued with injuries and lower leg problems then the journey is worth every second. This is not a fad or fitness craze, it is the direction that our running is progressing as we learn more about efficiency, technique and gait. Barefoot and minimalist running is a fantastic tool at the disposal of those willing to learn.


am not necessarily talking about barefoot running but natural running and changing the gait to strike with the forefoot first. In heel striking, the collision of the heel with the ground generates a significant impact transient, a nearly instantaneous, large force. This force sends a shock wave up through the body via the skeletal system. In forefoot striking, the collision of the forefoot with the ground generates a very minimal impact force with no impact transient.

Is There Anything Wrong With Heel Striking in Running Shoes?

In a word no, if you are happy and injury free then keep going! Loads of people like to run this way and do so without injury. But some runners get repetitive stress injuries each year (estimates vary from 30-75%).

Why forefoot strike?

It strengthens the muscles in your foot, especially in the arch. A healthy foot is a strong foot, one that pronates less and is less liable to develop a collapsed arch. In my personal experience this leads to greater stability and thus a reduced risk of injury. Barefoot running feels great and makes you feel alive and free!

Disadvantages of Forefoot Striking

Barefoot or in Minimal Footwear:

• Thick-soled shoes are much more forgiving when running over glass and sharp stuff. If you have been a heel striker, it takes some time and much work to train your body to forefoot or mid-foot strike, especially because you need stronger feet and calf muscles. Runners may be at greater risk of developing Achilles tendonitis when they switch from heel striking to forefoot or mid-foot striking.

My top tips!

• Start very slowly changing your running style it takes time and perseverance. • Do your research. • Consult a professional. • The idea is to stay relaxed, adopt an athletic position, keep the knees flexed and hips tilted forward, lean into the run and strike with the fore or mid foot underneath the hips. This barely scratches the surface and if you have any questions please email me Please be careful I can not be held accountable should you incur any injuries as a result of trying barefoot running following my advice.

Happy Running!

Lincolnshire’s Luxury Day Spa Millthorpe Road, Pointon, Lincolnshire, NG34 0NF. 01778 440511. | November 2012




DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

Body & Beauty

Exercises to improve knee pain Osteopath Jo Sunner looks at pain relief for knee pain Mr J. Sunner. DO.BSc(ost). Registered Osteopath

Due to Knee pain, many people find they cannot perform usual activities of daily living such as getting out of bed, going up and down stairs or even driving the car. Going to work and even being able to perform a full day of work can be difficult, especially when the job involves prolonged standing, walking or sitting. Similarly many people find that they can no longer participate in leisure activities they had once enjoyed such as playing team sports, jogging, hiking, golf, holiday travel or family activities. Many people even find the pain is stopping them from playing with their children or grandchildren. A very important way to relieve pain is to build strong leg muscles, here I show some simple exercises we can all attempt, gently at home.

Stair Step-Ups

Slowly step up onto your left foot so you are standing tall on the step with your left foot, and your right foot’s off the ground. Hold for a second, and then step back down off the step onto your right foot, so there’s no weight on your left foot. Repeat up to 6 times. If you need to, take a short rest between steps. Reverse legs, and repeat up to 6 times.

Up and Downs

Sit in a firm, armless chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms crossed or loose at your sides, whichever feels more balanced. Slowly stand up, using

deliberate, controlled movements, until you reach your full height. Hold for a few seconds, and then slowly sit down again. Repeat this exercise for about 1 minute.

Leg Flexes

Sit on the floor with your legs together and stretched out in front of you. Place your hands on the floor behind you for support. Slowly bend your right knee, sliding your heel along the floor toward you until you feel a gentle stretch in the thigh muscles. Hold for about 5 seconds, and then slide your foot forward, straightening your leg. Rest a few seconds. Do 10 times. Reverse legs, and repeat 10 times.

Leg Lifts

Lie on your right side, use your right hand to support your head. Keeping your legs straight, slowly lift your top leg straight up, as far as you comfortably can. Hold for a few seconds, and then slowly lower the leg. Do 10 times; switch sides and repeat. Slow, controlled movements will bring the most benefit. | November 2012




DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

Pet Page

Bonfire Night and your pet It’s the time of year where many of us look forward to Bonfire Night and the accompanying firework displays but sadly many pets become stressed and fearful in the run up to and during fireworks night.


pproximately 80% of pets are frightened of fireworks so you’re not on your own with trying to find what works to keep them calm and stress-free so here are some Do’s and Don’ts you can try before and when the swooshes and the bangs!


In the run up to Bonfire Night: • Walk your dogs when it is still light outside, if you can’t manage this then ask your local dog walker to do this for you. This reduces the possibility of fireworks being set off and your dog becoming worried. • Download Firework noises from You Tube or buy loud noise music and play it for short bursts daily, gradually increasing the volume associating it with rewards and positive experiences helps teach dogs that loud noises need not be scary at all. • Help them to feel secure by plugging in pheromone diffusers (available from your local vets) as close to their bed as possible, start using the

diffuser at least a few days before fireworks are expected. On the night: • Provide a bed in a place where your pet can feel safe and train your dog to associate this area with positive experiences e.g. treats and toys • Increase your pet’s feeling of calm by dabbing their paws with a couple of drops of lavender oil and feeding them chamomile treats (made from soaking their treats in chamomile tea) • Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are securely closed during fireworks night. This will reduce the chances of your pets escaping. • Provide extra litter trays for cats in case they are not used to being confined to the house. • Provide distractions such as new toys or chews. Draw curtains and switch on the TV to mask the noise from the fireworks • Invite a neighbour’s dog over that’s not frightened, it will have a positive effect on the scared dog

Do Not

• Don’t leave your pets home alone while fireworks are going off, pets will be more relaxed when they have a familiar person with them during this time. • Don’t make a fuss of them if they are showing signs of fear, panting, pacing quivering etc, leave them alone and ignore their behaviour • DO NOT punish your pet! This will only make your pet more distressed. | November 2012




DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |


Home & Garden

November Hints & Tips by..

Waterside Garden Centre

1) Poinsettias

You can’t beat poinsettias to provide plenty of festive cheer to your home over winter. They’re available in a range of colours – and when you get them home, place them somewhere they’ll receive reasonable warmth and good light, and well away from draughts and extremes of heat.


2) Tender Plants

Tender plants won’t appreciate being kept out in the cold – so move them somewhere protected from frost and cold winds. Cold frames and heaters give protection and beat off the worst of the winter weather. Plants that are hardier but still sensitive to winter cold will appreciate a thick mulch of bark and even covering with fleece and bubble wrap together in the coldest weather.

3) Fruit

Create your own fruit garden – now’s an excellent time to plant fruit trees and bushes.. To ensure bumper crops, plant with plenty of organic matter and slow-release fertiliser. Make sure you train bushes where necessary, and use stakes and ties for fruit trees.

4) Bird feed

Don’t forget the birds this autumn and winter, and make sure you put out food and water every day to keep our feathered friends happy and healthy.


Plants of the Month


Ensure your garden remains colourful throughout winter with our plants of the month. There’s plenty to choose from including: winter-flowering heathers, winter jasmine, Viburnum bodnantense, Viburnum farreri, Viburnum tinus and mahonias. And don’t forget plants grown for berries, colourful stems and the huge range of evergreens.

King Street, Baston, Peterborough. PE6 9NY (On the main A15 between Market Deeping & Bourne) 01778 560000

“Join our FREE Garden Club now - pick up your membership card from our customer service desk and start claiming your exclusive benefits today!” Barbara, Garden Club Expert

Waterside Garden Club FREE Membership! | FREE drinks vouchers** Exclusive offers | Points as you spend** Monthly news & free expert advice

** Full Garden Club terms and conditions available in store or online | November 2012




ve Disco

Bourne Christmas Gift Ideas


DiscoveringBourne November 2012 | | November 2012



Discovering... ..Butterfield Hospital


by Rex Needle

ne of the most imposing of our red brick and blue slate Victorian buildings stands on the corner of North Road and Meadowgate, a reminder of 19th century philanthropy and caring for the sick. This large property was once the home of Joseph Butterfield, a Yorkshire man who came to live in Bourne and when he died in 1909, aged 53, he bequeathed it to the town on the condition that it should be devoted to the relief of suffering.

bouquet to the countess. William incidentally, lived to be 63 and died in July 1969.

The Bourne Nursing Association had already been established as a permanent memorial to Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and so it was decided to turn the house into a cottage hospital to serve the town and surrounding villages.

The Butterfield continued to provide a valuable medical service for the town and the weight of public opinion helped it survive several attempts at closure, particularly in October 1982 when 6,000 people signed a petition demanding that it remain open. But financial constraints eventually sounded the death knell and it closed the following year. Lincolnshire County Council later bought the building from the Peterborough Area Health Authority for £26,000 for use by old people and its role since 1985 has been as the Butterfield Day Care Centre, a self-financing registered charity but assisted with grants from local authorities.

The official opening took place on 28th June 1910, performed by the Countess of Ancaster who lived at nearby Grimsthorpe Castle, and a newspaper report on the event gives us a glimpse of the occasion: “The home is an ideal one for its purpose and is now being used. It is pleasantly situated and is in every way convenient.” The first patient was already being treated on that day. He was William Thornton, aged five, who had fallen from a bridge in Eastgate breaking his thigh which was set on the kitchen table before he was admitted to the ward to recover which he did sufficiently to present a 26

The hospital was greatly enlarged in 1920 as a memorial to those who fell in the Great War and the new wing was officially opened on Wednesday 11th May 1921. The improvements included the addition of two new wards, a flat for the matron and sufficient accommodation for the staff whereas before, some of the nurses had lived outside in a hostel.


Archive photograph shows the Butterfield Hospital in 1910.

DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

November Events 1st

Bourne Ladies Keep Fit

Group – (Every Thursday) 7:30pm – 8:30pm, Methodist Church Hall, Abbey Rd. Exercise, aerobic and fitness dance, no experience necessary. £3 pw for members, £4.50 pw for non members. 07730 223557.


Alternatives Pregnancy Advice Charity Craft Day – 10am –

3pm, Bourne Baptist Church Hall. 01778 394935.


Sausage Sizzle Lunch - Church

Hall. 12:30pm – 1pm. Call Betty James on 01778 424017 or Arthur Lightfoot on 01778 426723.


Baston Fireworks, gates open at 3pm. Fireworks at 7.www.bastonfireworks. com for more details.


Bourne Town Council - Finance and General Purposes. Town Hall, 7:30pm.


Alzheimers and Dementia Support – Coffee Morning at Wood Grange Care Home, West Rd, Bourne. More details call Jean West on 07747 757848.

7th Bourne Abbey Mother and

Toddler Group (Every Wednesday)

– 9:30am – 11:30am (term times only) at Abbey Church Hall, Bourne. £1.50 a session including refreshments.


Slide Show by Tony Stubbs ‘The Crosby Angel’ & other Lincolnshire Memorials. Bourne

Abbey Church Hall, 7.30pm. £5 including refreshments. All proceeds to the Butterfield Centre.


New Year New You Is Back!

Win a complete makeover!

Discovering Bourne is offering one lucky reader the chance of having a complete makover by the experts at Bojangles. The prize includes:

• • • •

GELeration Nails Make-up Cut and Blow Dry Sunbed Sessions/Sienna X Spray Tan

This competition will close on the 18th November and the lucky winner will need to be available between the 18th of November and the 8th of December to go to Bojangles and be happy to be featured in our January edition. To be in with a chance of winning just answer the questions below and send your answers to: Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Rd, Bourne, PE10 9DX. Email entries can be sent to info@ The competition will close on the 18th November. Q1– What Spray Tan are Bojangles offering? Q2 – What is the best thing about our magazine and why?


Bourne Preservation Trust Baxter Room at Wake House, 7:30pm. Non members - £2.

28th Ladies Night – Lord Nelson, 10th Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Morton. Tickets £5 in aid of Galaxy of Stars

Academy Firework Extravoganza –


11th Rememberance day 15th Bourne Garden Club - Abbey

Morton Primary Schools’ Christmas Fayre – 4:30pm – 7pm.

Manning Rd field, gates open at 5:30pm.

Church Hall, 7:30pm. Call Trevor Hom for more details 01778 570249.


1st-2nd Dec Christmas Fayre -

Abbey Church Hall, 10am – 1pm. Various stalls and refreshments. | November 2012



For Police ring 101 (the nonemergency number).


Bourne Academy

Edinburgh Crescent, PE10 9DT. 01778 422365.

Bourne Boys Brigade

Willoughby School

Bourne Girls Brigade

Morton C of E Primary School Station Road, Morton,

Bourne Methodist Church, Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. Roger: 01778 425336 Bourne Methodist Church, Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. 01778 423729

Bourne Army Cadets

Cadet Hut, Austerby Road, PE10 9JG.

South Rd, PE10 9JD. 01778 425203.

PE10 0NN. 01778 570389.

Thurlby Community Primary School

Bourne Youth Centre

Lawrance Park, Crown Lane, Thurlby, PE10 0EZ. 01778 423311.

Edenham CofE Primary School

Queens Rd, PE10 9DX. 07796 314843.

Bourne Town Girls FC Julie: 01778 424341

Salvation Army Youth Club

Manning Rd, Bourne, 01778 421916 or 01778 393459

Bourne Youth Theatre

Judith Fellows: 01778 422449

Stamford and Bourne District Scouts Margaret Scott: 01780 762405

Bourne Town Harriers

Junior Athletics Lisa Richardson: 01778 424529

Jeans Youth Cafe

2 North Road Bourne Fri/Sat 7-10pm

Schools Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. 01778 422163.

Bourne Grammar School South Road, PE10 9JE. 01778 422288.

Bourne Westfield Primary Academy

Westbourne Park, PE10 9QS. 01778 424152.


School Lane, Edenham, PE10 0LP. 01778 591207.


Bourne Abbey Church Church Lane, PE10 9UQ. 01778 424584. Bourne Baptist Church West Street, PE10 9NE. 01778 424206. Bourne & Deeping RC Church 3 St Gilberts Road, PE10 9XB. 07988 682925. Bourne Methodist Church Abbey Road. 01778 394380. St John the Baptist Church High Street, Morton PE10 0AP. Bourne United Reformed Church Eastgate, PE10 9JY. 01775 722311. The Salvation Army Manning Rd, PE10 9ET. 01778 393459 / 421916.

New Day Baptist Church High Street Morton 01778570656 organisations_baptists.htm St Firmin’s Church 10 Church Street, Thurlby, PE10 0EH. 01778 422475.


Toolbar Bourne Snooker Centre, Cherry Holt Rd. 07749689026. Rotary Club of Bourne St Peter Toft House Hotel, Toft, PE10 0JT. Alan Kaye: 01778 560458. Evergreen Care Trust 01780 765900. Bourne Arthritis Support Group 01778 426394. Bourne Scrabble Club Methodist Church, Abbey Rd, PE10 9EF. Betty Benton: 01778 425234. Bourne Bridge Club Masonic Hall, 1-2 Roman Bank Bourne PE10 9LQ. 01778 423313 Bourne Motor Racing Club The Coachhouse, Angel Hotel, North Street PE10 9EF. David Dykes: 01733 253867. A Handful of Harmonies Bourne Borderers Edenham Village Hall, Church Ln, PE10 0LS. Elly: 01476 550741 or Bourne Children’s Centre Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX. 01778 395895. Bourne Darby & Joan Club Memorial Gardens, South Road. 01778 570571. Rotary Club of Bourne David Staples: 01778 423121. Bourne Business Chamber Kevin Hicks: 01778 394687. Bourne Ladies Dinner Club Conservatives Offices, North Street. Shirley Fairbairn: 01778 424613. New Born Woman’s Institute Corn Exchange. Mrs Jane Brown: 01778 420418. The Gateway Leisure Club for people with learning disabilities Bourne Youth Centre, Queens Rd, PE10 9DX, 01778 424235. Parkinson’s Disease Society 01778 440695 / 345395.

DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

Bourne Preservation Trust Wake House, North Street. 07825 515394.

Hereward Probus Club Wishing Well, Dyke, PE10 0AF. 01778 393031. Dementia Support Group Corn Exchange, PE10 9AF. Kate Marshall: 01778 440153. Friends of Bourne Woods Sarah: 07760 468052. Bourne U3A Val Palmer: 01778 394998. Bourne and South Lincs ME Support Group Wake House, North Street, PE10 9AE. Jan Limback: 01778 425422. Support Group of the Salvation Army Manning Road, PE10 9ET. Bourne Civic Society Heritage Centre/Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, PE10 9LY. 01778 422775. Bourne Arthritis Support Group 1st Thursday of every month, Community Room, Meadow Court, Meadow Close, PE10 9EL. Bourne Round Table PO Box 95 PE10 1AF. 07970 083134. Organ Club John Wass: 01733 424 947. Musical Minis Pre-school music group for babies and toddlers. Janie: 01778 570340. Bambino’s Baby Centre Exeter Street, PE10 9NS 01778 422669 Bourne Footlights Karen MacQuarrie. 01778 345530. Bourne Kart Club Please visit our website for details.


Royal British Legion Burghley Street, PE10 9NS. 01778 421110.

Bourne and Thurlby First Responders 01778 420357 or 07875 308837. Bourne United Charities 01778 422387. The Salvation Army Manning Road, PE10 9ET. 01778 421916/ 393459.

Handy Numbers New Springwells Practice The Surgery, Station Rd, Rippingale, PE10 0TA. 01778 440200. Alternatives Pregnancy Advice Centre 01778 394935


SSAFA Forces Help Nev Johnson: 01778 394483. Biritish Red Cross 01778 426452. Mencap Housing and Support 01778 423726. Bourne & District Lions Club PO Box 57, Bourne PE10 9HB. 0845 833 2810. Len Pick Trust PO BOX 92, Bourne, Lincs PE10 1AD. 01778 424159. Fax: 01778 426711 The Butterfield Centre 2 North Road, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9AP. 01778 421422

St Barnabas Lincs Hospice Hannah Thompson: 01476 591010. Bourne Arts and Community Trust Wake House, PE10 9AE. 01778 393517.


Market Cross Surgery Market Place, Corby Glen, Grantham NG33 4NH. 01476 550056. Glenside Country Practice 12b High Street, Castle Bytham, Grantham, NG33 4RZ. 01780 410205. St John’s Drive, Corby Glen, Grantham NG33 4LY. 01476 550251 Galletly Medical Practice 40 North Road, PE10 9BT. 01778 562200. Hereward Group Practice Exeter St, PE10 9XR. 01778 391700.

Bourne Abbots Petanque Club Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 394083. Bourne Town Harriers Senior Athletes Rich Lomas-Brown: 01778 420394. Bourne Rugby Union Football Club Clubhouse, Milking Nook Drove, PE10 0AX. 01778 393420. Bourne & District Lawn Tennis Club Abbey Lawns, Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. Helen Whitfield: 01775 670252. Bourne Town FC Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 420456. Brotherhood Kickboxing Academy, Bourne Martial Arts Centre, 3 Victor Way, PE10 9PT. 07944 281892. Bourne Town Bowls Club Abbey Lawns, Abbey Road PE10 9EP. 01778 423338. Bourne Deeping Hockey Club Bourne Outdoor Pool Abbey Lawns, Abbey Rd, Bourne, PE10 9ET. 01778 422063. Tracy Hankin Bourne 4 Fitness 07799250581. Bourne Leisure Centre Queens Road, Bourne, PE10 9DX 01778 421 435. Bourne Ladies FC 07971 555710 To be included in this directory, send your details to: (marking the subject Handy Numbers) or call 07933 580279 | November 2012










Plumbing & Heating

DiscoveringBourne November 2012 |

Property Maintenance


Taxi & Private Hire

PVCu Services

To advertise in our Directory listing, with prices starting



from only ÂŁ15 a month please

call Dawn on

07982 422135 | November 2012



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