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A pink breast cancer limited edition power drill!

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01778 343020 | February 2012

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Discovering Bourne

part of Anglia Co-operative Society

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when you spend £30 or more

919840 114000



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an you believe we are already into the second month of the year! February is traditionally grey and cold but for those of you lucky enough to have a special person in your life there’s Valentine’s Day to look forward to this month. See page 11 for a roundup of suggestions for romantic gifts and gestures from local businesses. You might have noticed our name change on the front of the magazine. We have added ‘and the surrounding villages’ to our title as we are featuring news, clubs, events, schools and churches in the nearby villages. We are also being delivered to more homes and you can pick up a copy in post offices in Billingborough, Baston, Thurlby ad Morton as well as Sainsbury’s. They are also in the Horseshoe at Thurlby, Pointon Villag Hall, Folkingham Stores, Qaintways tea-shop, Hansens Chocolate Shop, Folkingham and Folkingham Farm Shop. We had such a great response to our ‘Does Bourne want a skatepark?’ article in last month’s magazine that we have picked some of the best letters and emails for our new Postbag page – see page eight. It was great to get a response from the town council too. Write to us and tell us your views and opinions on things that are happening or changing in Bourne – we’d love to hear what you’ve got to say and the best will be printed in the magazine. Tell us what you think of the Corn Exchange changes? The Wherry’s Park development? Plans for a new Marstons pub near Elsea Park? Or anything at all that you would like to moan about – or praise! Please keep sending me your events, club details and community news and I will do my best to include them in the magazine.

Sally Hunt, Editor Discovering Bourne is published by a local team and is not associated with any other business. Care is taken to ensure that the content and information is correct, however we cannot take any responsibility for loss, damage or omission caused by any errors. Permission must be granted to reproduce, copy or scan anything from this publication.

c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, PE10 9DX

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne


A word from your Mayor

Brenda Johnson


trust you all had a great Christmas and start to the New Year. We now move into February when we have Valentines Day and another very special date for me which is the 24th February when it is my Mayors Ball. It sounds grand doesn’t it? I have been attending this event for about the last eight years and always enjoy it. It is a chance to get dressed up and have a great night. However this year it is MY turn to host it. My challenge is how to encourage new faces to attend. It is always great to see all the usual faces but would be nice to welcome new faces. The idea of this night is to raise funds for my chosen charities and also to get together with people from the town and have fun. This year I have booked a disco and they will play music from all eras so there will be something for everyone. If you are interested in coming but think you need a personal invite to attend please take this as your personal invite. To apply for tickets please either ring the Town Council on 01778426123 Monday-Thursday between 9am and 3pm. Or email If you are put off of coming because you feel you have not got the right attire please be assured that we will be pleased to greet you wearing a lounge suit for men and smart dress for women . You do not have to wear a ball gown or tuxedo unless you want to. We now know that the changes to the Corn Exchange will be going ahead. For anyone who is unaware of the plans for the Corn Exchange I will try to explain what they are planning, The main idea is to bring all the Council services together under one roof, this will include the Library as well as the Town Council, The District Council and The


County Council. It will mean a lot of building work being done to the existing building. My main worry is what will become of the present Town Hall. If they do, what do you think should be done with the current Town Hall? I must admit that I am very concerned that it does not get mothballed and become another tragedy of our current society. It is a listed building. I would also like to see the present Library used as the Ambulance Station. This would make a lot of sense as the Fire Brigade and the Ambulance service being in the same place may then encourage the County Council to put traffic controls on that corner for letting the vehicles out in an emergency. It will also save the developers trying to build more houses there. On a final note I look forward to seeing at least some of you at my ball on 24th February.


Brenda Johnson

How to get in touch If you would like to get in touch with Brenda regarding anything in this article please email her at with Brenda Johnson in the subject heading. Otherwise you can write to Brenda Johnson, Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX.

Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne


Postbag If you have any news, views or issues you’d like to share write to us at: Postbag, Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX or email

Thanks Discovering Bourne!

Thank you to Discovering Bourne for choosing me as the winner of the New Year – New You makeover. Thank you to Jodie at Bojangles for cutting and blowdrying my hair in a new and fantastic cut. Thank you to Sarah at The Range for my makeup – what a difference make-up makes. Thank you to Anna at Bojangles for my lovely nails. Then thank you to Just Jane and Buckles and Bows, for letting me try on different outfits and accessories and a big thank you to Jacqui Helyer for the personal image consultation and advice on style and the best colours to wear. Finally thank you to my sister-in-law for coming along for moral support and Gordon for taking the photos. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart – 2012 here I come!

Gill Ashby

Town Council responds

No more travelling to skate I think a skate or BMX track in Bourne would be great. I have a 12-year-old son who does both and all of his friends as well. They often go all the way to Corby skatepark. I think they need something like this as all they seem to do is walk the streets and make their own ramps at the back of some shops. Please consider this for the younger generation in Bourne.

Mrs L Fisher

Following the appeal made by the local presses and Discovering Bourne it finally looks like we may have some parents, of possible skatepark users, who are willing to join the committee. We are hoping that they will bring renewed enthusiasm to the committee and its aim to provide a facility for the youth of Bourne. Any further offers of help should be directed to the Committee Secretary, Mrs Jenny Holloway, on 01778 391314 or

Dimension Park Committee, Bourne Town Council

Skatepark – yes please! It would be great if we did get a skate park. I take my kids to Deeping which is a bit of a trek when they're wanting to go all the time. I just hope that it does actually happen because I know it will be well received.

Sarah Garner 8

Bourne youth deserve a skatepark

'Does Bourne want a skatepark'. I should definitely say so. YES YES YES. And I don't mind if it is next door to me. I am over 65 years of age and will probably not want to use the skatepark personally. Bourne has many, many clubs and venues for the over 60's and I would have thought it only fair that the younger people of Bourne should have more amenities, including my two grandsons. In this day and age when we are trying to encourage sport, exercise and lessen obesity I would have thought that a skatepark would be a must. Most surrounding areas have one, why does Bourne need to think twice now that land has been offered. Are our young not as worthy as Stamford/Spalding's young people? Hope it doesn't take another four years of meetings and discussions.

Pam Osborne

Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020



Valentine Sally Hunt looks at a few ideas for that special person in your life...


rove your love on Valentine’s Day and give the lady in your life a sparkling ring. Bourne jewellers Moore & Scrupps have a wide selection of diamonds – the ultimate symbol of love and romance. They also stock jewellery by Pandora, Hot Diamonds and the Bands of Desire designer wedding ring collection by Stephen Tyler. If diamonds are not in your budget there are a wide range of semi-precious stones available – blue topaz, amethyst, golden citrine and peridot to name but a few. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and a variety of collectables from figurines of animals to glassware and enamel boxes are also available.

Valentine’s Day to be in before the big day though so she can order in as many roses as are required. She said: “We have so many requests for roses – from one, six, eight, 10 or a dozen, depending on people’s budget and style requirements. They can be gift-wrapped, hand tied or a single one in a cellophane box.

If your choice of gift is sweet and tasty look no further than Hansen’s Chocolate House in Folkingham. Chocoholics can have their tastebuds well and truly delighted with the wide range of culinary delights. Hansen’s is the finest producer of handmade chocolates in the area and visitors to the store can also learn and develop their understanding for the love of the cocoa bean.

If you’re taking her or him for a romantic meal Bourne and the surrounding area has a wide range of great restaurants. Try the newly refurbished Robin Hood & Little John pub in Aslackby near Sleaford. This 200 yearold public house has enjoyed a complete renovation and the restaurant has been finished with oak flooring, mood lighting and a fully stocked wine bar. A special Valentine’s menu will be served on the 11th, 12th and 14th February. Early booking is advised by telephoning 01778 440681.

Even those on a small budget can delight that special person in their life as owner Jan Hansen is making delicious chocolate heart-shaped lollies to complement his usual range of luxury chocolate. Traditional roses are always a favourite to win the heart of your loved one. Stephanies Flowers in Crown Walk is a well-established Interflora florist which can offer same day delivery. Owner Stephanie prefers orders for

Another lovely place to eat is The Angel in Bourne, where couples will be met with a glass of bubbly on arrival before sitting down to a delicious three-course meal. Book by ringing 01778 422346. The Horseshoe on the A15 at Thurlby is also offering a three course meal with wine and truffles on Valentines Day evening. Book by phoning 01778 421576.

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020



reasons to use a financial adviser?

Only the wealthy need financial advice? Not so, everyone can benefit. Paul Ross gives seven reasons why people seek financial advice.


Reassurance & peace of mind

Stock market volatility and the media’s almost joyful focus on bad financial news can be very unsettling. A good financial adviser can help alleviate your concerns and demonstrate your financial decisions remain appropriate.


To protect me, my family, my wealth The trauma and emotional turmoil

caused by long-term illness or death are all too often exacerbated by financial hardship. An adviser can assess your current circumstances to identify needs and guide you through the best options to protect against some or all of the financial impact of an unforeseen event.


To help plan my financial future Working with you, an adviser can put together financial plans and demonstrate how regular savings can create significant sums within just a few years. To help purchase a home or


other property

Buying a house remains the most expensive purchase most people make in their lives and most of us need to borrow. An adviser could save you thousands of pounds over the lifetime of a mortgage. Not only can advisers seek out the best rates, they can help you assess an affordable level of borrowing and may even find mortgages that are not directly available.


To help plan for my life after work

Most people realise that they cannot rely on the State for more than the basics in retirement - the onus is shifting to the individual. Pensions are seen as complex and often very dull but they remain essential for most people. A financial adviser will help you through the jargon, show you how to attain your goals and help ensure that your pension investments are appropriate. To achieve the best from my


retirement savings

Having done the right thing and built up pension savings, when it comes to taking those benefits the choice you make at retirement is one you may have to live with for 30 to 40 years! A financial adviser will help guide you through the many options available and find a solution that may produce more income for you for every year of your life.


To help meet my investment goals The reasons for wishing to invest

are many and varied - future school fees, supplement retirement, overseas property purchase, that long-desired boat or inheritance tax planning. Whatever the goal, a financial adviser can assess what is needed to achieve your dreams, put together appropriate plans in line with an agreed approach to investment risk to help deliver those dreams and provide those all-important regular reviews to ensure you remain on track.

Good advice will help you protect your income and your wealth, help you make the most of your investments and help secure you and your family’s long term future.

If you want to know more, call me on 01778 440555 for a no obligation chat 01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne


Policing your Area

Watch out for thieves By PC

Nick Smith

Don’t be a victim of domestic abuse Valentine’s Day will soon be here - a time when we send our loved ones cards, flowers and presents. (This would be the only time my wife gets flowers, terrible I know). It is also a time when we are reminded of the domestic abuse that occurs within relationships. I’m sure you’re all aware of the recent high profile domestic abuse case that has been on the news. It was mentioned that we all have to be aware that domestic abuse is not an age specific crime and Bourne Police Station 01778 393744 that it can happen to anyone. I would also like to point or 101 (non-emergency number) out the domestic abuse isn’t just the physical side but there is also the mental aspect. If you are a victim of domestic abuse please don’t suffer in silence let someone know and we will help you. Please also remember that both men and women can be abused in a domestic relationship.

Further information If you need to talk to someone about domestic abuse in confidence please call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247, Grantham Women’s Centre 01476 561131 or Victim Support 01529 415597.

A smart solution to deter theft On a lighter note I would like to mention SmartWater – a colourless liquid solution that is simply dabbed onto the uneven surface of your valuables. It can be used to code all sorts of items such as jewellery, ornaments, electrical items and even your motor vehicle. Each bottle contains a unique chemical code which is registered to 14

you – conclusively proving ownership. It cannot be easily seen by the naked eye and is almost impossible to remove. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light making it easy for the police to detect. The Police use it in undercover operations to catch and convict criminals. Criminals know about SmartWater and fear its power to forensically link them with the scene of a crime. So, by coding your valuables and displaying the SmartWater deterrent signs, you are sending out a powerful warning to any thieves and burglars operating in your area.

Further information You can buy SmartWater from companies on the internet and this is a link to one that also has frequently asked questions and its successes.

Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020


Download FREE office software! By Taff Lovesey

With the rapid growth of personal computers in the home and small business, we have all become far more aware of the jargon associated with the industry and the software solutions that are in common use One such software application is Microsoft Office, the suite that includes the word processing software Word™, the mathematical spread-sheet solution Excel™ and the presentation software Powerpoint™. Due to their position in the market, which has made them an unofficial de facto standard, even many basic home computer users have installed some form of Microsoft Office product, in particular Word™ and Excel™. From my field of experience I know that many of these copies will be effectively illegal, borrowed from friends or the office and installed on home systems. However, for those of you that have shelled out your hard earned ‘shekels’ for a legal personal license for the Office suite, you will know that it is not cheap. Depending on your circumstances and requirements, the offerings range from £85 to many hundreds of pounds. What many people do not know is that there are far more cost effective alternatives and one of the best is a product called OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a productivity suite produced along a similar design to Microsoft Office. It contains a variety of applications including a word processor, spread-sheet application and presentation software. It is also fully compatible with the Microsoft Office so can be used to read and create documents in the Microsoft format. OpenOffice is categorised as an ‘open source product’. This means that it has been produced by volunteers; programmers and technicians who have a passion for producing free-to-use software applications of a high quality. The

software can be freely downloaded via the internet and can be found at:

• • • •

To download the application click on the Download link on the OpenOffice home page. Next you will be asked where you want to save the installation file. Download should take approx. 5-6 minutes on broadband. Once the download has completed you can either select Run if prompted or browse to the folder where the file was saved and run it by double clicking on it. Following installation you will see an OpenOffice icon on your computer desktop. Double Click this icon to run OpenOffice. The application load screen, similar to the one shown, will pop up and you can choose to use any of the inclusive products. By default (ie; standard setting) any new document created will be saved in the OpenOffice format; .odt, .ott, .oth, and .odm To save documents in Microsoft format, create them in OpenOffice but when you have finished select Save As (instead of Save) and change the file type to reflect the MS Office format required (e.g; .doc, .xls, .ppt). This will create a Microsoft Office compatible document.

• • • • •

As indicated earlier, there is no charge for OpenOffice, it is free to use. Apache, the organisation behind the application do ask for donations to help fund their activities. This is very much voluntary though and there is no mandatory requirement to donate. See their website for more information. Information provided by Taff Lovesey owner of LITES PC ( and WEBLites (

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Body & Beauty

How do I lose weight?


Osteopath Jo Sunner explores weight loss

irstly, you really have to want to lose weight! You are going to need determination to get through a diet and exercise plan successfully. Visualize a goal - such as: you looking slim in that new outfit, or on the beach with your flat stomach - just make it a strong positive picture you can bring to mind when you need to. Clear out all your high calorie foods crisps, chocolate, nuts, biscuits, etc. Get rid of the foods you tend to grab when you want a quick fix; generally when you feel bored, tired or very hungry. Go shopping for tasty healthy foods not just carrots and cottage cheese - be more adventurous, you need to stimulate your taste buds so you don't feel you're missing out. Try exotic fruits and veg, mixed nuts and seeds, popcorn, fresh aromatic herbs and chillies to replace the high salt in snacks, vegetable based soups, fizzy water, etc.

Next time you feel hungry ask yourself - how hungry are you? and be honest! Try

and wait before you eat, instead have a glass of water. A lot of people misread thirst for hunger. Then ask yourself again - do you need food or do you just want it? BE STRONG!!!

Think yourself thin!

BREAK the connections that lead to bad eating habits - if

you always have a biscuit with your morning coffee, replace your coffee with something different, such as a refreshing fruit juice!! It takes a while, and a lot of determination. Only you can do it!

Don't set your target too high - it's much better to lose the weight slowly, it has

been proven to be far more successful. Lose the guilt! If you do fall off your diet momentarily. Just climb back on and get one more step nearer to your goal of having the body you want.

Maintaining weight loss

For many the most difficult thing is to maintain a slim figure, they can drop weight when they need to, but find they soon pile it all back on. Denying yourself and following a drastic diet is not sustainable. If you lose weight slowly it is much more likely to stay off. * Consult your doctor or medical professional before beginning any diet or exercise plan.

The expert... Mr J. Sunner. DO.BSc(ost). Registered Osteopath Telephone: 01778 391714. Mobile: 07943 336 336 email:

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020


Winter Happiness

Feeling only the cold we cling on to the summer and fear winter’s beauty


art of us knows that we cannot stop the flow of the seasons any more than King Canute stopped the flow of the tide and accept it but at the same time we would prefer to be sitting outside with a glass of wine in the evening rather than trying to keep warm indoors. If we were perfect – and let’s face it, we are not; we would adapt with the seasons of the year and of life, accept their changes and move on. In Eastern thought this would be called living with the flow of the Tao. If our body, minds and spirits are in perfect health then we are living with the Tao. Exercises and therapies such as Tai Chi, Chi Gung, macrobiotics, meditation and Shiatsu are ancient ways of helping to keep ourselves flowing with the Tao and having a happy and fulfilling lifetime.

Perhaps some of the following practices can help you to adapt to the winter season. Our natural urge is to eat heavier foods as the cold sets in. This is how it should be but as Westerners we tend to overdo this leading to excessive build-up of mucous and fats. Try putting a few extra seasonal locally grown vegetables in the casserole and a little less

meat. Onions, fresh ginger and mooli are good for breaking down excess fats and mucous. Make sure that you get enough rest. If the winter makes you want to hibernate then this is a sign that your body is trying to synchronise with the seasons – are you taking notice of the messages? Winter is considered by most traditions to be a very spiritual time where we can explore our inner selves. Take time to reflect on what your values are in life and how to be true to yourself. Get out and feel the glories of nature! Even the “dark stormy nights” of the winter can be exhilarating. We cannot change, stop or even slow down the seasons. Learning to adapt with them can be a nourishing process. Great benefits can be gained from relatively little effort. Learn to enjoy the passage of the seasons and your whole wellbeing can be improved.

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Local History

Discovering Baldock’s Mill by Rex Needle


he Domesday Book of 1086, the great land survey ordered by William the Conqueror, records that at least three water mills existed in Bourne at that time out of an estimated 5,000 mills in the whole country. The more recent that we know of are Cliffe’s Mill in West Street which was pulled down circa 1910, Notley’s Mill in Eastgate, demolished in 1973, and Baldock’s Mill which still stands in South Street, the present building on the banks of the Bourne Eau dating from 1800. The mill stopped working in 1924 when the water wheel collapsed but was not repaired because of the high costs involved and so the wheel and machinery were removed. It was a tradition in past times that mills were named after the miller, in this case Frederick Baldock (1863-1938) who was the last tenant, being associated with it for more than sixty years until members of his family finally moved out in 1968. The building then became the headquarters of Bourne’s voluntary laundry providing a service for the elderly and infirm but was also used for domestic science classes by pupils from Bourne Grammar School and for a short spell as temporary offices for the town council soon after its formation before moving into the Town Hall in 1976. The mill was listed Grade II as being of

architectural and historic importance in 1973 by which time ownership had passed to Bourne United Charities and in 1981, the Civic Society sought permission to turn it into a Heritage Centre and members were granted a 21-year lease for a peppercorn rent in order that it would be preserved for community use. The building now contains various displays devoted to the history of the town and the famous people who lived here including the international racing car driver and designer, Raymond Mays, and Charles Worth, the Parisian fashion creator and father of haute couture. The water wheel which stopped working over eighty years before was restored during 2007-08 by Jim Jones, a retired engineer, after devoting some 500 hours of voluntary work to its design and construction and it now provides green electricity to reduce the heating bills for the building. Both the success of this project and the Heritage Centre itself have been acknowledged by a number of environmental awards and so the old mill by the stream continues to fulfil a useful community role today.


Archive photograph shows Baldock’s Mill in 1940

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Home & Garden

February Hints & Tips By

Waterside Garden Centre


Plant climbers now to provide colour, height and interest for clothing walls, fences, arches and arbours. As well as for screening compost heaps and other unsightly objects. Fast growing plants like clematis, ivy, honeysuckle, Virginia creeper and roses are perfect choices. If your soil is too wet and sticky, wait until conditions improve before planting.


Keep those annoying weeds at bay and you will enjoy your gardening a lot more. Small weeds are best dealt with by hoeing them off. Beds and borders can be kept weed free by applying a 2-3inch thick mulch; and weed suppressing planting membranes ensure the perfect start to new beds and borders.

acting fertiliser to ensure healthy regrowth and more flowers.


Get your trees and shrubs and beds and borders off to a flying start this year by mulching and feeding with a controlled release fertiliser. Mulches should be applied a couple of inches thick and good choices include bark chips, composted bark, manure and compost.


This is the perfect time to lay new paths, paving, patios and other hard standing areas. Also check existing paving and relay and repair any that is uneven or damaged.


Now’s a good time to make a start on sowing summer bedding indoors, as long as you can provide the right heat and light conditions. You can sow sweet peas, dianthus, lobelia, ageratum and bedding geraniums. Don’t forget to pick up everything you’ll need such as propagators, compost, pots, seed trays and labels.


Many pests over-winter as pests on the stems of plants, so any pruning now will remove them. If the dreaded peach leaf curl affected your peaches and almonds last year, then give them a protective spray with a copper based fungicide to ensure a healthy start to the year. If the trees are wall trained, you can protect them further by erecting a protective tent of polythene over them.


Now’s the time to prune a number of garden shrubs. These include winter jasmine after the flowers have faded, bush and climbing roses, many summer flowering shrubs and most clematis; apart from the spring flowering Montanas, alpinas and macropetalas. After pruning feed with a controlled release or slow-

King Street, Baston, Peterborough. PE6 9NY (On the main A15 between Market Deeping & Bourne) 01778 560000


Now’s a perfect time to make a start on producing tasty vegetables for the summer. Don’t be too impatient to start sowing outside, but instead warm the soil ready for sowing by covering it with clear polythene or plastic cloches. You can plant shallots outside; although in cold areas start them in pots of compost in a coldframe or greenhouse. And sow summer cauliflowers in seed trays in warmth.


A few minutes spent on your beds and borders now will reap huge benefits later in the year. Lightly trim winter flowering heathers when the flowers fade to improve flowering next year. Lift, divide and replant snowdrops after flowering. Cut back the dead stems of herbaceous perennials to ground level and lift and divide congested clumps that didn’t flower well last year.

“Join our FREE Garden Club now - pick up your membership card from our customer service desk and start claiming your exclusive benefits today!” Barbara, Garden Club Expert ** Full Garden Club terms and conditions available in store or online

Waterside Garden Club FREE Membership! | FREE drinks vouchers** Exclusive offers | Points as you spend** Monthly news & free expert advice

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020


Home & Garden

after storm damage

will give you. It is generally regarded that redwoods are the most robust of all softwood posts and the new classification UC4 is the highest standard of treatment available. Some fencing materials will of course still be produced in spruce (whitewood) and these could still be pressure treated or even just dipped, but dipped products (for example fence panels) should always be kept off the ground by installing pressure treated gravel boards to separate the panels from the ground and retain the soil.

The recent gales will have left an aftermath of damaged property for many of us – hopefully nothing too serious but the usual suspects are missing roof tiles and ridge tiles, shed roofs stripped of their roofing felt, greenhouse glass blown out and of course fences damaged or blown down!


ost fences in place with wooden posts, especially after a few years will become weak at ground level and a short spell of strong winds will soon bring these down. For some repairs like house roofs you will most likely need to call in the professionals, but many of us who are quite handy at a spot of DIY will easily tackle the task of repairing or replacing a broken fence. Posts and any other timber that is in contact with the ground must be pressure treated otherwise the life expectancy will be very short. Everything from the species of timber to the treatment used will affect the service that the finished product

One sure way of protecting timber posts in the ground long term is to have them fitted with a revolutionary product called POSTSAVER. This concept has been around for some time now and has been widely used in commercial and agricultural applications but it is now available locally through a network of stockists. The product is a bitumen lined sleeve that is fitted to the post at ground level to keep the preservative in and the decay out. The sleeve must be heat shrinked onto the post to ensure a water tight seal. The product is such success it was recently featured on the hit TV series Dragons Den! Local company Branch Bros are an approved stockist of POSTSAVER and can supply any size of timber post fitted with the new sleeves. The sleeves are installed at the Bourne branch and can be ordered for delivery or fitted while you wait. Always use rust-proof fixings (galvanised nails etc) for all fencing work, and other components like panel brackets, spikes and repair spurs are all available to make the job of repairing a fence easier. A steel repair spur can sometimes even avoid the need to dig out the old concrete as it is designed to fit into the original post stub inside the concrete. Alternatively blown down fences can be replaced with concrete posts for the best long term solution, especially if fences are in very exposed positions (on a boundary for example).

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Pet Page

Keep your pet safe

Tracey Longmuir of Isis Petcare looks at the advantages of microchipping your pet


f you have ever had a pet go missing, no doubt you will clearly remember the feeling of anxiety, panic and complete helplessness. Pets can be lost on walks, become confused after a house move, gates can be accidentally left open… and most worryingly of all, they can even be stolen. If your pet is lost and has no permanent form of identification, there is no way of tracing your details. Pets can stray from one local authority area to another, and owners often have no idea who to go to report a missing pet. This is especially the case if you take your pets on holiday. If your pet has had a microchip implanted, any of the agencies handling missing and stray pets can quickly scan the microchip, call the hotline and obtain your details to quickly reunite you and your pet. One simple injection means lifetime protection for your pet.

• Ensure your pet always has a collar on with an ID tag attached with your name, address and telephone number, even if they are microchipped. Dog wardens and kennels are not obliged by any law to check a rescued pet for a microchip before deciding on their fate, some do and some don’t. Therefore an up-to-date tag is often your pet’s best chance of a swift return. This is the law and even working dogs are covered by this.

Following these simple guidelines will give your pet the best chance of being returned to its rightful place as quickly as possible if it is lost or stolen.

Information provided by Tracey Longmuir, Isis Petcare, 07534 404932

Microchip implanting is just the start of securing the speedy recovery of a lost or stolen pet. Here are some simple guidelines we can all follow: • Update your microchip database immediately every time you move with your new address details. • Advise your database provider when you intend to go on holiday

and if your pet is staying with someone on a temporary basis, they will need the carers address and contact details to ensure there are no delays in getting a lost pet home safe and warm while you’re away.

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne


Youth Bourne Boys Brigade

Bourne Methodist Church, Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. 01778 425336

Bourne Girls Brigade

Bourne Methodist Church, Abbey Road, PE10 9EF. 01778 423729

Bourne Army Cadets

Cadet Hut, Austerby Road, PE10 9JG.

Bourne Youth Centre

Queens Rd, PE10 9DX. 07796 314843. cherry.sheppard@

Bourne Westfield Primary School

Westbourne Park, PE10 9QS. 01778 424152. enquiries@bournewestfield.lincs.

Bourne Academy

Edinburgh Crescent, PE10 9DT. 01778 422365.

Willoughby School

South Rd, PE10 9JD. 01778 425203.

Morton C of E Primary School Station Road, Morton,

Bourne Junior Hockey Club

PE10 0NN. 01778 570389.

Bourne Town Girls FC

Thurlby Community Primary School

Sue Oakley, 01778 424341

Salvation Army Youth Club

Manning Rd, Bourne, 01778 421916 or 01778 393459

Bourne Youth Theatre

01778 422449

Stamford and Bourne District Scouts 01780 762405

Bourne Town Harriers

Junior Athletics 01778 424529

Schools Bourne Abbey CofE School

Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. 01778 422163.

Bourne Grammar School South Road, PE10 9JE. 01778 422288. enquiries@


Lawrance Park, Crown Lane, Thurlby, PE10 0EZ. 01778 423311.

Edenham CofE Primary School

School Lane, Edenham, PE10 0LP. 01778 591207.

Bourne United Reformed Church Eastgate, PE10 9JY. 01775 722311.

The Salvation Army

Manning Rd, PE10 9ET. 01778 393459 / 421916. Richard.durrant@salvationarmy.

St Firmin’s Church

10 Church Street, Thurlby, PE10 0EH. 01778 422475.



Wake House, North Street, PE10 9AE. 01778 425313.

Rotary Club of Bourne St Peter

Toft House Hotel, Toft, PE10 0JT. 01778 560458.

Evergreen Care Trust

01780 765900.

Bourne Arthritis Support Group 01778 426394.

Bourne Scrabble Club

Churches Bourne Abbey Church Church Lane, PE10 9UQ. 01778 424584.

Methodist Church, Abbey Rd, PE10 9EF. 01778 425234.

Bourne and District Bridge Club

Wake House, North St, PE10 9AE. 01778 423313 or 01778 420278.

Bourne Baptist Church

Bourne Motor Racing Club

Bourne & Deeping RC Church

A Handful of Harmonies

West Street, PE10 9NE. 01778 424206.

3 St Gilberts Road, PE10 9XB. 07988 682925.

Bourne Methodist Church Abbey Road. 01778 394380.

Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Corn Exchange, 3 Abbey Rd, PE10 9AF. 01733 253867.

Bourne Borderers

Edenham Village Hall, Church Ln, PE10 0LS. 01476 550741 or

Rotary Club of Bourne 01778 423121.

Bourne Ladies Dinner Club Conservatives Offices, North Street. 01778 424613.

Bourne Preservation Trust

Wake House, North Street. 07825 515394. info@

Bourne Business Chamber 01778 394687.

Hereward Probus Club

Wishing Well, Dyke, PE10 0AF. 01778 393031.

Dementia Support Group

Charities Royal British Legion

Burghley Street, PE10 9NS. 01778 421110.

Bourne and Thurlby First Responders 01778 420357 or 07875 308837.

Bourne United Charities 01778 422387.

Manning Road, PE10 9ET. 01778 421916/ 393459. Richard.durrant@salvationarmy.

St Barnabas Lincs Hospice

Friends of Bourne Woods

SSAFA Forces Help

Bourne U3A

01778 394998. Parkinson’s Disease Society 01778 440695 / 345395.

Bourne and South Lincs ME Support Group

01476 591010. 01778 394483.

Biritish Red Cross 01778 426452.

Mencap Housing and Support 01778 423726.

Bourne & District Lions Club

Wake House, North Street, PE10 9AE. 01778 425422.

PO Box 57, Bourne PE10 9HB. 0845 833 2810.

Support Group of the Salvation Army

PO BOX 92, Bourne, Lincs PE10 1AD. 01778 424159. Fax: 01778 426711

Manning Road, PE10 9ET.

Bourne Civic Society

Heritage Centre/Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, PE10 9LY. 01778 422775.

Bourne Arthritis Support Group

1st Thursday of every month, Community Room, Meadow Court, Meadow Close, PE10 9EL.

Bourne Round Table

PO Box 95 PE10 1AF. 07970 083134. Bourne Police Station 01778 393744 or 101 (non-emergency number)

Galletly Medical Practice 40 North Road, PE10 9BT. 01778 562200.

Hereward Group Practice Exeter St, PE10 9XR. 01778 391700.

New Springwells Practice

The Surgery, Station Rd, Rippingale, PE10 0TA. 01778 440200.


The Salvation Army

Corn Exchange, PE10 9AF. 01778 440153. 07760 468052.

Handy Numbers

Len Pick Trust


Bourne Abbots Petanque Club Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 394083.

Bourne Town Harriers Senior Athletes 01778 420394.

Bourne Rugby Union Football Club Clubhouse, Milking Nook Drove, PE10 0AX. 01778 393420.

Bourne & District Lawn Tennis Club Abbey Lawns, Abbey Road, PE10 9EP. 01775 670252.

Bourne Town FC

Abbey Lawns, PE10 9EP. 01778 420456.

Brotherhood Kickboxing

Academy, Bourne Martial Arts Centre, 3 Victor Way, PE10 9PT. 07944 281892.

Market Cross Surgery

Market Place, Corby Glen, Grantham NG33 4NH. 01476 550056.

Glenside Country Practice

12b High Street, Castle Bytham, Grantham, NG33 4RZ. 01780 410205. St John’s Drive, Corby Glen, Grantham NG33 4LY. 01476 550251.

To be included in this directory, send your details to: (marking the subject DIRECTORY) or call

01778 343020 | February 2012

07933 580279

Discovering Bourne


February Events 1st Coffee morning, Alzheimers & Dementia Support Group, Woodgrange Care Home, West Road PE10 9TU. 07747 757848. 2nd Bourne Arthritis Support Group, 2pm, Meadow Close Community Centre PE10 9EL. 3rd Think Floyd, Corn Exchange, 3 Abbey Road PE10 9EF. 07828 032241. 4th Comedy line-up, Angel Hotel, North Street PE10 9AE. 01778 422346. 6th Bourne Round Table, Business Meeting. 07970083134. 7th Bourne Ladies Dining Club, 7pm, Conservative Club, North Street PE10 9AJ. 01778 424613. 8th Poetry Reading Group, 2 Exeter Gardens, 2.30pm and 7.30pm. 01778

423692. Rippingale & District Gardening Club, Village Hall, Rippingale nr Bourne 01778 440610. Accoustic Strawbs, Bourne Grammar School, South Road PE10 9JE. 01778 391642. Bourne Breathe Easy Club, 2pm, Meadow Close Community Centre PE10 9EL. Bourne & District Amateur Radio Society, Fire Station, South Street PE10 9LY. 01778 424517. Remember When, Corn Exchange, 3 Abbey Road PE10 9EF. 01778 423579. Bourne Preservation Society, Baxter Room, Wake House, North Street PE10 9AE. Bourne Garden Club, Roses of Japan by Anne Bird, Abbey Church Hall, Church Walk PE10 9UQ. 01778 570249. Pancakes in the Church Hall, 11am-1pm, Abbey Church Hall, Church Walk, PE10 9UQ. 01778. 423353.

10th 13th 14th 16th


18/19 Husky Racing, Grimsthorpe Castle, PE10 0LY. 01778 591259. 20th History of John Lewis by Chris Briggs, 2.15pm, U3A, Corn Exchange, Abbey Road PE10 9EF. 01778 394998. 21st Open Forum, Town Council, 7.30pm. Town Hall, North Street, Bourne

PE10 9EA. Bourne Round Table, Snooker Night. 07970083134. Quiz Night, The Robin Hood & Little John, Aslackby, Sleaford NG34 0HL. 01778 440681.



Discovering Bourne February 2012 | 01778 343020

Lots of laughs at The Angel A fantastic line-up of comedians is set to entertain an audience at The Angel Hotel on February 4th. The show will be compered by Lloyd Griffith, a regular performer at professional nights at comedy clubs all across the UK including The Comedy Store, The Other Side Comedy Club and Mirth Control. He will be joined by stand-up comedian Nick Page who also presents BBC2’s Escape to the Country television programme. His material is a surprising mixture of cynical observation and storytelling, drawing on his useless degree and inability to do a proper job. Also appearing will be comedian Anil Desai who began his career starring in the award-winning BBC sketch show series Goodness Gracious Me. He began doing stand-up comedy in 2005 when he created his own comedy characters Rajesh – Bollywood Lounge Singer and Candice the Fluffer Girl, continually performing on the comedy cabaret, variety and burlesque circuit since 2006. He has over 25,000 hits on Comedybox online with his awe-inspiring act of performing 52 impressions in just five minutes!! Since 2008 he has become known as the Stand-Up Chameleon and has been headlining comedy shows in London and bigger shows around the UK. In March 2010 he was the audience choice winner of the Asian Comedy Slam competition at The Waterman’s Theatre in Brentford, Middlesex. Last but not least, Peter McCole is a warm, friendly stand-up who takes his audience on a personal , truthful tour of tales and observation. Doors open at 7.30pm and the show starts at 8.30pm.

For a limited period two tickets are £10. A preshow meal can be reserved - choose from the two courses for £10.95 menu. Please contact The Angel on 01778 422346 for further details or to book a table.

New ladies singing group A new group is offering singing classes for ladies only at the Red Hall in Bourne on a Monday evening. A Handful of Harmonies singing group aims to give women from 16-70 the opportunity to share the joy of music with like-minded people in a fun and creative environment. The group has been set up to promote the arts in Bourne and the ladies that attend pay a small



WIN! A Limited


Edition Makita Drill A Breast Cancer Care limited edition pink drill is up for grabs to a lucky Discovering Bourne reader – thanks to local landscape, timber and building suppliers Branch Bros. Worth £85 - the Makita DF330DWXP 10.8v drill driver includes 1.3Ah Li-ion battery, fast charger and drill/screwdriver accessories. Established over 40 years ago Branch Bros is an independent family business with branches in Bourne and Deeping St James. The company stocks a wide range of quality materials for the trade and retail customer from all trades within the building and landscape industries to the keen DIY/Garden enthusiast. To be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous pink drill answer the question below and send your answer on a postcard or the back of an envelope, along with your name, address and telephone number, to: Branch Bros competition, Discovering Bourne, c/o Bourne Leisure Centre, Queens Road, Bourne PE10 9DX. Or email your answer to info@discoveringbourne. with Branch Bros competition in the subject heading. The winner will be the first correct answer drawn on the closing date of February 29th.

Q – Where are Branch Bros’ two branches?

contribution of £4 a week to cover venue hire and printing costs. The sessions are designed to be enjoyable social events although the ladies ‘work’ hard. Songs from a variety of genres are rehearsed and new musical arrangements are played to suit a variety of tastes. No previous experience is required. More information is available on the website

01778 343020 | February 2012

Discovering Bourne


Discovering Bourne issue 006, February 2012  
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