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Volume 1 Issue 3 October 2007

DDW Visits St. Lawrence School By Dave Justice and Christy Smith

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On Oct. 23, 2007, Dave and Christy begin their journey by departing from Los Angeles, CA, to Christchurch, New Zealand! d • Di s


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Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW) is an opportunity to give deaf people worldwide a voice. For more information, photos, video logs, and newsletter stories, visit

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Dave and Christy are traveling the world to learn and share stories of empowerment, inspiration, and connection between international Deaf communities.

ongoing educational opportunity for the school. They have posted a world map in the school’s main foyer and will follow our adventures throughout the year. The students will also participate in a walk-a-thon fundraiser on Nov. 3. For each lap a student walks


What is DDW?

Dave and Christy talk to St. Lawrence students about their upcoming trip.


On Oct. 9, we visited seven classrooms at St. Lawrence School in Greece, N.Y., to talk about Discovering Deaf Worlds (DDW). Catering to the interests of kindergarteners through sixth graders, we were able to expose the students and faculty to Deaf awareness, sign language, and international travel. While touring each classroom with full-size backpacks, world maps, and headlamps, we were able to give them a clear visual of our upcoming journey. We role-played how to communicate with a Deaf person and explained the diversity of sign and spoken languages around the world. Many of the students at St. Lawrence are aware that Rochester has a strong Deaf community, and showed great motivation to learn more about sign language and Deaf culture. Joseph Holleran, St. Lawrence principal, has worked with his faculty and staff to use DDW as an

September 2007

St. Lawrence School, continued from front page

around the track, one dollar will be contributed to the DDW project. What a wonderful way for a school to support our vision! Many thanks go to St. Lawrence for their warm welcome, genuine interest, and creative support. We also look forward to receiving their questions and encouragement throughout the school year! The school website is at St. Lawrence Mission Statement: Our primary mission is to nurture a garden of faith, hope and love in each child’s soul, heart and mind. Through spiritual growth and academic excellence, parents and teachers become co-creators in revealing the face of Christ in every child.

Dave shows students where he and christy will travel.

KEY PLACES DDW WILL VISIT IN NEW ZEALAND Christchurch Deaf Club Van Asch Deaf Education Center Kelston Deaf Education Centre Deaf Association of New Zealand (DANZ) Victoria University of Wellington Auckland Deaf Society Help Us Reach Our Goal!



Artwork by Yolanda Mosher, Portland, OR, 2007

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Discovering Deaf Worlds

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Rowe Photo Kickoff a success!

Dave and Christy with Senator Joseph Robach at the Kick-off Party. On Oct. 6, Rowe Photo hosted a Discovering Deaf Worlds “Kick-Off ” celebration in Rochester, N.Y. An estimated 100 people stopped by to show their support, including State Senator Joseph Robach, who played a large role in passing the Interagency Council of Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Deaf Blind bill. Presenters native to Japan, Yugoslavia, India, South Africa, Ukraine and Russia shared unique and fascinating stories about their lives. Door prizes donated by local Rochester organizations such as Bushmango Drum and Dance, Integrated Wellness Systems, Buckman’s Car Wash, Urban Essentials, and so forth, were given away to guests for their support.

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Yana from Russia and Yuliya from Ukraine share their experiences. There is excitement and curiosity of what lies outside America’s borders that crosses all cultures. At this kick-off event, DDW was thrilled to have a balanced mix of attendees from both the Deaf and hearing communities. Through the DDW project, we will continue to bring Deaf and hearing communities together to raise Deaf awareness internationally. Over $1,500 was raised from individual contributions at this event. DDW is inspired and grateful for the support it has received. Thank you! For more photos from the DDW kickoff, please visit

Shout -Outs! Shout Shout-Outs! -Outs! A huge, hearty thank you to: WOW! Ray and Maria, you have blown us away with your support and extremely generous contribution to keep this project alive! John Jones and the Rowe Photo team for your coordination and support for a successful kick-off event! Check them out at September 2007

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Ralph P. DeStephano New Zealand Sign Language Alphabet In each issue, DDW will post the fingerspelled alphabet of a visited country.

For more information on New Zealand sign language, visit 

Discovering Deaf Worlds

How Do You Pack for a Year-Long Trip?! How do you ever possibly pack for a year-long trip? One backpack each, that’s how! To travel the world for a year, travelers need to stay mobile and keep it simple. There will be many times when Dave and Christy are commuting by bus or train, skipping from hostel to hostel with everything they own on their backs. They will split their items into half for each backpack. That way, if a pack gets lost or stolen, neither will be stuck naked or stranded! Their backpacks are their only sense of home for Dave and Christy display the items the next twelve months. Each backpack will also be they will bring on their journey. packed only half-full, since things will accumulate along the way. Below are some of the things stuffed • Water filter into Dave’s and Christy’s backpacks to get started: • 200 feet of rope • 25 DV cassettes • Duct tape wrapped around a pencil • 20 DVD-R • Macbook, HD video camera, digital • 2 Power outlet adapters camera • 15 varieties of firewire, USB, and power • List of contacts cords • Waterproof socks and underwear • 16 hearing aid batteries • 1 giant dictionary of New Zealand signs • 270 (HUGE!) green malaria pills • 1 Lonely Planet travel guide • 12 anti-diarrhea pills • 2 pairs of shoes each • 3 video camera batteries • ...and more...! • 2 digital camera batteries • 2 headlamps • 1 First Aid kit • Playing cards and crossword puzzles • Sink stopper (for bathing and laundry in sinks) Pocket-pickers are common when traveling the world. • 2 journals A tip to keep your wallet in your pants…put a rubber band around the wallet. That way, the wallet won’t slip out of your pocket so easily or unnoticed!

International Travel Tidbits of the Month

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Bandanas are the handiest things. Whether you are trekking through the Outback or just commuting to work, bandanas are super useful. They can be used for wiping sweat off, as a paper towel to clean up a mess, to blow your nose, or keep your hair back (hopefully not in that order)!

September 2007

October 2007 Newsletter: vol.1, iss.3  

DDW visits St. Lawrence school in Rochester, NY; recap of Rowe Photo kick-off; how to pack for a year-long trip

October 2007 Newsletter: vol.1, iss.3  

DDW visits St. Lawrence school in Rochester, NY; recap of Rowe Photo kick-off; how to pack for a year-long trip