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HEIRLOOMS ANTIQUES CALGARY Calgary’s Premiere Antique Store Furniture, Linen, Art, Pictures, Lighting, and over 50 showcases of Jewellery, Figurines, China, Crystal, Glass, Sterling Silver, Moorcroft, Lalique, Toys, Dolls

7004 MacLeod Trail SE (403) 720 4100

Tue - Sat 10 to 5pm

Calgary, AB T2H 0L3 (403) 301 4822

Sun Noon - 4pm

Take the virtual tour of our store at: Google street view Heirlooms Antiques

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Discovering ANTIQUES


VOLUME 17 - NO. 1 2015 Publisher Discovering ANTIQUES Editor Jan Mather Layout & Ad Design Crystal Ink Creative



small-town treasures


shows & auctions


family treasures in my old trunk Contributing Writers Fred Hauck Susan Holme Manyluk

the “big” one


finds since the articles

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Catharina VanTooren

Front Cover: A page from the Poesie Album, a customary gift in Holland, was received by Catharina’s mother in 1932 and is one of the treasures in her old trunk. Thanks, Catharina

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Bud Haynes & Co. Auctioneers & Ward’s Auctions (Edmonton)

T H E H O L I DAY I N N - N O R T H V A N C O U V E R , B C

Large Spring Firearms Auction Saturday, March 7 @ 10:00AM

Preview Friday March 6 3 PM - 8 PM Sale Day 9 AM – Sale Location: Ward’s Auction, 11802 – 145 St. Edmonton, AB (Turn off on Yellow Head Rd, off Anthony Henday) One man’s personal collection of over 1,000 firearms Store dispersal of case lots of ammunition Guns coming in daily. Still accepting consignments.

For 2015 Auction Dates and Details Visit: WWW.BUDHAYNESAUCTION.COM Red Deer Office – By Appointment ONLY Jim or Linda Baggaley 403-347-5855/Eves 403-343-2929 Cell’s: Linda: 403-597-1095/Jim: 403-597-1094

Do you have adequate insurance on your antiques? We are qualified to do certified appraisals. For Insurance Evaluations, Matrimonial Appraisals & Estate Planning contact: Linda (Haynes) Baggaley C.P.P.A.G. (Certified Appraiser & Auctioneer), President of Bud Haynes & Co. for Discreet enquiries, with no obligation.

W W W. T H E M U M B L I N G M U S E . C O M TEL: 604.716.9059 | FAX: 604.676.2239

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WESTERN CANADA’S NEWEST AND MOST UNIQUE ANTIQUE AND COLLECTIBLE SHOW Premieres Saturday and Sunday March 14 & 15 at the Theatre at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

 hat do you get when you combine leading

showbiz and entertainment experts with antique and collectible experts? You get the first-ever premiere antique and collectible show held at a 4 Diamond facility featuring over 70 dealers, exquisite surroundings, one-of-a-kind items, live on site radio broadcasting and a media campaign second to none. The Big One! was the brainchild of Point Blank Entertainment CEO Howard Blank. Howard has been in the film, gaming and entertainment industry for over 30 years and is no stranger to producing unique shows, concerts, and events.

games, juke boxes, collectibles, autographs, figurines, gold and silver, watches, and many, many more one-of-a-kind and unique items all under one roof! The Big One! will also feature Warwick Stone the curator of memorabilia for many of the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel properties. Warwick will be sharing stories, meeting the public, and showing off some of his one-of-akind items live in the theatre. Mark your calendars! Show hours are Saturday March 14, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm and Sunday March 15, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm in the Theatre at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver:

Howard reached out to his friend and Mad Picker Wayne Learie about producing a very upscale and fun show that would feature the finest in antique and collectibles with a fun twist that would include celebrity meet and greets, contests, beverage service, finely appointed vendor booths and more. Wayne loved the idea and together with Howard’s partner, film and television producer Kirk Shaw, they commenced planning for this exciting event.

(2080 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, British Columbia just North of the No. 1 Highway 604-523-6888

Wayne Learie promises that The Big One! will be something that British Columbia, and possibly Canada, has never seen before! Wayne has grouped together an array of antique and collectible vendors with something for everyone!

Tickets for this 2-day event are available at the door for $7.00. For more information, the public and vendors are welcome to contact the PBS office: Online: Email: Phone: 604-312-6981

Everything will be in this impressive and massive 30,000 square foot magnificent facility. Collectors will find antiques, folk art, war, music, movie, and TV memorabilia, fine China, fine jewellery, Canadiana, military, lamps, 8 •

We look forward to seeing you live at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Theatre March 14 & 15 2015! Continued on Page 8

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Discovering small town

TREASURES By Susan Holme Manyluk, HolmeHus Antiques, Red Deer County, AB

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or the past few months I have been getting acquainted with several east-central Alberta towns, hamlets, and villages.

Living on the west side of the QE II highway near Red Deer for almost forty years, has somehow always encouraged me to “go west” on most shorter road trips: to Sylvan Lake, Innisfail, Olds, Markerville, Spruceview or Eckville. There, I attend shows, take part in events, tour museums and visit historical sites. An especially enjoyable part of such a trip is a visit to the local antique store or mall; to any galleries, craft shops or artisan’s showrooms featuring original art or handcrafted items in wood, stone, fiber or metal. When my mother, Kirsten, is along we especially like to track down any thrift, second-hand or donation –stocked establishments. Usually run by volunteers or retirees, these small-town treasure troves occasionally harbour some unique, scarce or valuable finds. That said, a lot of “trolling” is necessary in order to come home with a real prize – but it can be done. Let me share a few of my favourite finds with you. ECKVILLE boasts a population of just over 1,200 friendly and helpful inhabitants; serving as well, the surrounding rural population of farmers and acreage owners. Located there is one of the oldest Co-op stores in Alberta, having

celebrated their centenary a couple of years ago. From them I purchase round bale feeders and steel corral panels for our cattle operation, giving me a reason to go there. We usually grab a cup of coffee or tea, and then stop in at the New and Used Store. The majority of their retail space is devoted to the hunting and fishing crowd, racks of camo-wear, guns, knives, binoculars, fishing tackle and every sort of tool for cleaning, sharpening or repairing any of the previous items. Do not despair, keep going, and ‘way in the back you will find the vintage and collectables area. It varies in quality; with some focus on “pioneer stuff,” a good number of Pyrex and Fire King items, and with a few really unique “one-of-a-kinds.” When we were there a few months ago, we were not having much luck – until Hawkeye pointed to a bottle well-buried up on a high shelf. My mother has always had an uncanny ability to pick out “the good stuff” and so, is affectionately known as “Hawkeye” in the family. The bottle turned out to be a decanter; square, somewhat squat, with a big glass-encased cork to seal the opening. Precise black graphics can be seen on the clear glass on opposite sides, depicting a lovely castle with a moat, two round towers and large forests in the background. The opposite side boasts a Continued on Page 12

Decanter with coat-of-arms, EGESKOV SLOT Grave Ahlefeldt – Laurvig-Bille

February - April 2015  • 11 

handsome coat-of-arms featuring lions rampant, waving flags, urns, shields and a scantily clad man with a big club. All, very impressive. But it was the accompanying text that was like a shout from the past. Under the coat-of-arms is printed Egeskov Slot (Oakforest Castle) and Grave Ahlefeldt – Laurvig-Bille (Count Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille). Sixty years ago this spring, in April 1955, my father Eric Jarvis, then aged 31; departed from Copenhagen by ocean liner, crossing the still-rough Atlantic to Halifax; leaving his wife, new-born son and a seven-year-old daughter to follow him in the fall. Our parents’ Canadian dream, like that of so many other post-World War II immigrants from Europe, was to buy land and establish a family farm that would be the beginning of a Jarvis legacy, for future generations. It took them ten years – one full decade – of much hard work, scrimping, saving and sacrificing to reach that goal. Every penny earned, every Kroner gifted to our mother by her parents, every possible economy was practised by the four of us. Finally in the spring of 1965, Four-Jay Farm became a reality. But let us return to the beginning…. From Halifax, dad embarked by train for the cross-Canada trip to Edmonton, Alberta. On that train he met Grave Helge Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, his beautiful young wife Karen and two small, lively boys. Since they spoke only Danish and my dad was fluent in both Danish and English, it was only natural that they strike up an acquaintance; Dad was missing his family, and they could use a translator. As it turned out, both men were going to jobs on dairy farms only a few miles apart, just outside of Edmonton.

That friendship grew over many years and in 1967 when I had graduated from high school and taken a job at the University of Alberta for a year (before attending there); I was fortunate enough to be offered the use of their basement suite. I lived for almost two years with them, enjoying many delicious meals at their welcoming table. Helge was an avid and skilful hunter, everything shot was consumed; and because Karen was an exceptional cook with skills at larding, marinating, braising and saucing; everything from bear steaks to mountain goat stew, from roasted game-birds to crisp-fried jackrabbit was wonderful to eat and experience at their table. Therefore, the decanter found in Eckville 60 years after our arrivals in Canada, was one of those strange coincidences that occasionally takes us aback. I have never personally seen Egeskov Castle on the island of Funen, though that was where my grandfather grew up. I have been told it is absolutely gorgeous, in its setting of ancient oak trees and surrounded by outstanding rose gardens, some of which had been planted hundreds of years earlier. Research indicates that Egeskov was one of the first estates, still privately owned, that was opened to the public at certain times of the year. Keeping these large, lovely old properties financially viable since the early twentieth century has been a huge challenge for many European families. Since the present owner, Michael AhlefeldtLaurvig-Bille assumed ownership in 1994, Egeskov has become one of Denmark’s major tourist attractions. I would love to know if they still harvest their roses. In the 1970’s they began to pick rose petals from their extensive rose gardens; something best done in the early morning. As the dew dries Continued on Page 14

Holt Renfrew snakeskin evening purse

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Alberta’s Antique Auction Company sale schedule online 5240 1A St. SE Calgary

DiscoveryAntiques.indd 1

403.640.1244 4/9/2013 9:28:51 AM

February - April 2015  • 13 

Hand-painted Goebel bird figurine

in the sun that is when their haunting fragrance is most pronounced. These petals were then used to make rosen gele (rose jelly) and rose water – used to flavour confections and hand-made marzipan created from finely-ground almonds. Both of these elixirs are costly in the extreme and were sold in the estate shop in small glasses or tiny bottles. But, have they ever produced an Egeskov Akvavit that was also bottled and sold in their own gift shop; or by other exclusive purveyors of Danish handcrafted gourmet foodstuffs? So far I have not been able to learn that. The decanter depicting the seat of Count Ahlefeldt-LaurvigBille was actually made-to-order in Italy (embossed in the glass on the base) and makes me think it cannot be more than 40 years old at most – give or take a decade. Still, the coincidence of locating such an item in a small town in central Alberta does tickle one’s “collecting fancy.” It will join my personal collection of unusual and/or old decanters of note. A few other small town treasures have also come my way of late. Located in Lacombe are several thrift stores, a couple of good antique shops and a super antique mall representing some really great consigners. Our last trip to Lacombe netted me an outstanding Kosta Boda bowl in an unusual red swirl “cloud glass.” Thick-walled and very substantial; it was a typically beautiful piece of Swedish design; both signed on the base and with the original 14 •

manufacturer’s sticker, as well. I say “was,” because it has already found a home with a very discerning Calgary collector, and I find myself missing something I barely even owned.... Some pieces are just keepers! Because my father is now, at age 91, living in a seniors’ residence in Stettler; I have been taking quite a few road trips into east-central Alberta. By going out on the Lakeside-Sargeant Road, just north of Blackfalds, I can travel a paved back road almost empty of traffic, but with wonderful vistas of ridges and valleys, small lakes and sprawling bison ranches. Gorgeous Alberta countyside, any time of the year! Straight as a string, with a couple of stops for bisecting north-south highways, this hilly but newly paved country road junctions with Highway 12 at Alix. This village is not large, but inhabitants take pride in their lake’s beach, boating and recreation areas. Alix can also take pride in a well-organized, clean and welcoming thrift store, staffed by some of the friendliest and most helpful volunteers you can imagine. From there, I have acquired some lovely, printed vintage ‘50’s cotton tablecloths; a Holt Renfrew snakeskin evening purse in immaculate condition; and a meticulously stitched cucumber petit point picture. It is fun and funky, very green and of totally excellent quality. Continued on Page 16


TAROT CARD READING (a $50 Value) with a minimum purchase of $100

Excellent Selection ~ Specializing in Victorian, Romantic & Country Styles

(403) 348-5527 Open: Mon to Sat 11am-5pm Buy • Sell • Trade February - April 2015  • 15 

STETTLER – The Heart of Alberta – also has a good-sized secondhand store; with lots of clothes for all ages, a little jewellery and some collectables of varying age. Superfluity (who thought up that name?) is also staffed by community volunteers, who are cheery and helpful, with lots of advice about where to find things or to get a decent cup of tea. There, I have picked up hand-painted porcelain plates of very nice quality, some interesting Dutch bakelite pins and a lovely gold stick pin set with seed pearls. I was also lucky enough to pick up a pretty hand-painted Goebel bird figurine. Probably a chickadee (or European titmouse), it is now clean and happily residing with other pieces from this outstanding German factory, in one of my shop display cabinets. None of these finds are worth a fortune, in and of themselves; but all have appeal to someone who collects bakelite or stickpins; petit point or vintage printed Cucumber petit point

16 •

tablecloths; hand painted porcelain or Swedish art glass. All of them have, or will find new homes with someone who will again appreciate their unique quality, design or nostalgia value. Every time I look at the Ahlefeldt decanter, I will also remember good friends, good food and farmland dreams brought to fruition. This ends our romp through small-town central Alberta. As we move towards spring, as roads return to normal driving conditions, I really would encourage those of our readers who enjoy getting off the beaten track, to head out on the back roads and byways. You can find these wonderful smaller towns everywhere; meet the people, enjoy a home cooked meal and perhaps score a major find (before I scoop it up for my shop inventory or personal collection!). Above all, have fun and enjoy the hunt in 2015 wherever you travel.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Off the Wall

Antiques & Collectables

Feb 14 ..................Lion's Antique Show Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK Feb. 23 - Mar. 1 ...Market Mall Antique Sale Saskatoon, SK Mar. 7, 8 ...............Border City Collector Show Exhibition Grounds, Lloydminster, AB Mar. 13 - 16 .........Collector's Show Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK

Since 1966, The Asheford Institute of Antiques has been providing a Profit and Pleasure Home Study course that offers tremendous financial and personal rewards.

131 Bloor St. W. Suite 200 Dept 124XP40 Toronto, ON M5S 1R8 Or call Toll FREE: 1-877-444-4508

Name _______________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ City_________________________________________________ Province ________________ Postal Code__________________ Email:

February - April 2015  • 17 

We transform old stoves into treasured heirlooms!

SHANE MACDONALD Box 2544, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0 TOLL FREE: 1-888-854-7859 TEL/FAX: (403) 335-3905 • CELL: (403) 630-3925 email:

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7,000 SQ.FT. Hidden Treasures & Collectible Treasures

Open House: Every Weekend

Don't miss seeing the new items from our last Shipment.

10% – 40% Off All Inventory

tuesday – friday 11:00 – 5:00 saturday & sunday 11:00 – 4:00 CONTACT ANNEKE: 780-482-4414 Cell 780-699-7839

Antiques Alberta Monday Monday– –Wednesday Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm

Quality & Quantity

Dealing Exclusively in Furniture

All Other Days By Appointment Only Call 780-445-9742 Victorian French Clock with Gilt and Enamel Case Movement

Made by: Japy Frese of Beaucourt, France Retailed by: Samuel Smith, London 19" High

circa 1910

3-Door Mahogany Wardrobe (Stock #866)


$20,000 4002 - 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5W 1A1

780-488-3228 Allan Pitchko Galleries

Rancho Mirage, California •

14423 - 123 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y1

(780) 452-4787 February - April 2015  • 19 

Discover Rare Treasures

2015 Shows & Auctions

Jan. 31, Feb. 1 ��16th Annual Piapot Lions Antique & Collectables Show Armouries, Maple Creek, AB

Feb. 8 ���������������Historical Arms Collectors of BC Trade Show 9291 Corbould St. Chilliwack, BC

*Feb. 13 �����������Coin & Currency Auction Scribner Auction, Wainwright, AB

*Feb. 14 �����������Antiques & Collectibles Auction Scribner Auction, Legion, Wainwright, AB

Feb. 14 �������������Lion’s Antique Show Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK

*Feb. 21 �����������Wedding Show & Sale “My Repurposed Wedding” Old Strathcona Antique Mall, Edmonton, AB

Feb. 21 �������������Hillhurst, Sunnyside Antique Market Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre, Calgary, AB

Feb. 22 �������������Retro Design & Antiques Fair Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC

Feb. 23-Mar. 1 ���Market Mall Antique Sale Market Mall, Saskatoon, SK

*Feb. 28 �����������First Canadian Collectors Club’s Antique Show & Sale Thorncliffe-Greenview Community Hall, Calgary, AB

*Mar. 1 �������������Antique Show Vancouver Flea Market, Vancouver, BC

*Mar. 7 �������������Large Spring Firearms Auction Haynes/Ward’s Auction, Edmonton, AB

*Mar. 7, 8 ���������43rd Annual HACS All Collectors Hobby Show & Sale Heritage Park, Chilliwack, BC

Mar. 7, 8 �����������Border City Collectors Show & Sale Exhibition Grounds, Lloydminster, SK

*Mar. 13 -15 �����Collector’s Show Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK

*Mar. 14 �����������Pop Culture Show Old Strathcona Antique Mall, Edmonton, AB

*Mar. 14, 15 �����The Big One Antique & Collectible Show Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver, BC

*Mar. 21, 22 �����Antique Expo at Tradex Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford, BC

Mar. 21, 22 �������John McGowan Estate Auction Cosmo Civic Centre, Saskatoon, SK

Mar. 22 �������������21st Century Flea Market Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC

Mar. 27, 28 �������Antique & Collectibles Show & Sale Library Hall, Sexsmith, AB

*Apr. 3, 4 ����������53rd Annual Antique Arms Show BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, AB

Apr. 11 ��������������Calgary Doll Club Spring Sale Acadia Rec Centre, Calgary, AB

Apr. 11, 12 ��������Antique Show & Sale Exhibition Grounds, Lloydminster, SK

Apr. 11, 12 ��������Prince George Hospice Society Antique & Collectible Fair Roll-A-Dome, Prince George, BC

*Apr. 18, 19 ������40th Annual Wild Rose Collectors Show & Sale Expo Centre, Northlands Park, Edmonton, AB

*Apr. 18, 19 ������Kerrisdale Antiques Fair Kerrisdale Arena, Vancouver, BC

Apr. 19 ��������������Historical Arms Collectors of BC Trade Show 9291 Corbould St. Chilliwack, BC

Apr. 24, 25 ��������Antique & Collectibles Show & Sale D Company Armouries, Grande Prairie, AB

*Apr. 24 - 26 ����22nd Annual Fraser Valley Collectors Club Antique Show Queen’s Park Arena, New Westminster, BC

*Apr. 25, 26 ������Acadia Vintage Retro & Antiques Show Acadia Rec. Centre, Calgary, AB

*Apr. 26 ������������Estate Auction The Mumbling Muse, Holiday Inn, North Vancouver, BC

*May 2 �������������The Garden Show Old Strathcona Antique Mall, Edmonton, AB

*May 9, 10 �������26th Mother’s Day Antique Furniture & Collectables Show Westerner Park, Red Deer, AB

May 24 �������������Historical Arms Collectors of BC Trade Show 9291 Corbould St. Chilliwack, BC

May 24 �������������21st Century Flea Market Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC

*June 6, 7 ��������Carswell’s 8th Calgary Antique & Collectables Show Garrison Curling Rink, Calgary, AB

*June 7 ������������Antique Show Vancouver Flea Market, Vancouver, BC

June 13 ������������Hillhurst, Sunnyside Antique Market Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Centre, Calgary, AB

*Indicates ad in this issue. Discovering Shows is a complimentary listing. Contact us regarding your event at: TOLL FREE: 1-888-705-8978 or (403) 281-0413 Fax: (403) 238-6923 email:

For the most up-to-date listings visit 20 •


Prairieland Park - Exhibition Grounds


March 13,14 & 15, 2015

Largest Show of Its Kind in the Prairie Provinces

Featuring Featuring


Antique - Modern Collectables Antique - Modern --Collectables


Glass Ware - Books - Coins Glass Ware - Books - Coins Furniture - Jewelry - Collectables Furniture - Jewelry - Collectables

APPRAISALS AVAILABLE AT THE SHOW Saturday 10 a.m. to noon Sunday 10 a.m. to noon

Dealers From All Western Provinces

Show Hours

Friday 6 pm - 10 pm Saturday 10 am - 6 pm Sunday 10 am - 4 pm Buy - Sell - Trade - Display

Admission Adult $9.00 Weekend pass $12.00 Under 12 Free if accompanied by an adult

For Information Call Lloyd Litwin (306) 373-7409

Sponsored by Saskatoon Gun Club


Show Dates

January 11, March 1, June 7, September 13, November 8

April 18 & 19

Admission: $1.75 Table Rental Price: $40


Admission $7 • Free Parking • Cafe

703 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6A 2M2 3 Short Blocks from the Main Street Science Centre Station

604 980 3159 •

February - April 2015  • 21 


43nd Annual 2 Day Show Further Information or Table Rentals Contact Gordon: (604) 747-4704 or Al Amundson (604) 941-8489

March 7 & 8

Saturday 9am - 5pm • Sunday 9am - 3pm Heritage Park, 44140 Luckackuck Way, Chilliwack, BC (Exit 116, on Hwy. 1) WE SUPPORT THE CANADIAN CANCER ‘KIDS’ CAMP’ AND CKNW ORPHANS’ FUND General Admission $5 · Parking by Donation ATM on Site · RV Parking Available · Food Concession 24 Hour Site Security

Fraser Antiques andValley Collectibles Club

The FVACC is non-profit organization established in 1984 - 150+ current membership newsletter, circulated to members, bi-monthly, “The Fraser Valley Holedown” - Club hosts annual antique & collectibles show; club social functions include annual Christmas party and summer barbeque night - FVACC participates in local community events with displays, such as Burnaby Village Museum, local libraries, and media events.

22 •

Monthly meetings are held the second Thursday at the Queensborough Community Centre, New Westminster, BC For more information: Apt #208, 122 East 18th St, N. Vancouver, BC V7L 2X5 Email: Phone: 778-383-0508 Twitter: @FVACCLUB

Canada’s Largest & Finest ANTIQUE ARMS SHOW

BMO Centre, Stampede Park Calgary, Alberta FEATURING:

• Dealers • Exhibitors • Collectors • Militaria • Educational Displays from across Canada Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Assocs. laser Ranges; Calgary Military Historical Assoc.; Military Collectors Club of Canada; Responsible Firearms owners of Ab.; Sask. Knife Colectors Guild; Canadian Shooting Sports; Cowboy & Western Art; & Much MORE.


Every Easter Weekend April 3 & 4, 2015 Friday 9:30 to 5:00 Saturday 9:30 to 4:00 1,000 Tables TABLES & INFO Phone: (403) 771-8348 Email:

w w w. c a l g a r y g u n s h o w. c o m



APRIL 25 & 26, 2015

MARCH 21 & 22, 2015

Saturday & Sunday

9:00am – 5:00pm | 10:00am – 4:00pm At the Acadia Recreation Complex

240 - 90th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2J 6P6

Get your Antiquing FIX...

An eclectic array for some serious rummaging! General Admission $6 Antique Identification Clinic $12 per item.

Call Dennis at 604-316-1933 or Lorne 403-816-9938 or email


Saturday &Hunting… Sunday Antiquing…Treasure 9:00amBargains – 5:00pm | 10:00am – 4:00pm galore


In the Tradex Exhibition Centre

GeneralStreet, Admission $7 1190 Cornell Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H5 Antique Identification Clinic $12 per item.

Antiquing...Treasure Hunting ...Bargains Galore General Admission $7 Antique Identification Clinic $12 per item.

Call Dennis at 604-316-1933 or email

February - April 2015  • 23 


n, Toore n a V in a B athar algary, A C y B ler, C De a

Family Treasures in my old tr unk

 What a lovely thing to have, those family memories. I have been very fortunate to have some wonderful heirlooms from parents and grandparents in my possession, brought over from my home country. I would like to share a small selection with you. There might not be a significant monetary value, but they are of course priceless to me. I hope that you have, symbolically speaking, an old trunk too, brimming with treasures dear to your heart. 24 •

The Old Trunk That old, old trunk in the attic Reveals many a thing… Quaint golden brooches, antique chains And Mother’s birthstone ring. I see the old high-button shoes, The spats that Daddy wore. The old brass knocker that was hung Upon the old front door. The crocheted doilies that were used On old velvet furniture And the old tintype photographs How long they do endure? There is an old-time homemade quilt With many patches sewn.. Knitted booties, knitted caps… My, my how the years have flown! Somehow these golden yesterdays So many memories bring. That old, old trunk in the attic Reveals so many things. –George B. Adams

Mickey Mouse diskh set

My mother, who was born in 1925, received as a very young girl a little porcelain children’s tea service. The pieces were all made of various shapes of a mouse with painted characters on the tea cups of the cartoon character of Mickey Mouse, that new phenomenon which had captured the world by storm. Disney created this famous mouse in 1928, so the production of the tea set must have been any time thereafter. The set is comprised of a teapot, creamer, lidded sugar pot, three cups and five saucers. There is also a trivet but it does not bear any mark on the bottom. Unfortunately some pieces are not in the best of shape: I guess my Mom used it a lot and a cup here and there got broken and then, very unprofessionally I must add, repaired. The creamer is in excellent condition, identifying that the Dutch do not usually drink milk in their tea! The marking on the bottom of every piece shows a triangle with sunrays on the top, an initial “K” in the centre, and “Made in Japan” on the bottom. There is no indication of a Disney copyright, trademark or ownership, like in the way it is marked today. Flipping through a book about Walt Disney and his many creations, I discovered that the character of Mickey Mouse, the way we know him, underwent many modifications over the years. Disney created this perky little mouse as said in 1928. Mickey Mouse was then known as Steamboat Willie after the character in the cartoon movie of the same name. Mickey had already appeared in two previous cartoon movies (Plane Crazy and Gallopin’ Gaucho, both from 1928), but these were not released until after the huge success of Steamboat Willie. Although Mickey was sporting more clothes than in the first two cartoons, in Steamboat Willie he was wearing shoes, but not yet his famous white gloves. This magical little creature has become many people’s secret companion. He appears on a myriad of items, from books to bed linens, from china to clothing, from pictures to piggy banks and toys, and on my Mom’s tea set! Continued on Page 26

February - April 2015  • 25 

Children’s dinner service

The next treasure is a porcelain children’s dinner service that we, as kids, actually were allowed to use. It belonged to my Mom as well during the mid-1930’s. Small dinner plates, small soup plates, lidded potato and vegetable bowls, gravy boat and a meat platter, the right proportions to serve a kid’s meal. The markings on the bottom show a stylish RFH Czechoslovakia. This stands for Richter, Fenkl & Hahn, Chodeau Bohemia, in operation from 1883 to 1945. It has adorable little decal scenes of playing children on each piece. As we also had our own silver (children’s) flatware, special dinners became even more memorable when we were allowed to use this dinner service. Food might even have tasted better, and who knows, we might even have finished our plates!

young girls. It can be translated as a poetry or verse book. In this small album family and friends could write little (selfmade) poems or verses, decorated with drawings or pretty decals. It was a very personal book. Compare it to a little girl’s diary except this book was not meant to be kept secret. Everybody was allowed to read it and add their own input to it. The first entry was from Mom’s parents and was followed by entries from other family members, schoolteachers, fellow classmates and friends. The last entry was February 1939. It is a joy to flip through the album and appreciate the simple enthusiasm that speaks from every page.

On Mom’s 7th birthday in 1932 she received from her aunt a Poesie album, a very customary gift in Holland for Poesie album

Indonesian Marionette

The marionette is from Indonesia and is known as Wayang or Wajang in Javanese (Indonesian dialect). My paternal grandfather, who travelled for business before and right after World War II, brought it home from one of his trips to the Orient. Wayang marionettes are attractively clothed wooden puppets which are manipulated by strings, wooden sticks or wire attached to their limbs, just like puppets on a string. There are a few different types of wayangs: the wayang kulit or wayang purwa are flat wooden or leather puppets. They are played on a stage before a screen called the kelir. Oil lamps are set up in such fashion that the puppets create shadow images onto the screen, a shadowplay or pantomime. The act is orchestrated and narrated by the dalang, who uses both hands to work the puppets. Our puppet is a wayang golek, which has a round stick-shaped wooden body and limbs hidden under a traditional outfit. Continued on Page 28

26 •

Antiques & Collectables

This shop is a collector’s dream with a constantly changing array of antique silver, china, collectables and furniture donated to Heritage Park through our Heritage Heirloom Program. Winter Hours: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Daily Located before the gates in Heritage Town Square


Thin wooden sticks move the arms in the desired direction. The wayang golek act is played on a small stage or table; there is no kelir (screen). The play itself is based on legends originated from Hindu beliefs. The dalang narrates the story in the language of the area. The play is accompanied by gamelan music and the songs are sung in kawi, an old Javanese dialect. Tea cups from Singapore

Shell Cameo Brooch

quite a favourite pastime and there are excellent websites these days to do some research. The shell cameo brooch/pendant is one of my alltime favourites. I still picture myself with my grandmother wearing it when I was small because I would sit close to her and work my hands over the pretty portrait. The cameo depicts the profile of a classical lady in high-relief, set in a 14k gold bezel. In order to create an interesting cameo, only certain gemstones or minerals are suitable. They have to consist of various coloured layers, such as agate, onyx, sardonyx, coral and shell, lava and jet. I have discovered that cameos have been around since the 4th century B.C.

Also from the Orient, Singapore to be precise, are the mini egg shell teacups in a fancy, fitted leather case. It adorned my grandma’s tea serving table (without the case) for as long as I can remember, among the silver serving pieces and candy dishes. Or do I remember the candy dishes first and then the teacups? The small gold medallion shows my maternal great grandmother who was born in 1865 and died young in 1914. She had nine children. My grandma was only 15 years old when her mother died and her older sister took over the household. I am very fortunate to have a family tree thanks to my father’s and a friend’s investigative work, so I am able to find out interesting information about my ancestors on both sides of my family. It is a great hobby to dig into your own family history. Genealogy is becoming Gold medallion

During Victorian times anything made in a cameostyle was extremely popular. Apparently there was even a public school in Rome, founded by Pope Leo XII, to study the art of cameo engraving. The earlier cameos were made from stone, followed by the less expensive shell, especially the shell extracted from the pink and white Queen’s Conches found along the seacoast of Italy. Cameos are a work of art; the background material is cut away to create a design in relief, high relief in this case as opposed to bas-relief which is created in a reverse method. The value of the cameo is determined by the quality of the carving. Graceful, smooth lines are of course desirable over coarse, sharp lines. Holding a cameo to the light might detect possible cracks. Cameo jewellery needs to be mounted as not to damage the delicate rim. Gold, silver, gold-filled and steel are among the materials used. When mounted in pinchbeck (an alloy of zinc and copper to imitate the look of gold), it generally indicates that the piece was made between the 18th and 19th centuries. Other than the bust cameos, various scenic and idyllic themes were popular as well, such as a cottage, an elegant girl, bridges and landscapes. The origin of my grandmother’s cameo is unknown to me, but I treasure it just the same! Family treasures bring back childhood memories. On this trip down Memory Lane we are reliving the past and are connected, once again, with the loved ones no longer with us.

28 •

ISE T R E ADV E! HER Call Toll Free: (888) 705-8978 Email:

5014 - 50 St Lacombe, AB T4L 1W8

403-782-2341 February - April 2015  • 29 

2500 Sq.Ft. Showroom Stocked and changes every week! • Quarter Cut Oak Canadiana Refinished Furniture • 1920 Slag Glass Lamps • Stained Glass Windows • First Nations Collectibles • Canadian Glass • Cast Iron Door Stops • Mechanical Banks • and more!

Marion and Orest Murawsky 306-230-7533, 306-260-1881

#5, 249 - 2 Ave S. Saskatoon, SK Located downtown just a quarter block north of the Galaxy Theatre on the west side of the street.

Open Thursday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm or by appointment

Urban Prairie Antique Mall

407 2nd Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta 403-929-3112

Interesting Fact To Identify Some Metal Alloys

Just Smell!

A museum curator’s advice was to smell silver, silver plate, and pewter when trying to identify which metal it is. Sterling has almost no odour, but silver plate and pewter each has a distinctive odour due to the alloys used to create the metals. It becomes easy to recognize the different odours if you practice on known pieces.

30 •


Sugar Belle Antiques Antique & Vintage

new furniture

Coins & Paper Money

5113 50 Ave Bonnyville, AB T9N 2H4

Specialty Coffee & Teas


Jewellery Gifts

home decor


t: 780-826-4111

Hours Mon - Fri . . . . . . . . 8:30am - 6:00pm Saturday . . . . . . . . 9:30am - 5:00pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Closed

Reproduction islands from Brambles Furniture, can be special ordered in a huge array of options. Westerose, AB ~ OPEN DAILY: 10:00am-5:00pm (South Pigeon Lake) 28km west of Hwy #2 on #13

(780) 586-0733

One Man’sTreasure

Antique Emporium & Marketplace


A funky eclectic spot to shop for antiques, gifts, recycled furniture and treasures.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday . . . .10:00am – 5:00pm Thursday & Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10:00am – 6:00pm Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CLOSED

Located in the heart of Stony Plain 4912 - 50 Avenue Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1S9

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Specializing in Country & Cottage Decor

Vintage Decor Furniture Lighting Linens Lodge Unique Gifts

Heritage Hill Shopping Centre

Over 6,000 Sq. Ft.

#162-8228 Macleod Tr SE Calgary, AB 403-238-2767

Olde Town Okotoks 3,600 Sq. Ft.

43 McRae Street Okotoks, AB (403) 995-9631

314 - 7 Street S, Lethbridge, AB


13 Street N

3 Crow


t Hw



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7 Street S

Store Hours Tues–Fri: 10:00 am–5:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am–4:30 pm Sun–Mon: Closed 32 •

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Fred’s Recent Finds by Fred Hauck, Collector, Redcliff, AB

Top Left - Chickie Williams, Middle - Doc Williams, Right - Wilf Carter signed as Montana Slim Bottom Left: Wilf Carter and his young daughters, Right: Furee Watch with Pair Case

34 •


ALWAYS COME ACROSS ITEMS FOR MY OWN COLLECTORS THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED TOP ITEMS, UNFORTUNATELY THEY SHOWED UP AFTER an article has been written; this is the reason for this article, to showcase items that would have normally had a place in a previous article. My collecting career spans over 35 years and more than 150 separate collections. I never fail to find at least a few items at antique shops or shows that fit my collecting mandate. A few times over the years I have showcased music, whether it was radio, musicians, or guitars. Music is one of my big three fields of collecting; with the other two being agricultural history and Calgary Stampede history and all areas related to them. Doc and Chickie Williams were mentioned in a radio show collectables article. I corresponded with Doc in his later years, and since his death I have received many letters from one of his three daughters, “Peeper’ Williams. Last Christmas (2013) she was nice enough, (knowing that I am a collector), to send two picture postcards of her Mom and Dad as a much appreciated gift. Unfortunately it arrived after the article was published. She also included an unused new poster from Doc’s days touring Canada in the 1950’s. (Doc was from Wheeling, West Virginia, USA.) I can’t thank Peeper enough for her kindness. Doc and Chickie’s daughters, in case “Peeper” got you wondering” are Punkin, Peeper and Poochie. These, as you might have guessed, are stage names. Doc and Chickie were entertainers in every sense of the word. I am glad I got to mention them.

Wilson Model “S 2” Steam Engine Toy

I researched this Canadian-made toy. It yielded very little information; and I now have three old steam engines with their boxes. The other two are plain brown, the boxes rarely survived. For many years now pocket watches held a fascination for me. Once in a while a stunning example will come along, whether because of the outside appeal (fancy case or dial), or because of its quality inside (movement). I found such an item a week before writing this article. Rory, a friend, and I were returning from Eckville, AB. While going through Airdrie, we stopped at Where On Earth…did you get that? Antique Mall. As it was almost closing time, we Continued on Page 36 1891 American-made Waltham watch

Keeping with music, one recurring theme that pops up regularly in my articles is the Canadian Country Music legend, Wilf Carter. Those of you who are regular readers know what I am talking about. He is, and always will be, my and my father’s all time favourite. I don’t find many new Wilf Carter things that I don’t already have after 35 years of hunting. In the cowboy guitar article I mentioned that I was in need of a mail order catalogue Wilf Carter guitar. A good friend, Melissa, who I have mentioned in several articles, has been on a mission for just such a guitar since I was able to find one in a 1949 catalogue. During this past year I came across three 8”x 10” 1950’s pictures of Wilf Carter. One was signed with his American name “Montana Slim” and the other two were with his young daughters when they had the “Family Show with the Folks You Know.” I did an article at one time on toy steam engines not long after I acquired a hard to find all aluminum toy in the original box. Both box and toy were in excellent shape. February - April 2015  • 35 

CFCN (radio) Old Timers with a Studebaker car

did a quick walk through and I saw many watches but most were out of my price range. I stopped suddenly when a very attractive watch caught my eye. It had a lot of things that I liked, for example it was a large 18 size. Manufactured in the 1800’s, it was an American-made Waltham with a P.S. Bartlett marked movement and a pink-coloured dial (face). I like fancy dials and since a friend of mine turned me on to the colour pink, I have been picking up pink items ever since. The price was a little higher than I would have liked and the tag said “as is” which usually means it doesn’t work. I was able to negotiate a lower price and purchased it. As it turned out, the “as is” referred to a hairline crack in the dial; the watch, which has been in daily use since, runs perfectly. The seller had written 1896 on the price tag. It is actually 1891, after a little research. On the way home my friend Melissa phoned and I told her about my new special watch. Her response was that wasn’t every watch special? I reassured her that this time was different and when she saw it she agreed. Another pocket watch I acquired after the article was written came from a ranch auction at Bindloss, AB. The auction was for a private museum on an old family ranch. The woman had been a picker of sorts to put together this museum collection. It consisted of any conceivable item you could think of – toys, saddles, glassware, books, furniture and all types of collectables. I waited for the pocket watches which finally came up late afternoon. I didn’t get any of the first ones; but I did get five watches in total. On the way home, I checked out my finds and discovered that 36 •

the fifth watch I had bought was the top item of the sale. It had an extra case over the watch (pair case). Inside the outside case were two papers. They were like watchmakers business cards. This watch has a sterling silver case and a fusée movement (chain-drive movement). The hallmarks date the watch to 1794 – 1795. This was a $5000 purchase, but it appraises many, many times higher. It was made in England and is a key wind. It is a real find – something like this is a rare find; and for me to find one in southern Alberta is even rarer! One last item that comes to mind is a picture of the CFCN (radio) Old Timers with a Studebaker car. Several years ago I had done an article outlining the history of CFCN radio. As a result of that article I got to know Tony Neidermayer’s daughter, Eleanor. Tony was the band leader for the Old Timers, which at the time had the longest running radio show. Eleanor invited me to her house on several occasions. She was really pleased that I had done the article about her dad and the Old Timers radio show long after the show had ended and her dad had died. She thought it would re-awaken old memories for lots of people. She showed me old photographs of the Old Timers gang and one struck me – the Old Timers and a Studebaker station wagon. Eleanor was kind enough to make a copy of it for me. Even though not dated, the picture says, “Canada’s Very Own Car.” Studebaker went out of business in the United States in 1964. They lasted until 1966 in Canada, so the picture is either 1965 or 1966. A great piece of Calgary radio history!

Prairie Creek Antique Mall A new antique mall has opened in Rocky! We have a large eclectic array of antiques, collectibles, shabby chic, Canadiana and furniture. This is one antique mall you won't want to miss! Watch for our pictures of items for sale on 'Kijiji Red Deer'. Contact Lilian Stomp for details.

403-845-9979 |

STORE HOURS Tues - Sat . 11:00am - 5:30pm Closed on Statutory Holidays

4839 - 49 Street

Rocky Mountain House, AB

WWW.BECKANTIQUES.COM February - April 2015  • 37 

NEAR YOU... & Everything Nice Antiques & Collectables

Cozy Cottag Interiors

Lacombe, AB (403) 782-3191

Calgary, AB (403) 238-2767 Okotoks, AB (403) 995-9631

21 Century Promotions

Decade to Decade

Vancouver, BC (604) 980-3150

Edmonton, AB (780) 461-5222

A Vintage Affair

First Canadian Collector’s Club Show

Calgary, AB (403) 233-7770

Calgary, AB

Antique & Vintage Charm

Fraser Valley Collector’s Club Show

Antique Arms Show

Grandma’s Antiques

Antique Mall Red Deer Inc.

HACSBC 43rd Annual 2 Day Show

Lethbridge, AB (403) 331-3038 Calgary, AB (403) 771-8348 Red Deer, AB (403) 341-6685

Antiques Alberta

Edmonton, AB (780) 488-3228

Antiques by Design

(604) 316-1933; (403) 816-9938

Antiques, Collectibles & More

Lacombe, AB (403) 782-1909

Asheford Institute of Antiques 1-877-444-4508

Attica Antiques

Edmonton, AB (780) 452-4787

Backstreet Gifts & Antiques

Westerose, AB (780) 586-0733

Beck Antiques & Jewellery

Edmonton, AB (780) 474-7447

Blue Jar Antique Mall

Edmonton, AB 587-523-5550

Bud Haynes & Co. Auctioneers Ltd. Red Deer, AB (403) 347-5855

Carswell’s Promotions

Red Deer, AB (403) 343-1614

Classic European Antiques

New Westminster, BC

Lethbridge, AB (403) 328-0909 Chilliwack, BC (604) 747-4704

Hall’s Auction Ltd.

Calgary, AB (403) 640-1244

Heirlooms Antiques

Calgary, AB (403) 720-4100

Heritage Park Antique Shop Calgary, AB

HolmeHus Antiques

Red Deer, AB (403) 347-0516

Ibon Antiques & Collectibles

Edmonton, AB (780) 757-6777

Indefinite Article, The

Saskatoon, SK (306) 230-7533

Inside Avenue Antiques

Calgary, AB (403) 287-1988

Junktiques Ltd.

Calgary, AB (403) 263-0619

Light Up Your Life

Calgary, AB (403) 243-4016


Calgary, AB (403) 235-6325

Mumbling Muse, The

Old Strathcona Antique Mall

Edmonton, AB (780) 433-0398

One Man’s Treasure

Stony Plain, AB (780) 963-7776

Pieces of the Past Antiques

Edmonton, AB (780) 989-2522

Point Blank Shows

Vancouver, BC (604) 565-0774

Prairie Creek Antique Mall

Rocky Mountain House, AB (403) 845-9979

Red Deer Antiques

Red Deer, AB (403) 348-5527

Rocky Mountain Antique Mall

Edmonton, AB (780) 485-0020

Scribner Auction Ltd.

Wainwright, AB (780) 842-5666

Sugar Belle Antiques

Bonnyville, AB (780) 826-4111

T Q Antiques

Calgary, AB (403) 263-6948

Urban Prairie Antique Mall

Lethbridge, AB (403) 929-3112

Vancouver Flea Market

Vancouver, BC (604) 685-8843

Vintagebelle Antique Shop, The

Lacombe, AB (403) 782-2341

Vintage Stove Restoration

Didsbury, AB (403) 335-3905

Vintage Verandah, The

Cochrane, AB (403) 932-7703

Ward’s Auctions

Edmonton, AB (780) 940-8378

Edmonton, AB 1-877-482-4414

North Vancouver, BC (604) 7169059

Collector’s II Second Generation

Off the Wall Antiques

Where On Earth …did you get that? Antique Mall

(306) 244-7229

Airdrie, AB (403) 948-3669

Collector’s Show

Old Creamery Antiques

Wild Rose Antique Collectors Show

Calgary, AB (403) 278-6446

Saskatoon, SK (306) 373-7409

Innisfail, AB (403) 865-1002

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Edmonton, AB (780) 437-9722

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LE SA HOURS Tuesday to Friday: 10:30am – 5:30pm Saturday: 10:00am – 5:00pm Sunday: Noon – 4:00pm or By Appointment

1005A - 1st Street SW, Calgary, AB


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