Spring 2022

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The essence of Scandinavian design has become a global phenomenon. The simplicity, functionality and connection to natural elements resonate with people, especially in this unprecedented time. We have all spent an unusual amount of time indoors this last year and have come to appreciate what a space is, and how it adds to your mental well-being.

Let’s identify what exactly is Scandinavian Design, and how it can easily be incorporated into a space.

COLOU R Countries in northern Europe, such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland are considered Scandinavian countries. They are known for their harsh, dark

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winters so the interiors tend be on the lighter side due to the lack of natural light. White walls are the hallmark of Scandinavian design as well as neutral colour palettes. Think of greys, light blue grey, light tan and muted shades that are forever relevant and pair well with any décor; these neutrals can also make you feel calm. The fewer colours you combine, and the simpler and more