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DISCOVER CARNIVAL - THE MAGAZINE A UNIQUE TRAVEL AND LEISURE PUBLICATION A monthly publication, Discover Carnival covers every aspect of Carnival, from celebrity involvement, to music, events, cuisine, fashion and beauty. It is an all access pass to over 120 Carnivals around the globe, for everyone that loves Carnival, events and culture. We visit the best Carnivals and festive destinations in the world, but also venture off to discover the beauty and uniqueness of each holiday location.

Published as a dynamic digital magazine, Discover Carnival profiles those that are having an impact on Carnivals around the globe and allow celebrities who have been influenced by Carnival and its creativity to share their stories.


• With festivals audiences of up to 3.5million • Youthful and vibrant audience open to brand choice • 1 Exciting publication to showcase your brand

EDITORIAL CONTENT Discover Carnival’s success lies in its ability to provide entertaining and exciting content for all our readers. Our editorial team strives to reflect the beauty and the uniqueness of each Carnival and destination, while our design team presents that information in a dynamic, interactive and visually exciting professional format.

Celebrity Features Catch up on the latest Celebrity news and find out how Carnival and its exciting global culture have influenced their lives. Carnival Events and Arenas The hottest carnival events and the top performances from all the Carnival arenas, be it Steel Pan, Mas’ making, Sound systems, you name... we’ve got it covered. Music Come and explore the sounds, the top performers, the rhythms and the captivating power they can have over any Carnival enthusiast.

Fashion Exploring the beauty and artistic nature that emanates from the Carnival destinations around the globe. Beauty Health, beauty and fitness. Every Carnival reveller knows that to fully participate you have to look and feel your very best. Our teams provides tips and highlights products that can be used by every reader. Cuisine What is Carnival without the food? The cuisine that we highlight varies and is as unique as the destinations themselves. Come an explore with us, get your apron on and replicate some of the world’s best dishes in the comfort of your own home. Travel around the World Within each issue we’ll showcase a featured Carnival. Discover the unique elements of each Carnival and find out why each would make the ideal Carnival holiday destination for you.



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jamaica l tobago l gambia l dominican republic l grenada l florida l egypt l mexico l cuba l lapland l morocco l mauritius l sri lanka l thailand kenya l dubai l goa l maldives


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Discover Carnival - The Magazine DIGITAL EDITION Ads in Digital Magazines viewed longer than ads viewed within print and other electronic mediums Recent study suggests that people who subscribe to magazines online are more engaged with the advertising than those who read them in print. Conducted by The Harrison Group the study says that 35 percent of digital magazine subscribers pay more attention to the ads than they do when reading physical magazines. It also suggests readers put a high value on ads that let them connect directly with advertisers, a distinct advantage to digital publishing. “Readers feel that the ads are much more interesting, and are much more eager to engage with them because they are interactive,” said Jeanniey Mullen, global VP and CMO of Zinio. Eighty-five percent of respondents said they considered it a benefit to be able to click on ads in digital magazines and interact directly with the advertiser.

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Digital extras But there’s something else going on too. When you format an online reading experience in a magazine style, it attracts a reading audience. A lot of web sites are designed for grazing, or search-driven content finding. You want to know about the latest events, so you search until you find it. Whereas if you subscribe to a digital magazine on events, you have more than a passing interest in the topic. You’re part of the subscription base, you expect to receive content about events frequently, so you expect a reading experience. A core element is its interactive components on the ad.

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A TRUSTED VOICE Discover Carnival enjoys a unique relationship with Carnival enthusiast, combining an authentic voice and a trusted platform for reader engagement and advertiser connection. Reach Reach 150,000 readers 60% United Kingdom 20% USA 20% Caribbean. plus

Circulation 45,000 – United Kingdom 15,000 – United States 15,000 – Caribbean

DISTRIBUTION ACCESSIBILITY The digital edition of the magazine will be available to our readers on: • Personal Computers • Mac • eReaders • Online Newsstands

Expanding our Audience Discover Carnival is growing its audience and deepening our engagement with a powerful reader, through the involvement of leading celebrities. In August 2011 we launch the Wendy Fitzwilliam Column. ISSUE DATE





1st August 29th August 26th September 24th October 23rd November 22nd December 26th January 23rd February 26th March 24th April 24th May 25th June

4th August 1st September 29th September 27th October 28th November 27th December 30th January 27th February 29th March 27th April 29th May 28th June

8th August 5th September 3rd October 1st November 1st December 3rd January 1st February 1st March 2nd April 1st May 1st June 2ndJuly

SPONSORSHIP Extending the Carnival effect for your brand Discover Carnival’s Network stands alone in its ability to connect and influence the global Carnival enthusiasts. To capitalise on that power Discover Carnival will work with you to create a unique, engaging and effective marketing program designed to extend the reach of your brand and reinforce the connection of your brand with our readers. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Title Sponsor £3,500 per month Min. 6 months

Section Sponsor £1,500 per month Min. 3 months

Put your brand at the forefront of our readers’ minds. Engage with them as you show support for the culture and artists that work to make carnivals worldwide an exciting experience for millions.

The editorial sections within the digital magazine reflect the sections on the website and web TV.

For duration of sponsorship, coverage will include: • Cover logo placement

The opportunity to align your brand with one of these sections heightens your influence and engagement with our readers as they delve deeper into areas of interest. There are 5 main sections within Discover Carnival available for sponsorship:

• Two full page adverts including one inside cover or opposite inside cover in each issue

• Fashion

• 1 Feature Story on your organization in an issue to be mutually decided

• Featured Carnival

• Cuisine

• Logo placement on website

• C  elebrity Columns The Wendy Fitzwilliam Column

• Banner adverts on website

• Health and Beauty

• Video adverts on web TV • Press Releases around sponsorship partnership

For duration of sponsorship, coverage will include: • One full page ads within relevant section • Logo placement on website • Banner adverts on website • V  ideo adverts on web TV within relevant section • P  ress Releases around sponsorship partnership

ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS DEFINITIONS ‘The advertiser’ means the person placing with DISCOVER CARNIVAL the order for the insertion of the advertisement, which includes any advertising agency involved in the placing of the advertisement. ‘DISCOVER CARNIVAL’ means Swayo Ltd and/or the publication DISCOVER CARNIVAL magazine. The ‘advertising department’ means those members of DISCOVER CARNIVAL responsible for advertisements. BOOKING All verbal reservations must be confirmed in writing prior to the copy date. The advertising department will send a Confirmation Form to the client or agency containing all booking details, and the Confirmation Form must be checked and signed by the client or agency and returned within five working days of receipt. If the advertising department does not receive the signed Confirmation Form within the stated period, advertisement bookings will be viewed as confirmed and may be placed in DISCOVER CARNIVAL magazine and the advertiser will be liable for the full cost of the advert as stated on the Confirmation Form. Except where a request for specific positioning of an advertisement is agreed by DISCOVER CARNIVAL in writing, positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of DISCOVER CARNIVAL. Series discounts will only be subtracted from invoices if a DISCOVER CARNIVAL Confirmation Form has been issued and returned signed by the client or agency within the period stated in these terms and conditions. CANCELLATION Advertisement cancellations must be received in writing 10 days before copy deadline otherwise the advertiser will be liable for the full cost of the advert booked. Copy deadlines are included in this media pack and are within two calendar months preceding the month of issue for which the advertisement is intended. Receipt of written cancellation will be confirmed in writing by the advertising department of DISCOVER CARNIVAL magazine. If a series of bookings is cancelled mid-term, any multiple booking discounts will be reclaimed by DISCOVER CARNIVAL. The publisher reserves the right to refuse or suspend an advertisement without prior notice. ARTWORK Where advertisements are designed by DISCOVER CARNIVAL, copy and design details must be submitted according to stated deadlines. Copy must be supplied by the advertiser automatically after the advertisement is booked. If copy is not received by the stated copy date DISCOVER CARNIVAL reserves the right, without consultation, to repeat copy previously used. Advertisements that simulate editorial content must be labelled ‘advertisement’ and DISCOVER CARNIVAL retains the right in its sole discretion to so label any such advertisement. ADVERTISEMENT RATES In the event of changing publishing costs, DISCOVER CARNIVAL reserves the right to change rates and series discounts. In this event DISCOVER CARNIVAL must give six weeks notice to advertisers who are given the option to cancel by giving one full month’s notice in writing to the advertisement department. Display rates are for space only. Where possible, colour or mono display artwork should be supplied in digital format. Basic typesetting and layout is supplied free of charge for classified advertisements. Display advertisement design is available at a cost on request. All UK advertisements are charged at rate plus VAT. PAYMENT Payment must be made by the copy deadline for classified, directory, new orders and overseas advertisers. Until DISCOVER CARNIVAL is fully compensated, payment by the advertiser to its agency shall not discharge the advertiser’s ability nor shall DISCOVER CARNIVAL’s right in any way be affected by any dispute or claim between the advertiser and its agency. The advertiser agrees to reimburse DISCOVER CARNIVAL for any legal fees and costs incurred to collect outstanding debts. If, for whatever reason, an advertisement is not published, DISCOVER CARNIVAL shall not be liable for any costs or damages, consequential or otherwise. LIABILITY The advertiser will indemnify DISCOVER CARNIVAL against costs, damages or other charges falling upon DISCOVER CARNIVAL as a result of any claim against DISCOVER CARNIVAL arising from the publication of an advertisement. All terms and conditions stated here constitute an integral part of any advertising order and contract and are subject to change without notice. The publisher shall not be bound by any other terms and conditions other than those stated herein.

CONTACT US TODAY DiscoverCarnival - The Magazine Media Sales UK +44 (0) 20 8123 2450 Nicole (m) +44 (0) 793 971 9347 Dingiswayo (m) +44 (0) 793 971 9559 Media Sales Caribbean 1- 868- 629-6952

Discover Carnival Sponsorship Pack  
Discover Carnival Sponsorship Pack  

Discover Carnival Sponsorship Pack