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Top 5 Fool Proof Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a way of soliciting donations, aids or resources from individuals, government and businesses. Most non-profit organizations often conduct fundraising events to attract more investors or sponsors to fund the organizations’ causes and activities. Fundraising is vital for non-profit organizations in order to obtain money for their operations. These causes are very broad subject as it involves child and adult services as well as political campaigns and environmental issues. A fundraiser is an event or campaign whose purpose is to raise money for a cause. Fundraisers often benefit charitable, non-profit, religious, or non-governmental organizations. Conventionally, fundraising is known as asking for cash donations from various sources. People often see members’ of the organizations encourage others to donate or drop their change in jars. However, various fundraising ideas emerged as the society evolved. Below are the top five fool proof fundraising ideas that can guarantee you to raise the money your organization needs. Online Fundraising Due to the unprecedented influx of technology and people spend most of their time online give rise to a new type of fundraising idea known as online fundraising. This particular type of fundraiser makes use of the online platform. The most common form of online fundraising is crowd funding, in which people donate funds through an online payment system. Crowd funding supports non-profit, political and charitable campaigns or financing projects, ideas, start-up companies and proposals. Sponsors and donors of the initiative came from different backgrounds who believed in the cause, the reason why they support it. Voucher Fundraising Another form of fundraiser is voucher fundraising. Non-profit organizations, schools, community groups and local clubs will partner with a sponsor to sell discount vouchers to the members and supporters of the organization. Part of the proceeds will go to the organization. The

best example of voucher fundraising is MyPhoneVouchers, which offers NPOs a great way to raise funds. MyPhoneVouchers offers a subscription service that connects businesses to its potential clients. Subscribers will enjoy ton of discount vouchers from the company’s hundred business partners. NPOs will simply endorse and encourage its members and supporters to subscribe to MyPhoneVouchers service. Half of the membership fee or $20 will go to the NPOs. MyPhoneVouchers also offers an annual income for the organization since half of the fee will be given to the NPOs every time their members renew their subscription. Auctions/Garage Sale One of the most common fundraiser that organizations do is to auction things to get the highest possible price. Some of the great pieces to auction are paintings, antique pieces, furniture, collectors’ items and things with historical value. This allows the organization to accumulate funds. Garage sale, on the other hand, is selling previously-owned items on sale. Most of the time, the items in the garage sale are from some of the members of the organization that they no longer need. Meanwhile, other members may take a liking on some of the items on sale. Events Non-profit organizations love to organize events such as lunch and dinners, bingo nights, and bake sale. NPOs should be creative in thinking of events that will be enjoyed by their members and supporters in order to attract more participants to join the event. Funds are raised from the entrance fee, sales and other sources since an event could be a potluck of fundraising ideas. Raffles Another great fundraising idea is to conduct raffles. Non-profit organizations, schools, community groups and local clubs can hold a raffle where the NPO will give away prizes such as a trip to somewhere, discount vouchers, and appliances. Money could be raised from the raffle tickets sold to members and supporters and other people. Of course, the organizers should sell more raffle tickets to acquire more funds.

Top 5 fool proof fundraising ideas  

Top five fool proof fundraising ideas that can guarantee you to raise the money your organization needs.