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Fundraising for Australian’s needy

If you’re reading this on the internet with your smart phone or computer, you might as well consider yourself blessed to have such material wealth. Before browsing away, or reading another mobile phone advertising message, take a minute to reflect on this. There are people in any part of the world who couldn’t even afford to buy a meal for a day, and yes they are even in the most opulent countries you can think of. In every developed nation, a major problem is being kept behind its wealthy reputation. Just because a country doesn’t recognize it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Australia is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with the highest median statistics. But new research shows that poverty rate in Australia is disturbingly increasing, mostly involving people that age 25 and below, dependent, homeless, or jobless. It has come to a point that the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) and UNICEF Australia have immediately urged the government to develop an anti-poverty plan. With the country’s economy reputation at stake, these matters are purposely being locked up behind the curtains. A powerful economy of a wealthy nation doesn’t matter much if a remarkable percentage of the population is trying hard to keep their body and soul together. As luck would have it, or just a simple sense of care, some private institutions have already made a step to diminish a notable part of the problem through fundraising.

Fundraising for the deprived is a very streamlined way to help millions of people striving under the poverty line. The realizations are widely spread through different forms of advertising in Australia. Funds collected from these fundraisers will be used for feeding programs, building facilities that may become a temporary home for the needy or hosting job fairs and free educational and livelihood programs. Such events are planned and astoundingly conducted in each of their unique ways. Rock

bands meet to hold concerts for a cause everywhere in the country, aside from the expense for the concert facilities, the rest of the proceeds are given for the benefit of the poor. Docket advertising companies provide vouchers and coupons on back of receipts in Australia’s leading supermarkets and restaurants to advertise these uplifting affairs. Even the poor people themselves put together an association of the less fortunate to orchestrate fundraisers such as talent showcase, handicrafts, street shows, or any honorable way that they know just to remain alive for a day or two.

Private organizations, orphanage, churches, or even prominent companies that conduct these fundraisers make the best out of what they get; no help is too small or too generous. Poor children and elders are given food and shelter in some institutions around the country. Those who are able to work are given simple jobs from distributing coupon advertising tickets for some business companies, to regular jobs depending on his or her capabilities, thinking most of these people are fairly qualified for the job but lack the financial support to find one. Even though orphanages depends on donations, government or private financial support, coping up with the institutional expenses is still a major struggle, so these foundations also consider fundraising events to fend for the children’s needs. Possible donors are usually being contacted through phone advertising to attend these children shows for a more give and take form of donation, just a basic way to give their appreciation. In the simplest possible ways it is always inspiring to help those who are in need. Fundraising is just one of a million ways to reach out. More important thing is to be aware, get involved, and stop ignoring this issue that is being kept unseen behind every nation’s portrait of economical development.

Fundraising for australian's needy  
Fundraising for australian's needy  

If you’re reading this on the internet with your smart phone or computer, you might as well consider yourself blessed to have such material...