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Circulation (Light Organ Records)

Once you let the needle drop on JPNSGRLS’ debut LP, Circulation, you’ll need to devote the duration of the album to head-banging and object-smashing just to work off the energy emanating from the record. Based on their opening track, “Smalls,” JPNSGRLS don’t seem like the type of band to tolerate a static, zombie-esque audience. Vocalist Charlie Kerr hammers out lyrics like, “Gimme entertainment / Like the shadows on the wall” and “Let’s makeout like lovers do / There’s more to life than getting used,” hitting listeners with bold commands. Things slow down just a tad with “Brandon” and the title track “Circulation.” Each tune contains Graham Serl’s punchy bass kicks paired with Oliver Mann’s complimentary power chords and a driving bassline from Chris McClelland — these melodies work together to accent slightly more somber lyrical tones. The majority of Circulation’s tracks are fast and frenetic in rhythm, arguably reaching their zenith on “Mushrooms” and “David and Goliath.” These songs display the synergy of JPNSGRLS in full force, with drums, vocals, and both guitars riffing off each

other in perfect harmony. If there is any complaint to be made about Circulation, it’s that the album could use a greater variety in rhythmic pacing and melody. For example, “From The East,” “Tennis Shoes,” “Southern Comforting,” and “Laughing Gas” blend into each other a bit too well, with similar pacing and a relatively similar sound. Overall, JPNSGIRLS are off to a substantial start with Circulation. The raw energy and passion embedded in Circulation’s tracks suggests that JPNSGRLS have a penchant for powerful live performances and will be a valuable addition to Vancouver’s music scene! —Rohit Joseph


Saturnalia Regalia! (Mint Records)

Hailing from Halifax, Monomyth brings forth an album that soothes the soul and whets the appetite for adventure. Saturnalia Regalia! is the first album that Monomyth has released on Vancouver’s Mint Records, and this collaboration is evident in the album. Combining the underground, surf-rock vibes of the West Coast with the upbeat tempos and grungy lyrics of the East Coast, Saturnalia Regalia! is sure to invoke



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