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a short film by JOÃO LUIS AMORIM

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4 STORY a short film by JOÃO LUIS AMORIM

LOGLINE A woman is being accused of murdering her own husband but as she hires a private detective to solve the case she realises that the investigator knows more than she reveals.

STORY Amelia Lisboa is incriminated for the murder of her husband, Ricardo Lisboa, even though the case was closed for lack of evidence. While hiring detective Cortez to investigate the origin of the blackmail letters, she finds that the detective seems to know more than she reveals. In an allucinating game of lies and seduction, the two woman play their defence. Who is the blackmailer? What is the role of detective Cortez? The shadows of the past challenge the present in a film where the truth is hidden between the lines.

THE DIRECTOR’S COMMENT Amelia is a film noir with a female point of view. Three woman hide the truth in dialogs full of intrigue and seduction. Visually, it assumes a film noir cinematography using shadows, low lights and acute angles to frame the atmosphere. The use of retro objects creates a somber, out of time experience, aided by the emotional soundtrack. The tension is immersed in the narrative using strong dialog. The plot is told trough the character’s lines, giving the story a classic cinema experience. The use of a female detective is itself an innovation, breaking a somewhat golden rule in the hard boiled crime fiction. This special element gives the film a broader audience and a more profound dramatic and social experience.


5 STILLS a short film by JOテグ LUIS AMORIM


6 CAST a short film by JOÃO LUIS AMORIM




detective cortez

Born in Aveiro, Sofia came to Lisbon to study Social Communication but her passion for acting led her to graduate from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Actor’s Formation that culminated in the Performative Arts post-graduation. Founded the teather company Hipócritas as a producer and actress of diverse projects such as Patty Diphusa (from Almodóvar). Has participated in Filme do Desassosego by João Botelho and Penthesilia by Martim Pedroso, as well as in the videoclip for the song Teresa by Capitão Fausto.

Licensed in Marketing, was a co-founder of the theatre company Hipócritas. Has worked in NBP Produções in several portuguese television shows as a promoter and public relations manager. Amelia is her first starring role in film.



rosa Licensed in Artistic Studies by Faculdade de Letras: Universidade de Coimbra and with the complementary Music course from Academia de Música Vilar Paraíso, Joana is gifted with an intense Mezzo Soprano tone and her acting career, started in 2000, has spawned a broad range of performances in plays, musicals, television and cinema such as the series Dancing Days, Rosa Fogo, Família Mata, Laços de Sangue or Cidade Despida.

7 CREW a short film by JOÃO LUIS AMORIM

JOÃO LUIS AMORIM direction, script, cinematography & production João Luis Amorim was born in Lisbon in 1985, having also lived in Terceira Island, Azores. Professional Degree in Multimedia at Etic where he experimented with fiction cinema in two original shorts: The Silent Angel and Nunca Mais nos Teus Olhos. In 2004 started a career as VJ where he developed a sensible visual acuity that proved to be important in his artistic activity. Besides being a regular collaborator with Dub Video Connection and DJ/Producer, as John Holmes, writes regularly about music and cinema for Rua de Baixo and Umbigo Magazine and is a member of Amelia is his first public and official short film.


MIGUEL VAN-DER KELLEN audio post production & dubbing


Founding member, composer, musician and arranger of the groups Sétima Legião and Madredeus (from 1987 to 1995). Also founding member and principal composer of the groups Tjak, Os Poetas and Projecto “OM”. Also a guest interpreter of such bands as Rodrigo Leão, The Gift, Peste e Sida, Gotan Project or Jorge Palma. Gabriel Gomes has composed music for several shows and films, including the awarded documentary Madrugadas by Rui Simões and Mal Nascida (directed by João Canijo).

Licensed in Communication Sciences by Universidade Autónoma, Lisbon, where is Assistant Professor and Media and Mediation Technology Learning Monitor. Vast experience in sound design for several television shows like Serviço de Saúde (RTP1), Falar Global and Constituição Europeia (Sic Notícias) and documentaries like Djunta Mon, exhibited in RTP2 and honored with a Special Mention by UNESCO. On the radio, his preferred medium, is today responsible for two shows in RDP, Páginas de Português (Antena 2) and Língua de Todos (RDP África), besides doing voice acting and dubbing for animation shows and voice announcements for publicity campaigns.

Licensed in Arquitecture by Universidade Autónoma in 2004. Performer and musician at the bands DJ Tony and Tristes Trópicos. Composed original scores for television shows (Ingrediente Secreto, RTP2), spots, and theatre (coisa pradizer by Nelson Muniz, Festival Silêncio 2011). Composed, edited and captured sound for the short film Até Quando by Jorge Cramez in 2012, exhibited in competition at Motelx Festival, Lisbon.

MARTA SOUSA makeup artist

LUISA ROSA BAPTISTA executive production

ANTÓNIO NEU graphic design

MARIA JOÃO BERNARDO executive production and assistance


ALÍPIO PADILHA scene photography



ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Palácio Belmonte, Frederic, Maria, Beatriz, Cris Machado, Miguel Lopes, Patrícia Guerreiro, João Carrilho, Nuno Barracas, Solange Carvalho, Patrícia Gonçalves, Ana Rebelo, Mário Valente, Andrew, Luís Almeida, Ivone Ferreira.


UAL - Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Tânia e Zé Tó Troeira, Filomena Viveiros, Maria do Rosário, Marta Machado.

CONTACTS Sales, Distribution & Exhibition João Luis Amorim

TECHNICAL DETAILS Shot in HD using Canon XH A1 HD 1920x1080 progressive 1080p Stereo Sound Black and White


a short film by Jo達o Luis Amorim


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Amelia, Press Release  

Press Release for Amelia, a short film by João Luis Amorim

Amelia, Press Release  

Press Release for Amelia, a short film by João Luis Amorim