Disclosures: January/February 2019

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Reverse ageism Ever been perceived as “too young?” Here are 7 things you can do.


n one form or another, each of us has heard of age discrimination, generally on the older side. But what about on the younger side? What if you excelled and ended up exceeding expectations in a management position or high-level role at a young age? Speaking from experience, I started working young, aged quickly in my teenage years, then seemed to stop aging around the time I hit 23 or 24. There is nothing more aggravating that being talked down to if you have as much or more experience as the person speaking, or having your ideas ignored. Here are seven ways you can help offset any initial perceptions of being too young.

Genevieve Hancock

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Check your emotions. Probably most important, ensure that you can manage your own emotions and not let any naysayers get under your skin. While you can most


definitely feel irked in this type of situation, and it’s absolutely normal, make sure you outwardly control the perception. You don’t want to undermine your own argument by letting your emotions get the best of you. Persistence, confidence and consistency are key. Don’t doubt yourself.


Strive high. Make sure you put yourself out there for leadership roles. There are many organizations and volunteer roles that can develop those skills. For accountants, the VSCPA also has many leadership academies to network and connect while enhancing this skillset. Most leadership skills fall on the softer side of the spectrum, with communication and how to handle difficult discussions, so complete trainings and actively apply what you learn.