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THE LAW OF LOVE The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare, concern and feeling for others above self The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that you associate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existence of evil in the world, that resists not. Love makes the path of least resistance. THE LAW OF GRATITUDE The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energy which has been given receives a certain reward. Energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line, and when extended far enough, can only return to its source bearing gifts. T H E ALIEN DIGEST IS PART OF THE C O S M I C


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Notes on the Past Around the first of June 1983 Charles Berlitz, the author of "The Bermuda Triangle" (Doubleday) Made a startling press release to the public, which stated that "America's Presidents have conducted clandestine meetings with aliens from outer space since at least the 1940s". According to Berlitz "Most of this information is still kept in secret files and in sealed laboratories". Berlitz says these elaborate UFO meetings first started on July 2,1947, when a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. "There are two reasons why this crash has r e m a i n e d a closely guarded secret," claims Berlitz. "One is the obvious military advantage the United States has gamed by learning as much as p o s s i b l e about aerodynamics and inter-planetary travel from this craft." "The other is at the time of the crash there might have been a mass panic if the public had been made officially aware that strange beings from other worlds were visiting us . Berlitz says that President Eisenhower with an appointment to meet with aliens, managed to elude the press entourage following him by having them told he had gone to visit the dentist (Feb. 20. 1954, Meets aliens at Muroc Air base.) "If that were true, the President would have spent 28 hours in the dentist's chair." One thing he managed to do was trace the manner in which the bodies of inter-planetary visitors who crashed at Roswell were routed and s h i p p e d t o v a r i o u s scientific laboratories around the country.

The remains were s h i p p e d to various "Blue Rooms" across the U.S. These Blue Rooms are above Top Secret and are guarded by SOF teams. "The only people who have access to these rooms are presidents and a small number of closely uarded UFO investigators." says Berlitz. "All presidents since the Second World War have been given a thorough briefing on UFOs, and many have even met these space travelers when they come to visit our planet."


On March 25th 1948 a Flying Saucer crashed about 12 miles east of Aztec New Mexico. It was a 100 feet in diameter. General George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, was one of the very first to be told. Marshall immediately called an impromptu meeting with the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, the N a t i o n a l Security Council, and the President. He then contacted the MJ-12 group, and placed IPU (Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit) on Red-Alert." IPU was set-up as the recovery team. General Marshall then contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush. "He told Dr. Bush to organize an impromptu scientific team to accompany the IPU team to the crash site." (In no other country has a scientist ever been given the wartime powers or the funds which were at Dr. Bush's disposal.) Up to 12 dead and charred bodies were found inside the flying disk. Dry

ice and small containers were quickly shipped in for immediate preservation of the bodies. Then they were replaced a few weeks later with liquid-nitrogen refrigeration containers. Some went into super-cryogenic storage, some went to ordinary cryogenic storage. The others went to "be autopsied. Extensive work went into the autopsied aliens, legs were cut in half, skulls were cut open, much information was written down later in "Project Sign Report No. 13" Witnessess later disclosed that U.S. Air Force Officers found dead on board the Aztec crash were ready to be taken on board the mothership. Years later "Project Grudge Report No. 13" also dealt with dead and mutilated Air Force officers, giving credibility to the earlier reports.

"This phenomenon is very large worldwide. It is very upsetting. It has a very ominous quality," said Hopkins.

As some of you know, UFOs have been abducting men and women for sperm and ovum for many years. But now it appears there could be even more to it than that. Consider this following scenerio for example: A man is abducted as he drives down the road, once on board he is routinely electrolocked to the table, and given a needle injection of some unknown serum. He is then turned loose. Later he is reabducted and milked for sperm. Could that serum he was given earlier produce genetically engineered sperm that can secrete medically useful quantities of drugs for the aliens. This type of biotechnological barnyard could produce drugs more rapidly, more cheaply and in greater quantities July 18,1990 than the standard "bioreactor" aproach, in which vats of gene-altered London, England bacteria or culture dishes of human Aliens are abducting our women cells churn out genetically enand stealing their babies, according gineered drugs. to Budd Hopkins a UFO abduction Eggs stolen from a human female expert of 15 years. Mr. Hopkins claims to have docu- could be implanted in another mented over 300 individual cases, in- human female after the egg had been cluding pregnant women whose fertilized by the sperm from the babies "disappeared" after their human pharm-animal --all being U F O a b d u c t i o n , confounding done by the alien Pharmers, suggestgynecologists and the fathers-to-be. ing that we are nothing but "animals MR.. Hopkins told of stories of ab- down on the Pharm." ductees witnessing some strange This is why some women just get sights— such as aliens four feet tall their eggs stolen, while others are with gray skin and big black eyes, implanted with a fertilized egg. Some piles of extraterrestrial corpses and men are made to make love with even half- h u m a n / h a l f - a l i e n alien crossbreed women, while crossbreed babies. others have their sperm taken. Children and young people seemed There is a lot of strange genetic testto be particular targets for the alien ing going on. abductions. 2


To the ancient Egyptians, in the V Dynasty the constellation of Orion was S A H U . hunters, —hunting through the heavens for Gods and men to rip apart and boil for food. The old Empire of Orion has always been a highly competitive race. Their internal aggression has been very hard on them and they want to rule the galaxy as the rightful owners. Orion has had to search for and construct a "Network" after a war wiped out their "DeathStar" called Tyrantor. This planet sized spacecraft had been the capital of an old and decadent Orion Empire of nearby Stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Tyrantor was destroyed about a half million years ago. (If this sounds familiar, Star Wars, the movie, was based on this Orion legend.) After the Empire was destroyed completely only six solar systems with their respective star-suns were left, and they were all in Orion, and became known as The Unholy Six. The rulers of the six solar systems in Orion have rebuilt the Old Empire into a New Galactic Empire with the six solar systems as the centers of their operations. The New Galactic Empire created by Orion is about 500,000 years old. Orion is older; the empire has amassed m a n y riches, and has claimed many treasure planets from which to grab riches— including the earth. The Orion Grays have a very high materialistic intellect and are experts at gaining control over planetary governments by coercion and controlling economies and political powers. But they have very real and serious problems. The natural resources of the Unholy Six are almost exhausted; they have 3

lived on borrowed time for 500,000 years and their end is near. What started out as their fight to gain control has now turned into a struggle for their survival. The situation tor the New Empire becomes more critical every day, and the rulers back home are demanding action. They must have resources! These rulers are not tolerant beings by any means. They tried to take over Earth 230,000 years ago on Lemuria, and again in Atlantis 50,000 years ago where they were then known as the "Atlans". War now rages in the Orion system for new r e s o u r c e s , and they watch...with greedy eyes.. .planet Earth, which is rich in mineral wealth, animals, and human life. The New Galactic Empire of Orion has one powerful earthly goal: conquest, then enslavement of the earth's masses. They have had bases on Earth since the late 1940s and are involved with the abduction of human beings for artificial insemination and interbreeding with other primative humanoids to create a genetic subclass of workers and Advanced Biological Weapons: Super Soldiers.

Soviet scientists attending an international conference on UFOs in Munich, West Germany said that in 1983 Soviet fighter jets had shot down a giant U F O which flew straight at them." "Two MIG 25 fighters intercepted the UFO in a remote region of Azarbaijan in 1983. They fired two rockets when the UFO turned onto a collision course. The wreckage was discovered by two

mushroom pickers who later died apparently from exposure to radiation." The scientists said the incident had been kept quiet by the Soviet military authorities, but documents and a picture of the UFO wreckage had recently been leaked to the press. Dr. Valery Uvarov said: "We have seen the pilot's report. It says the UFO did not explode but turned a bright color and then fell to earth." A leading German scientist at the conference said:" I am usually very skeptical about most UFO stories but this one cannot be treated lightly." Dr. Marina Popovich, a former Soviet Air Force colonel, said: " I believe the military is holding onto something which originated outside our planet."

Richard Shaver has much to say about aliens from outer space. And it is not at all good. A quote: These plagues of space (aliens) are most dangerous when they look like human beings, and when they use their inherited appearance to delude victims into their reach. This pretense of humanity is the vermin's most effective weapon as it disarms the intended victim and lowers his guard until it is too late. "One could do a long book, just by collecting quotes and incidents from ancient writings and myths that show how the Invisible E m p i r e has slaughtered and tormented man, just as they tormented Prometheus for his crime...of helping man.

"We have been slaughtered and enslaved and put upon by the lying, 'non-existent' underworld. "No words can ever put it all right. We are like the horse in 'The Animal Farm' who expects to go to that wonderful place when he is old and tired... but the truck reads 'Glue Factory' no matter what he believes. "You think you know about UFOs. You don't. They are not marvelous people from marvelous planets come to help us in our need. They are evil, furtive, hiding; enslaving the mind from a safe distance with their telaug devices which they never invented, never manufactured... but found on abandoned worlds. They are cannibal slavers from ugly 'Robot-Master' planets." (Deros) (Editor's Note: Here Shaver refers to what he elsewhere calls DEROS (detrimental robots), a name attributed to subterraneans who are believed to be descendants of ancestorial alien grays who have maintained underground bases on earth for many centuries while progressively deteriorating over time to become truly demented creatures even demonic beings. The return to earth of extraterrestrial grays during recent decades suggests no affection from the new grays for the old Deros, but instead a strong hostility between the two alien cultures. It is not clear whether Shaver, referring above to the Deros, has any special knowledge of the extraterrestrial grays who arrived more recently in this century. He appears to think they are both the same.)

Robert Barry states: " On the 30th of March 1977, a Western Union Mailgram was sent to the 20th Century UFO Bureau of which I am director. It was dispatched by a film corporation in the Western United States. "They were seeking information on UFOs for a major motion picture to be based on fact but dramatized by professional actors. "The data they most d e s i r e d centered on three areas: "1. Government contact with UFOs. "2. The Government's withholding of evidence. "3. Information on UFO crashes and the withholding of that information by the government from the public. "It was in the latter category that I would be able to supply them the desired material needed for such a film. As a result, I made contact with them and was flown to one of their major offices at which time I presented the material. "The material involved a crashed UFO in the State of New Mexico during the year of 1962. An outline of the c o m p l e t e incident was prepared and submitted for their consideration. "Many facets of the case were listed, including: the tracking of the UFO on Military radarscopes in the southwestern United States, an intercept mission undertaken, the performance of the space craft which indicated flight difficulty and the crash of the vehicle some 80 miles south of Holloman Air Force Base.

"The size and basic description of the craft was given along with the discovery of two alien cadavers within the craft. I also verified for the corporation where the bodies were eventually taken for scientific study, details of their body structure, and what happened to the spacecraft. "The contract was mailed to me on June 17, 1977. By the time I received the contract and reviewed it and made my call to him, it was around June 20th or later. "I was, at this point, just a few days away from receiving a letter with a heading which read: 'Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D . C . ' It was dated 6/30/1977. I was informed that recent reports received from CIA field representatives indicated I had received information I shouldn't have. "The letter in part said the following: 'A check of your file in the Domestic Collection Division of the U F O records center does not indicate you were ever cleared to receive crypto material.' "The CIA letter indicated they were aware of the two motion picture companies in the process of producing a film on crashed UFOs and government suppression. I was told the following: 'Neither of these companies is receiving cooperation on their respective projects from this agency.' "This would seem to indicate that the cooperation of the Central Intelligence Agency was needed if either of the film companies were to release such a film on this particular phase of the UFO subject. "Not only that, but I was further informed that the 'Director of Central Intelligence (DCI-July-77 Stanfield Turner} is totally opposed to disclosures about UFOs at the present time' and that the data on the crashed UFO case of 1962 'Is not releasable to the public until certain conditions are brought about by Presidential announcements.' 5

sider an article in Saga Magazine, July/70, by Peter Guttilla: The Article is called 'UFOs-The Future Of Civilization is at stake', page 76. He states: "These assailants, the notorious Men in Black, do exist. Among their objectives are the absolute control and regulation of political, financial, religious and scientific institutions and information. They're ordered to seize, by force if necessary, all new devices which parallel or threaten their technological supremacy. They will harass, coerce and steal from inventors, researchers, and scientists whom they consider dangerously meddlesome, along with every piece of information leading to the exposure of their furtive deeds and doings. It's reported they will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. Due to the nature of the "conspiracy" the MIB (operatives) are forbidden to know the whos, whys or wherefores of their superiors. Within their "employ" is a veritable army of thugs, thieves and assorted lackeys as well as highly trained intelligence "officers" and field investigators. It is also known, via detailed data analysis, that they've perfected an advanced form of telepathic communication and travel—they can instantaneously move and communicate between themselves and their leaders both on Earth AND ELSEWHERE! In short, their methods insure incredibly accurate intelligence surveillance and espionage! They have b e e n seen, s p o k e n with and photographed--the evidence is irrefutable. This must be said here too, because this will come up: In 1976 Trevor J. Constable said..." Hostility on the part of certain UFOs is another factor that must find its place in a comprehensive UFO theory. Establishment ufology has a blind spot here. This aspect of the UFO problem has been steadily resisted, despite the evidence that aircraft

"Then came the real hair-raiser. The letter stipulated that since I had received unauthorized information, 'the Director hereby requests your presence at CIA Headquarters, in Langley, Virginia at 9:00 a.m. on the 8th of July, 1977.' "Later on Mr. Berry received yet another letter which stated that the first letter had not been 'authorized' and not to worry. Mr. Berry then called the CIA (as he was told not to in the first letter) and his meeting with the DCI was cut. The first film corporation quit on July 15, 1977 and did not meet any of their goals. "The second film company also quit and neither company completed their original undertaking of (1) releasing a non-fiction motion picture film on crashed UFOs in the United States or (2) of the suppression of such cases by the government from the public."

If a "War of the Worlds" would take place, a master plan by the various nations and intelligence agencies would have been in the works for some time. For example, the Eisenhower Briefing Document, (18th Nov,1952) on page 005, last sentence states: "At the same time, contingency plan MJ-1949-04P/78 (Top Secret - Eyes Only) should be held in continued readiness should the need to make a public announcement present itself" MJ-12 and their secret teams have been aware of manned-alien UFOs for 50 years. To give you some idea about what MJ-12 is up against, con6

have been destroyed in the air—and sometimes kidnapped complete with crew." If there is an Invisible Empire which owns this world with an invisible hierarchy and our governments know about it, they would want to keep it from the people for many reasons. Not only would the best minds in the world be needed for analyzing such a situation, but a long-lasting Strategic plan would need to coordinate the Unified Defense Commands and Commander-in- Chiefs of all the world's nations.( All under a cloak of MJ-12.) The worst case scenario would be if the secret-world MJ-12 leaders found out that in order to survive, they would have to make a doomsday bomb along with an SDI project to keep the aliens away, or set up an off-planet Deep Underground Mountain Base on Mars, or Venus. A planetary space defense facility has been constructed as a direct result of the WW-II, UFO problem. Its more than 5 miles underground. It is called the Joint Defense Space Research Facility, and its primary responsibility is for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Its original function was to execute research and the development of Space Defense Technology. Both of these agencies do super-advanced research on flying platforms of all kinds, ray weapons, atomic-drive units etc. There are also 95 other DUMBs (deep underground mountain bases) around the U.S. Between trying to keep up with their goals for a long range plan of strategic operations and at the same time trying to fight the alien security systems of advanced reconnaissance machines, they also have to keep the people unaware as to what is going on. To put it another way, if you knew EVERYTHING MJ-12 knew about aliens and UFOs you might "Die of Shock". Our universe is not a 7

friendly place by any means. It is loaded with all kinds of aliens with no morals, filthy from their old diseased ways. They look for a planet stupid enough to let such diseased filth come to it. However...This strategic MJ-12 based plan would be in short a plan for a super war. A "War of the Worlds" fought on our world with a time table already set for the future. A war like this would have to be fought almost at the last moment to allow for the technology to catch up with proposed ideas on the drawing board. You would also want to make sure that a remnant of people survived. (In this case we're talking about Presidents. Vice Presidents, their families, ana all other VIPs and chiefs of the project. It would follow that any unskilled workers needed will come from other remaining survivors, but that key leaders need to be protected.) Many secret and covert weapons have had to be built and maintained with countless billions or maybe trillions of dollars. These may be hidden, worked upon, and maintained in Deep Underground Mountain Bases here in the U.S. and offshore. (Some of these weapons are quite powerful and cannot be discharged just anywhere for testing.) An example of a small weapons package on the open market right now of particular military significance might include: (J) Truck- mounted mobile stations with parabolic reflectors that enable long-range radio communications regardless of ground contour, (2) Robotic TankKiller-ATAS (Automatic Target Acquisition System), (3) Wide-Area Mine (WAM), (Warn listens for the acoustic signature of enemy tank, then fires shaped-charge armor-piercing submunition unit) (4) Advanced remote-controlled mini helicopters equipped with TV cameras and other sensors.

S e l f - c o n t a i n e d fighting Exo(5) Hypersonic air-to-air missiles. Skeletons serve as the army foot-sol(6) Seastreak, short-range SAM anti- dier; the suit is made with an missile system, which could be bolted electromagnetic anti- personnel on a semi-truck, range 1500 miles, and weapon which will activate by itself if the soldier is hit, and fire at the in(7) A six barrelled version of the coming enemy. But there is still GECAL 50 Gatling gun, which can much more. fire a rate of 4,000 rounds/minute. For as General Douglas MacArthur Long-haul truckers have been said on Oct 9, 1955,...."The nations of among the first to use meteor burst the world will have to unite - for the communications systems, a techni- next war will be an interplanetary que that extends the range of VHF war. The nations of the earth must signals to 1200 miles by bouncing someday make a common front them over the horizon off of 50-to against attack by people from other 75-mile-high streamers of ionized planets." gas that the meteors leave behind. In Short: a secret war is already As you read this a resurgence of being waged against the evil aliens research in nuclear propulsion is here on this planet. Another way of u n d e r way in U.S. civil space saying this is that MJ-12 has plans for programs. Aviation Week & Space any c o n c e i v a b l e contingency, Technology recently detailed the ac- whether from mass landings or even tivity and reported that a key White a single a flying saucer crashing in a House panel called the "Synthesis city. Group" will strongly recommend nuclear rockets for a manned mission to Mars. The reactor fuel pellets measure 0.5 mm. in diameter and are composed of a kernel of a uranium and carbon alloy, coated by layers of carbon and a sealant. A covering of zirconiumcarbide prevents a chemical reaction with the hydrogen rocket fuel. The U.S. Army's Special Operations Force (SOF) teams now have two new helicopters for SOF. Boeing's new MH-47E Chinook will enable the "Night Stalkers" of the 160th SOF Aviation Regiment to fly deep penetration, covert missions at night with a 90% probability of sucÂŹ cess. Sikorsky MH-60K i n t e g r a t e d avionics system (IAS) is almost identical to the MH-47E. The avionics package is designed specifically for night operations in hostile territory; it i n c l u d e s laser c a n n o n s . Electrothermochemical ( E T C ) weapons use pulses to vaporize fluid behind the projectile; expanding plasma then drives the shell forward.

UFO flights over Europe and the Middle East are, in normal times, usually near NATO and Russian military bases, or busy seaports. In crisis periods, such as the 19671973 Israeli-Arab wars, UFO sightings increase dramatically in the war zones. During the 1973 Arab oil embargo, UFOs appeared in great numbers around Mediterranean seaports. UFO flights over France were so numerous early in 1974 that French Defense Secretary Robert Galley, fearing a UFO attack, put the nation on an unofficial alert. A few weeks later, he told his countrymen that flying saucers are real and may be considered a threat to earth until proven otherwise. A Russian military outpost in the Kouril Island fired all its anti-aircraft batteries at a flitting UFO on July 24,

1957. The craft nimbly dodged the deadly barrage. UFOs appeared over the embattled Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. U.S. jets constantly scrambled to the scene, but the objects of course evaded pursuit. Jets fired on them, and in one tragic mishap, an Australian ship offshore took a direct hit from a U.S. jet firing at, but missing, a UFO. Sighting over Tito's Yugoslavia in 1971 were so widely documented by the citizenry that a nationwide observation network was set up and given top military priority. It reported that: "The UFO Intelligences are carrying out a strategic surveillance of important military and industrial movements. "The flight channels are over every country, forming an identifiable surveillance system, which increases during periodic crises such as the Mid-East flareups. "The fact that UFOs so obviously have the so-called powder keg areas under constant surveillance is sufficient evidence of their unfriendly intent." In 1975 a question was put to Major Donald Keyhoe suggesting that all this UFO government cover-up was just a normal military run-around and that there was no secret UFO cover-up. Major Keyhoe replied, "...Well that shows a lack of understanding of the defense department, because a long time ago a number of officers said that if UFOs are real, this is a serious problem. General Nathan Twining is one of them. They do not have ordinary investigations, they have a special project set up which was labeled SECRET, and I have talked with men who were in it, like Major Dewey Fournet, who was the headquarter's monitor for the whole thing. "He drew up an evaluation, based on hundreds of cases, which said they were extraterrestrial spaceships. Al-

most anybody who was assigned like that got the evidence and gave his opinion of it. Such investigators are not familiar with all the sources."

The first or most important thing the hostile aliens don't want you to know is that a spiritualized human with a strong metaphysical background is just pure anathema to their Invisible Empire. (Know any?) Because in one sense if you're going to understand the history of the world on a metaphysical level, you're going to run right into these aliens on many different time scales. They don't want you to know their history, from whence they come or who they are. These left-hand path aliens don't want you to know that for the most part they consider you cattle, to be used as such. Like an animal down on the pharm. To them this planet is like one big atmosphere enclosed terrarium. Full of food and things to exploit. From their words this place is one big "refrigerator planet." And they have been Keeping a watch on this world for thousands of years. Collecting humans for their goals and purposes. As Richard Shaver said "...We are all slaves, and worse than slaves, we are de-brained a thing the UFO come and go for...something that hates all earthmen like poison. That "something" is a creature that KNOWS the Vermineers's work of old...that based on earth long ago.


"They are idiot things, not friends, but vermin from ugly holes in space where life has been degenerating for ages. They are 'Robot-Masters' who don't even know enough to care for their 'cattle'." The aliens don't want you to know anything about them. If they did, they would have made themselves known long a g o . But a b d u c t i o n s by manned-UFOs, cattle and human mutilations, UFO-monster attacks, shanghaied ships and planes with crews, are all a big tip-oft of the alien agenda for the human race. H E A D L N E - C O L M N = INVISIBLE UFOS Among the respected experts who have discovered startling evidence that aliens can make themselves and their spacecraft - invisible at will is Dr. Henry Monteith, a top enineering physicist who works for Sandia Laboratories, one of the most important laboratories doing classified nuclear research for the government. Dr. Monteith has also been studying space phenomena for 20 years and says: "There is ample evidence from many sources that space people can make themselves invisible, as well as their spacecraft. It follows that more aliens are visiting us without being seen than we have dreamed of before." The eminent physicist cited these dramatic examples that indicate space people can visit earth and remain totally invisible: * At Dulce, N. Mex., a group of people, gathered at the scene of a mysterious cow mutilation, confessed to each other that they felt an eerie sense of being watched. When photographs taken moments later were developed, they showed two spacecraft hovering nearby - although none of the group had seen anything unusual.


* In Taos, New Mexico, a group of party goers suddenly had an overwhelming feeling that someone was watching them. Minutes later, the group spotted a glowing, hovering * A father who took a photograph of his young daughter in England had the film developed - and inexplicably found t h e image of a s u i t e d spaceman standing behind her.

Close encounters have already taken place between the U.S. government and aliens, and there is a massive propaganda effort already underway that is designed to inc r e a s e public a c c e p t a n c e and prepare the American public for visitors from outer space, says UFO expert Robert D. Barry. We are being "conditioned", according to Barry, and when the government feels we are ready for it, the president will reveal all to the American people. An ultra-secret plan has already been formulated for the first announcement that we've already been in contact with UFOs! "There are still a number of movies and television programs to be released. The next step is to tell people about crashed UFOs, and movies about this will be along very shortly. "When the government makes the first announcement, it will either come from the president, his top aides in the White House, or senior officials in the Department of Defense.

"When the main announcement is made in the U.S., announcements will be made simultaneously by all the countries who have signed the secret U F O information-sharing agreement. "We're not going to get the full story right from the start," said Barry. "They don't want to cause mass panic. They're going to take very careful surveys to see now the public takes it."

UFO aliens from outer space may be d e s c e n d e d from s u p e r - s m a r t dinosaurs like the behemoths that roamed the earth millions of years ago. That's the startling theory of Dr. Dale Russell, one of the world's leading experts on dinosaurs, who also believes that if the giant monsters had not become extinct, they instead of man, would have become the dominant intelligent species on this planet. "It is quite legitimate to assume that on other planets dinosaurs lived on to become humanoid beings with the high intelligence necessary for interplanetary travel." Dr. Russell is chief of paleontology at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, Canada. He has even created a model of what the dinosaur might look like after millions of years of evolution. And the hairless, earless, human-looking c r e a t u r e b e a r s an uncanny resemblance to drawings done by people who claim to have had encounters with UFOs. Dr. Russell's controversial theory is based on excavations in Alberta that turned up a skull of one of the smallest dinosaurs which weighed only 90

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lbs. but apparently had a brain seven times larger than other known dinosaurs. And, more importantly, the creature had the same opposable thumb and fingers that were vital to man's evolution from monkeys, he said. "It was one of the smartest creatures on earth at the time and had the same evolutionary capacity that led to mankind. I feel that inevitably evolution would have led it to take a nearhuman form." Dr. Russell's discovery has convinced him that previous theories of them being stupid, lumbering creatures were wrong. "I believe dinosaurs were the victims of some catastrophe, perhaps a meteor or comet. And this is what caused them to disappear. They had been the dominant creatures on earth for 100 million years and now we have proof that they had continued to evolve into intelligent creatures so the only explanation for their disappearance is some disaster." "Here we have a creature that was standing upright on its hind legs and was right on the same evolutionary path that led to human beings. Astonishing though it may seem, I believe that it would have been forced by the evolutionary process to take human form had it been left to develop." Dr. Russell, who is now doing dinosaur research at the University of California at Berkeley, believes the dinosaurs that disappeared from earth may have lived on — on other worlds in outer space. During 1948 a secret underground room in central California was used to hide a live alien creature from outer space. A doctor and specialist in herpetology, (the study of reptiles) along with his nurse were taken to this location, somewhere near Bishop, California, to do an examination.

The nurse thought that the alien was "The initial steps of an almost invery frightening, in appearance, in credible program to solve the secret that it looked very human, but rep- of gravity and universal gravitation tilian at the same time. The nurse are being taken today in many of later said "It must have originated America's top scientific laboratories from the pits of hell!" (The reptoids and research centers... like warm areas.) "...the current efforts to understand gravity and universal gravitation both at the sub-atomic level and at the level of the Universe have the positive backing today of many of America's outstanding physicists. 'These include: Dr. Edward Teller of the University of California, who received prime credit for developing Most people who know of Dr. Ed- the hydrogen bomb; Dr. J. Robert ward Teller will tell you he was the Oppenheimer, director of the Infather of the hydrogen bomb, but stitute for Advanced Study at Printhat describes only his early career ceton; Dr. Freeman J. Dyson, a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s . J o h n Lear theoretical physicist at the Institute, recently told the world that Dr. Ed- and Dr. John A. Wheeler, professor ward Teller was the man behind the of physics at Princeton University, defense shield for weapons against who made important contributions the aliens. to America's first nuclear fission Bob Lazar also said that it was Dr. project." Edward Teller who brought him into the ONI-Area 51 location in Nevada to work on saucers. According to Stan Deyo, author of The Cosmic Conspiracy Dr. Edward Teller has worked in close association with more than fifty U.S. antigravity research programs since 1948. Stan Deyo, said "In my last meeting In May of 1974 the Nation Review with Dr. Maxfield in America in a national Australian newspaper 1971, I was told about various other said. "The Pine Gap research facility research projects in America which near Alice Springs has managed to had been or were under the watchful keep secret, until now, one of the eye of Dr. Edward Teller. Dr. Max- most unbelievable research projects field told me how he and Ed Teller in the world. had 'sponsored other young minds' "The United States has been carry(like mine) in the pursuits of the ing out continuous research into secrets of the gravitational ener- electromagnetic propulsion (EMP gy...It was mind-boggling. He went for short) at Pine Gap since it was on to say that there had been over established." fifty 'anti-gravity research projects in the U.S. since 1948." Bob Lazar said that mind control programs were used on him when he On November 20, 1955, the New worked at A-51. York Herald Tribune has an article called "Conquest of Gravity Aim of He states, "...Security aspects of the EMP project have included hypnotic Top Scientists In U.S." It stated: and post hypnotic Keys implanted in personnel prior to their acceptance

of about $1,500,000.00 - what was done with it??? "Sewell was sent by the government on a secret mission to several foreign c o u n t r i e s and then to Australia where an attempt was made on his life. He miraculously escaped, and did get back to the US, incognito. However he had been injured, and died March 4, 1966. "A Mr. Cole, who was in on the secret, was found slain in his hotel room. Virginia Russell was found dead in her apartment and death was attributed to a heart attack. President John F. Kennedy, who was cognizant of the facts, was assassinated."

into the project. It is likely, however, t h a t t h i s t e c h n i q u e has b e e n replaced now that it is known that a side effect of LSD and other hallucinogenics is to remove partial hypnosis effects." Stan Deyo suggests the U.S. has use of alien technology, saying that," According to several eye-witnesses, white disks about 30 feet in diameter with 'U.S. Air Force' markings have been ferried into Australia inside large, military air transports...which have landed at one or the other of the two airports servicing Pine Gap." Bill Cooper in his "the Secret Government" report said that "At some point President Kennedy discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens." Robert Kennedy was a card carrying member of Gabrial Green's UFO group.

Following is a strange letter to Gray Barker from (name witheld). " To Whom It May Concern: Dr. George Russell and William R. Sewell disembarked July 1, 1962. from, or near Shreveport, La., and remained in space, visiting Mars, Clarion, and various planets until Dr. Russell became ill. "He succumbed to brain fever on Oct. 11, 1962, and was buried by Sewell on one of the planets. Sewell' then brought the craft back alone, landing at Miami, FL, Oct. 23, 1962. "Virginia, Dr. Russell's wife, met the ship in Miami, and the scientific k n o w l e d g e , p h o t o s and other materials Brought back were turned over to t h e g o v e r n m e n t in Washington, D.C. 'The 'Dr. Russell Spacecraft,' which Dr. and Virginia Russell had built at their own expense - at a cost

Did Hitler really escape to a large Antarctic underground super- city, with enormous underground complexes? Or did he go out the other way? The Nazi High Command first started going to Neu-Schwabenland, Antarctica in 1938. Their first research ship was called in 1938 "Schwabenland". These Top level commands outfitted the research ship: The German Naval High Command; The German Air Force High Command; The Reichs Finance Ministry; The Reichs Ministry for Food and AgricultureLufthansa; The Norddeutsche Lloyd Shipping Company, a quasi-government steamship company; and The Deutsche Werft, Hamburg a shipyard, engaged in top secret navel

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construction including the latest submarines and surface vessels. The expedition was commanded by Captain Alfred Richter to the coast due south of South Africa, to Queen Maud Land. Two seaplanes were catapulted from the deck of the German aircraft carrier, Schwabenland. They mapped oyer 230,000 square miles from the air. They found vast regions which were surprisingly free of ice. Warm water lakes, and many cave inlets. After the ground expedition got started it was discovered that huge tunnels had been made in the ice of the glacier, one of which extended over thirty kilometers. It was this tunnel which went deep under the glacier to a large, hot water lake with steam-vent holes in the ground. The Deutsche Antarktische Expedition team explorers from the "Schwabenland brought many different teams with them. There were hunters, trappers, collectors and zoologists, b o t a n i s t s , agriculturalists, plant specialists, micologists, parasitologists, marine biologists, ornithologists, and many others. After all the data was gathered, the deep underground construction teams came pouring in to the r e n a m e d "Neu-Schwabenland". They came on cargo ships, military transport ships, and submarines. After the deep underground construction teams were done, the next thing to bring in were the major supples to support such a underground city. The cargo ships going to NeuSchwabenland were protected by a host of killer-submarines and military ships. Any ship that even came close to the shipping routes from South Africa to Antarctica were destroyed by the German Uboats. After all the goods were brought, the VIPs and scientists started to show up with a compliment of ULTRA, a highly specialized Nazi SS team like our MJ-12.

ULTRA was always in control of Antarctica. After the base was set up and all the VIPs were in place the next things that the Nazis worked on were secret weapons projects for the defense of Neu-Schwabenland for the protection of their antarctic DUMB (Deep Underground Mountain Base). Then around the beginning of 1945 Hitler and Eva were loaded on board a German sub on their way to NeuSchwabenland, their first stop after a long underwater voyage was Argentina. Hitler and Eva departed from the sub at the time. Eva was dressed in Hitler's German uniform, they then went to a German stronghold not far from where they landed. Lower echelon SS troops ran a tight security for Hitler and Eva. They stayed just long enough for the sub to reload and gas up and for Hitler to give his speech on the New Fourth Reich to all his men who had escaped from Germany. Then the sub pulled out with Hitler and Eva to Neu-Schwabenland. Hitler used a genetic double to elude the world, they used a human double for Eva. Eva's teeth did not match the files that they had on the body they found in the bunker. Hitler's teeth matched those of the duplicate Hitler, but later Hitler's picture was taken when he was seen walking off a gang plank from a sub that had just pulled up at a submarine base in Argentina and Eva was walking right behind him in Hitler's military uniform. By this time Hitler should have been dead, but he was hot! Just before the end of the war, two German provision U-boats, U-530 and U-977, were launched from a port on the Baltic Sea. Reportedly they took with them members of the flying saucer r e s e a r c h teams. (ULTRA) the last of the most vital flying saucer components, the notes and drawings for the saucer, and the designs for the gigantic underground complexes a n d living accommo-


dations based on the remarkable underground factories of Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains. The two Uboats duly reached the new land of Neu-schwabenland where they unloaded everything. There is much more to this story. very much more, but for now I will stop here, but I will tell you this much. Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd did not go to Neu-Schwabenland and dock there on January 27, 1947 with thirteen ships, two seaplane tenders, an aircraft carrier, six twoengine R4D transports, six Martin PBM flying boats, six helicopters and a staggering total of 4,000 men for nothing, and many of Byrd's men were lost to the secret war of NeuSchwabenland.

In England where UFOs now are being seen everywhere, over 2,000 crop-circles have occurred. The Reptoids are coming back to their old base locations in England, like Bromfield Dragon, Aller Dragon, Dragon of Bures, Henham Dragon, Dragon of Loschy, etc. There are about 50 of these Dragon holes all around England, They are either very deep lakes or shallow lakes, caves which lead underground, or sea caves, (there are 18,000 discoid shaped mounds in England alone, shaped like flying saucers.)

Satanism - that is to say the religion of the dragon as opposed to the religion of the disc - seems to have been contemporaneous in Babylon and Bronze Age Britain. In both countries it was probably practiced by minority groups and became official only in times of decadence. The Aesculapian Serpent - as the god was called, (which looks like a dragon-man) - is shown on a carving at Pompeii and is unlike anything known to herpetologists. It had verAmmianus Marcellinus of Rome tical humps going up its spine and describes the standard as 'purpure- snail-like horns, exactly like the monum signum draconis'. (dragon-devil sters in Scotland and Ireland. It is worship) When Julius Caesar ap- hideous. It has a shovel- like mouth, peared in full regalia as the Pontifex bulging eyes and tentacles or senMaximus he was dressed in reddish- sory-organs hanging on each side of purple robes, the same as the Per- the face. gamite dragon- priests. Around 400 years ago at the estate Dragon-worship persisted in Rome called Mow near Hawick in Roxbefore and long after Christianity burghshire, England, there in the chronicles of the Laird of Mow was had been proclaimed. the following: Dragon-worship had various appeals. The believer was bound by no " At the seaside at Bamburgh there rigid moral code. But obviously the was no kind of fish taken for the Pergamites had some sort of social space of two years, but the sea made code otherwise their community a great roaring and frightful noise would hardly have survived for 400 which was beyond the customary or years. Another appeal was that usual noise; so it chanced at the nigh Satan, on earth, was said to be more spring (tide) that a terrible beast was cast ashore dead of the size of a man. powerful than the God of heaven. No man could imagine anything In fact the evidence appears to sug- more terrible, with horns on its head, gest, that while the Disc was being red eyes in a shapeless face, with worshiped in most parts of the world webbed hands and feet, and a great a parallel and separate group existed rump (or tail) hanging down to the which worshiped dragons. ground; it wasted and stank so that 15

in a short time no man or beast could come near it, but all the countryside saw it before (this happened), and many conceived great fear and terror at its appearance a long time after: it was called a sea devil Witness the Laird of Mow." Around these Dragon holes are about 9 different types of dragonmen, and many types and sizes of the dragon-beast variety. The large dragon-beasts could be used for huge underwater watch-dogs to protect their Deep Underwater mountain Base. (DUMB-2) This might sound silly at first, until you understand that the alien technology that we're faced with is many thousands of years ahead of us in genetic research. It might be as easy For them to take a salamander egg and grow it up to make a amphibious c r e a t u r e 100 feet long with a programmable brain for "here boy", and "sic'em", as for us if we take the same egg and grow it to its normal size. In either case, the Dragon-men from their dragon holes or up on their saucers are very evasive and devious in all their activities and have been that way since 3,500 B.C. The Reptoid Dragon men are very satanic and sadistic in their cold and cruel wickedness, they have always used humans for their own ends, and are probably the dragons mentioned in the Bible: Psalm 74:13 "Thou brakest the heads of the dragons in the waters." Nehemiah 3:13 "And I went out by night by the gate of the valley, even before the dragon well," In occult history we find out there is Typhon-Dragon (the malignant Great Serpent of Babylonia, the author of wickedness.) The crocodile is the Egyptian dragon, (This dragon is interested in space travel.) There is the Alpha Draconis of the Pyramid, where the reptoids are said to come from.

Then we have the Hindu-Buddhist d r a g o n s (yes t h e r e a r e many others!). But worst of all are the Azure-Dragons. And here lies the secret of the Reticulum-Dragon connection. The onboard personnel, and commanders of the Zeta ships wear the symbol of the winged dragon or winged serpent. As I said before these symbols are the oldest in the world and is known in occult c i r c l e s as the symbols of the Azures...the Archangels of Evil. They are the bringers of "Cosmic Evil". As Rudolf Steiner tells the story about the Azures, is that they are super demons who do all sorts of ghastly things to humans on the astral plane, to give you a ghastly example would be to say that the Azures can use a mans sexual energy (not sperm) accompanied with his wrong thinking and make baby demons in the astral plane in pods. I would think that they are later placed in genetic half-breeds that the other side of their team working in physical areas, (such as in the alien genetic experimental laboratories in Dulce, New Mexico, and are working on). All Cosmic Evil full Initiates are called "Dragons", "Snake", and "Naga". They are responsible for splitting the atom, hence their spaceships use split-atom fuel. Ephesians 6:11-12 warns: " Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Could it be that earlier contact with extraterrestrial Draconian Reptoids helped cause humanity's belief in devils and demons? Even Lucifer was said to have been a serpent. Were these Reptilian demons from the constellation of Draco? The constellation of Draco was called 16

"The Dragon Constellation" on ear- monsters attacked a herd of goats, or lier astronomical maps. a flock of sheep, they took away several animals at a time... "...These monsters passed from the land and went into Arxanene (southern Armenia) and they ravaged the villages there... The manuscript then lists several villages and areas invaded by the frightening horde of marauding monsters. What Do We Know In a weekly newspaper Garbwal about Bigfoot Samacbar, in the Chamoli district. The leader of the Syrian Jacobites in India, summer of 1965, Chamoli had the 8th century a u t h o r e d The been plagued by grisly raids by "wickChronicon, and in this scroll con- ed wild men" who kidnap women and tains a bigfoot encounter, which hap- carry them into the hills. "No woman pened in ancient Iraq. ever returns." "A.D. 774: Before the reign of Villagers who have continued to Emperor Leo IV. there raged a plague that was followed by the ap- fight the invasion of weird creatures, pearance of frightening and terrify- claim they are muscular, flat-nosed, ing animals who feared nothing and covered with hair and their fingers touch their knees when they stand no one. "A little like wolves they were, but erect. their faces were small and long and And a doctor who tended to the they had long ears. The shin on their wounds of a Communist rebel in spines resembled that of a pig." Sumatra in the early 50's said: "The "These enigmatic animals com- rebels were hiding in caves up in the mitted great crimes on the people in Barissan mountains when a sentry the Abdin Rock region, near Hoh. they posted in front of the cave was They devoured more than a hundred gone. The next night, the sentry they people in some villages and from posted started screaming, they saw a twenty, forty, to fifty in others...they bigfoot type creature "frightening" were fearless of man. If a man should carrying him into the woods. He pursue them, in no ways did the screamed for ten minutes, then nothmonsters become scared and flee. ing. Instead, they turned on their pur"In the morning, after standing off suers. If a man loosed his weapon on a monster, it leaped on the man and another bigfoot creature, the rebels made a search for the missing sentry. tore him to bits. "These monsters broke into houses We found his body, His neck was and yards, seized and kidnapped broken. Something had eaten almost children and no one dared to offer 20 to 30 pounds of flesh from his any kind of resistance. They climbed corpse." in the night onto terraces, stole Whoever or what ever these huge children from their beds and went off creatures are, there are many stories without opposition. When they ap- of them trying to abduct humans. p e a r e d , even dogs w e r e t o o One man put three 45. calibre slugs frightened to bark. "...the country suffered a terrible ex- in a bigfoot at point blank, "where his perience, worse than it had ever heart was I thought, and he didn't even known. Men were frightened to move go back from the shots. This clear about. Cattle vanished from the fields liquid came out instead of blood from ... consumed by these dreaded the three shots. He took off running monsters. Indeed, when one of these 17

after that, and I still had another 27 Earth's atmosphere by outer-space rounds in my mag. I went over and put craft, just as a gasoline engine rea small stick in that liquid I told you leases deadly carbon monoxide as a about and it was just a little bit heavier by-product of its propulsion system. than water, there was about 3 or 4 Dr. Reich arrived in Tucson on Occups of it there on the ground." (1973) tober 29, 1954, and set up his desert base which Reich named "Little Orgonon," eight miles north of Tucson. Even before any DOR-removal operations were begun, UFOs were observed in the night sky. Reich further noted that on days following the a p p e a r a n c e of U F O s , DORprevalence was most severe! Atmospheric DOR appeared less severe if there were no UFOs in the sky. This connection between the presence of UFOs and the severity of atmospheric DOR was to be made again and again. Continued observations of the nightly activity of UFOs firmly estabTHE GREAT 1954 lished Reich's contention that DOR, ALIEN/HUMAN WAR inability of clouds to form or to grow, and desert development were the direct result of Outer Space InAT TUCSON, truders! There was no escaping the grim and shocking fact that - believe ARIZONA it or not - Earthmen were at war with Phase One: a planetary invader! In Official UFO, (magazine) October, 1975, Jerome Eden described Dr. Reich had truck mounted cloudhow UFO research scientist Dr. Wil- busters as well as ground based helm Reich actually disabled several cloudbusters to fight off the UFOs. UFOs over the Rangeley, Maine, On November 28, 1954 Reich was area. This event was reported to top- using a refracting telescope and saw level personnel of the U.S. Air Force a cigar-shaped "structure" with two Air Technical Intelligence Com- distinct "portholes" on it. Backmand in Dayton, Ohio, on Oct. 15, ground radiation counts around Lit1954. tle Orgonon went up to 100 counts Dr. Reich put up $500,000 dollars of per minute on the Geiger counters. his own money to combat the The cigar-craft stayed around for manned-alien UFOs. seven days sending out smaller disc Dr. Reich invented a "Cloudbuster" shaped UFOs. Then on December in which to draw DOR from the 6, 1954, Little Orgonon was attacked clouds (Deadly Orgone Radiation) by a DOR-Ray beam from the cigarbut found that it would also draw craft which shot up the radiation cosmic energy from the alien (UFO) count on the Geiger counter to becraft and they would try to escape, tween 400 and 800 cpms! The Geiger they would wobble as if they were counter was still up on the 7th, the going to fall from the sky, or their next day, on the 8th the smaller fights would dim or fade out al- UFOs started their assault but the together. Cloudbuster (weapons) operators Dr. Reich later found out that the stood their ground and only one man UFOs were deliberately pouring this was hurt. And on the 9th the cigardeadly material into our atmosphere as part of a heretofore unnoticed kind of interplanetary warfare. That DOR was the "exhausted" cosmic1 8 energy that was being spewed into

ship took off. However... Reich considered the strong possibility that UFOs must somehow require a DOR atmosphere for their operations! Phase Two: At the Tucson Municipal Airport at 8:25 a.m. on December 14, 1954 A very special package came for Dr. Reich, it was called OPUR for orgone-irradiated nuclear material. OPUR becomes highly excited in metal of any kind. Outside a metal box (one needle) Dr. Reich got a count of 7,000 cpm, but inside a metal box the count went to 163,840 cpm. Plus it was a kind of anti-radiation which turned things young and healthy instead of old and decaying. ( Dr. Reich took the ORUR and placed it within a metal box, near the BX cable connectors on his cloudbusters. Only two to five seconds of exposure was needed of ORUR to eradicate the DOR that UFOs continued to generate around Orgonon.) But as soon as the plane came to a stop at the end of the runway on the morning of December 14, 1954, Witnesses on hand noted that approximately 30 flares were seen dropped over the region! Then like a plan coming together the staff coming back from Tucson were getting DOR-sickness. Then the citizens of Tucson appeared quite ill; they acted lethargic and moved with great difficulty. Observers at Little Orgonon then noticed A HUGE BLACK CLOUD which seemed to be emanating from the Tucson area. The cloud rose up into the sky with frightening intensity, changing to a purplish color tinted with a reddish glow - colors usually associated with an extremely high amount of radioactivity. Reich's monitoring Geiger counters recorded MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RADIOACTIVITY! The situation was critical. The UFO assault was on.


Dr. Reich then went to Red-Alert. R e i c h a l e r t e d his " s p a c e g u n ' operators to fire on the black cloud that was less than 10 miles away, one "spacegun" was directed to draw from the zenith, thus lessening the effects from any UFO overhead. Air Force planes were now flying repeatedly over Reich's camp, their jet vapor trails quenched in the DOR atmosphere, all staff members suffered severely from the strong DOR assault with muscular fibrillation, inability to function, pains, weakness and nausea. Once the O R U R "spaceguns" started drawing from the giant D O R cloud over Tucson, the noxious cloud began to shrink visibly, and after a prolonged drawing operation it disappeared altogether. It became quite apparent to all that this battle had been fought under the eyes of the U.S. Air Force when, soon thereafter, A FLIGHT OF B-56 BOMBERS BUZZED LITTLE ORGONON, FLYING IN FORM A T I O N IN A G R A T E F U L SALUTE! A few hours later, background G-M counts fell again to normal. This was a frightening UFO attack with a number of Tucson-area residents succumbing, during this assault, to cardiac arrest and other DOR-instigated "illnesses."

In 1975, Ames Research Center and NASA held a ten week program at Stanford University on Space Settlements". The discoveries were quite amazing. The focus was to put a space habitat over 1 mile in diameter in a stable orbit that is equidistant from both Earth and Moon, (this is called the

45), no significant information whatsoever reached the public. (Ed Note: This gives something to think about for those who argue that a large number of insiders couldn't possibly keep major secrets or hide important conspiracies.) Not more than a half-dozen men were entrusted with complete information concerning the project and its objective, although a total of 800 were involved. (site Y) Although the OSS was disbanded after the war, Personnel of three of its branches were kept on duty and incorporated into the new Federal intelligence structure. On January 23, 1946, President Truman issued an executive letter establishing the Central Intelligence Group (CIA). (Ed Note: Allan Dulles, [a cousin of Nelson and David Rockefeller who together controlled the financial power over MJ- 12], was put in charge of the CIA in its early years.) Subsequently, the National Security Act of 1947 authorized the President to use the CIA to "perform such services of common concern as the National Security Council determines can be m o r e efficiently accomplished centrally; to perform such other duties affecting the national security as the Council may from time to time direct." A place called YY-II ice caves, in According to Todd Zechel, a former New Mexico is where they have the employee of the National Security first electromagnetic prison for alien Agency, All four directorates of the creatures from outer space. They CIA (espionage- counterintelhave a hard time going thru an EM ligence, disinformation-propagangrid cage. In a book, by Stephen da, science-technology, and analysis Groueff, Manhattan Project. The of intelligence.) have been engaged Untold Story the author states: in collecting, analyzing and sup"Site Y, as Los Alamos was called, pressing UFO data since 1948. was smaller than the other two secret cities of the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge and Hanford. But, like them, its name did not appear on any map, nor was it ever used as an address." Although more than 300,000 persons were directly involved in the building of the atomic bomb (1942Lagrangian libration point, L-5) Where 10,000 people would work, raise families, and live out normal human lives. The study showed that after the L-5 colony was up and a very large EM gun placed on the Moon, another one in L-2, to ship Lunar ore to the L-5 colony, they would need HeavyLift Launch Vehicles to launch into Low Earth Orbit. The cargo payload would use a Space Shuttle Main Engine which takes off from LEO to ether L-5 or the Moon. The Mass Drivers would use the high performance EM (electromagnectic) guns that would shoot 100-200 ton payloads from 6,000 to 10,000 miles per second. And in just a few years the colony would pay for itself by processing 10 million tons of Lunar Material per year. What happened to this idea? Is it still on going forward?


shown still photos of the original film of the landing at Holloman AFB in New Mexico which occurred on April 25, 1964. This documentary was narrated by Rod Serling. It was essentially a whole history of UFOs, and at the end of the documentary they were going to have the actual footage of the saucer landing and the alien getting out. What happened was Watergate. The powers to be decided that the public could not handle two traumatic experiences at one time, so they canceled the release to the public. They did, however, release the documentary. At the end they replaced the motion picture footage of the actual event with drawings. Rod Serling says, 'Let's consider an event that may happen in the future or already may have happened.' Of course it had happened. 'The second time the government was going to let the public know some of what was going on was 1983 when they contacted Linda Howe. Linda Howe was a go-between between MJ-12 and Home Box Office (HBO). She was to have access to 68,000 feet of motion picture film of disks, landings,etc. She was also to meet one of the aliens, designated EBE-II, who was kept at Los Alamos National L a b o r a t o r i e s in New Mexico.

In a town near Miami, Florida, the owner of a small supermarket was closing up for the evening when he noticed a large, dark UFO hovering low over a field at the rear of the building. He immediately called the police and within minutes a cruiser arrived. Two officers stepped out and the owner hurriedly took them to the rear door where all three men clearly saw the object hovering less than fifty feet over a nearby field. As they watched, the object began lowering two large cylinders to the ground below. Both cylinders landed and began splitting open and dissolving at the same time. One contained a large sedan. The other contained several men, dressed in business suits, carrying briefcases. Within minutes the two cylinders had completely dissolved and the UFO had moved off into the evening sky. The men got into the sedan and drove off the field, onto a nearby highway and left the area. The police officers refused to pursue the car, even after being repeatedly urged to do so by the store owner. They told him that they "hadn't seen a damn thing," returned to their cruiser and drove "I have since talked with a scientist away. who worked there and who verified that it was approved for her to meet the alien. For some reason, all of this did not come off and the project was canceled. During the time that Linda Howe functioned as the go-between for MJ-12 and HBO she was told, in In a 1990 speech John Lear said, more or less an effort to let her know "There were two times that the how serious this was, that the powers Government was going to tell the to be had to eliminate President Kenpeople about the existence of flying nedy because he wanted to release the saucers and aliens. The first time was information on the disks and the in 1972 when MJ-12 contacted Grey aliens in 1963. Since then, we have Advertising in Los Angeles and had talked to people who have heard the them write a documentary which was recording made in the oval office called "UFOs are Real". Robert Em- when Kennedy pounded his fist and manegger was the man who wrote it. told the representatives of MJ-12, you and he was taken to Norton AFB and 21

guys better get your stuff together because I'm going to tell the public. "If they (UFO-aliens) were good guys, don't you think that the government would want to release information about them after 40 years of contact? Would they tell us why they haven't cured cancer, etc? If this is going on, then the government would want to take advantage and claim credit for advances in science and medicine, but this doesn't seem to be the case. It is apparent to me that this particular group of aliens that the government made agreements with, are not a good group of people. We are being visited by approximately 70 different races. The government, in 1963, was aware of 17 species according to the Grudge 13 report. Since then, there have been other species discovered. The ones that the government made the deal with in the late 1960's, the ones known as the Grays, are the ones that are giving us the most problems. "You have to understand that this is the biggest and most important secret m the history of mankind. The people that are involved in these programs have to sign a security oath and also a piece of paper saying that they agree to give up their Constitutional Rights to a fair trial if they get into the program. That means if they divulge information they can be killed or committed for the rest of their lives to a mental institution. "MJ-12 appoints their successors. All of the original MJ-12 are dead. The last to die was Gordon Grey around 1983. We don't know all of the names of the current MJ group. I can give you some names of people who are "heavily involved in the coverup. One is Edward Teller, the so-called 'father of the H-bomb, who hired Robert Lazar to work at the test site. Doctor Teller is in charge of the disk program at the Test Site." (Nevada Test Site, NTS)

Radio Electronic Combat - RadioFrequency Weapons....can "render all microchips 'inoperable', can destroy all electronic components of Ballistic Missile Warheads or Satellites, and can disrupt Command, C o n t r o l and C o m m u n i c a t i o n s (CCC) systems in any country on Earth. (This uses a combination of reconnaissance, jamming, firepower, and deception to disrupt effective command and control systems, and is designed to zap computer chips and electronic systems.) "Virtually all the components of our military are dependent on tiny integrated-circuit devices imbedded in silicon chips. They are the brains of such 'smart' weapons as the Hellfire anti-tank missile, the Amraam antiaircraft missile, the cruise missile, and the Harpoon anti-ship missile; the same is true for our communications and surveillance satellites, the warheads in the Ballistics missiles and of the reconnaissance systems in the AWACS aircraft." "Radio-Frequency Weapons can 'render those chips inoperable' and cause EVERYTHING from CCC systems to the electronically- gearshifted transmission of the 'M-1 tanks' to be turned into JUNK, J U S T A S S U R E L Y A S MAN W O U L D D I E I F HIS BRAIN WERE DESTROYED." The 1987 edition of the Pentagon's annual SOVIET MILITARY POWER stated that in the research and development of Radio-Frequency Weapons, the U.S.S.R. has generated 'single pulses exceeding O N E B I L L I O N W A T T S and 'repetitive' of over 100 million watts. There are "no significant technological obstacles" that stand in the way of these weapons. 22

The March 1987 Atlantic Magazine also carried an article about RadioFrequency Weapons titled, "The Zap Gap." The article stated that if a Radio-frequency pulse is "propagated over a wide zone, in roughly the same way that radio signals can blanket a city, it might act as AN ELECTRONIC WALL, disabling the silicon brains of any approaching airplane.tank or missile... A Radio-Frequency Weapon that propagated an electromagnetic pulse would NOT need to locate its targets. IT COULD SWEEP ENTIRE REGIONS OF THE SKY OR G R O U N D , KNOCKING O U T WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BE THERE." The magazine suggested that R-F weapons "might be cheap compared with our armaments." "...By sweeping wide areas, they might create general slaughter, WITHOUT H U G E AMOUNTS OF FIREPOWER BEING BROUGHT INTO PLAY. ....Radio-Frequency weapons might be used to 'kill solders without laying waste to their surroundings."

"This is the voice of Asteron. I am authorized representative of the inter-galactic mission and I have a message for the planet Earth. We are beginning to enter the period of Aquarius and there are many corrections which have to be made by earth people. "All your weapons of evil must be destroyed. You only have a short time to learn to live together in peace. You must live together in peace - or leave the galaxy. Southern television flashed an apology on the screen after the threeminute interruption and said the mysterious broadcast was being investigated.

On Monday night July 7, 1947, An official Air Force announcement came to the Nation from Maj. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chief of the AAF Air Material Command. He was reached by phone at Kirtland Army Airbase Albuquerque, New Mexico. "Neither the AAF nor any other component of the armed forces has any plane, guided missile or other aerial device under development which could possibly be mistaken for SOUTHAMPTON, England (UPI- a saucer or formation of flying discs." 11/28/77) - Thousands of Britons were contentedly watching their This announcement, was in answer Saturday night television shows to the epidemic of reports from 40 when bleeps interrupted the normal states ranging from the Northwest to program. The "voice of Asteron" had New England, from Thursday night July 3, 1947 to July 7th 1947, a message for the planet Earth. hundreds of UFOs were seen all over Panicky viewers flooded police the U.S. By Saturday July 5th 1947 telephones with calls and police said flying s a u c e r s were s e e n a n d they had to send a patrol to one reported in 28 states. elderly women's home to calm her. A midair crash took place over the It all began when the independent airspace of Roswell N . M . O n e Southern Television channel was in- saucer crash landed at the Plains of terrupted by a series of bleeps and a San Augustin, N.M., the other one man's voice saying: crashed 150 miles away near Roswell N.M. 23

The reason for the blitz on the U.S. was in retaliation of the two crashed flying saucers, which had not been confirmed at the Aliens' "Network" HQ that our government was not responsible for the crashes. As far as the "Network was concerned" at first it presumed the U.S. military had shot down their craft. So from Thursday night July 3, 1947 until July 9th 1947, the entire United States was threatened by a blitz of Alien or "Network" military discs. The "Flying Saucer" reports came in thick and heavy from Oregon, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Missouri, Colorado, California, A r i z o n a , N e b r a s k a , Michigan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, Maine, New York, and Canada's Atlantic seaboard.

tague, former assistant commandant of the anti-aircraft and guided missile center at Fort Bliss, Texas, now was assigned to the 'Armed Forces Special Weapons Project at Sandia Base, Albuquerque, N.M. "It is known, however, that Maj. Gen. Leslie J. Groves, former chief of the Manhattan project, the agency which developed the atom bomb for the army, is associated with direction of the 'Armed Forces Special Weapons Project' at Washington. "The Sandia base was a former army air forces field. It is in the general area of the Los Alamos A-bomb laboratories and the site of the first bomb test at Almagordo, New Mexico." BIBLIOGRAPHY REFERENCES: Creatures From the Inner Sphere by F.W. Holiday, Popular Library Strange Abominable Snowmen by Warren Smith, Popular Library Youth Action News P.O. Box 312 Alexandria VA 22313 Cosmic Conspiracy by Stan Deyo EMC Book Agencies 63 Berry St. G r a n v i l l e New South Wales, Australia. UFO Crash at Aztec by William S Steinman, UFO Photo Archives P.O. Box 17206 Tucson AZ 85710 Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions by Christ of Friedrich, Liberty Bell Publications. Reedy WV 25270 Genesis by W.A.Harbinson, Dell P u b l i s h i n g , I n c . 1 Dag Hammarshjold Plaza N.Y. NY 10017

Secret Emergency measures were taken to try to secure the problem of the discs. In Portland, Oregon, on July 16, 1947, at a meeting of military heads, orders were given to activate the 305th bomb wing, embracing the states of Oregon, Washington. Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona. The initial orders activated a dozen squadrons, all very heavy bombardment outfits, throughout the seven states, four of them in Oregon. Activated were the 305th, 456th, 744th, 745th, 746th, and the 747th. Also reported on July 16,1947: "WASHINGTON, July 16 (AP): Use of a New Mexico base for a highly secret project was disclosed in- NOTE:Creston has a new address d i r e c t l y T u e s d a y in a war for information or letters if you d e p a r t m e n t a n n o u n c e m e n t of would like to write him directly. routine changes of command for a Creston number of general officers. P.O. Box 55415 "The announcement reported that Portland Oregon 97238 Brigadier General Robert M. Mon-


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