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September 2018

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CQC Annual Report Published "2017/18 has been a good year for CQC as we have strengthened how we monitor, inspect and rate services. We have built on our robust baseline of quality across health and social care and started our next phase of targeted and tailored regulation. While we have seen solid and consistent performance across our work and we have improved in most areas when compared with 2016/17, we recognise that we have more to do in areas such as the timeliness of inspection reports. We are proud of what we have achieved as an organisation and we are working hard to grow, learn and improve." Sir David Behan, Chief Executive of the Care Quality Commission

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article??? Problem TravellingContinence with a Continence

General suggestions Contact the airline or travel company to discuss your individual needs before booking/travelling. Think about what you need to carry with you, such as medicines and products. You may need to have a letter from your doctor to be allowed to carry them through security. Contact the transport operator before you travel, if you are worried about luggage or body searches and possible exposure of your continence products. Ask the operator if you can board early, to ensure you have time to get settled with everything you may need during the flight easily accessible. Disposable continence pads Disposable pads can take up a lot of space. Consider trying more absorbent pads so that you need to take fewer of them, or smaller pads that take up less space. Make sure you obtain the products you are going to need for your trip well ahead of your travel date. A vacuum pack bag can help to reduce the amount of space pads take in your luggage Consider using other products e.g. Men could consider using a sheath instead. Booster pads inside your usual product may increase absorbency for long journeys and could be removed part way through the journey.


Would you be able to manage washable products while away? These take up less space. Ask your product provider whether they are able to deliver direct to your holiday destination, or send a supply ahead yourself, but take some in your luggage, in case there is a problem and they do not arrive. Ensure you have some spare products in your hand luggage in case your main luggage is lost or delayed and divide your pads between your luggage and that of a travelling companion if you are happy to do so.

article??? TravellingContinence with a Continence Problem • Consider using ready-to-use hydrophilic

Contact the airline to see if there are luggage restrictions or if continence products would be exempt as are some other categories of equipment, such as wheelchairs. Remember you will have less to bring home with you as most of the pads will have been used. If you are worried about leakage, consider having a chair protector for the flight Consider the climate of where you are travelling. Dampness can affect the absorbency of pads; heat can affect the adhesive tapes, for example on sheaths. Catheters Catheters are not the right option for everyone, but might be easier to manage on a flight. Consider discussing with your healthcare professional whether this would be an appropriate or safe option for you. An indwelling catheter might be an option during travel for someone who usually uses intermittent catheterization. Managing catheters on flights Consider having a urinal, such as a uribag to empty catheter bags into. A travelling companion can then take it to the toilet to empty this for you. Ensure that you carry spare catheters, bags and any other equipment you may need with you. Ensure you have some spares, in case of delays etc. Divide your catheters and supplies between your hand and hold luggage and consider giving some to a travelling companion, in case of luggage delay or loss. Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes in case access to a sink and soap is limited. Obtain a medical validation or travel certificate from your catheter provider. It will explain in different languages why you are carrying catheters and also has a section urging officials to be discrete.

catheters if you are travelling in countries with poor water quality.

Accessing the toilet Try to book a seat near the toilet and on an aisle. Consider using a pad inside close fitting. underwear, in case you cannot get to the toilet quickly enough. Think about taking wet wipes with you and having a small bag with one change in it and easily accessible throughout the flight Consider using a urinal or urine director if you struggle to move easily. Be aware that you may become a bit numb if you are sitting on the plane for a long time and plan a toilet visit for a set time, even if you are not sure you will need it then. Be aware that some people find that they are more likely to leak larger amounts of urine when the plane starts to descend. Consider planning a toilet visit just before that time. If you are not sure what the toilet facilities are like at your arrival airport consider a toilet visit before decent begins and access to toilets on board is restricted. Clothing Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to rearrange when accessing the toilet. Elastic waists, drop front pants (ones that have poppers or Velcro on the side seams can be easier to manage.


Bowel issues • Dark coloured clothing makes leaks less visible. • Loose fitting clothing is easier to remove. Consider having a spare set of clothing and a plastic bag in your hand luggage in case of leaks.

article??? TravellingContinence with a Continence Try to stick to your Problem usual diet routines when

Fluid intake Ensure that you drink enough. Plenty of water will prevent dehydration, help to protect against urinary tract infections and ensure that urine remains dilute. Concentrated urine can irritate the lining of the bladder and increase wetting. Avoid tea, coffee, hot chocolate and alcohol. All of these increase urine production. Avoid fizzy drinks as these can irritate the ladder lining.

travelling to avoid feeling bloated, nauseous or uncomfortable. Digestion and body clocks can be upset by crossing time zones. Try to move as much as you can, particularly on long flights. This will help with both circulation and digestion. Discuss with your health care professional whether an enema or suppository a few hours before the flight would be an appropriate way for you to try and avoid a bowel motion during the flight. Additional information If you have further questions or any concerns, then contact your health care professional. Or you can contact us by email at: bladderandboweluk@disabledliving.co.uk or by telephone: 0161 607 8219. Davina Richardson, Children's Specialist Nurse

Weatherwell Roofing Have Completed Tour De Mon to Raise Money for Bladder and Bowel UK

On Sunday 19th August 2018, Weatherwell Roofing took part in a cycle around Holyhead, Ise of Anglesey to raise money for Bladder and Bowel UK. They have raised an amazing £1705.00.

Disabled Living Supplier Directory The Directory provides information about companies and organisations that provide equipment, products and services to support disabled children, adults and older people. Access to the Supplier Directory is via the Disabled Living website.

This month we welcome:

Product Demonstrations at the Disabled Living Centre in Manchester Everybody is welcome to attend our FREE Wednesday afternoon demonstration days 2.00pm - 3.00pm. Attending our product demonstrations will help you improve your equipment knowledge and boost your CPD. Places are limited. Please advise if you are interested in attending. 26th September - Novomed Europe Novomed Europe will be demonstrating a range of equipment. 19th September - Posterity Posterity will demonstrating a selection of mouse and keyboards along with a few other desktop items. 12th September - Clairmont Ltd Clairmont Ltd will be demonstrating their clocks, signage and specialised products range for people with dementia.

3rd October - Specialised Orthotic Services Specialised Orthotic Services will demonstrating the X Rover All Terrain Buggy/Stroller.

The Disabled Living Centre, Burrows House, 10 Priestley Road, Wardley Industrial Estate, Worsley, M28 2LY


Grants for Individuals from Charitable and Occupational Trusts There are a number of grant-making charities who support people and/or their dependents who have worked in specific occupations. At Disabled Living, our Equipz Team have access to a comprehensive database of these organisations. Grants may be available for the purchase of equipment or for other support for people who are living in residential care or who have care services visiting them.

Bank Workers Charity

Eligibility Use this handy grant checker to look at more than 3,500 grant providers and see if you’re eligible for a grant. It only takes a few minutes. Types of grant There are grants designed to help with everything from education to household essentials. And if you’re a carer, you might be able to get a grant for extra support, to help the person you care for live independently or even to provide respite holidays. Learn more here.

The Insurance Charities

Eligibility - Dependent of a current or former insurance employee. - Insurance service in the UK or Irish insurance industries. - Restricted financial means in terms of income and capital. View the full criteria here. Types of grant Where income is insufficient to meet ordinary expenditure we can look at ways in which to help you make the most of your income and reduce expenditure. Learn more here.

The Benevolent (formally The Wine and Spirits Trades’ Benevolent Society) Eligibility The Benevolent helps anyone who works in any role in the UK drinks industry. Types of grant Ongoing and one-off emergency grants to alleviate financial hardship relating to illness, life changing disability, unemployment and family crisis. Grants for funeral expenses or business related bankruptcy and advice on accessing government support. Learn more here.


Disabled Living Equipz Team 0161 607 8200 Email: info@disabledliving.co.uk

Grants for Individuals from Charitable and Occupational Trusts

Masonic Charitable Foundation

With grants totalling over £5 million each year, we help thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people to live happy, fulfilling lives and participate actively in society. Over the last forty years, we have provided over £130 million to charities. The MCF’s work is funded solely through the generous donations of Freemasons under the United Grand Lodge of England, their families and friends. Learn more here.

The Hiscox Foundation

The Hiscox Foundation provide: Environment/conservation/heritage The advancement of health or saving of lives Overseas aid/famine relief Economic/community development/employment Education/training Disability Arts/culture/heritage/science Armed forces/emergency service efficiency Learn more here.

Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust

The Balfour Beatty Charitable Trust

The Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust funding is for charitable work in the following areas: Medical research Children The elderly The physically and/or mentally disabled

The Balfour Beatty Charitable Trust was formed for the Group's centenary year. It funds projects which raise the aspiration, motivation and quality of life amongst young people suffering from disadvantage. Learn more here.

Learn more here.

Disabled Living Equipz Team 0161 607 8200 Email: info@disabledliving.co.uk 9

Tickets Now Available for Kidz to Adultz North


For full information about the event – exhibitors, seminars, activities and much more please click here.

Help 14 Year Old Ben with Cerebral Palsy to Become a YouTube Star

Ben is a 14 year old boy with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy from Malvern in Worcestershire. He recently started his own YouTube channel and would love to be a big YouTube star. We interviewed Ben and asked him about his hobbies to which he replied: "I enjoy four-a-side wheelchair football, which I play once a month at Villa Park in Birmingham. I really love making content for my YouTube channel, which I have started recently with my tutor Sarah. I like my food – particularly cakes and chocolate – and I love going out with my family, seeing my nan and generally being sociable." Ben's interview continues below. I was first diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy when I was a month old. At first, the doctors thought I wouldn’t ever be able to feed myself or even talk. I surprised everyone when I started to talk! My mum, dad and I have worked really hard to get me to where I am today. I’m semi-independent and can do lots of things that other teenagers do such as going shopping, playing video games, some reading and I am even writing my own book!

obstacles in my life: people thought I wouldn’t be able to talk, but now I talk to give a positive message to others. I watched other YouTubers talking about the things that they’re passionate about and I wanted to do the same. I’ve got nearly 100 subscribers now but my goal is to get 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019. I think I can do it! I’d love readers to check out my channel and subscribe: just search Ben Gannon (not the cyclist!).

What inspired you to create your own YouTube channel? I wanted to get my message out there. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. I record quality content for my channel around every two weeks about various subjects that are important to me. I want people to know that if I can do it, so can they. I have overcome so many

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as someone with CP? Sometimes I can feel quite down. I can get frustrated at school if I have a hard day and everything can feel like a roller coaster. I have felt really good lately as my YouTube channel is going well and I’m enjoying making content. My cerebral palsy affects my arms and legs so I have help to 11

do lots of tasks like getting dressed and going to bed. But I have some really good equipment such as my chair and my lift – which I have just reviewed on my latest YouTube video! And this means I can do a lot more for myself, which is great. What do you love most about Ben? (question for Mum) Ben always puts 100% in to everything he does. He doesn’t moan (only when the chocolate supplies are low) but he is genuinely a gorgeous lad. Ben loves his family and he is the most relaxed and happiest when surrounded by familiar people. Ben loves a bit of banter and will take the mick out of me regularly. He is always willing to tell people my embarrassing moments, that’s not what I love about him, but he is very funny. The characters he has used in his book shows his sense of humour, such as the seagull that tweets on twitter all day. He is such a role model for other kids. I love that he his enjoying the YouTube channel, we are keen for him to have an impact of others and have something of meaning to do with his life. Do you have any YouTube idols that you look up to? I love watching Jacksepticeye videos because he promotes a positive mental attitude and reviews video games – both of which are close to my heart! He also has 20 million subscribers, which is something I aspire to have! I also like PewDiePie, who makes really funny videos and has even more subscribers – he has 65 million! Sumara Redway is another favourite because she makes really cool, genuine gaming videos. I watch a lot of Typical Gamer’s videos too as he

is funny and makes good Fortnite videos. Can you tell us about 3 things that make you smile? Or the things you’re most grateful for? I am grateful for life and because I am happy. Making videos makes me happy. I have fun doing it and love to share my message with other people. I love to read the comments people make on my videos and to engage with viewers. People have left really genuine comments and have said that my videos make them smile, which really makes me smile! Is there anything else you’d like to share? I decided in December that I wanted to learn to read better mainly because I wanted to text my friends and read my messages from them. I'd been covering up the fact that my reading wasn’t great for quite a number of years and had been guessing words and lip reading instead of reading the actual words. I decided to get a tutor and immediately I made loads of progress. We were looking for books for me but realised quite quickly that there was nothing suitable for people in my age group who are just starting to learn to read. I know I’m not the only teenager who is in this position! I am 14 and not really interested in Biff and Chip… so I decided, if I couldn’t find a suitable book, I would write my own! I worked with my tutor to develop a character called Bob The Fish. He is quite complicated: he’s jealous, funny, and materialistic and has some very interesting relationships with his friends! I have written one short book about Bob the Fish and am now on my. I’ve been talking about him in my videos and people have been really interested in hearing more about the book! Who knows: I could be the next Roald Dahl! Help Ben chase his dreams by subscribing to his YouTube channel where you can also learn more about him. Written by Ben Gannon and Lorraine Gannon


Incredible Edible Network Organisation Information

Incredible Edible is a network of community groups across the UK (and the world) who have a shared vision to create kind, confident and connected communities though the power of food. Volunteer-led groups use food growing in public places as a way to bring people together, to learn and to encourage the use of local food producers. You can find your local Incredible Edible group on the website www.incredibleedible.org.uk, as well as access lots of information to support new groups setting up. Critchley House Critchley House, run by Age UK Salford, is a bright and welcoming social centre and tea garden where older people meet, join groups, learn new skills and enjoy the company of others to help combat and reduce social isolation. Since 2015, supported by Incredible Education, a group of older people attending Critchley House have developed an edible garden at Critchley Cafe and two sites in the community. Also in March 2015, Incredible Education has received funding from NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and Salford City Council to support educational activities for older people and started working with Age UK Salford at Critchley House. At the start of a 20 week course, run by Ian at Incredible Education, no-one knew each other, but the group of around 12 older people wanted to

get involved in growing food. Everyone attending the group had their own reasons for coming and for many it was an ideal opportunity to meet new people, talk, keep active and learn some new skills – or share their existing gardening insights! One of the people involved in the group, 77 year old Arthur*, was bereaved a few years ago and needed to adjust to living his life without his wife. Arthur and his wife had enjoyed gardening together, so when he saw the opportunity to get involved in the gardening project he jumped at the chance to share the enjoyment of gardening with other people again. Commenting on his involvement with the group, Arthur said, “It all made such a difference to my life as it got me out of the house and I made many friends. Going to the cafe gives me something to look forward to.” 13

The Critchley House Centre Manager, has noticed a real change in the people attending the group, “At the end of the project I have witnessed individuals grow in confidence through learning a new skill and forming new friendship networks. Some members have gone on to join other groups together at the centre and arrange to meet outside of the usual weekly group gathering.”

to develop a five week course which local people with autism attended. The course included visiting the original Incredible Edible Dunstable site, planning out what to plant in the raised bed, clearing out the site and getting it ready for planting, getting the plants in and finally having an amazing launch.

*Not his real name. Incredible Edible - Dunstable Sahira from Incredible Edible Dunstable went along to give a talk about all things Incredible at Dunstable Gardening Club. After the talk one of the club members, approached Sahira to let her know about a raised bed which wasn’t been used in a local shopping centre. Through community networking and involving Autism Bedfordshire whose shop is next to the raised bed, an incredible new group started to grow! Sahira worked with staff from Autism Bedfordshire

The group who attended the course all really enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in something outside and which contributed to improving the appearance of their local community. Something the local people can now value and enjoy. More information can be found via the Incredible Edible Dunstable Facebook page. Or you can send an email to: info@incredibleedible.org.uk Sarah Ward, Incredible Edible Network

Browse the Adapted Gardening Aids Range on Disabled Living's Online Shop

Some of your residents may have decreased function such as reduced hand grip, an inability to bend down, or painful arthritic knees... Have you thought about adapted Gardening Aids? Click here to view the gardening aids range. For more information please visit: www.disabledliving.co.uk/online-shop/ or call: 0330 053 5930.

Are You Taking Part in Macmillan's Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September?

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Training Dates for Your Diary Trusted Assessor Refresher Course Date: Friday 14th December 2018 Manchester Price: ÂŁ95 + VAT After this course learners will: Be able to work as a competent and confident Trusted assessor. Be able to work closely with an individual to explore a range of solutions in a logical and confident manner. Review policies and procedures relevant to your organisations equipment services.

Moving and handling Training for Children Date: Tuesday 30th October 2018 Manchester Price:ÂŁ95 + VAT After this course learners will: Be able to use relevant law and guidance when Risk Assessing the Manual Handling needs of children. Be able to identify a range of practical recommendations when assessing the Manual Handling needs of a child. Be able to perform practical methods used to help children move, with and without equipment.

Click here to view our Training Diary

Bespoke Moving and Handling

for Personal assistants, a 1.2 day session for paid employees. Contact us on 0161 607 8200 for more information. 17

QEF Mobility Open Day - Friday 5th October 2018

Disabled Living's Services

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Disabled Living is a charity which provides impartial information and advice about products, equipment (assistive technology) and services for disabled children, adults, older people, carers and the professionals who support them. We have a range of services which you can access via our helpline, through the website or at our Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions. Equipz The team comprise occupational therapists, trusted assessors, moving and handling specialists, physiotherapists, nurses, continence specialists who together with knowledgeable information co-ordinators offer practical solutions to what may seem like unmanageable problems. The staff, respond to enquiries throughout the UK, primarily via our helpline and website, with some people opting to make an appointment to visit the Disabled Living Centre based in Manchester for a free equipment assessment. Helpline: 0161 607 8200 Bladder and Bowel UK The team provide information and advice for children, young people and adults with Bladder and Bowel problems. We provide a confidential helpline managed by a team of specialist nurses and knowledgeable information staff. In addition, the website offers a wide range of downloadable free resources. Helpline: 0161 607 8219 Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions Disabled Living organise the largest FREE UK exhibitions totally dedicated to disabled children, young adults, their families, carers and the professionals who support them. With over 100 exhibitors at each event, offering a ’One Stop Shop’ for equipment products and services to enhance the quality of life. We deliver 5 events throughout the UK in: Farnborough, Bristol, Coventry, Manchester and Edinburgh. Training Disabled Living provides a comprehensive training programme for professionals and carers. Most of our courses are accredited by Open Awards and others provide CPD opportunities. Our training courses can be ‘tailor made’ to suit your organisations requirements and can be delivered throughout the UK for more detailed information on the courses we provide please visit the Disabled Living website.


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