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APRIL 2021

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sx 10000sr synthetic rope

Engineered to provide users the perfect combination of Power, Speed, Innovation, and Proven Performance they demand from Superwinch. Available in 10,000 lbs. of raw pulling power, the new SX series has an IP68 rating for dustproof and waterproof operation while the sleek modern look is finished with a durable metallic graphite powder-coat finish that is built to last.

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TECH> 58 REPLACING AND UPGRADING YOUR BUSHINGS Publisher DirtSports Inc. Editor-In-Chief Shaun Ochsner Associate Editor La-Chelle Halliday Sales and Management Dave Arnold Contributing Editors Chris James Steve Hanson

Contributing Photography Shaun Ochsner Eric Minks Polaris Stellantis Media Ford Motor Company Feld Entertainment Chad Chomlack/Red Bull








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NEWS Supercross4 Video Game Released

Supercross4, the official video game has been released on all of your favorite platforms¬– PlayStation series, X box and Windows PC. The updated game is a collaboration between Feld Entertainment and Milestone Entertainment. Supercross4 has all sorts of new features. An all new “Career Mode” lets players live out their dreams as a prorider, climbing the ladder and customizing their experiences. An all “Compound” allows riders to free-roam and race against friends against a backdrop inspired the by the Maine Islands. “Track Editor” returns with updated features including Tuff Blox, starting gate structures and other objects typically found on the tracks of the real Supercross circuits. E-Sport is finally coming to the Supercross series via the video game. Players can compete for the first time in an all new eSport Monster Energy Supercross Championship.

Coastal Commission Votes to Phase Out Off Road Recreation at Oceano Dunes In a recent March meeting, the California Coastal Commission has voted unanimously to approve a new coastal permit for the Oceano Dunes in Central California. The plan calls for off-roading and motorized recreation to be phased out of the park. The future of the Oceano Dunes has been a hot-button issue among environmentalists, the off-road community and locals. 1.5 million people visit the 3,600 acre park each year. The meeting lasted several hours with virtual comments from 200 people. Street-legal vehicles will continue to be allowed to drive on portions of the beach that are not protected by special habitats. Off-road groups have vowed to fight the Coast Commission’s decision in court.



Best in the Desert Postpones UTV Legends Race Best in the Desert has been forced to postpone The event has been rescheduled to September the UTV Legends Championship that was 9th-12th 2021 in Laughlin, Nevada. to be held in Laughlin, amid continuing COVID-19 restrictions. Under current Nevada guidelines, the event was not able to happen. “Dealing with COVID-19 has certainly been challenging over the last year with the many new hurdles thrown at Best in the Desert. Unfortunately, a new one appeared out of nowhere for the All-Terrain Concepts UTV Legends Championship,” commented Best in The Desert CEO Daryl Folks.

Championship Off Road Announces New PRO SPEC Truck Class A new PRO SPEC truck class is being added to the Championship Off Road schedule for 2021. Dubbed a “drivers class” PRO SPEC is expected to attract drivers to a more affordable form of racing. The class features rear-wheel drive midsize trucks. The engine power-plant for this class is a Chevrolet Performance V6 mated to a fourspeed transmission. The class will also have rules on spec components such as wheels, shocks and fuel.

NORRA Restrictions Force North Loop Recent government mandates in Baja are forcing NORRA to run a loop event for the first time ever. NORRA had been planning for this just in case a run to Cabo San Lucas would not be possible. The course will run throughout the northern sections of Baja. There will still be five days of racing, starting at Santa Tomas and ending at Horsepower Ranch. The course will wind down towards San Felipe and down towards Bay of LA before coming back towards the north. Total mileage will be 1,141. Chase teams will be able to utilize the new highway that goes from San Felipe to Bay of 6 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM

LA. NORRA still plans to have festivities at the finish line every night. NORRA officials say running the north course will have less restrictions.

Polaris Reveals Plans for Full Size Electric Ranger

Polaris has announced it will debut an electric Ranger utility side-by-side later this year. The electric Ranger is part of its rEv’d up electrification strategy. Polaris has an exclusive partnership with Zero Motorcycles, a company already making electric bikes. Polaris is targeting early 2022 for the electric ranger to begin arriving in dealerships across

the country. “The all new electric Ranger is our latest effort aimed at leading the industry forward in electrified powersports vehicles,” said Mike Speetzen, interim CEO of Polaris. The company has sought the input of its customers and determined there is significant demand for an electric Ranger.



KTM Levels Up On The Adventure


TM released a second installment of all new generation of lighter class models.

The 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R model was completely reworked as engineers held a design priority to ride across rough terrain in the easiest way possible. The new three-part fuel cell is now housed as low as possible providing a lower center of gravity, and better equilibrium in all riding conditions amidst an all-new ergonomic bodywork, trimmed for optimal contact. Reconstructing the sub-frame to include a sporty seat at 880 mm of height with slim dimensions housing a handy storage underneath. KTM achieved a sharper cornering by moving the steering head back by 15mm, relocating the front section of the engine, and introducing a longer, die cast, open lattice swing arm. KTM engineers reworked the suspension configuration installing fully adjustable 48 mm front forks with 220 mm of travel, split damping functions and quick modification potential with the twist of specified dials. 8 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM


To tailor performance (more), KTM installed a new 7-inch display dash showcasing quicker and more practical menus while also adding an additional ride mode called Rally. Rally mode permits the rider to adjust throttle response to aggressive and to select one of nine different levels of wheel spin.

Adding the new LC8 V-Twin motor provides an impressive power to weight distribution at 160 hp at 9,000 rpm while also replacing the original one-piece radiator, separating it into two. Additional engine updates include a lighter engine case, new pistons, improved shifting, easier air filter access and a rejigged two headed exhaust unit. KTM finalized the Adventure R model with new adventure specific Bridgestone tires atop of Alpina aluminum spoked wheels which also have capabilities to be run tubeless. The customization continues as KTM introduces the ability to adjust the windshield, levers, pegs and handlebars providing a full circle customization for the rider, and a keyless ignition for full autonomy.



Parker Pumper’s Xtreme Air System


lean air flow is important when you are out in the dirt. Even if you aren’t exactly out front getting real clean air, you are probably following someone’s dust. This is where the Xtreme Air system from Parker Pumper comes in. Xtreme air is a high flow brush-less fan system that is designed for maximum performance. Everything comes contained in a carbon fiber body with a variable speed dial to control the amount of desired airflow. The unit is available as a single or double seat system, so your co-driver can also get clean airflow. The connectors are waterproof. The system weighs under one pound, making it perfect to install in a small UTV. It’s also perfect for installing in a vehicle with limited space.



Rhyan Denney | Age: 14 | Mod Kart & RS1


Photos Courtesy: Mod Kids USA

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, and any obstacles that you may have to deal with that makes you, you. A: I come from a very active family. We are always on the go doing something fun. So doing all these different things makes me a quick learner. And so I can adapt quickly to any situation. Q: What is it about Off-Road that brings you the most joy? A: Off-Road brings me the most joy because you never know what is going to happen. One day you could be winning and the other day you could be in last. Expect the unexpected. Each lap the track changes and you have to adapt to it. Q: What are your favorite tracks and your ultimate goal for 2021? A: Two tracks I like are Wheatland, Missouri and Glen Helen, California. Wheatland is my favorite because the scenery is extremely pretty and the track is a technical track where it really shows who the drivers are. Glen Helen is also one of my favorites because I have the most seat time on that track and I’m very comfortable driving there. Q: What are you going to change tomorrow to make yourself better than today? A: Something I would change about myself to make me a better person tomorrow is to get more sleep and be more active. And now that Covid is hopefully going to be over soon, I’d like to spend more time with my friends and family. Q: How does your school work help you in sports? A: School work helps me with racing because you have to be focused at school and on the race track. Also you have to make smart choices and be careful what you do. Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? A:In five years I see myself racing desert with my co dog, my dad. I also see myself working on my own race cars with him because I couldn’t be doing any of this without the help from my dad. Denney Shout Outs: Mod Kids USA, KICKER Audio, Sparco, MTRV8 Radio Control, GRIZZLY Coolers, Pops, Burro enterprises, Unique Upholstery, Humblecock, Big Time Threads, Troy Adams, Joe Chapman, and of course; my mom, dad, and my dog Sparkles. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 11

DIRT WORLD king of the hammers VORRA GLEN HELEN

Yes they are. Nobody is exempt from the Hammertown mask mandate.

vorra glen helen

vorra glen helen

Every series needs an emotional support dog.

king of the hammers

We’ll take a slice!


king of the hammers

Dad doing all the work.

The three-wheeler is back!



king of the hammers

We think they would have more fun in the race car...just sayin We have questions...

king of the hammers VORRA GLEN HELEN

Can he drive the bug with the hat on?


Don’t touch my stick!


This stormtrooper edition recovery vehicle has very special powers.

Email to: Dirtsports@dirtsportsworld.com DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 13



SINGLE SEAT KING: Sam Berri trades his single-seater buggy for a four-seat Polaris Turbo RZR. We did learn he later removed the extra seats.

WIDE OPEN: Jett Lawrence holds the throttle wide open at Red Bull Day in the Dirt in South Dade City, Florida. Photo: Chad Chomlack/Red Bull




Where does it stand today?


hort course racing has been mostly healthy on the west coast since 2009, that is until now. November 2020, Lucas Oil Products abruptly announced it was shutting down both the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing National and Regional Series. This surprise announcement shocked many. Just weeks earlier, the series had put out a 2021 schedule with plans to race at its normal venues.

Twenty-Twenty was a rough year for the series as the COVID-19 pandemic put racing on hold for several months. The series would eventually get going in mid-July with a season opener at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino. Fans would not be allowed in the stands and strict COVID safety protocols had to be followed. As the series moved across the country in August to Wheatland,


Missouri at Lucas Oil Speedway (a track owned by Lucas Oil), a limited number of fans were allowed to watch the race inperson. Missouri COVID protocols were less restrictive than those in California. The series also had restrictions in Arizona during the September race as the series raced on the native American owned property of Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. Masking requirements were strictly enforced, and fans were not allowed to attend the event. The Wheatland and Arizona events were both run as tripleheaders. Lucas Oil was simply trying to finish out the racing season with ten promised rounds. All rounds were televised on CBS Sports, MavTV or Lucas Oil Racing TV. Lucas Oil took over short course racing on the west coast in 2009 after Championship Off Road Racing (CORR) went bankrupt and eventually closed its doors. The shutdown of CORR left several unemployed, vendors and contractors unpaid. Unable to pay its bills, liens were placed on CORR equipment. 2008 was a rough time on the economy. Construction and real-estate projects dried up and there was a major downturn on the economy. Many race teams faced economic hardships as service businesses lost money. It was the extra money that funded their racing programs. Sponsorships were hard to come by. Without a solid race series and guaranteed television package, many sponsors were reluctant to invest money in short course racing. To see where it all came from, you have to go back to the beginning. In the 1980’s, Mickey Thompson’s Stadium series was selling out 18 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM

venues across the country. OEM’s were supporting the series with factory vehicle sponsorships. Many say these were the heydays. After Mickey Thompson’s death in 1988, the SODA series became the premiere


short-course racing sanction in the United States. Most races were held in the Midwest at famed tracks like Crandon International Raceway in Wisconsin and venues in Michigan. ESPN Sportscaster Marty Reid, who covered motorsports for the network, saw an opportunity in 1997 and founded Championship Off Road Racing. Drivers soon left SODA to race CORR. Reid sold CORR to real-estate developer Jim Baldwin in 2005. Baldwin had major plans for the series including moving it to the west coast and bringing live television coverage from NBC. Baldwin invested big money into CORR. One of the most notable west coast tracks was the “quarry.” The “quarry” was a rock mining property Baldwin had connections to in Chula Vista. It featured elevation changes and some of the most exciting racing the west coast has ever seen. Racing continued in the Midwest under the World Series of Off-Road Racing banner. Venues included Bark River and Crandon. The best drivers would continue to come together and race at Crandon for the Cup race during Labor Day weekend. West coast, Midwest, it didn’t matter, the drivers were unified with one goal in mind. To race and win. Once CORR went bankrupt the

ABOVE: Pro-Lite racers at the “Quarry” in Chula Vista, California in 2007.

drivers became split. Tony Vanillo and his team approached Lucas Oil to help save short course racing on the west coast. Meantime in the Midwest, a professional drivers group known as the PDG was forming. Motocross turned short course racer Ricky Johnson was drumming up support from sponsors to create a new series to race in the Midwest. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 19


Lucas Oil took ownership of Vanillo’s new series and named it the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. Vanillo and his team were hired to run operations. At the same time, the TORC series was formed. Simply called: The Off-Road Championships. The PDG board of drivers voted to support Ricky Johnson and TORC. TORC secured races at Bark River,Crandon, Texas Motor speedway, and Perris Auto Speedway.

The economy was still in a huge downturn and truck counts were low for both series. The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series held its first race in Primm in April of 2009. As both series continued to promote race events, the split grew more intense. Sponsors and drivers were torn. Big names such as Scott Douglas, Rick Huseman, Johnny Greaves and Rob MacCachren were all racing the TORC series. Lucas Oil had Bryce Menzies, Carl Renezeder, Brian Deegan and Rob Naughton along with a growing list of up and coming off-road racers. TORC had TV contracts, but nothing the size of Lucas Oil which came with a full-time production team and several TV networks. The United States Auto Club was selected as the sanctioning body and management for the TORC races. As the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series 20 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM

continued to grow, drivers shifted around. Menzies left to race TORC under a Red Bull sponsorship. The Husemans opted to stay on the west coast and race Lucas Oil. The split continued. TORC silently assumed new ownership under deals with Monster Energy and later BJ Birtwell’s Armory Group.

Racing was strong once again on the west coast as Lucas Oil invested money into new race tracks, sponsorship deals, television and growing a healthy series. TORC continued to race in the Midwest with flagship race tracks at Crandon and Bark River along with Red Bud, a track famously known for motocross. Soon questions about the TORC series survivability began to surface in the offseasons. Birtwell’s Armory Group was having difficulty in paying out racer winnings. Sponsors had hushed conversations about the future of TORC. The series was sold to Utah based MSI in 2015. Things looked promising, although MSI was unable to secure large network television deals. Races were streamed via several internet outlets. TORC had lost its title sponsor, Amsoil at the end of the 2017 season. A secret meeting was held in Crandon in February 2018 and the decision was made by both Bark River and Crandon stakeholders to part ways from the MSI group. At the same time, Lucas Oil stepped in to form the Midwest Short course Series, bringing in its large amount of resources and television commitments to the Midwest. Lucas Oil’s Midwest Short course Series lasted two years


before the company pulled the plug, once again leaving the Midwest without a solid series.

Fast forward to 2020. No one knew how difficult the year would be. A group known for promoting Snocross events formed Championship Off Road. A new series would once again step in to save racing in the Midwest. In March of 2020, the world ground to a halt amid the Corona virus pandemic. Race programs would be idled everywhere. Championship Off Road’s first event scheduled for Crandon in June would be canceled. Things did not appear to be off to a great start. As the country began to reopen weeks later, the lifting of COVID restrictions allowed ISOC’s Championship Off Road to



hold their first event at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. While crowd estimates were not officially released, the inaugural event was well attended. The series went on to run their full schedule, only having to move the Bark River event back to ERX due to restrictions in Michigan. The canceled spring Crandon race was moved to the end of September. With all of the restrictions and growing pains of starting a new series, Championship Off Road stuck to their guns, running a successful and viable series. Championship Off Road has 12 rounds of racing planned this year. The first weekend of racing will kick off at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, Wisconsin on June 5th. Amsoil was also just named the title sponsor of the series. So, what about the west coast? Lee Perfect and King of the Hammers promoter Dave Cole have come together to form the Great American Shortcourse. GAS will hold its first event at Victorville Fairgrounds in Victorville,

California. GAS will fill the void with classes that were supported at the regional and national series. GAS has races planned at Glen Helen and Reno. The final event in November will see the addition of Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks. Where does this leave the drivers? Pro-buggy champion Eliott Watson will sit out and watch GAS from the sidelines. A number of other west coast racers will also sit on the sidelines, unable to secure sponsorship for the 2021 season. Ryan Beat will race full time in the Midwest with Championship Off Road. Previously he was racing both series. Many west coast racers can’t afford to make the trek to Midwest. Kyle Leduc also remains in the Midwest with Championship Off Road as there isn’t a Pro-4 class on the west coast for him to run. Lucas Oil dropped Pro-4 in 2020. Championship Off Road will see its usual drivers like CJ Greaves, Andrew Carlson and defending Pro-Lite champion Johnny Holtger return to the race the series. For now, racing has been saved on both the west coast and Midwest. Neither Champ Off Road or GAS are looking to break the bank, just promote successful race events. Neither series has a huge television package. Races are streamed on the internet which is fast becoming a larger platform than cable and broadcast television. There are plenty of upcoming talented drivers who need a venue to race at and these are the series that could fill that void.


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STORY BY; LaChelle Halliday PHOTOS BY: Shaun Ochsner


oab showcases the picturesque beauty of nature with its colorful sunsets casting purple and pink light against the red rock whilst holding the best kept secrets of the trails and paths that live intravenously throughout the land. Worldly known as the mecca of off-roading, Moab houses the infamous Easter Jeep Safari each year in the days leading up to the Easter Sunday holiday. However, this year on the outskirts of the town, the Area BFE Beatdown was underway as EJS was coming to a close. Early Saturday morning, sun rays began grasping every inch of the land, triggering the rise of the Ultra4 teams. As the green flag was waived, Sean McNamara, lead qualifier for the 4600 Spidertrax Stock Class, jumped off the line. The closely knit group teetered over the boulders from Axial Alley shortly before Josh Atteberry, steering down the Yukon Launch, attempted to sneak around leader McNamara for the lead position. On the final lap, after a flipped Twitchy McGee was set upright again by help from fellow competitors, Justin Reece trudged through the dust laden course to finish in first. As the stock class was ushered off the course, the growing UTV class, 4900, started to line up in their attempts at Area BFE’s harsh battlegrounds. Axial Alley proved dominate to the UTVs, flipping many contestants over one another within the first lap. Cole Clark, last year’s winner of this event, rolled in qualifying the day prior, forcing his start position in the rear of the pack. Throughout the day, Cole picked off each competitor one by one, even rolling his UTV, until he finished in the top 10 of class 4900. Notable co-driver for Jason Sheerer and periodically with Shannon Campbell, Jason Berger, was granted Scherer’s UTV to attempt his hand as a driver with his son riding shotgun. Berger, learning from two notable Kings, took an 8th place finish in his first ever UTV race.


With the trails becoming increasingly beaten with each lap, the 4500 Yukon Gear and Axle Modified amongst the 4800 Branik Motorsports Legends Class were underway. Each team lurched off the starting line shooting into the desert, as tire problems quickly began to arise. Dan Fresh, a leader in winning, had previous alternator issues during qualifying but rather than faltering, he chased down each competitor thrashing past teams scattered throughout the race. Area BFE proved challenging for the classes as multiple teams rolled on loose dirt, toppled over from ginormous boulders in Axial Alley, and high centered on jagged rocks along the new Hotate Trail. During the first half of the race, Rick Lavezzo drifted carelessly around a soft turn, losing his groundings, until his car was then rested on its side. Ryan Taylor and Logan Goodall nimbly scattered around Lavezzo, holding steady to the throttle as they battled toward Yukon Launch. Goodall took the line, engine humming as he pivoted around the MBRP Hairpin turn before crossing onto his fourth lap. Dan Fresh would soon bounce down the Yukon Launch, becoming the 1st place winner of the 4500 class. For the 4800 class, Cody Young would finish 1st followed closely by David Hartman in 2nd. Goodall crossed the finish line in 3rd place shortly before combat veteran Michael London, with Warrior Built Racing and Terry Madden by his side, proudly crossed the finish line in 5th place.


As the sun began to cross the sky, indicating the he heavy hitters, class 4400 Unlimited. As the ground began to rumble with the tremorous engines revving at the starting line, Bailey Cole lined up as the pole setter. Launching from the starting line, Bailey’s 700+ horsepower car floated up the rock face beginning lap 1 of 8 in his search for a first-place trophy. Paul Horshel, 2020’s unlimited winner, rounded the Rigid Ridge on his first lap, his rear end floated left to right along the full length of the chassis. He tirelessly attempted to make the short journey to hot pits but faltered merely feet from the crossing the start finish line resulting in a DNF. Darian Gomez, son of Raul Gomez, barreled down the Yukon Launch, bumping Brian Caprara up the MBRP Hairpin Turn, passing him to ensure his positioning over Uncle JP Gomez for the 3rd place position.

Bailey Cole, however, took the pole position out of qualifying and refused to look back, beating his lap times each time around, only slowing down due to vapor lock issues. Amongst those reaching for a podium position, Bryan Crofts, barreling through the desert clinging onto a 2nd place finish even passing his soon to be father-in-law, Shannon Campbell, somewhere in the dust. The sun began to fall, as another Campbell teammate Ryan Miller, feverishly hunted a top position as original driver, Bailey Campbell recovers after delivering baby girl Emery. The course was laden with heavy dust lingering with the setting sun, as Bailey Cole dominated the course crossing the finish line with impeccable timing.


Unfortunately, multiple red cards were thrown enforcing the matter to members of the Competition Review Board who ultimately investigated and delivered the decision that a deviation of the marked course had occurred. Per the rulebook, the penalty would stand as a DNF at the point the course was deviated. This news came the following morning after the completion of the race, announcing the podium trio of Brian Crofts 1st , Darian Gomez 2nd, and JP Gomez 3rd. Bailey, however, released a statement on Facebook to include not only the deviation of course but indicated that he struck Marcos Gomez vehicle while he was out of it. Bailey concluded his statement apologizing to the Gomez team, thankful everyone walked away okay and stood by the Ultra4’s decision of DNF as he thanked his fans for their support and understanding for the huge learning moment in his racing career. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 27







alley Off-Road Racing Association has been around since 1975. The series has promoted races in Northern California and Northern Nevada. This year marks the first time in its history VORRA has made the trek to Southern California with race director BJ Butcher in charge. The venue was Glen Helen for the opening round. Already known as a short-course hotspot, Glen Helen was the perfect location for VORRA to hold its first Southern California event. VORRA is looking to expand their footprint this year. New to VORRA’s already busy schedule is the X-Treme short-course UTV/Open series. VORRA has nine different races across three distinct disciplines planned. Butcher recognized the need for a regional short-course race on the west coast.


The Glen Helen event saw a variety of vehicles. Kids had an opportunity to race Junior 2 trophy karts and 170 UTV’s. Other UTV classes included Sportsman, 570, ProStock Turbo and Production 1000. Entries weren’t just from Northern California either. Some Southern California racers made the


short drive to support the VORRA series. There was a buggy class along with a full-size truck class. The race format included several heat races across two days of racing. Results were taken from combined finishes from both days.


Three weekends of short-course racing are on the 2021 schedule. Other upcoming venues will include Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nevada and Prairie City in Folsom, California. VORRA has long been known as a desert series and they are not getting away from that. Four events totaling over 250 miles are planned in Hawthorne and Fallon, Nevada. VORRA is also promoting at least one UTV event in Quincy, California. As an added bonus, Tuff Trucks are invited. Two were originally on the schedule but the first round was canceled DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 31



THE ICEMAN 500 Story: Shaun Ochsner Photos: Courtesy of Iceman 500


very year our friends in the Midwest get a little restless during the winter. They don’t have the warm year-round sunny weather to go out play with their off-road toys. By mid-fall the leaves have turned, the temperatures hover in the twenties and thirties and snow frequently falls from the sky. In the winter time, the snow stays on the ground


and temperatures can reach single digits. That really doesn’t stop the die-hard racer. In a small Western Wisconsin town, or village if you will, sits Balsam Lake. In the summer time, this 2,000-acre property is the backdrop for some of the best bass fishing. When the lake is frozen, it is home to the Iceman 500. The event is held each year in February.


What exactly is the Iceman 500? It is one of the fastest UTV races around held in the snow and ice of course. Now in its 5th year, some of the best UTV racers from all over come to Balsam Lake to participate in the event. The course is 500 miles of slipping and sliding around Formula 1 style on the frozen lake. $15,000 in purse winnings were up for grabs. Winner take all! Racers had eight hours to complete fifty laps. In previous years, the race was split into two days.



Forty-nine racers hit the ice for the single day of racing. The top recorded speed was 106-mph in one of the fastest stretches of track. Keep in mind these are UTV’s we are talking about. Yes, some are turbocharged, but many don’t even achieve these speeds in some of the smoothest terrain in Baja. Gaining maximum performance can be especially tricky in cold situations. Parts seize up, motors don’t exactly want to run at top speeds. Keeping things warm is part of the racing strategy before the green flag even drops. You then have eight hours to keep your UTV running at top speed. Engines can overheat even in the cold when they are running for long periods of time. Unless you are running high performance shock fluid,


those can also be frozen before the race begins. Ice racers face the same problems a desert racer does. Flat tires and broken suspension parts and of course rolled over vehicles!


The classes were divided up between Provictory in the Sportsman Class. Bryce Carlson Mod, Pro-Stock and Sportsman. The secret to recorded an 82-mile an hour lap earning him gaining on traction on an ice track is to have the fast lap award. metal studs installed in your tire of choice. Standard safety gear is required including race suit and helmet, safety nets on your UTV, harness, and fire extinguishers. Brad Minerick and Ryan Mulder took this year’s victory in a Can Am X3. Andy Ives put a Polaris on the podium in second place. Over in the Pro-Stock class, it was a one-two punch for Yamaha with Blake Enloe in first and Mike Vold in second. Justin Ogg and Nick Reeder took home the

A weekend Warrior Race was added this year. It was a ten-lap race to give those an opportunity to see what ice racing was all about. Minimum safety modifications were could only be done to their UTV. Those running the weekend warrior race were not allowed to race the main event the next day. It was an affordable way to get them hooked on building a competitive car for next year’s race. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 35




here aren’t many remaining rounds in the 2021 Supercross season. Feld Entertainment is moving through a full season as scheduled, sometimes holding triple header events at venues where there are less restrictions. That means riders are seeing the track more frequently with less time between events. Less time between events means less practice time and less time to heal from injuries. At some events, riders will run a Saturday round, get back on the track for a Tuesday evening race and then again that next Saturday. Feld shakes things up by making quick track changes between rounds. The venue may be the same, but there are additions to the track each round. The idea is to keep the riders on top of their game.



ABOVE: Ken Roczen sits second in the season points. BELOW: Defending champion Eli Tomac is quietly sitting behind Roczen in season points.

Ken Roczen held onto the lead for the first several rounds, but a consistent Cooper Webb finally took over that lead. Webb helped stretch out his lead by winning a triple-header event in Arlington. Roczen appeared to have been struggling. Webb is riding a KTM and Roczen, a Honda. Webb is hungry for another championship in the 450 class. He took the overall season victory in 2019.

patient Eli Tomac. Tomac is the defending championship this year and is quietly closing in on Roczen in the points. Tomac also has his work cut out for him if he is going to secure another championship. Cooper Webb has done a good job stretching out his point lead, but the season is not over yet. It could all come down to the final event in May at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Utah.

Roczen positioned himself well in the 2020 season but began to fall short when racing resumed last May on an accelerated schedule. Roczen sustained a serious injury in 2017 and another in 2018. Roczen needs to stay consistent and win more rounds, much like he did at the beginning of this year’s season if he is to secure the championship. Behind Roczen in the point standing sits a very DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 37



ANTHONY NOLEN FOCUSED AT FOURTEEN Story by: Shaun Ochsner Photos: Nolen Motorsports


t just fourteen years old, Anthony “Tony” Nolen has already accomplished a lot on two wheels. In 2014, he was gifted his first race bike. He has competed off and on since the age of four. Today, Nolen races a 2021 Husqvarna TC 85. The bike is Husqvarna’s latest 2-stroke offering in the highly competitive 85cc youth class. After next year, Nolen will have to move up to the next class of racing. The 85cc class was designed to bridge the gap between the junior ranks and full-sized motocross bikes. Tony Nolen competes mainly in the WORCS series as well as District 35 MRAN races across Nevada. He also races select National Hare and Hound events. Adding to his already busy schedule, Nolen plans to race the Glen Helen Endurance Series with a goal of Ironmanning the whole the series. He has already conquered the six-hour event in March with 49 competitors in his class. There are two more endurance races planned that include a 10-hour and 24-hour event. It’s safe to say Nolen has his work cut out for him. Nolen Ironmanned the 10-hour Glen Helen race in August 2020 after his friends were unable to team up with him at the race. Nolen’s drive and determination surprised even himself. He wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into. Nolen finished second place in the Super-mini Ironman class. This set the stage for


him to keep pushing forward. He won the 2020 WORCS championship in the Super-mini and Mini Open classes. Tony Nolen says his influencers are Ricky Brabec as well as the Pearson family. Brabec, an established proracer has a Dakar Rally win on his resume. If Tony continues down the path he is going, he could also make it to Dakar someday. He shares the same drive and determination as Brabec. Tony wants to make it to the highest level of pro-competition. This year his focus is on running as many races as possible. He hopes to make moto racing a full-time endeavor. In between race weekends, Nolen still has to study for school just like any successful kid his age. His mom instills in him that education is important. “There’s always competition at each level and huge amounts of people at each event” -Tony Nolen

ABOVE: Nolen secured the 2020 WORCS Championship in the Super-mini and Mini Open classes.



Tony Nolen says this season is shaping up to be a huge learning curve. This is the first year competing in the 85cc class with some of the best moto riders in the west. Nolen has to remain on top of his game if he is to be successful. This means consistent finishes and staying focused. He has a goal of making it to the podium for an overall championship. He admits he needs to work on short sprints, line

selection and pacing himself for the distance of the event. He has learned to find the smoother lines in the longer distance races. Recognizing what he needs to improve on will set Nolen up for success and a possible championship at the end of the season. He is already well on his way sitting 5th in the WORCS standings after just three events. There is still a long way to go in the season with 10 total rounds.

No Terrain Restrictions • No Weight Restrictions • Made in America by Desert Racers When you positively need to keep moving...

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WHAT A CONCEPT: Jeep’s 2021 Concept Vehicles Story: Shaun Ochsner Photos: Stellantis Media


very year the engineers and designers at Jeep build concept vehicles based around current Jeep models. These concepts showcase the possibilities of what we could be built around the Jeep platform. Plenty of Jeep

Jeep Magneto

The Jeep Wrangler Magneto concept is stealthy and quiet. The vehicle runs strictly on battery power. Based on the two-door Wrangler Rubicon, this zero-emission vehicle is extremely capable on the trail. It has a custombuilt axial flux electric motor that operates up to 6,000 rpm. You still get shifting power as the electric motor is connected to a six-speed manual transmission. Everything operates just as it would on a fuel-based engine. For quick shifting, the e-motors engages regen upon the clutch engagement to prevent rev-hang. The motor still delivers 273 lb-ft of torque and 285 horsepower. That translates to the Magneto running 0-60mph in 6.8 seconds. The Magneto’s e-motor is powered by four lithium-ion battery packs evenly distributed around the vehicle to balance weight. One pack actually sits in the location where a fuel tank would normally be mounted while another occupies the space for the muffler. The battery 44 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM

Performance Products outline the vehicles. Often, they contain hidden Easter eggs. The designers go all out with the concepts and this year is no exception. Jeep built seven vehicles that standout.


current on the vehicle is converted from DC to AC allowing for high-output operation of the motor. Current is also available for winching operations and campsite accessories. RIGHT: The exterior of the Magneto features a Bright White color with Surf Blue accents, along with a heavy-duty performance hood with center scoop and custom decal. Royal Blue and Black leather seats give the Magneto’s interior design an electrified appearance.

Jeepster Beach

The Jeepster Beach is a restomod concept that celebrates Jeeps of the past. It started off life as a 1968 Jeepster Commando C-101. The clever designers and engineers at Jeep blended it with a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The vehicle is themed around beach fun in the sun. The body was fused together with the original chrome trim, updated with a bright colored tow tone paint of Hazy IPA and Zinc Oxide. The outside maintains the vintage Jeepster appearance. On the inside, it has all the parts of the modern-day Wrangler needed to conquer the trails. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine has a custom concept calibration the increased engine output by 25 percent. The result is 340 total horsepower with 369 lbft of torque. It has a direct-injection engine using a twinscroll, low-inertia turbocharger that is mounted directly to the cylinder head.

ABOVE: Jeepster Beach custom interior features low-back bucket seats trimmed in red leather. The rear seat was replaced with a chrome, four-point safety cage and the carpets were removed to make cleaning out sand a breeze. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 45


Jeep Red Bare

The Jeep Red Bare concept celebrates hardworking trucks paired with the Jeep 4x4 capability. A turbo-charged 3.0-liter Eco Diesel V-6 engine powers the Red Bare engine. It has an estimated 260 horsepower with 442 lb-ft of torque. The system uses the patented TorqueFlite 8HP75 eightspeed automatic transmission which is calibrated for low RPM shifting. This set-up allows the vehicle to maneuver on rigorous ground. The axles on the Red Bare have been upgraded. Dana 44’s were added to the front and rear of the vehicle. The Red Bare has an impressive 91:1 crawl ratio that allows it to handle some of the toughest trails around. A firecracker red exterior with custom matte black accents and gold graphics make this vehicle standout. The Mojave hood and cowl pieces are custom painted. Inside, the seats are wrapped in Katzkin Black leather with red stitching and custom flannel inserts. The designers paid attention to every detail on this build, even wrapping the instrument panel in flannel.

Jeep Orange Peelz

The Jeep Orange Peelz concept is built on a twodoor Wrangler. It celebrates Jeep’s open air, fun and freedom lifestyle. The side and rear windows have been removed and replaced with the prototype JPP half doors along with a custom 46 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM


removable one-piece Freedom Top glass sunroof. The vehicle has JPP’s 2-inch lift kit and durable FOX shocks. It also has concept steel “high-top” fender flares and 17-inch JPP beadlock rims. As typical with concept vehicles, every detail was paid attention to. The BFG KM3 mud-terrain tires contain Mopar valve stem caps with a custom Jeep logo. A custom Satin Black 360-degree beltline graphic helps make the Orange Peelz standout. There is a Jeep Willys logo on the hood along with custom black Mopar hood latches.

Small rocks tend to get kicked up while off-road and sometimes can crack your windshield. The Jeep designers and engineers have found a solution to prevent that from happening on the Orange Peelz concept. The Mopar windshield is made with Corning Gorilla Glass. Rounding out the concept are LED lights on the A-Pillars and a custom JPP Rubicon steel bumper. Did we mention there also custom rockrails that complete the rugged customization of this cool concept? In case you need it on the trail, the Orange Peelz is equipped with a 8,000 lb capacity Warn winch.



Jeep Farout

The Jeep Farout concept is a goanywhere, do-anything vehicle, taking exploration to the next level. It celebrates the growing popularity of the overlanding lifestyle. In 2019, Jeep built a similar concept called the “Wayout.” The Farout has increased payload and long-range fuel capabilities with the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V-6. The Farout can go 425 miles under the right conditions before needing ot be refueled. The main feature of this concept is the custom deployable AT Overland Equipment Habitat Truck Topper. Sitting 16-feet long by 7.5-feet tall, the topper opens and retracts in just seconds. Fully unpacked it sleeps four comfortably. Inside, an inviting warm wood-line interior with soft ambient lighting makes anyone feel at home. There is a fully functional refrigerator and stove along with hanging

storage racks. The Earl body color with Chartreuse accents on the hood give the vehicle a rugged look. It has a JPP 2-inch lift kit, 17inch matte charcoal rims and 37-inch tires. This custom ride also comes with a modified Gladiator Rubicon steel bumper Jeep Wrangler and 12,000 warn winch. An integrated roof rack allows for Rubicon 392 hauling additional gear topside The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is the only vehicle in the concept line-up that is currently making its way to production. This Jeep is all about performance with a V-8 engine that generates 485-horsepower and 475 lbft of torque. The vehicle is based around a 2020 four-door Wrangler. It has a dualmode performance exhaust, performance hood with


center scoop along with custom-built halfdoors and a Sky One-touch powertop. The side panels are also removable for open-air freedom.


Inside, you will find Oxblood Red leather seats with gold stitching. The Wrangler Rubicon comes with all of the JPP trail accessories you need to conquer the wild.

Jeep Top Dog The final vehicle in the Jeep Concept line-up is There are traction mats in case the Gladiator the Jeep Top Dog. This vehicle was designed were to get stuck. The bike rack can safely for serious mountain bikers. It is painted carry mountain bikes to the trails. K-9 blue and expands the cargo area of the Gladiator with a custom PCOR flatbed storage system. Drawers pull-out to securely store tools and other accessories commonly used by mountain bikers. The vehicle can carry extra power supplies and there are plenty of exterior lighting switches. For those that get hungry after a day of riding, Mopar engineers added a battery powered refrigerator and electric hot dog roller grill stand. Above the cab, two Rhino racks provide even more storage space for tools and equipment. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 49



Story: Shaun Ochsner Photos: Ford Motor Company


ord Motor Company was not going to be outdone by Jeep and their concepts this year at Easter Jeep Safari. Ford unveiled four custom Broncos that showcased aftermarket parts and accessories manufactured by three of the leading off-road companies.

rock sliders, rear bumper, and 3D-printed grille. Accent lights are simulated in the grille. RTR The first of those vehicles was built by RTR added 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires to vehicles. RTR was founded by Vaughn Gittin their custom Tech-6 wheels. The Bronco also Jr who has customized several Ford vehicles. features an RTR roof mounted light-bar with The RTR build is a multi-purpose heavy-duty Project X FF 7.0 round lights. To finish off the Bronco four-door Badlands SUV with RTR project, a 12-volt Type S Blizzard Box 50 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM


refrigerator/freezer was added along with custom RTR graphics. ARB 4x4 accessories is currently working on highperformance off-road parts designed specifically for the tow and four door Bronco models. Based in Australia, ARB is the largest manufacturer of 4x4 parts. ARB took a Bronco Badlands four-door SUV and added airbag compliant front and rear bumpers, rock sliders and a differential cover. ARB added other essential accessories like a twin compressor, jack and Zero refrigerator/freezer.



4-Wheel Parts also got their chance to customize a Bronco. The Four-Door Black Diamond series SUV has plenty of 4-Wheel Parts factory brand accessories. The company added their modular front bumper, skid plate, winch platform and heavy-duty suspension components. A custom roof rack and light mounts along with a Smittybilt rooftop tent,


camping gear, awning and refrigeration system round out the build. Of course, the Bronco would not be complete without 37-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires. Two and four door 2021 Bronco SUV’s are expected to arrive this summer at dealerships.

Performance Products

PERFORMANCE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME! CBR Performance Products Inc has a number of years of hands on experience from Motocross Racing, UTV Racing, Road Racing and Off-Road Racing. Many Teams and/or individuals who use CBR products are winning championships and seeing podium finishes. www.cbr-performance.com



Submissions by: Roy Duffy, Alfredo De Santis


n North Wales, there is an ancient and iconic lane known as the Wayfarer. This long and enjoyable route is a must for any keen traveler be it by foot, horse, mountain bike, motorcycle or 4×4. The route is named after the memorial (passed en-route) to the 80 year old ‘Wayfarer’ who died on the lane in 1956 while out walking and exploring the area. This is one of those great drives that you can take your family and friends out on for a day of adventure. The trail is mostly good stone with plenty of traction. “Mostly” because then you get to the bog. To protect this lane


and keep everyone enjoying it in a safe way a timber sleeper road of a hundred meters or so has been built. This can be a challenging gnarly section as the sleepers spread apart threatening to swallow your wheels or your entire vehicle. Fortunately, if this does happen a short winch or deployment of recovery boards gets you through with a smile on your face. Just in time for a brew and spot of lunch by the old memorial which is at the highest point of the pass. After that a gentle drive back down the mountain through some washouts and the day is done. From here you can head to a local country town or carry on the myriad of lanes that Wales is so well known for.


Enta Sicily, Italy: A trip from 0 to 3000m, a unique experience through sand, volcanic rocks, forest and snow in the same day.



Medellin, Columbia: What’s amazing about living in Medellin is that you’re never more than a few minutes drive from an isolated track surrounded by lush green mountains and high altitude jungle or forest. The northern Andes cut through the country with three distinct ranges, so outside of the major cities, mountain dirt roads around here are the norm. You’ll also find more original FJs here from the 70s and 80s than pretty much any other place in the world - one may even pick you up as a taxi in one of the pueblos.

British Colombia, Canada: The Alexander Mackenzie / Nuxalk - Carrier Grease Trail is a Historic route with which the help of local First Nations, led Mackenzie overland to the Pacific. The route had been used for generations of First Nations to transport


Eulachon (a small fish) grease from the coast to First Nation communities inland. These were referred to as grease trails. Portions of the original foot path are still in use, while much of the trail has been converted to Wagon Roads to access reserves along the route.


Replacing and Upgrading Your Bushings Story by: Shaun Ochsner


ou are bouncing down a whoop section in Baja and all you hear is squeak squeak squeak. You pull over to figure out why your suspension is making all the noise. It’s probably time to replace the bushings. Basically, the purpose of a bushing is to isolate vibrations. It creates an interface between two parts of your vehicle to damping the energy. These small parts get worn out and fail to serve their purpose. Adventure Off Road built a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado pre-runner a couple months ago. The truck has seen some significant off-road


use already with recent trips to King of the Hammers, the Mojave Trail and other fun desert outings. One-thousand off-road miles have already been put on the truck and the suspension is starting to squeak from the original bushings. The crew decided it was time to upgrade their bushings to a Delrin material. Delrin is made from a thermoplastic known as polyoxymethylene. Delrin bushings are the gold standard bushings in the suspension world and can take the abuse from an off-road truck. Rubber bushings wear very quickly.


Delrin bushing material has a high tensile strength, high impact strength and chemical resistance. The material doesn’t bind making it perfect to use on your suspension parts. Delrin bushings also last longer. The suspension parts Adventure Off Road used on their Silverado are manufactured by Baja Kits. The bushings are also available through Baja Kits. The first step is to remove the old bushings from your suspension parts. It’s best to get the vehicle in the air, making it easier to access everything. The old bushings were already worn from use in extreme conditions.

While you have the suspension parts off of your truck, be sure to clean the dirt and grime that collects on your control arms. Industrial cleaners work the best in removing some of the toughest elements that get mixed in with all of that dirt. DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 59


All German Motorsports sent this special uniball tool. It made removing the old uni-ball and installing a new one a breeze.

Be sure to use a liberal amount of grease when installing the new bushings. We used a red synthetic grease from Mobil 1. Your local auto parts store has a wide selection of greases.



Re-install the suspension components on your truck. There shouldn’t be any noise coming from your suspension on your next off-road adventure. Enjoy the trip squeak free!



The Answer is Life!

Words: Steve Hanson


ll throughout the bible we read about life. The more you read it the more the theme of life will grab your attention. Here are just a few popular scriptures. PROVERBS 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart for it is the well spring of life. PSALMS. 16:11 You have make know to me the path of life. JOHN 1:4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men. JOHN 5:40 Come to me to have life. ACTS 5:20 Tell the people the full message of this new life. JOHN 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Saint Irenaeus is quoted as saying, “the glory of God is man fully alive.” That is very different then saying Jesus came to just forgive you! Forgiveness is awesome, it is one of the cornerstons that make up the Christian theology. But, there is so much more to this Christian life then just claiming salvation through Christ reserection. Jesus said that he came to give us life. JOHN 6:48 “I am the bread of life” JOHN 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” Jesus doesn’t locate his offer to us in some distant future after clocked in and out of life from our days here on earth. He talks about a life available to us in this age, right now. Paul agrees I TIMITHY 4:8 …godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 62 | DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM

When most of us hear the words of eternal life associated with “being saved” and the promise of heaven. We interpret that as a life that awaits us in some distant future. But what eternal really means is “unending” not a later date. What the scriptures mean is we can never loose this life, it can’t be taken away from us. The offer is life, and it starts now with a personal relationship with Christ! ROMANS 10: 6-13MSG But trusting God to shape the right living in us is a different story—no precarious climb up to heaven to recruit the Messiah, no dangerous descent into hell to rescue the Messiah. So what exactly was Moses saying? The word that saves is right here, as near as the tongue in your mouth, as close as the heart in your chest. It’s the word of faith that welcomes God to go to work and set things right for us. This is the core of our preaching. Say the welcoming word to God—“Jesus is my Master”—embracing, body and soul, God’s work of doing in us what he did in raising Jesus from the dead. That’s it. You’re not “doing” anything; you’re simply calling out to God, trusting him to do it for you. That’s salvation. With your whole being you embrace God setting things right, and then you say it, right out loud: “God has set everything right between him and me!” No word that God has spoken is a mere literary artifact to be studied; no human experience is dead history merely to be regretted or admired. The complete range of the human experience is brought to life with the full revelation of God living through us. So, live this! And live it NOW! Follow @rfc_dirtsportministry



SNORE Motion Tire 300- Ridgecrest, CA April 2nd-3rd

EVENT TO ATTEND Great Amercian Shortcourse

Ultra 4 Area BFE Beatdown- Moab, UT April 2nd Great American Shortcourse- (San Bernardino County Fairgrounds) Victorville, CA April 10th-11th SCORE San Felipe 250- San Felipe, Baja April 14th-18th Ultra 4 Battle in Bluegrass- Rush, KY April 15th-April 17th NORRA MEXICAN 1000 Ensenada, Baja-Los Cabos, Baja Sur April 23rd-30th MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge- Barstow, CA April 24th

Great American Shortcourse will host its innaugural event at Victorville Fairgrounds in Victorville, California. Short course racing is back on the west coast and this event will feature racers from grassroots to pro.

Best in the Desert Silver State 300- Alamo, NV April 29th-May 2nd

may UTV Rally- Mormon Lake, AZ May 7th-8th

DP4 SXS Racing - Barstow, CA May 22nd

Legacy Racing- Baja Nevada (Alamo-Pahrump) May 12th-16th

SNORE Weddle Industries 250Caliente, NV May 21st-22nd

Best in the Desert World Hare and Hound Championship- Tonopah, NV May 21st-22nd

VORRA Race 1- Yerrington, NV May 28th-31st

Great American Shortcourse- Glen Helen Raceway- San Bernardino, CA May 22nd-23rd

Have an event for our Calendar? Send us an email: dirtsports@dirtsportsworld.com DIRTSPORTSWORLD.COM | 63




DirtSportsWorld Magazine April 2021 Issue 4 Vol 2  

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