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By: Kaitlin DiRocco and Julia Lindemon

Jimmy with his teacher and classmate One day, Jimmy took a field trip to an Oil Industry to learn about Oil. He was fascinated by everything he learned. He liked the big Oil tanks displayed for him and his classmates to look at. He asked the tour guide lots of questions.

Plankton living at the bottom of the Ocean “Where does the oil come from,” asked Jimmy. “It comes from plankton that fall to the bottom of the ocean. As they sit there layers of sediment build up on top of them. This changes them to oil. Then, pumps are placed on the bottom to pump up the newly made oil.” His guide showed Jimmy and his classmates some pictures taken of the pumps used to collect the oil.

Then the tour guide told them about OPEC, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, and how it helps the countries that make oil. The Organization controls many things and helps a lot. “How much is Oil?” jimmy asked. “$82.52, is the current price Jimmy,” said the Tour Guide, frowning. Jimmy guessed that that wasn’t a good thing.





The tour guide then said “A lot of things have petroleum in them like: sweaters, boats, shoes, and umbrellas.� Jimmy and his classmates were surprised to here that!

Saudi Aramco The tour guide then told Jimmy and his class that there was a oil company called Saudi Aramco. It is the largest company in the world. It is located in Saudi Arabia. It makes over 3 billion oil barrels a day. That’s a lot!

In the end, Jimmy was given a cookie for asking lots of good questions and paying attention!


Oh! Oil!  

Childrens book on oil