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Jamaican Crystal Blue - sourced and bottled in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.... The Blue Mountians have the third highest rainfall per year in the world... ....majestic views, pure, untouched water ORIGIN OF JAMAICAN CRYSTAL BLUE SPRING WATER Jamaica is a marvelous concoction of the world’s finest soils, atmospheres and nutrient-rich byproducts. The Caribbean island is only 146 miles long and 51 miles wide, yet this small country produces some of the world’s best coffees and fruits and, until now, has secretly housed some of the world’s cleanest and purest water. A country a little smaller than the state of Connecticut, Jamaica has three major mountain ranges with 22 major rivers flowing through them. The geology of Jamaica strongly influences the availability of fresh water on the island. Shrouded almost perpetually by the mists that give them their bluish color, the Blue Mountains spread across the eastern side of the island for about 28 miles and include the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak (7,402 feet). Many summits rise along the range, where the temperature decreases from around 80 degrees F. at sea level to 40 degrees F. at Blue Mountain Peak, just 10 miles inland. This climatic diversity enables the high rainfall (as much as 200 inches per year) that feeds the lush vegetation, which includes towering trees and more than 500 species of flowering plants, of which half are found nowhere else on Earth. The abundance of volcaniclastic and limestone rock in the Blue Mountains creates aquifers that act as filters for the natural purification of water. It is in this fertile haven that the pure water of the Blue Mountains originates.

At Jamaican Crystal Blue, we are not afraid to brag about our water analysis... We clearly have some of the best PH and Alkalinity ratings in the world....while our water is first naturally purified via aquifers in the Blue Mountain range, we also have brand new state of the art filling plants meet and surpass international standards.

Analysis pH 7.9 Conductivity 282 @24C Sulphate 17.6 Bicarbonate Alkalinity 122 Total Dissolved Solids 188 Nitrate 2.25 Chloride 46.8 Iron <20 Magnesium 4.26 Sodium 8.44 Potassium 0.53

This is one of the many pure streams and rivers that spring out of the Blue Mountains via naturally filtering aquifers at various range heights and locations along the island flowing through the mountains and into our state of the art bottling and filling plants...the Blue Mountains not only have some of the richest soil in the world, but also provide some of the earth's deepest and succulent rain forests.

THE FIRST TOUCH OF WATER ON THE PLANET If one flies from the north into the face of the Blue Mountains, they will see a "mist" of clouds lightly hovering over the top parts of the range. This fog or haze or mist is what gives the rich fertile environment its "blueish" hue, thus giving them their name. Jamaica’s name comes from an aboriginal Indian word, XAYMACA, meaning “land of wood and water.” And it is. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are one of the longest and highest continuous ranges in the Caribbean, where rainfall averages exceed 200 inches per year, with some areas receiving more than 300 inches. The water runs through the mountains and ultimately through volcanic rocks to pristine aquifers, filter the water naturally and help create this wonderfully healthy drink. This also results in the growth of some of the world’s finest vegetation and world famous Blue Mountain coffee beans. It now brings the earth the finest mountainspring drinking water on the planet. One Love. One World. Only one drink – Jamaican Blue Mountain Spring Water.

ENVIROMENTALLY AND EDUCATIONALLY CONSCIOUS At Jamaican Crystal Blue we are committed do making sure our business footprint is compatible and helpful to the places and people we work with and around. We are always aware of the decisions that our manufacturing and distribution of water in recyclable PET bottles has on the planet. To this cause, portions of our profits will be going to reinforce Jamaica's environment, not only in around the communities where we will be providing hundreds of new jobs, but also on other parts of this beautiful island. We will also be putting aside a portion of profits to the educational process in Jamaican, where helping educate the young will be priority one..

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