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Software Development Company Redwerk Develops Groundbreaking Photo Service, Photio for ContentNexus ConentNexus Inc. contracted software developers Redwerk to create a new digital photo retrieval service. Kiev, Ukraine - Custom software development company Redwerk has completed a development project for ContentNexus Inc. The recently unveiled digital photo service goes by the name of Photio. It is a groundbreaking digital image retrieval program designed to find photos in users' email accounts and archive them for easy access. ContentNexus chose to tackle this complex project due to Redwerk's proven track record and expansive development experience. Photio is an international, collaborative project between ContentNexus in Vancouver, Canada and Redwerk in Kieve, Ukraine. When asked about the project ContentNexus' Karl Buhr replied, "We all have email accounts overflowing with photos from friends and family, but rarely do we take the time to save and archive each and every one of them. After a few years there might be thousands of emails to search through just to find one particular picture. We wanted to find a way to retrieve all the photos in our email accounts and save them to one central location. That is how Photio was born. We identified a need and did something about it!" Photio is a fee based, web service. Visitors enter their email account information and Photio goes to work retrieving photos from emails. The application is capable of processing thousands of emails at a time. It will retrieve all photos which are embedded in email messages as well as those which were sent as attachments. When asked about the specific challenges of the Photio project Redwerk founder Konstantin Klyagin commented, "Redwerk was provided with a flow description, some rough specifications, and an outline of the desired overall look and feel. The service needed to have an extremely simple and easy to use interface. During the development phase, we decided that we needed to split the application into several components in order to guarantee its scalability. We implemented special technologies to make sure that the user did not have to wait until the photos are downloaded. The system gives an estimated time for a download link to be generated. The photo search and download algorithms were tweaked several times in order to fit each service's individual characteristics. The result is a fast and robust application with an extremely simple user interface."

Photio has just been officially launched and is now available to the public. The service can be accessed at Users can retrieve all photos from their email accounts for a low one-time fee. Subsequent searches can be performed at a discounted rate. About Redwerk and Photio: Redwerk is a software development company that specializes in custom software development. They employ programmers skilled in all modern programming languages. For software development inquiries please contact them through their website at Photio is the brainchild of ContentNexus, a technology start-up incubator on a mission to change the world, one app at a time. Photio is a digital photo retrieval and archive service. To learn more about Photio please visit their website

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Custom Software firm starts progressive digital camera graphic computer operation software for ContentNexus termed Photio.