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10 good reasons...

9 study Spanish with us! Total immersion


We will truly immerse you in the Spanish language and the local culture, inviting you to live Spanish while you learn Spanish. You will find yourself speaking Spanish from the first class! For more than 25 years we have watched our students gain confidence and ability as they apply their new language skills to practical situations. You will learn Spanish as you learned your native language – through practice and continuous communication.

For over 25 years, we have been dedicated solely to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Our representatives and school office staff are multilingual, many with personal experiences studying abroad, and all of our instructors are licensed, experienced, and passionate about teaching their native language. We dedicate all of our resources to teaching you Spanish.

100% Satisfaction

The best destinations

More students come to us through personal referrals than through any other source. Our students leave us speaking Spanish with increased confidence—and boasting of their rewarding stay in Spain or Latin America.

Because we believe culture is vital to language, we have carefully chosen 10 of the Hispanic world’s most beautiful, historic and culturally important cities for our schools. You may choose to stay in one city, or combine stays in multiple cities.

Flexibility and Wide variety

Quality service

We will help you design the language travel program of YOUR choosing. Here You will find more than 25 courses, flexible start dates, and a wide range of accommodations, from host families to student residences and flats. Plus 35 (!) destinations to mix and match without missing a beat in your study program!

Schools in historic barrios, accommodations guaranteed to be within 30 minutes commute, libraries, media rooms, free Internet, free use of our online course – this is the don Quijote experience.

International You will study with students from all over the world. Each year we welcome more than 20,000 students of all ages and more than 65 countries.

Guaranteed quality Our don Quijote schools are accredited by Instituto Cervantes. All don Quijote schools have earned the Ideal Quality Certificate which guarantees the quality standards in our services.

Cultural activities We offer lively daily cultural activities and weekend sightseeing excursions to engage you in the rich culture of our host cities.

Spanish for Life Because we know Spanish will enrich your life long after your incountry course, we invite you to join the hundreds of students who have come back to don Quijote again and again. We hope your first Spanish course will be only the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Spanish and don Quijote.

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Prospekt don Quijote