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Cusco Population: 300,000


The school The school is located in a colonial building just one quick block from Cusco’s main square, the Plaza de las Armas. The school building includes 25 classrooms of varying sizes, a very spacious meeting room and a sunny terrace.

About Cusco Cusco is the oldest city in the Western hemisphere. Built in a mountainous region considered among the most beautiful on the planet, Cusco was once the flourishing capital of the Inca Empire. Natives and visitors alike consider it the most impressive of all Peruvian cities for both its history and its remarkable mix of Incan and Spanish colonial architecture. And we’ve yet to mention the breathtaking beauty of the local terrain and the warmth of the local people. Cusco is an ideal base from which to explore Peru, since it’s situated in the same region as the ruins of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. Because the city lies at a high elevation, nights can be cold and days cool.

Maximum participants per group 6 students

school, features rooms with shared bath, a big terrace and a common kitchen/living room. This option includes breakfast and lunch.

Activities and Excursions The school includes a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure program to complement the process of learning the Spanish language. Free daily student activities are included in all programs (cooking, dancing, music, lectures on Peruvian Culture and History, movies, a welcome dinner). These cultural courses, one hour every day, are very popular. Also a variety of excursions, trips and hikes at good prices are offered.

Our Opinion Cusco has it all: art, magic, mystery and all the beauty you’d expect in the legendary ‘belly button’ of the world. The Cusco region offers breathtaking natural views: the city’s streets and squares, the magical majesty of the Inca monuments and the elegance of the colonial constructions illuminated by a blue sky with white clouds which frame the six hills surrounding the city. Undoubtedly your stay in Cusco will be an experience you will never forget, and one you will proudly talk about - in Spanish!

Timetable Classes run Monday to Friday. All classes are 52,5 minutes in duration and are programmed between 8:10 and 20:00. Students can give their preference for certain hours.

Accommodation All of our host families have been carefully selected. You can choose local guest families and a student residence. Guest families provide three meals a day. The student residence, which is located in the same building as the

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Intensive Spanish One to One Best of Both Volunteer Program

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Prospekt don Quijote