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Quito Population: 1 million


The school


Located in the residential area of La Carolina, it’s a colonialstyle building. Equipped with 21 classrooms, interior patio, video room, library, teachers room, auditorium, solarium, cafeteria, a multipurpose indoor court (tennis, volleyball and speed soccer), internet service, access and bathroom for wheelchair users, elevator.

To help your immersion in the local language and culture, our partner school in Quito offers home stays (you will enjoy a single room with half board in the home of a carefully selected local family) or a student residence (individual or double room, no meals provided).

Activities and Excursions About Quito The city council of Quito was the first in Latin America to declare its independence from Spain. A renowned political and cultural center in colonial times, Quito has developed into an artistic, architectural and literary center. In the early 1980s, the old colonial city of Quito was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quito is a city of sun and sky surrounded by mountains. On a clear day, you look out from Quito at three snow-capped volcanoes. Its climate has been described by many as eternal spring. The daily average temperature is about 21° C on any given day. There are only two seasons in Quito, summer (the dry season) and winter (the rainy season). Despite its more than one million inhabitants, Quito retains a small city atmosphere. You can walk to most of the places you need to go, and the bus system is quite extensive, should you decide to wander a bit further. Quito is a traveler's paradise.

Timetable Morning sessions (each of 60 minutes and a 30-minute break) run from 8:30 - 13:00, afternoon sessions run from 14:00 - 18:30.

Maximum participants per group 5 students

Trips are offered to places of interest such as museums, fruit markets, professional soccer games, and a night at the folkloric ballet. You can participate in as many activities as you like during your course. Organized trips or group activities are offered 2 - 4 times/week. Also, there are organized trips to exciting destinations such as the Galápagos Islands, Cotopaxi and the rainforest.

Our Opinion With a perfect climate, thought-provoking traditions, beautiful architecture and a burgeoning contemporary culture, Quito is an ideal setting to learn Spanish, and a terrific base of operations for travel through Latin America.

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