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in-country Spanish language courses

Dominican Republic


Sosua Population: 9,500

The school


Our partner school in Sosua is located in the eastern section of the city, in a neighborhood known as "El Batey". Both the city center and Sosua's principal beach are a short walk away from the school grounds, which are surrounded by tropical trees that shade the 4 outside terraces where classes can be held. Equipped with comfortable lounge chairs and a ping pong table. Indoor classrooms are simple yet cozy. The school is equipped with computers with free internet access, and WI-FI for students who bring their own laptop.

You can choose from accommodation in a school apartment, in a 3 or 4 star private hotel or an apart hotel.

About Sosua In the north of the island there is the city of Sosua. It is famous for diving and for its beaches. Despite the modest size, Sosua is an international city with a large expatriate community who keep it clean, safe, and ready to be enjoyed. Sosua is 25 kilometers to the west of Puerto Plata, capital of the province of the same name, and 15 minutes to the east of Cabarete, a holy ground for windsurfing and kite surfing of the Dominican Republic.

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Activities and Excursions Many of the school's optional trips and excursions are organized with native Dominican students so you can practice your Spanish and make local friends. Typical excursions and activities include: movies at the Cinemateca Nacional, dancing live music (son and merengue) at the bar of a local 5-star hotel (free admission), guided tours of the city, cultural institutions and other points of interest. Saturday and Sunday excursions to the beach, where you can swim and soak in the sun, or try your hand at windsurfing, kite boarding and other water sports.

Our Opinion If you’re looking for a small, leisure setting in the Dominican Republic, Sosua is a wonderful alternative to the capital city of Santo Domingo. Between Sosua and Caberete, You will find the perfect combination of sports, relaxation, sunny days and stomping nightlife to complement your Spanish study experience.

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Courses Timetable Monday till Friday in the morning from 9:00 till 12:30 (each of 45 minutes and a 30-min break) and in the afternoon starting at 13:30. Group courses usually take place in the morning; if there are many different course levels at a time it might be necessary for group courses to be in the afternoon. Private classes are usually in the afternoons.

– Intensive Spanish – Super intensive Spanish – One to One

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