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Córdoba Population: 1 million


The school

Maximum students per group

Our partner school in Córdoba is located downtown, five minutes away from the main square (Plaza San Martín), which is close to the commercial area and the historic landmarks. It is a small center which comfortably accommodates 40 students. Six classrooms, a meeting room where you can enjoy coffee, tea or ‘mate’, a kitchen (you can bring your own food and drinks to prepare and have them there). There is a room with audio, video and internet access. There is also a cafeteria where you can have fast food, drinks and typical Argentine dishes ('empanadas', 'lomitos') at a very convenient price. There is a terrace with a beautiful view of the city, a big back yard with a garden and swimming pool. The school is handicapped accessible.

7 students

Timetable Classes are available mornings and afternoons, and each class lasts 55 minutes.

Accommodation You may choose between a stay with an Argentinian host family, or a student residence.

Activities and Excursions The school plans at least 2 cultural activities per week, from excursions to films and classes on cultural topics.

Our opinion About Córdoba A picturesque city on the edge of a mountain range known as the Sierra Chica. Because of its proximity to the mountains, Córdoba is a perfect base for excursions into the natural beauty of the Andes, or even the Pampas 100 km to the south. Prior to the rise of Buenos Aires, Cordoba was Argentina’s center of arts and learning, a place of scholars and priests, churches and universities. Though in terms of national importance the city has fallen behind the capital, it still retains an independent spirit and distinctive grace. Its name comes from the surrounding province, which embraces an unusually scenic section of the Andes, the Sierras de Cordoba. The physical center of the city is the Plaza San Martin, named after Argentina’s great liberator and the site of the city’s cathedral. South of the Plaza is Calle Obispo Trejos, an easily walkable avenue lined with the some of the city’s loveliest colonial buildings.

Its location in the center of the country makes Cordoba a convenient base for traveling through Argentina. What’s more, both the Andes and the Pampas are just a short trip away, providing the ideal geographical setting for skiers and nature lovers alike. With few tourists, a mild climate, beautiful historic buildings, a prestigious university, and valleys, lakes and rivers ambling through this graceful and picturesque city.

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Intensive Spanish Super intensive Spanish One to One Immersion Spanish and Tango/Salsa Volunteer Program

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