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Population: 500,000

Oaxaca Directors of studies

The school Just 2 blocks from the beautiful 16th century Santo Domingo convent and 4 blocks from the Zócalo, our Oaxaca Spanish school location is as central as it gets. This privileged setting means that You will find a plethora of internet cafes, restaurants, museums and art galleries right in the vicinity. The building is an old colonial home with thick walls that keep classrooms cool and a large central patio perfect for socializing with international friends over a drink or snack.

Elizabeth Petter & Oscar Barrera

About Oaxaca

"Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city located five hours south of Mexico City. It is an ideal place to study Spanish since it is known for its traditions, history, culture and cuisine and is surrounded by many places of interest. Due to Oaxaca’s appreciation for ancestral traditions and its colonial architecture, UNESCO has named the city a World Heritage Site, and the historic district is protected as such. Oaxaca is also home to many creative, talented artists and offers many different types of handicrafts—from pottery to fabrics to paintings. Visit Oaxaca and prepare to fall in love with the city, the people, the art, the food and the language."

Located in Mexico’s central valley, Oaxaca is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its Spanish colonial buildings and nearby archaeological center, Monte Albán. Oaxaca is known for its thriving artisan community best seen around the Zócalo, the colonial center’s main square. Its diverse population consists of over a dozen ethnic groups like the Mixtecs and Zapotecs, who bring the city to life with a variety of traditions, dances, music, languages and cuisine. All this is present in numerous museums, art galleries, open-air markets, outdoor cafes, restaurants and picturesque cobblestone streets.

Activities In the afternoons we offer workshops and activities that include cooking, arts and crafts, salsa classes, singing Mexican songs, a fiesta or a picnic. A movie is shown each week during one of the conversation classes. During the conversation hours, lectures are given on Mexican history, Zapotecan culture, national holidays, etc We offer oneday excursions to Monte Alban, Hierve el Agua, “el Tule” tree, Mezcal distilleries, and beautiful churches and convents.

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The city of Oaxaca, located in the central valley of the state, is surrounded by the states of Puebla, Veracruz and Chiapas and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. With its ethnic, cultural and historic richness, Oaxaca is an ideal place to experience the beauty of Mexico and its people.

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Golden Age Program Kids' Program Spanish & Salsa Spanish & Cooking Abasolo 217 “Edificio Canseco” Centro Oaxaca, Oaxaca 68000

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