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Spanish courses in Spain


Golden Age

History / Art / Literature

Want to study Spanish in a group your age and get to know and enjoy the Spanish way of life? You can do it with our Golden Age program, a course specially designed for our students over 50, on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Eager to extend your knowledge on the historical and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America? Then these courses are perfect for you!

The aim of this course is to provide situations in which you can immerse yourself in Spanish culture with confidence and enjoyment, and to give you a chance to practice Spanish with your teacher. You will have daily Spanish classes combined with cultural classes and 2 weeks of activities and excursions to complete the program in Tenerife. The Golden Age program includes visits to the most interesting places in Tenerife and special classes on Spanish history, art, politics and culture, as well as dancing classes where you can learn Salsa and Merengue.

You will participate in 10 history, art or literature classes. Throughout the courses you will study: the connection between a selected Spanish/Mexican region's history and its distinct geography, customs, gastronomy, folklore, politics (history course); Spain's/Mexican's most important trends and artistic representations (art course); the most important Spanish and Latin American authors (literature course). Complemented by extra-curricular activities including visits to museums and other cultural centers, always accompanied by a don Quijote teacher.

Duration: 2 weeks. Destination: At don Quijote Tenerife. Spanish level: All levels. Frequency per week: 20 Spanish classes plus Golden Age programs. Participants per group: maximum 8 students (minimum 3).

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks. Destination: At don Quijote Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca. Spanish level: B1 (intermediate). Frequency per week: 10 classes. Participants per group (maximum): 12 students.

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