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Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera

D.E.L.E. Preparation The D.E.L.E. diploma will give you an internationally recognized certificate of your Spanish level, particularly important if you wish to study in a Spanish university or work in a Spanish-speaking country.

free of charge! All don Quijote schools in Spain (except in Tenerife) offer a 2 or 4 weeks’ preparation for the Diplomas B1, B2, C1 and C2. A very high percentage of our students pass these exams with great success.

The D.E.L.E. (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only Spanish certificate for non-Spanish speakers officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. There are 6 levels/exams. We recommend you complete your course with the official D.E.L.E. examination available three times a year (in May, August and November). Furthermore, if you follow a course for 12 consecutive weeks plus the 4 week preparation course and sit but do not pass the exam at the level of Spanish that you have acquired through the course, having attended at least 90% of classes, we will give you a further 4 weeks and the option to re-sit the exam, completely

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks. Destination: At all dQ schools in Spain (except in Tenerife). Spanish level: B1: B1 (intermediate), B2: B2 (advanced), C1: C1 (superior), C2: C2 (mastery). Frequency per week: 20 classes . Participants per group (max): 14 students. Exam dates: May, August, November.

Chamber of Commerce Preparation This exam is officially recognized by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and the University of Alcalá. It has considerable international value, giving you easier access to the labour market and boosting your career potential. If you are interested in obtaining a recognized qualification in Spanish Business, don Quijote offers you the

opportunity of preparing for this exam, for which you would need to complete the 4-week program. For complete details see page 22!

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