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Spanish courses in Spain


University Placement Foundation course

PAU preparation / Exam

Foundation courses help international students who may not initially meet entry requirements gain entry to undergraduate study at Spanish Universities.

This course is specifically tailored to the needs of students who are looking to study at University i Spain, who need to improve their Spanish knowledge sufficiently and prepare themselves to pass the University access test (Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad or Selectividad) and who require assistance with their University application.

don Quijote has an agreement with more than 20 Spanish Universities to help you apply for a Public or Private Spanish University or a Master Program. In order to enter a Spanish University you need to have an adequate (high) level of Spanish. To ensure this, and to help you adapt to the new situation, don Quijote offers you a Spanish language and Culture course for 6 to 9 months. Upon completing this Foundation course with don Quijote we will help and guarantee your placement i a Spanish University.

Duration: 6 to 9 months. Destination: don Quijote Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia. Spanish level: All levels. Frequency per week: 20 classes +5. Participants per group (maximum): 8 students. Start dates: January and September.

The 5 or 8-month course, 22 and 32 weeks respectively, is currently available at two locations i Spain: Madrid and Salamanca. The PAU is required i order to access undergraduate University courses i Spain. It is a series of exams held i June and September whose results affect the University choices of students. Most exam applicants have recently finished their studies at school, but there are also options for over-25's to take the PAU too.

Duration: 5 or 8 months. Destination: don Quijote Madrid, Salamanca. Spanish level: B2 (advanced). Frequency per week: 9 classes (Madrid); 15 classes (Salamanca). Start dates: January and October.

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