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Who will you meet? Aged 14 to 83, from all corners of the world and with all sorts of reasons for studying Spanish. More students choose don Quijote based on a personal recommendation than through any other source. We invite you to do the same! On the next page you will meet a small group of students – some of whom have returned to study with us 4, 5... even 8 times. They’ve all expressed their willingness to help you choose a language school, a course and a destination by sharing their own experiences. Find someone who shares your native language, or your age or your motivation for studying Spanish and get the most valuable information you can use to make a decision: a personal recommendation.


All ages Newly graduated 25-29 years 15%

Kids and Juniors & Teens 5-17 years

University students 18-24 years 40%

Senior +50 years 10%

Professionals 30-49 years 30%

Our students differ greatly in age, origin, cultural background and in their reasons for learning Spanish. We believe that these differences add value to your Spanish course. Quite often, the way of life and the cultural aspects of our students are the subject of lively discussions during the classes. To sum things up: – The age of our students varies from 14 – 83 years. – Our students come from more than 65 countries. – 95% of our students come alone. – 30% of our students have no knowledge of Spanish before the start of their course. The reasons our students have for studying Spanish are as diverse as our supply of courses: One wants an active four-week summer holiday and another wants an intensive preparatory course for the Official D.E.L.E. exam, while yet another wants tailor-made individual language training due to a lack of time, and others have plenty of time available to spend doing a long-duration Spanish course.

More than 65 nationalities

US DE UK NL BR SE IT FR AT CH EE BE JP IS NO DK CA AU O US: USA, 12% DE: Germany, 10% UK: United Kingdom, 10% NL: The Netherlands, 10% BR: Brazil, 8% SE: Sweden, 8% IT: Italy, 6%

FR: France, 6% AT: Austria, 4% CH: Switzerland, 4% EE: East Europe, 3% BE: Belgium, 3% JP: Japan, 2% IS: Iceland, 2%

NO: Norway, 2% DK: Denmark, 2% CA: Canada,1% AU: Australia, 1% O: 47 other countries, 6% % of the total

Prospekt don Quijote  
Prospekt don Quijote  

Prospekt don Quijote