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eti Welcome to the ETI Malta experience. At ETI we are fully committed to providing quality and practical full-immersion English Language and Communication training programmes within a supportive and professional environment Our programmes are aimed at people working internationally; and are specifically designed to address the needs and objectives of adults (24 years plus) and professionals. Drawing on the expertise of our skilled trainers, and in cooperation with York Associates, we have moved away from traditional ways of teaching by combining language and communication training. Our executive centre in St Julian’s offers training facilities, such as interactive whiteboards, which provide a stimulating and relevant learning environment.

Nick Brieger

Programme Advisor & Trainer Training

Sandra Attard-Montalto

Director of Academic Development & Training

‘Thanks to the ETI team I have benefited more than just having a general English course. My programme varied from case studies, training in meetings and presentations, key expressions and prepositions... A special thanks to the training staff, who carefully matched my course mini-group to my needs. I’ll be back....’ Agnes Roux Axcan Pharma - France


why eti? Targeted at adults and professionals. The average age of our trainees is 40 and the minimum age is 24 years All courses are tailor-made and designed around the needs and objectives of each trainee Programmes focus specifically on both communication skills and language knowledge Teaching staff (trainers) at ETI are native English speakers and have had working experience in diverse professions. They are internationally qualified and have varied professional backgrounds ETI operates within a purpose-built centre in the vibrant area of St Julian’s . ETI’s training rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and offer an ideal professional and adult learning environment. Our lounge area is equipped to high standards and provides a comfortable area to relax and talk to other trainees, together with daily newspapers, international business magazines, tea / coffee and free Wi-Fi

‘My training at ETI has exceeded my expectations’ Gerhard Mueller Kuka Roboter Group - Germany

Malta, an English-speaking country, is easily accessible with the increased frequency of flights and quick airport transfers to St Julian’s All trainees are offered a post-course e-Learning programme: three months’ access to continue developing their English after their course in Malta


our trainees are adults (average age of 40) and come from different backgrounds, professions and countries work in business or professional fields where English is or will be essential need to improve communication skills for their personal and / or professional development have objectives which need to be achieved within a specified time already have a specific basic competence in English, yet wish to become more effective and accurate communicators in English

A selection of corporate and institutional trainees from these organisations have attended our courses: ABB Group Alfa College –The Netherlands AXCAN Pharma Banif Bank Bank of Cyprus BASF Bertelsmann Bosch BNP Paribas Italia Clariden Leu Colt Credit Suisse EGL Group Enerji-Su Enics European Parliament Evonik Industries Eurocash SA Finma Flokser Group Grant Thornton 4

Halkbank Hans Kaspar AG Helvetia Hilti Hitachi Hochdorf IFSO France ITALTEL Johnson Controls KPMG Kuka Roboter Landstede College –The Netherlands Loewe Opta LPS Air Traffic Services - Slovakia Novartis Nestlé Italia Odlo PWC Italia Repower Systems Roc Freise Port College - The Netherlands RUAG Group

SBB Infrastruktur Scania Group Schweizer Electronic SEAT Siemens Sika Group Six Group Software One St.Galler Kantonalbank Telefonica TUI AG Tyco Electronics Ulster Weavers Vodafone Wella ZF Getriebe

‘Good training and a good organisation’ Hon.Salv.Iacolino Member of the European Parliament

‘It was good and interesting. All staff at ETI were friendly and helpful’ Reto Burkhardt SBB Infrastruktur- Switzerland

‘Thanks to ETI, I had the opportunity to refresh my English .. I will return’ Uwe Kautz BASF Group Germany

‘ETI is a good school equipped with the latest training resources, a good organisation. I should be back to continue to improve my English’ Bernard Mouriel Grant Thornton – France


Language and Communication Training Courses for Adults and Professionals Business Communication Mini Group Size Average 4 participants / Maximum 6 participants Ages Minimum 24 Start Every Monday throughout the year Level B1 (Intermediate) - C2 (Proficiency) Objectives Objectives are defined from those communication skills needed in professional contexts. The skills include presentations, meetings, telephoning, negotiating and socialising. The precise course content will be agreed on the first day of the course after your trainer conducts a detailed needs analysis. Programme Options Mini Group 15 hours or 25 hours per week Combination (Mini Group + Individual) 20 hours per week (15+5) 25 hours per week (15+10) 30 hours per week (15+15) One to One (Individual Training) 15 hours, 20 hours or 30 hours per week Schedules 15 hours ( 09:00 - 12:30 hrs) per week 20 hours ( 09:00 - 14:00 hrs) per week 25 hours ( 09:00 - 15:00 hrs) per week 30 hours ( 09:00 - 16:30 hrs) per week

“ I was pleasantly surprised. The Business Communication group course was fully tailor-made to meet all my needs... It has been an invaluable experience” Anne Marie de Jong Landstede College – The Netherlands


Communication in business requires a mix of language knowledge and communication skills. Language knowledge gives you the security that you are using the correct forms, communication skills give you the ability to build relationships and accomplish tasks. Taken together these two elements create competence in business communication. Success in international business depends increasingly on good interpersonal skills, fluency of speech, effectiveness of communication, and accuracy of language. Our Business Communication courses are for professionals who wish to focus on real practice of their business communication skills (presentations, meetings, negotiations, telephoning and writing).

Fluent English

(Communicating Effectively in English) This course is for individuals who wish to develop their fluency so that they can express themselves more comfortably and confidently around topics of general interest. This course will lead to improvement in:

Mini Group Size Average 4 participants / Maximum 6 participants Ages Minimum 24 Start Every Monday throughout the year

− English language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) in order to increase accuracy

Level A2 + (Pre-Intermediate) - C2 (Proficiency)

− General Communication Skills in order to develop fluency

Objectives Participants who enrol on this course will: − develop their fluency in discussion through speaking about current affairs and topics of general interest to the group − improve their language knowledge in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation − develop their practical language skills, such as listening and speaking − extend the skills needed to socialise and network more confidently

Training resources will include multimedia technology and live internet. Trainers will use authentic materials to generate stimulating discussions and contextualise language learning.

Both courses can be taken in a mini-group, a one-to-one format or as a combination with mornings in a mini group and afternoon one-to-one sessions.

Programme Options Mini Group 15 hours or 25 hours per week Combination (Mini Group + Individual) 20 hours per week (15+5) 25 hours per week (15+10) 30 hours per week (15+15) One to One (Individual Training) 15 hours, 20 hours or 30 hours per week

The training in Business Communication

Schedules 15 hours ( 09:00 - 12:30 hrs) per week 20 hours ( 09:00 - 14:00 hrs) per week 25 hours ( 09:00 - 15:00 hrs) per week 30 hours ( 09:00 - 16:30 hrs) per week

and Fluent English will help to develop interpersonal skills by improving:

effectiveness of communication fluency of speech accuracy of language


One-to-One Training Individual programmes are for people with specific objectives which they wish to achieve in a one-to-one learning environment. Programmes are tailored to fit both your objectives and learning style. Individual training is available throughout the year at all language levels. Dates, duration and number of hours are flexible. Individual training is also recommended for trainees with a Beginner or Elementary level of English.

‘My trainer was a true professional and the organisation is very efficient. I will be back soon’ Erminia Calabretta Freelance Journalist - Italy


Combination Training The Combination programmes are for those trainees who wish to combine individual training on specialist issues with real practice of their communication skills in small groups. On Monday you will agree on a timetable of activities with your trainer in order to meet your needs during your individual sessions. Your group trainer will define the group objectives for the five group sessions and consult the individual trainer daily to ensure the effectiveness of the overall training programme. Programme Options: 1. 15 hours group + 5 hours individual training per week 2. 15 hours group + 10 hours individual training per week 3. 15 hours group + 15 hours individual training per week Both the Business Communication and Fluent English can be selected as a combination course.

‘Tailor-made training and excellent organisation. ETI Malta is the perfect place to improve Business Communication in English. Special thanks to my two trainers , Alison and Julie, for their professionalism, patience and encouragement. I’ll be back ! ‘

Roxanne Arlette Business Economist - Switzerland


developing people internationally

About York Associates Founded in 1980, York Associates offers innovative, high quality and customised training which aims to develop people for their international roles. The company has a people-centred approach develops clients’ skills in five key areas: language, communication, intercultural, interpersonal, and teamwork and leadership.

York Associates integrates these five areas in a variety of ways into its English and international communication and International team and leadership training offering a variety of courses at its training centre in York in the UK and abroad.

English and international communication

International team and leadership

- Individual intensive course - Combination course - Open group course

- International leadership - Leading your virtual team - Leadership coaching

Contact us if you are interested in studying at York Associates in the UK.

Partnership with ETI in Malta In 2008 ETI and York Associates established a partnership to offer a number of specialist open group courses: • • •

International project communication Leading your international team HR communication in English

We can customise these training courses to the needs of single clients and deliver in York, in Malta or inhouse at client premises anywhere in the world.

The City of York Over four million visitors travel to York every year to experience one of the most famous and loved cities in England with its rich Roman, Viking and medieval history. York has a wealth of attractions including York Minster, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in northern Europe and the National Railway Museum, and entertaining guided walks and boat trips on the River Ouse. Visitors can walk around the medieval walls and streets before taking time to enjoy the city’s vibrant café culture or the more traditional atmosphere of one of the city’s many historic pubs.


Peasholme House - York Associates

Customised Professional Language Training in Malta ETI is an accredited centre for the profile-assessed T.E.A test (Test of English for Aviation ) for Pilots and Air Traffic controllers. This internationally recognised test applies the six descriptors as specified by the ICAO Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. The ETI Aviation English team is made up of individuals with aviation operational and language testing backgrounds and linguistic expertise. The Aviation English course programmes are: - Aviation English for pilots and air traffic controllers - English for in-flight cabin crew - Technical Aviation English Other courses offered on an individual basis English for Medicine English for Nursing English in Banking and Finance English in Tourism and Hospitality English in ICT Communication in Journalism English for Engineering English for Logistics

Teacher Training CPD Courses ETI is the Teacher Training Centre for the ESE Group (European School of English). ETI offers a range of intensive, part-time and full-time courses for both local and foreign teachers, educators and personnel working within the education sector. Run by experienced and highly-qualified teacher trainers, our courses aim to open up new areas of specialist teaching and provide refresher courses for teachers as part of their CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Teacher Training courses can be run for closed groups throughout the year.

Comenius/Grundtvig EU Funding The Teacher Training & Development CPD programmes at ETI are eligible for funding under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). Funds for teachers, educators and in-service professionals are available under two programmes, Comenius and Grundtvig. Our programmes involve courses which are 1 or 2 weeks long. 11

social programme Joining in on our social programmes is the ideal opportunity to network with other trainees of different nationalities and practise your English. Trainees may choose to experience life in St Julian’s by wining and dining at some of the best restaurants in Malta. There is also the possibility of exploring Malta’s rich history and cultural attractions. Alternatively, ETI guests may choose to continue their language training with golf at the Royal Malta Golf Club. The Mediterranean mild winters makes Malta an ideal venue for golfing throughout the year. You may book golfing lessons with a PGA qualified instructor or just book some rounds on our interesting and picturesque course.

‘ETI is a very professional organisation. Thanks for the great experience in Malta and opportunity to improve my English’ Lothar Siebert V.President Bertelsmann - Germany


Accommodation ETI offers a wide range of accommodation options. Trainees may choose from our quality executive homestays, self-catering apartments and hotel accommodation, all within a 5 – 10 minute walking distance to ETI.

Host Families Living with a host family complements your immersion programme, giving you the opportunity to practise English in a friendly environment and to experience Maltese culture at first hand. Executive homestays offer private bathrooms and all families are located within walking distance to ETI.

Hotel Accommodation ETI offers hotel accommodation in all categories in St Julian’s, all within walking distance from ETI. Here are some popular choices:

The George Urban Boutique Hotel A new exclusive “urban boutique” hotel across the street from ETI which is dedicated to style and a modern way of relaxation. It offers large deluxe 41 sq metre rooms, maximising the guests’ comfort.

Hilton Malta The prestigious Hilton Malta round the corner from ETI. It offers the finest quality accommodation and deluxe service for which Hilton hotels are renowned. The luxurious rooms have either a sea view or a marina view, a balcony or terrace. 13

ESE, the sister school of ETI was founded in 1996. Today ESE is one of the leading EFL (English as Foreign Language) schools in Malta providing teaching of English language courses throughout the year to students of all ages from all over the world. The ESE school premises in St Julian’s are modern and offer facilities of a very high standard. Classrooms are bright, airy and airconditioned with free Wi-Fi available throughout the school. The school houses a restaurant/cafe with a comfortable large outdoor terrace as well as a Self-Access Centre and Study Lab.

ESE offers English language courses for all levels and ages including : General English Intensive English Business English for Young Adults Exam Preparation Courses including IELTS, TOEFL iBIT and other Cambridge Exams at all levels Foundation Year Programmes in collaboration with Twin UK


PORTFOLIO Sprachreisen für Arabisch, Chinesisch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Portugiesisch, Russisch, Spanisch und Thailändisch ■ Praktikumsprogramme ■ Kurse für Berufstätige und Führungskräfte ■ Sprachreisen 50 + ■ Kurse für Schüler und Jugendliche (8 –17 Jahre) ■ Prüfungsvorbereitungskurse ■ Abiturvorbereitung ■ Familiensprachreisen ■

■ ■

Bildungsurlaub für verschiedene Bundesländer! Spezialist für Chinesisch-Sprachreisen!

Alle Infos und Preise auf Sprechen Sie uns an, wir beraten Sie gerne! DIREKT Sprachreisen ist nach DIN EN 14804 zertifiziert und Mitglied im Fachverband Deutscher Sprachreise-Veranstalter (FDSV).

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