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3 | Our sustainability policy

Our sustainability track record 2007 Océ-Iberia and Océ-Slovenská republika receive

1999 Océ Printing Systems introduces an ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certification.

compliant environmental management system

Océ UK receives OHSAS 18001 certification for its

and receives ISO 14001 certification.

occupational health and safety management

1998 Arkwright receives ISO 14001 certification.


1997 Our manufacturing site in Venlo receives

Océ commits itself to five focal points that

ISO 14001 certification for its environmental

structure Océ’s activities in sustainability.

management system.

We implement a formal Fraud Risk Management

1996 The Océ 3165 printer receives Blue Angel


Océ Imaging Supplies supplies recycled paper for

1995 We launch the first Eco-copier [Océ 7050].

wide format.

We sign a memorandum of understanding with

Our 2006 Sustainability Report is examined by


external assurance providers.

1994 Our manufacturing site in Venlo is granted

2006 Océ receives customer awards for ‘Most Valuable

BS 7750 certification.

Supplier’ and ‘Best in Sustainability and

1991 We join the Business Charter for Sustainable

Environmental Performance’.

Development [International Chamber of

Océ-Czeska republika receives ISO 14001



1990 We open an ‘asset recovery plant’ for returned

We launch the first printer with the unique Gemini

Instant Duplex technology [VarioPrint 6250],

1983 We install paper-coating machines for both new

bringing significant savings on energy

and renewed processes that enable up to 97% of


solvents used to be recovered.


2005 Our first corporate Sustainability Report covering

1975 In Germany, we establish Europe’s first award for

the Océ group and major aspects of sustainability

is published.

1958 We develop a production process for coating

research in the field of environmental protection.

2004 Océ is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability

paper in such a way that 80% of the solvents used


can be recovered.

Océ’s Supplier Declaration on UN Global Compact

1950 We install the Works Council in Venlo.

is distributed to a selected group of suppliers.

1927 We invent an ammonia-free, diazo-copying

Our first Sustainability Report is published.

2003 We install a Corporate Sustainability Forum.

Océ-España receives ISO 14001 certification.

2002 We sign up to the UN Global Compact.

Océ Schweiz receives ISO 14001 certification.

process for technical drawings.

1924 Frans van der Grinten, son of Lodewijk van der

Grinten, invents an industrial mask [v/d Grinten

Luchtkap] to protect the employees from inhaling

butter-coloring agents.

2001 Our Research and Development Division in Venlo

1877 We invent butter-coloring agents made from

[the Netherlands] receives ISO 14001 certification.

We introduce our first full-color printer, the

1870 Our founder, Lodewijk van der Grinten,

Océ CPS700, with zero ozone emissions.

2000 We launch a range of highly energy-efficient,



wide format printers.

Océ Printing Systems signs up to the Bavarian

Environmental Pact.

vegetable raw materials rather than chemicals. investigates the quality of drinking water in Venlo.

Océ Sustainability Track Record  

Océ Sustainability Track Record