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Pampered Chef Products: Is it Legit?

There have been many talks about Pampered Chef Products lately. Especially for homemakers who love cooking, they probably have heard already about what this product is and what it offers. But one question that keeps recurring is whether Pampered Chef is a legit MLM or is it a lucrative home-based business opportunity? Is it worth your time and money? Before you make some conclusions, it is first important to understand what really is Pampered Chef Products and what does it really offer to individuals who want to earn and build their own business with their kitchen products.

A Brief Background

Pampered Chef has been in the business for over 20 years now. It was founded in 1980 by Doris Christopher. Although she is not a chef herself, she did realize the need for functional and great kitchen tools at cheaper price. Using her teaching background, she started conducting inhome cooking demonstrations that showcase her personalized kitchen tools and which is now the Pampered Chef line of kitchen products. Today, this range of kitchen tools evolved from simple kitchen tools to innovative gadgets, cookware, bakeware, and various other cooking aids. Whatever you wish inside your kitchen, Pampered Chef got you covered.

The Pampered Chef Products

As mentioned above, the brand offers multitude of kitchen tools and devices. Below are a number of their professional-quality tools...

Kitchenware – This include measuring tools, peelers, and others.

Cookware – This include stainless sauce pans, skillets, serving ware, rice cooker, and the like.

Bakeware – If you love baking, the product offers you tools for cakes, cookies and pastries.

Stoneware – This include heavy-duty and high-end baking tools.

Bamboo – This covers anything from high quality cooking sets, tongs, bowls and more.

Cutting Edge – This is their professional quality cutting ware.

Miscellaneous – This include other products such as BBQ tools, outdoor tools, serving sets, etc.

The Pampered Chef MLM Business Opportunity

More than just providing multitude options on high quality and professionally designed kitchen tools and gadgets, Pampered Chef also offer a great business opportunity to anyone who is interested and of course, who loves cooking, hosting parties, or meeting people. If you become an affiliate, you will earn commissions based on the amount of products you have sold. Basically, the range is like this – when you got volumes between $1-$749 per month, you can earn 20% commission. For sales over $4,000, you can get 25% plus you can get other incentives once you reach these two extremes.

If you consistently maintained high sales and you already have built a team then you can earn as much as 31%. Another great money-making offer is that once you hold two cooking shows per week, this will make you $850 each month. So if you can hold four shows per week, then you can earn a whopping $1,800 per month. The opportunity is really very enticing and lucrative but remember that earning that much entails a lot of hard work, travel, organizing, and other requisites that these shows require.

Final Thought

With all that being said, it can be concluded that Pampered Chef Products is no scam. It is legit as other successful MLM business opportunity. The brand offers a wide range of high quality products that can be accessed by anyone. It is a reputable name so there are really no second thoughts about it.

Professional quality kitchen tools and devices are offered by Pampered Chef Products. Settle only for reputable brand that guarantees quality, durability at lesser price tag. Whatever kitchen tools you wish, like Pampered Chef Stoneware, all are accessible.

Pampered Chef Products: Is it Legit? Professional quality kitchen tools and devices are offered by Pampered Chef Products. Settle only for repu...