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Lead Generation Tactics to use in 2012

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. If you are looking to increase sales, you need to develop the right attitude towards developing these B2B sales-ready leads. Imagine going to your office and finding hot leads in your inbox – what a great start to your business week. This could soon become a reality through lead generation.

There are a number of lead generation options available for your business. The best is one that will suit your business profile and the types of product and services you offer and will help find the customers who are interested in these services.

Lead generation is a marketing strategy that works toward generating client interest in your product or service. Lead generation ultimately helps drive targeted traffic to your website from customers looking for additional information to help them make decisions. Effective lead generation techniques, implemented even on a minimal budget, can assure high-quality leads. Research shows that 75-80% of business-to-business buyers go online to find information about products and vendors.

In a good lead generation campaign, a business will analyze a client’s target market and decide the best ways to approach it, taking into consideration the geographical area that the client is interested in and choosing the appropriate product or service for that area. Businesses will also determine pricing on a per-lead basis and control budget and pay depending on the number of leads that are received.

Effective Lead Generation Tactics

One reason why some companies do not derive much result from their lead generation campaign is the low quality of their leads. Effective lead generation will fill your sales funnel with meaningful and qualified leads that will eventually be converted into sales. The Three "Rs" – reach, recognition, and reputation—really do matter when it comes to sales and lead generation. Converting your web traffic into qualified sales leads does not require a magic formula, but a good Marketing Automation Software.

Consider the following tips you can incorporate into your existing marketing program to improve lead


Formulate An Effective Online Social Networking Campaign - An advertising campaign should be geared to meet the client’s needs and evaluate different key performance indicators (KPI) for each project. Once the campaign is in place and the target audience identified, a clear perspective of the product offered, its benefits, etc. has to be provided. Top social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer a platform for interacting with prospects. Thus, by facilitating real-time communication, social networks can take lead generation to a new level.

Make Your Content More Relevant – In order to generate interest and engage your leads, it is crucial to have the right content on your website that really represents your business and the services that you can provide. Additionally important is to communicate with your prospect by providing meaningful, consistent information about your product or service. Demonstrate that you understand the prospect’s core problems and have a unique solution. Back it up with proof and be reliable in your approach.

Nurture the Prospect - An effective lead nurturing program is vital for any campaign. This means finding the best channels of communication to send compelling messages within a specific timeframe. Companies must continually engage prospects with relevant information and personalized communication until they are thoroughly qualified. You need to keep the prospects active and interested. With close and effective contact, you will be more prepared to close the sale at the same moment that they are.

Complementary Channel Partner Referrals - By teaming up with complementary channel partners, you can fill up your lead generation and lead nurturing pool, making it easy for companies to engage in doing business with you. It is possible to not only generate the highest qualified sales leads, but also nurture the leads using this technique of complementary partner referrals.

Using Direct Mailers - If used effectively and efficiently, sales letters can be an excellent lead generation technique. The goal is to target direct response marketing to the right audience. The marketing efforts can then be directed at companies and individuals who are similar in nature.

Make the best use of your website - Optimizing your website content for search engines and back-

linking can boost traffic. Evaluate the effectiveness of the website and look for areas that need improvement. Enhancing aspects, such as user-friendliness, content clarity, aesthetic appeal, etc., can help increase traffic on the website.

It is extremely important to ensure that no lead slips out during the marketing-through-sales conversion process. Hence, for your lead generation strategy to be successful there should be a well-planned framework that identifies all areas that require work and attention.

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Lead Generation Tactics to use in 2012  

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. If you are looking to increase sales, you need to develop the right attitude towards developing th...

Lead Generation Tactics to use in 2012  

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. If you are looking to increase sales, you need to develop the right attitude towards developing th...