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5. The New Corporate Tax Regime 10. Finding office space expensive? 12. Express Convenience Stores 14. Preparing your application

Property, Interior Design & Gardening

18. Buying and selling property in Spain 22. Fifty shades of White by Denville Designs 24. Winter gardening advice

Ceremonies, Celebrations & Events

28. Your unforgettable minimalist wedding 32. What makes WCS Bespoke Weddings different? 34. Wedding and Formal menswear specialists 38. Emerging wedding trends for 2013 54. Celebrations & Events Directory


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Beauty, Fitness & Health

60. Watch & Bullion - Rewarding success 62. Aphrodite beauty celebrates Christmas in style 68. Winter skin care 73. The real pilates method by Gym Tonic 74. Avoid winter weight gain

Motoring, Technology & Leisure

80. The All New Range Rover from A.M. Capurro 83. The black science by Don Neumaticos 88. Christmas 2012 packed full of new technology at Netgear 91. Gibratlar's own Social Network Gib Book 92. ADSL upgrades & price cuts at CTS 94. Imagine a world without photography 95. YGTV & Gaelic Football 96. Segloco making life simple 98. MCA ship security officer courses now in Gibratlar at Allabroad 100. 200+ years later and the HMS Pickle returns to Gibraltar 102. Gibraltar the Town Centre and outskirts of town 108. Walk: La Calzada Dehesa Boyal in Castellar 109. Birds Falcons: Peregrine, Merlin & Kestrel 110. Places of Interest & Tourist Offices 114. Spanish Stray Dogs Charity 115. Madventures Charity in Ghana


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Sovereign SovereignGroup Group

Intelligent Intelligent Forward ForwardPlanning Planningsince since1987 1987

5 Licensed by the Financial Services Commission – Licence No. FSC 00143B

Licensed by the Financial Services Commission – Licence No. FSC 00143B



The New Corprorate Tax Regime In a recent edition of Direct Mag I set out some general thoughts about Gibraltar’s finance centre when I highlighted the fact that Gibraltar is recognised as being a very well regulated jurisdiction. A further highly advantageous characteristic She benefits from modern legislation of the jurisdiction is the fact that Gibraltar combined with state of the art, high tech has been part of the European Union since infrastructure and a fine international 1973. Therefore the EU Parent Subsidiary reputation. Worldwide awareness has Directive (among others) applies. Generally, been enhanced partly as a result of the dividends paid to a Gibraltar parent company development of the world class e-Gaming industry in recent years. In this further piece, from an EU based subsidiary are exempt from withholding tax. Coupled with other I highlight some of the practical benefits available to those considering the jurisdiction advantages, Gibraltar can be an extremely efficient option for holding companies with for their personal or business affairs. subsidiaries operating in the EU. As always professional advice should be sought in My first focus is on the new corporate tax advance on these issues. regime. Announced in 2009 the legislation came into force on 1 January 2011. A new, flat corporation tax rate of 10% was A new, flat corporation introduced and at the same time, the tax exempt company regime finally came tax rate of 10% was to an end. A key point relating to the introduced and at the taxation of Gibraltar companies is that all same time, the tax exempt companies pay tax at the rate of 10% but only on income accruing in or derived from company regime finally activities in Gibraltar. Therefore, the new tax came to an end. regime gives rise to real opportunities for businesses wishing to establish locally 7


But Gibraltar’s strength does not rely solely on its attractive corporate tax regime. Equally advantageous opportunities exist for individuals too. As just one example, Gibraltar is open for QROPS pension business which allows for the transfer of UK pensions overseas for expatriates. QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme and the jurisdiction has recently been given the green light by HMRC to continue handling such pension transfers. A recent change to Gibraltar’s income tax law means that payments under such a transferred pension will be taxed at 2.5% making it most favourable. A commencement lump sum payment may also be allowed from the age of 55. Gibraltar boasts a number of firmsthat have the experience and expertise to manage QROPS and the jurisdiction is seeking to grow this business. Huge benefits can apply to High Net Worth Individuals with net assets of at least £2m

QROPS stands for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme and the jurisdiction has recently been given the green light by HMRC to continue handling such pension transfers.

further example, its place as a leading centre for maritime services. Same day yacht registration is possible and the vessel does not have to be based in Gibraltar. Furthermore as Gibraltar is not part of the EU Customs Union, VAT does not apply. Vessels can be purchased and sold free of VAT although professional advice should be taken if the yacht is to sail in EU waters. In future editions of Direct Mag I will go into more detail on the ways in which both individuals and their businesses can benefit in practical ways when using Gibraltar as a base. Whether as a financial centre or centre of expertise for the maritime services industry, the Rock has a great deal to offer.

(€2.5m) who are considering taking up residency in Gibraltar. Individuals within this wealth bracket can apply for “Category 2” residence status and successful applicants who are granted this form of tax residency are subject to a maximum capped income tax of £29,800 p.a.

Ravi Viroomal is a business development consultant at Sovereign Trust (Gibraltar) Limited

However, the scope of international services available from professional firms in Gibraltar has developed to include, as just one



Tel: +350 200 76173




Have you been finding office space expensive? No capital outlay. No staff costs. No legal complications. Professional personalised service. In these times of financial uncertainty it may be prudent to look at managed or virtual offices. Why! Simple… you are not tied down to a long lease. • No deposits for electricity (running around getting connected) • No deposits for water (running around getting connected) • No deposits for rates (running around getting paperwork in your name) • No service charges (running around getting paperwork in your name) • Buying furniture. • If you want to leave just give a months’ notice and that’s it. If you take an office you can also have the ability to expand the size of your office or move to larger office without having to change addresses or phone numbers. If you are working from home, then any mail, fax or phone calls can be forwarded on to you. Like most managed or virtual offices there are many packages to choose from or you may be able to adapt a package to suit you, just call, e-mail or drop in and discuss your requirements. Affordable Serviced Office, personal space in an open friendly working area, Virtual office or a top quality meeting or board room. We have it all! A fully Serviced Office or a private work area with the networking benefits of an open-plan office. You can focus on work, while staying connected with a friendly business community.


Virtual Office, includes mail holding and telephone message receiving, mail forwarding is £1.50 + cost of postage, collection of registered mail from main post office. We can also arrange for collection of Customs cleared packages. We can receive and forward faxes + 10% discount on meeting & Board room bookings. It's great for: Start-up businesses who don't want to commit to a permanent office, or small businesses that don't need full time space. A very cost effective way of having an office in a great location as and when you need it. More than just an Office: The serviced office concept comes with our single monthly payment. The licence fee covers reception facilities and our main telephone number being answered by our receptionist, electricity, water, Internet - Cable & Wifi, air conditioning, building service charges, rates, cleaning, water fountain, tea and coffee refreshments, together with the use of our collection or signed for registered mail. Meeting room to Board Room: From a small meeting for 2 persons to a full corporate Board room. Contact us today on: +350 200 66330 or 57366000



Express Shops Now 4 shops for your convenience with a little pirate fun thrown in! 'Catalan Bay Cove' quaint and picturesque... but watch out for Blackbeard and his dastardly pirates they're all around!!! That's the theme for the latest in the 'Express Convenience Store' chain... There are some, who, with all best intentions, predict certain projects they plan to undertake and then, for a variety of reasons those ideas don't materialise... Not so, Stephen Vinales who told us many months ago that he wanted to open a chain of Express stores around the Rock. Well soon, stores 5, 6, and 7 will open but we'll deal with those on another day. His latest is the Riviera Express convenience store and Express cafeteria (Stephano's) at the sparkling new Riviera Land development situated at Catalan Bay village's southernmost corner opposite La Mamela rock. This


one is a true gem. It's a themed store and cafeteria built to a very high standard in furniture, ďŹ ttings and decor. It's certainly one for the kids and in fact, all the family. There are pirate bursts and swashbuckling ďŹ gures - giant size - there are cannons, sails, portholes - the lot! The 'Express' follows the trend of the other three stores, in that items on offer cater for every food, snack, drinks and Carte D'or ice cream need or craving! Once again every single item is perfectly and neatly displayed as you would ďŹ nd in a professional and true convenience store and arrives as an added convenience store for Catalan Bay residents too, but this time - not surprisingly it's situated near the beach - the accent is on Stefano's your Express Cafeteria, aiming at the appetites of sandwich, montadito, Spanish deli and canapes, and cakes and pastries


seekers and especially those of families and children. 'That's right," declares busy proprieter Stephen - who quickly informs me that the pirate theme decor was the brainchild of his wife Rose who was busy (within earshot) organising stuff! "But yes, we have loads of space inside and out. There are 30 tables seating four at each and we would really also like to attract townsfolk, especially the kids who I'm sure would really appreciate the 'Pirate' theme. We're aware of the three or four restaurants in the area but we're offering something different, lighter and really appetising". Stephen tells me, son Zydon is still his right hand man and the crew at the Riviera Express are a great bunch.

The Riviera is indeed spacious. There's a ground floor, first floor and terrace... "Perfect for children's parties," Stephen confirms, "Our next project, The Europa Point Express, opening soon, will also be a cafeteria and an excellent venue for other functions too." Meanwhile, Bucaneers and modern day pirates will no doubt be drawn to the ambient music of the Riviera Express and tasty, delightful morsels being served at Stefano's... Open till Midnight, seven days a week and DON'T FORGET your Jolly Rodger tee shirt!!



Preparing Your Application by

How to improve your performance from CV to Acceptance At Smart Recruitment we are of course on hand to help you through every stage of the application process, from help with CV preparation to interview tips and etiquette. We believe personal contact is the perfect way to guide you through these issues, however, we appreciate that we give you a lot of information, and so for your reference we have compiled the following guidance notes which we hope you will find useful.

Preparing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) Your CV must provide a concise and accurate summary of your qualifications, skills and employment experience. A badly prepared CV will • challenge the credibility of its contents and could jeopardise your chances of getting selected for an interview.Your CV should be no more than three pages long, think quality, not quantity.

• • • • • • • •


Bullet points help to break up the CV. Employers are able to get straight to the salient points and bullet points will help direct them there. Break duties / tasks down into specifics. Communicate your strengths, your initiative, your personality and your achievements. List any courses attended that are relevant to the position you are applying for. List other skills that could raise you above the competition such as languages, driving licence, IT skills. List your most recent employer first putting the greatest emphasis on your most recent employment position. Summarise older positions. Each position should include, your employers company name, your title and dates of employment. Ensure that there are no gaps in dates on your CV; if you took a year out of employment to travel, say so. Tailor your CV to each position you are applying for. Remember to include all your contact

details and home address on your CV Do not be tempted to embellish your CV as employers have ways of checking details. Falsifying information may not only disqualify your application, if you are offered the position it could lead to grounds for subsequent dismissal. Finally, check and double check your CV thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar. Spotting errors is a quick and easy way for a potential employer to weed out weaker candidates when reviewing CVs.

Covering Letter When applying for any position, employers will expect you to include a cover letter with your CV. An effective and professional covering letter should draw together all the facts in your CV, and register your enthusiasm and interest in the specific vacancy. • • • • •

Your letter must be well presented, brief and concise. Introduce yourself, confirm your contact details and availability for interview. Remember to highlight your relevant qualifications. If your handwriting is poor it is best to type your covering letter. Finally, check and double check your letter thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar.







Buying and selling a property in Spain The following information is suggested as practical advice which you may wish to take into account when contemplating purchasing property in Spain. While the FCO hopes that this information is of benefit to our customers, please be aware that it is not intended to be the only guidance purchasers follow when considering making a purchase. In addition, the FCO makes no representation as to the quality or accuracy of the information which is available at the web addresses listed below, nor can the FCO accepts any responsibility for the content that is hosted on them. The FCO’s strong recommendation is that prospective purchasers of Spanish property seek independent legal and financial advice at all stages of their purchase when transacting in Spain. If you are considering buying a property in Spain you should read the step-by-step guide on how to buy a home in Spain published by The Association of Property and Mercantile Registrars of Spain. You may also find it useful to look at the Residentes Europeos site by the Diputación de Alicante. This site has information in English on:


the rights and duties of buyers

information you should obtain prior to making a purchase

what you must do before signing the contract

when and how you should pay for the property

useful contact details

Research •

It is important to thoroughly research the area you are considering purchasing in, as well as companies you might use (developers, estate agents and lawyers). You should look at a range of properties with different agents to compare prices and ensure that you do not end up paying over the odds

Exercise extreme caution if an estate agent, promoter or lawyer urges you to cut corners to save money/time. The Spanish property conveyancing system is different to the UK and you should ensure that those involved in the transaction are qualified professionals, who have an expert knowledge of how


FindaProperty_120x90_Advert_Layout 1 09/10/2012 10:41 Page 1

www.Find a For all your property needs in Spain and Gibraltar

We are involved with rentals, sales, and management. We have serviced the Costa Del Sol from Estepona to Los Barrios and Gibraltar for over five years.

Please contact us on: Tel: 00350 20044537 or 00350 60600605 email:

www.Find a



the system works. If you choose to work with a British estate agent, promoter or lawyer, check that they are qualified, reliable and have experience operating in Spain •

It is also worth looking at online forums dedicated to Spanish property such as the Spanish Property Insight forum and the Eye on Spain forum to learn from others experiences and ask questions.

Seek independent legal advice •

Appoint a lawyer who is experienced in property conveyancing and fully independent of anyone else involved in the transaction e.g. the estate agent, vendor and developer. Â Numerous property owners are now experiencing problems with their property because they did not seek independent legal advice and instead used lawyers and translators which were recommended by the estate agent/developer and in some cases were acting for both parties

If your lawyer is based in Spain, check that he/she is registered and practicing with the local Colegio


de Abogados (Bar association) by asking for their registration number and verifying this with the Colegio de Abogados. You can find a full list of all the Colegios de Abogados across Spain on the Consejo General de la Abogacia Espanola website If you appoint a UK firm, check that they are registered with the Law Society in the UK and specialise in International Transactions. Check that your lawyer has professional indemnity insurance Do not sign any papers or hand over any money until you have taken independent legal advice. Although the British Embassy cannot recommend a lawyer, we do have lists of local Englishspeaking lawyers and qualified translators available on our website. See your local consulate pages for details.

Use an independent translator If you do not have a good understanding of Spanish, make sure that you get all contracts and relevant documentation translated by an independent translator. You can find a list of accredited translators and interpreters in Spain on the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs website. information provided by



Fifty Shades of White Its that time of year again, Jane and Meme from Denville Designs have just come back from an amazing and interesting design week in London, to bring back to Gibraltar the latest trends and fashion for your homes for this season. They found that most of the designers are still using the natural colour pallets with DuluxPaint launching their 50 shades of white collection! Helping Interior designers to make this an easy route to follow, so interesting to use many shades of white in a room. Textures are still very a popular choice to use in every room of the house especially when only using white, mixing in big bold colours on a cushion or with a piece of wallart, with natural colours still dominating the world of interiors we have also found that animal prints and metallic leather affects are coming back snake skin and leopard prints but in shades of grey and black. Osborne and Little have an amazing range of these in fabrics and wallpapers; by using these you can add texture to the room . Meme mentioned that the show was dominated by lighting from led wallpaper to sculpture lamps Designers are still staying green. A lot of natural lighting is also used in projects this is a reflection of the recession to cut down on electricity bills and to make are homes greener. This is the advantage of working with a good team of interior designers and architects to help achieve a stylish,


comfortable but practical design for the home. Talking about saving money it was nice to see that once again buying really good quality pieces of furniture will save you money and stress in the long run. Despite lean times, it was a pleasant surprise to see a huge array of energetic designs at the show This season it’s all about interior design that promotes the Earth and ecology. Natural fabrics which give your room a warm and comfort are ideal for this. Think mixed wood tones, terracotta, cotton and wool. Not only are they right on trend, they’re warm and comfy too. Changing what you have on your walls is the easiest way to move with the trends. Framed architectural prints have been a big hit this year; whereas fabric art creates a feeling of warmth and is can be used to give a room a quick update. Retro chic still remains top of the trend list when it comes to accessories, with the 50s and 40s still having a huge impact on fashion. When choosing your accessories, it’s important not to go overboard but keep it simple. For more ideas and the latest in interior fashion, come and see us at Denville Designs


Professional Lighting Design, supply and installation

We provide a full lighting service for both commercial and domestic projects. inside or out - on land or water

We only supply quality light fittings from UK suppliers. You can see our ranges at...

www .thelightandpowershop. com

Specialists in LED LIGHTING

Showroom: 325a Main Street, Gibraltar follow us at



Winter Gardening Advice During winter, there are some handy tips and tricks for healthy winter gardens. Now that the cooler weather of winter is here, gardens don't loose as much water to evaporation as they do in summer. Because of this, soils can easily waterlog if over watered, particularly on the southern side of homes and in well shaded areas. If you have an automatic watering system, during these cooler months reduce the watering time to at least half that of summer. When watering, do so in the morning so that both soil & plants can dry off before night time. This will reduce fungal disease. If possible, water directly onto soil & not onto plant foliage. Fungal diseases love wet conditions and if the plant leaves are wet during the night, this creates ideal conditions for fungal diseases to proliferate, so this is very important for healthy plant growth.


It is commonly thought that plants don't need fertilising in winter, but this is not true. Plants will flourish with the right winter fertilising. What is more important is the type of fertilisers used. High nitrogen fertilisers are more suited for spring through to autumn, but not really for winter. However, fertilisers containing high amounts of Potash (Potassium) are excellent for developing deep green leaves and promoting plant strength and vigour through winter.





Tu boda: SENCILLAmente Inolvidable Ninguna mujer se imagina reduciendo gastos, recortando la lista de invitados y eliminando arreglos florales para el día de su boda, por el contrario, desde niñas soñamos con una Boda de Princesas: Con un vestido de cola, rodeadas de todas las personas que conocemos, con una recepción en un elegante gran salón hermosamente iluminado. Lamentablemente, la realidad es otra y no todas tendremos éxito en lograr ese sueño  de tener una Boda Real, ya sea por cuestiones financieras o por razones de otra índole, en algunos casos llegará el momento de empezar a pensar en una boda sencilla. Y es verdad, esta idea aterroriza, pero, ¡ARRIBA ESE ÁNIMO!, nadie ha dicho que una ceremonia menos ostentosa no pueda ser tan especial como cualquier otra. Existen miles de trucos  para quienes planifican unas nupcias sencillas, hacértelo más fácil Toñi Orihuela Eventos se pone a vuestra disposición. Para tener esa ceremonia sencillamente Glamurosa.

Your unforgettable minimalist wedding No woman thinks about reducing costs, cutting down on guests or floral arrangements for her wedding day, on the contrary, from a little girl dreaming of a princess wedding: with a dress with a long train, surrounded by friends and loved ones, with a large decorated room with plenty of character and ambiance for the reception. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from reality and not everybody will be able to achieve that dream wedding, whether it is financial or some other type of problem, which will bring you to the idea of a simple wedding. BUT DON’T PANIC, just because the margin is not as big, does not mean the ceremony will be any less special. There are thousands of ideas to plan a simple wedding and Toñi Orihuela Eventos is at your disposal to give you a Glamorous simple ceremony.






What makes WCS Bespoke Weddings different? Positioning themselves as being the ultimate wedding service provider, WCS Bespoke can of course provide all of the traditional wedding planning services that you would expect to be provided by a wedding planner, i.e. •

Paperwork and licences

Venues, accommodation and transport

Catering, florists and decoration

Entertainment, lighting and logistics

Full planning, management and coordination

However, what makes WCS Bespoke different is that they can also provide comprehensive destination management services, meaning that they can take care of and arrange all of the pre and post wedding requirements of not only the bride and groom, but also the family and guests too. This is where having an established and well respected high-end property management, concierge, rentals and maid service business as part of their service portfolio comes into play. Within this business, WCS Bespoke can book flights, arrange accommodation, transport, logistics, keep the guests entertained with excursions, parties, events, pampering, yacht charters, sports and recreation, catering etc.  The list is pretty endless. 


Honeymoon arrangements for the bride and groom can also be arranged at one of their luxury villas, where absolutely every detail for the couple will be taken care of, for example: •

On site chef/catering staff there 24 hours a day or for part of the day to take care of your every need

All transport and bookings arranged

5 star hotel standard maids to look after you

Spa type treatments on site

Yacht charters and excursions arranged

Or they can simply leave you with enough supplies and provisions so that you can enjoy some peace and privacy, secure in the knowledge that WCS Bespoke are just a phone call away if there is anything that you need


Only working with the best and most trusted suppliers and contractors in the area that have been tried and tested on numerous occasions means that end to end coordination and delivery is absolutely guaranteed. Headed up by Clare Westwood, the team at WCS Bespoke has years of experience of delivering a Northern European standard within a Southern European environment and are fully aware of the importance of smoothing over any complications that this brings, especially when working with high-end clients.  Clare believes "It sometimes doesn´t matter how we do it, we just have to fix things and make problems disappear! We focus on understanding the individual needs and requirements of all of our couples, clients and guests. I believe that this attention to detail is pivotal to what we do. I get to know my clients and listen to what matters to them and pick up on those tiny details, naturally

ensuring that these are incorporated into everything that we deliver, without being asked. Some clients like to hand off pretty much all of the responsibility and decision making to us and just want to be involved in final approval. However, others like to have a much more hands on approach and want to be much more involved.  We are comfortable and used to working in both environments and everything in between."   This, combined with their outstanding organisational skills, their passion and drive for excellence at every stage and within their philosophy of honesty, transparency, discretion and accessibility, is what makes WCS Bespoke stand out as the ultimate and most comprehensive wedding service provider.   WCS Bespoke operates from their offices in Torreguadiaro, just 1 km from Puerto Sotogrande.

WCS Bespoke Weddings Tel: 956 610474 | Mob: 607 494802 |



Wedding & Formal Menswear Specialists Vicente Vázquez, empresa líder en el sector de la ceremonia y moda hombre presenta su nueva colección

Vicente Vázquez, fashion leader of wedding and formal menswear, are pleased to present their new collection.

A lo largo de más de 50 años de experiencia hemos With over 50 years experience they know how sabido conjugar estilo, creatividad y, sobre todo, la personalización del traje de novio. Traje que, sin duda, to combine style, creativity and above all the personalisation of a groom’s suit. The suit, without es el más importante de tu vida. a doubt, will be the most important one in his life. En Vicente Vázquez podrás encontrar las mejores You can find the best brands in Vicente Vázquez firmas actuales. Así como todos los complementos que together with all the accessories that come with le dan realce al traje. Chalecos, corbatones, camisas, the suit. Waistcoats, cravats, shirts, shoes, belts, zapatos, cinturones, gemelos, alfileres, ropa interior. cufflinks, tie pins, and underwear. They also run a hire service for morning suits and dinner suits Tampoco podemos olvidar nuestro servicio de alquiler de chaqué y media gala con gran variedad de chalecos along with a wide range of waistcoats to choose from, all included in the price. The waistcoat a elegir por el mismo precio. Chalecos crudo, negro, colours can be from cream, black, pearl grey, pink, gris perla, rosa, albero, celeste, azulón, verdes, rojo, camel, turquoise, blue, green, red, mauve to name malva y muchos más así como la gran colección de a few. You can also choose from a large selection corbatas y pañuelos a juego. Todo para que ese día no of ties and handkerchiefs to match your waistcoat. falte de nada. They will ensure you have everything you need for the big day. Ponte en manos de profesionales y deja que te aconsejemos sin compromiso para ese día tan Put yourself in professional hands and let them importante. advise on what you will need for that important Te esperamos. No olvides que en Vicente Vázquez day. Don’t forget that Vicente Vázquez are Wedding and formal menswear specialists. somos especialistas en ceremonia. We look forward to your visit. 34






Emerging Wedding Trends for 2013

Choosing locally grown flowers, recycled invitations, and repurposing old items to become centre pieces has become a popular style. Brides are not only saving money, but the environment as well. Guests are wowed by the bride’s crafty creativity rather than lavish spending, and the environment doesn’t pay the price. Not all brides are capable of a totally green wedding, but many are including small touches like donations to environmental charities in their guest’s names as their wedding favours or registering for ecofriendly honeymoons. Something old is taking over in 2013. With celebrities embracing old-Hollywood style, comes brides embracing vintage everything. Brides are bringing back just about everything from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s except the puffy sleeved wedding gown. Thrift stores and antique stores are the shops of choice for the 2013 bride. Seating displays, table settings and decorations are all taking on an aged feel. Achieve this feeling by including a family tradition started by your great grandmother or putting old wedding photos from both of your families on the tables.

In the past, weddings were over the top and flashy. More and more couples are opting to be married But the 2013 wedding trends seem to be shifting in a location other than a church. Outdoor toward more socially responsible, understated weddings and weddings in interesting locations weddings. have become a popular way to make your The wedding business has seen a rush of new wedding stand out. If you are traditional and ideas in the past few years, everything from would like to use a church, try having your brightly coloured gowns to highly choreographed reception in a creative space like a museum or first dances. Trending for weddings in 2013 is an park. Often these types of spaces provide their idea that has been lingering around for a couple of own decoration and ambiance, and the cost of years, but now, coming full circle is the Victorian decorating is minimal. themed wedding.  Perhaps it's because there has been a surge in retro style in recent years, making everything old, new again, that we have started delving even further back in our history. Or perhaps the lack of grace in society today has turned people's attention back to a kinder and gentler time period, when beauty, style and good manners reigned and weddings were huge social occasions.  Brides are now swapping 1000 guests to 100 of their closest friends and family and they are spending less money on more eco-friendly things. Times are changing, and here’s how you can keep up. Many brides are giving up traditional wedding planning and opting for a green wedding.
















Couture Carts from Sotofiesta Tel: 956 695983






Celebrations & Events Directory Bridal Dresses & Hire

All Things Nice 27 City Mill Lane, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 63211 -

Samphire Catering Tel: 660 444005 -

Blossoms I.C.C. Unit F22, Main Street, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 77201 - Blossoms Gibraltar


Bridal Lingerie

Margaret & Matilda Decorators Tel: +350 20078284 / 54005101

AimeeJay Intimates I.C.C. F17, Gibraltar - Tel: +350 200 42490 AimeeJayIntimates

Tan Tan Avda. Maria Guerrero 154, La Linea Tel: 653 674978

Cakes & Centrepieces

Entertainment / DJ

David & Marketas Chocolate Manufacture Tel: +350 54028048 - /Davids-Marketas-Chocolate-Manufacture

Martini Discotheques Weddings & Events Tel: 956 794482

Fruitilicious Arrangements Calle Sierra Bermeja, P.N. Guadiaro Tel: 673 100 071


Sharleens Cupcake Heaven Tel: +350 54015137 Sotofiesta Couture Carts & Cakes Calle Sierra Bermeja, Via de Servicio, P.N. Guadiaro - Tel: 956 695983

Floral Divine Tel: 666 019773 - Stephanie Florist 26/28 John Mackintosh Sq. Gibraltar Tel: +350 20041688 ·

Hair & Make-up

Catering & Drinks

Aprodite Beauty Ocean Village, Unit 5, 26/28, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 62422

Doña Lola Tel: 856 901224 / 678 265888 www.doñ

Bagus Calle de la Iglesia 18a, Torreguadiaro Tel: 956 616960

Ke Catering Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande Tel: 956 790333 Nectar Catering Calle Francisco Amado 26, Guadiaro Tel: 956 614318


Beauty & Nail Centre Galeria Paniagua, L7, Sotogrande Tel: 956 793145 Bellissima Beauty Avda.Mar del Sur, Edif. Mamia, Torreguadiaro Tel: 956 610047 By Chabely Beauty Designs Calle Las Palmeras 55, Campamento Tel: 956 094201 -

Deepak International Make-up Artist Main Street, Gibraltar Tel: +350 54021837 / +34 628 659631 Gina's Hair & Beauty Salon C.C. Sotomarket, A7, Km. 130, Sotogrande Tel: 956 793398 Janice Hair & Beauty 32 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 78800

Silleria Algeciras T: 956 678086 - 667 439464

Jewellery Blue Spirit 221 Main Street, Gibraltar - Tel: +350 200 74163 -

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Menswear, Suits & Hire

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r e wa r d i n g s u c c e s s OVERVIEW


Specialising in rewarding success through time, we deliver a smooth and enjoyable experience that will be second to none.

We are creating a service that is on par with the values of the watches we sell. Living in an era of consumerism and a general disposable mentality, we wish to develop a rapport with our clients that is miles away from the cold and clinical times we live in.

We have paired up with the most experienced and competent individuals in the industry to deliver the package, which is Watch & Bullion, a company that believes that we are all born with one wing and need the support of others in order to fly. ABOUT US We deal with our clients at a very personal level and specialise in finding those sought after models at the best price. All our pre-owned watches are carefully examined by a certified watchmaker who ensures the irreproachable execution of your piece, along with this we offer a 12 month guarantee that serves as a formality in relation to trust. In addition we offer a custom watch section to cater for businesses that wish to expand their presence and compliment their clients with a small gesture of appreciation.


FOLLOW US However the times we live in now offer more than ever a chance for the whole world to connect as one. Join us on our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to read up on our general articles discussing success and the watch industry. We look forward to having you form part of our future community and wish you all the best in life.









Aphrodite Beauty celebrates Christmas in style ! Aphrodite beauty has been opened for over two years. And we have 6 qualified therapists. Come and visit Aprhodite Beauty's newly refurbished salon. The refurbishment is much need to our growing salon. We have a new treatment room and more manicure and pedicure desks.

We can offer you your Christmas pamper parties. With your party you will receive a bottle of champagne, wine and food. You will also receive 1 hour of treatments all for ÂŁ40 per adult. We also offer teenage pamper parties. Where your teenagers will receive the ultimate package: Food, non-alcoholic drinks, manicure, pedicure and makeup. Get dolled up for that special Christmas party all for ÂŁ20 per person. Not only do we have shellac but we also offer NSI balance gel. It is very similar to shellac, but lasts longer and has more colours.


Minx nails are the latest trend in celebrity nails. A flexible polymer that is heated then applied to your nails, it's like a sticker but it's less messy and a great alternative to a nail polish. It's designed to stay on your toes around 6 weeks and hands 2/3 weeks. Why not treat yourself to one of our Spa Find facials, to help take those dead skin cells away. A deep cleansing facial is the perfect way to enter winter. All of our Spa Find products are all mineral base. With Christmas fast approaching why not keep your summer glow by having a full body exfoliation and a Fake Bake spray tan.

The ultimate package for Christmas!

To book or to get more information please call us at the salon on +350 200 62422



Winter Skin Care

Does even the mere thought of winter make your skin feel tight and itchy? Learning how your skin reacts to the winter chill and adjusting your skin care will help you keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose -- and the rest of your skin, too. Winter weather affects your skin in several ways. Dry skin is the most common result of seasonal weathering. Cold winter air lacks humidity and dries up natural oils in your skin, causing it to lose its moisture. Bitter winter winds also cause chapping and windburn. This leads to rough, cracked skin that can feel tight and uncomfortable. The obvious solution might seem to be to getting in out of the cold, but during the winter months, indoor heating systems dry inside air, too. Instead of finding relief indoors, you're likely to suffer an extra dose of the drying effect. All hope is not lost, however. You can take steps to protect your skin by making careful choices about your soap and your laundry products, keeping your skin covered up when outside, and increasing the moisture inside your home. While planning your winter skin care regimen, you should be sure to consider any existing skin conditions. Winter weather not only irritates healthy skin but also can make current skin problems worse. If you have a skin condition such as dandruff, psoriasis or eczema, be aware that winter weather might cause those conditions to flare up. If you're not sure how best to protect your skin this winter or if your skin looks infected, you should consult your doctor.

Daily Winter Skin Care Although you can't control the weather, you can certainly take steps to keep it from ruining your day. Once you've checked the local weather report, it's time to check your cupboards and closets for the right materials. If your skin feels itchy and dry during the winter, then check your soap. For washing your body, try switching to a soap formulated for sensitive skin. To wash your clothes, try using an allergen-free or hypoallergenic laundry detergent made without perfumes or dyes. You might also want to avoid using fabric softener sheets as some brands can leave small, itchy fibers on your clothes. You know it's important to wear warm clothes and shoes during cold weather. However, you might not realize that how you layer your clothing can also affect your skin's health. Avoid wearing itchy fabrics like wool next to your skin. Try to wear softer, less abrasive fabrics, like cotton, closest to your body in order to let your skin breathe. Also, keep in mind that if your clothes become wet, you should change into dry clothes as soon as possible -- wet clothes can irritate your skin.


Do you know what's in your daily beauty and grooming products?

altogether, but to help your dry skin heal, you should keep your showers and baths short and use lukewarm instead of hot water.

Formulas that work well with your skin most of the You can't control the weather outside, but you do year might suddenly irritate those sensitive tissues have some control over the climate inside. Dry in the winter. For example, many common antiaging ingredients can cause irritation and redness, skin needs moisture. Using a humidifier in your home replaces the indoor moisture lost to your and the winter weather can worsen these side heating system. Not only will your skin appreciate effects. If your usual warm-weather routine irritates your skin during cold weather, try switching to mild the moisture, but your sinuses will thank you, too. and unscented products that will be gentler on To trap as much moisture in your skin as your skin. possible, you should apply moisturizer regularly. Moisturizers are available as oils, creams and Despite our best efforts, we can't always prepare lotions. The choice you make largely depends on for a cold spell. the dryness of your skin and your tolerance for the greasy feel of the moisturizer. Oils are greasy and Treating Dry Skin in Winter slippery, but they seal in moisture well. If you've ever had dry skin, you know the misery it Creams aren't as greasy, disappearing when can cause. These three remedies can help soothe you rub them in, and they also trap moisture and heal dry, cracked skin. They also work well well. Lotions tend to add the least moisture, but as preventive measures along with the tips in the they absorb quickly so they don't feel so greasy. previous section. However, many lotions contain alcohol, which helps quicken their absorption. Alcohol causes When cold weather reigns outside, you might be dryness as well, so you should try to avoid lotions tempted to soak in a hot bath, but this will cause that include it. irritated skin more harm than good. Hot water strips the oils from your skin, and if you have dry skin, you want to add as much moisture as possible. You don't need to eliminate bath time







“The Real Pilates Method”

Pilates Reformer and mat classes Private sessions & group classes

A safe programme of effective exercises to help tone and lengthen muscles, without increasing their volumen, with spectacular results in short time. You will get: - A stronger body and better shape. - Flatten, tone and abdominal strength. - Postural correction and back pain relieved. - Increased muscle flexibility and joint mobility.


Better control of your body no matter age, sex or physical condition.


Wednesday at 10:00 - Monday at 19:30 Iyengar Yoga Wednesday at 19:30 Hatha Yoga

“Course to become a Yoga Teacher”

Learn to teach Bio-energetic Yoga in 10 weekends. Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Diploma homologated from The European Foundation of Alternative Medicine.

Starts in November


Avoid winter weight gain Winter weight gain isn’t just an urban myth. Research has shown that most of us could gain around a pound (half a kilo) during the winter months. That may not sound like much, but over the course of a decade, it can add up. "What used to be a couple of days of parties and There’s good evidence that people put on weight over the winter," says dietitian Sian Porter. "The over-eating now seems, for some, to be six weeks more overweight you are, the more you tend to put of over-doing it," says Porter. on. And the most worrying aspect of this seasonal weight gain is that the pounds tend to stay on. So what’s the solution? Here are four simple ways People don’t seem to lose the extra weight." to avoid winter weight gain. The three main reasons that people put on weight in the winter are lack of physical activity comfort eating and over-indulging at Christmas. Cold weather and shorter days make it harder to exercise outdoors, so it’s easy not to do any exercise over winter. If you’re not outside as much, there’s more time and temptation to reach into the kitchen cupboard for high-calorie sweet snacks, such as biscuits and cakes. Then of course there are the festivities that surround Christmas.


1. Stock up your kitchen cupboards Keep your store cupboard stocked with staples such as cans of tomatoes, spices, beans and pulses, dried wholewheat pasta, wholewheat cereals, noodles, couscous and dried fruit. Keep some extra bread in the freezer if there’s space. That way, you’ll be able to create a quick and nutritious evening meal, such as a lentil or vegetable soup or stew, at short notice. You’ll save money and avoid the temptation to order a highcalorie takeaway.


2. Exercise more When the outside temperature drops, it’s easy to give up on outdoor exercise. In winter, we stop doing calorie-burning outdoor activities like short walks and gardening. But reducing the amount of physical activity you do is one of the biggest contributors to winter weight gain. Cold weather and shorter days don't mean you have to abandon exercise completely. Instead, rearrange your schedule to fit in what you can. You don’t need formal exercise to burn calories. A brisk walk can be revitalising after being indoors with the central heating on, and it’ll also help boost your circulation. Put on some warm clothes and jog around the neighbourhood or start a snowball fight with the kids. Most leisure centres have heated swimming pools and indoor tennis and badminton courts. If you’d rather stay at home, buy some dance or workout DVDs, and always walk up the stairs at work rather than using the lift. "These little things can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding that pound of weight gain over winter," says Porter.

3. Drink smart It’s important to consume hot drinks throughout winter as it will help you keep warm. However, some hot beverages are high in calories. Milky, syrupy coffee shop drinks and hot chocolate with whipped cream can add a lot of calories to your diet. A Starbucks medium caffe mocha, for instance, contains more than 360 calories. Stick to regular coffee or tea, or ask for your drink to be "skinny" (made with skimmed milk). Also, limit your alcohol intake as much as possible. 4. Get your winter greens Eating a wide variety of foods ensures you get a range of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Don’t get stuck eating the same food every day. Look out for root vegetables, such as swedes, parsnips and turnips, and winter veggies such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and artichokes. They’re filling as well as nutritious so will help you to resist a second helping of trifle.








The All New Range Rover – available now at A.M. Capurro Land Rover has announced the launch of the All-New Range Rover, the world's most refined and capable SUV. Lighter, stronger and with new levels of refinement, the Range Rover reinforces its position as the world's finest luxury SUV. The facts: • Lighter, stronger and more refined - the world's finest luxury SUV • Unmistakably a Range Rover, a modern interpretation of iconic design cues • World's first SUV with a lightweight allaluminiummonocoque body structure • 420kg weight saving over outgoing model, delivering improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions from a choice of refined V8 petrol engines, TDV6 and SDV8 diesel engines • An unrivalled breadth of capability with transformed handling and agility • State-of-the-art adaptive dynamics to further improve peerless ride quality • Enhanced all-terrain performance with introduction of Land Rover's Terrain Response® 2 Auto


• The pinnacle of SUV refinement, with a more spacious and luxurious interior and a truly composed driving experience • British designed and engineered at Land Rover's development centres in the UK, manufactured in a new, state-of-the-art aluminium manufacturing facility, Solihull, UK The world's first SUV with a revolutionary lightweight all-aluminiummonocoque body structure is 39 per cent lighter than the steel body in the outgoing model enabling total vehicle weight savings of up to 420kg. The lightweight aluminium platform has delivered significant enhancements in performance and agility, along with a transformation in fuel economy and CO2 emissions. In addition to the strong and rigid lightweight body, an all-new aluminium front and rear chassis architecture has been developed with completely re-engineered four-corner air suspension. While the luxurious ride has been retained, the vehicle's handling and agility have been significantly improved.  The new suspension architecture delivers flatter, more confident cornering, with natural and intuitive steering feel.

The all-new Range Rover has a clean and elegant shape which is derived from a fresh new interpretation of Range Rover design cues. While instantly recognisable as a Range Rover, the new vehicle takes a significant step forward with a bold evolution of the model's iconic design language. With Land Rover strength at its heart, the new model has been engineered from the ground up to be the most capable, most refined Range Rover ever. Amongst the industry-leading innovations is a ground-breaking next-generation version of Land Rover's Terrain Response® system, which analyses the current driving conditions and automatically selects the most suitable vehicle settings for the terrain. Within the cabin, the all-new Range Rover provides occupants with a sensation of serene isolation, meeting the highest luxury car standards for refinement. Measures like the rigorously optimised body structure and acoustic lamination of the

MOTORING windscreen and side door glass have significantly reduced noise levels, while the new suspension architecture has enabled engineers to achieve even more luxurious ride comfort and refinement. The sumptuous interior incorporates distinctive Range Rover design cues, but executed with a very contemporary treatment, and clean, elegant surfaces which are flawlessly presented using the finest leathers and veneers. With over 118mm more legroom, the rear occupants benefit from vastly increased space and comfort, with the option of a new two-seat Executive Class seating package for the ultimate in rear-seat luxury. To deliver the model's characteristic effortless performance, customers have the choice of refined V8 petrol engines and TDV6 and SDV8 diesel engines combining responsive performance with outstanding CO2 emissions. The all-new Range Rover is now on sale now from A.M. Capurro, with customer deliveries expected to start from early 2013.For more information, please visit, or call/email the sales team on 200 75149, or





The Black Science Resent changes in EC laws have removed most of the mystery behind tire section. Tires are now marked with date of manufacture, load and speed ratings. The most resent directive, tire sold in Europe can’t be manufactured from recycled oils, which mainly effecting USA 4x4 marks, where some brands used old cooking fat. These tires will not be “E” kite marked, so will not pass an ITV. We at Don Neumaticos say tires are like petrol, buying SHELL 95 unleaded or BP 95 it’s the same stuff, so tires of the same specification from the major brands are interchangeable to be the same stuff. To simplify you tire chose the EU have just introduced a chart similar the domestic appliances showing by way of a bar chart, dry condition efficiency, wet grip and noise levels. So you the client not only rely on your tire company to fit the right tire for your make and model of car but to make sure the tires are fitted the right side out, direction of rotation, be it asymmetrical. Things get a bit more technical when you go behind the numerical reference for example A 195/65 R 15 “85” T is not the same as a “87”., Tires are made from different type of rubber

(Oils). Falling in to two groups “carbon black” and “silica” carbon black is in the main used for saloon cars, Silica offering better grip in the wet, is mainly used in performance cars tires. A word of caution fitting Silica tires to a car designed to run on Carbon black may disrupt the traction control system when most needed. Mainly American cars or like the DB9 were Bridgestone developed a specific tire, with the DB9 level of performance, the car is not as happy when running on another make of tire. A resent example of another garage fitting the wrong tires, a transmission prop shaft over heated at a cost of 4,300 Euros. So all we ask is that you allow us the quote for your tire requirement. Knowing the price will be right. With a service second to none, if your tires are not in stock by having 93 different makes with over 3,000,000 tires on a 24 hour delivery. We will win your custom. Your satisfaction is our grantee, as we work on the strategy that your car has 4 tires, by your recommendation, we win your partner’s 4, your friends 8 etc, that is why we have been on the cost for 10 years. Knowing as a client of DON Neumaticos you are driving safe with confidence and above all with peace of mind.










Christmas 2012 packed full of new Technology Big announcements by Apple, Microsoft and Samsung at the end of October 2012 bringing us the latest technology in time for Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Samsung also has a new range of new Galaxy phones and Galaxy Tablets. They are available with either Google Android or Windows 8. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best selling android Smartphone in the world. Samsung now has the largest percentage of sales in the global Smartphone market. Samsung’s Note 10.1 comes with the S-pen; you can draw, sketch, design or produce slick documents on a much larger crystal clear screen. The Samsung Tab2 is the world’s best selling android tablet. Market leaders Samsung have brought the complete tablet experience to you and your family, inspiring everyone to relax and have fun together. Samsung all-in-one PC Touch is not the only new way of interacting with our technology. Samsung have introduced a range of all-in-one PCs that you can interact with through motion control, wave your hand in the air in front of your screen from right to left and you can move from one photo to another. Play Angry Birds with simple hand motion control detected by the webcam on Samsung’s new all in ones. Samsung have also introduced their new Series 9 laptop, the thinnest, lightest laptop in the world. It’s so sexy it features in the newest Bond film.   Much like BMWs Samsungs range starts with the 3 series, everyday laptops in lots of different colours and goes up to their Series 5 Ultrabooks which are the latest generation of laptops with Intel’s new IvyBridge processors, Solid State Drives that means you can load Win8 almost instantly and some pretty incredible battery life. Series 7 laptops are for the serious gamers, turning to dedicated gaming mode lights up they keyboard in a different colours, kicks in a top spec graphics card, cranks up the cooling fans and gives you maximum performance for the ultimate gaming experience.


ipad 3

ipad mini

Apple made lots of announcement too, the iPad mini, a 7.9” tablet, the 4th Generation iPad with double the processing and graphics capability compared to the “New” iPad, the “New” iPad was only new for 6 months and then Apple replaced it with this 4th Generation iPad. Then they announced a new iMac that is 5mm thin, absolutely amazing. That’s not it, there’s a new iMac mini and a new Macbook 13.3” with Retina screen. Now that’s a lot to choose from.



Apple stole the thunder from Microsoft’s launch by making their announcement 3 days before Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8. What is Windows 8? Win8 is a big leap forward for Microsoft; it is a fast and fluid operating system that is at its best on touch screen technology like tablets and touch screen computers and laptops. Microsoft have built a whole new operating system designed around the new way we interact with our devices, touch. There is a whole new Windows marketplace being built to compete with the App Store and Google’s Android Play.

Gone are the days of remembering passwords with Win8 login is via clicking certain areas of a picture so for example on your login screen you have a picture of your cat and your tap the left eye, then the right and then the nose twice and that sequence logs you in. You can customise the photo and the login sequence so it can be whatever you want. Gone are the days of remembering all those passwords.


Do you have a tablet at home, hate that you have to share it with your husband/wife and kids? Well with Win8 you each have your own login to the device and when you login you get only your apps on your screen. There are 100s of fantastic features Win8 brings.

Windows 8 With so much new technology it’s got to be hard to choose. For advice visit Netgear’s new super store at 12 Waterport Terraces, Gibraltar. They have been in business for 10 years and their new store has just launched in November 2012, filled with all the newest technology it is a great place to visit to pick out your Christmas tech.

Visit Netgear's NEW store at 12 Waterport Terraces for more advice and ideas for Christmas

TECHNOLOGY Gibraltar’s Social Network

Launched in November 2010, GibBook is a social network site created for the use of people in Gibraltar. By joining GibBook and it’s over 2,200 members so far, you can share pictures, videos, play games online, chat with friend's for free and a lot more! GibBook has become very popular amongst the local community with members creating events, posting comments, classified ads, etc. Although its main focus is Gibraltar, it does not restrict membership to geographical or birthright grounds, and anyone interested in Gibraltarian life can sign-up. Gibbook is pretty much focused on anything and everything Gibraltarian, from members to advertisement, from weather to diary, from news to discussions which colloquially flow in a saucy mixture of English and Spanish. One innovative facility Gibbook offers is the video and audio chat similar to Skype connection for the chat room, which means users can actually make themselves seen and heard laughing out loud, instead of just typing LOL!

GibBook allows companies to advertise their products or service to the local community at an extremely competitive price, giving your brand 24/7 exposure amongst thousands of potential customers. Advertising on GibBook can range from placing a banner on the site to interacting via GibBook and its fan pages with users.

For more information on advertising on GibBook please visit: www. Alternatively you can contact Alfred Ballester on 56000343 to discuss a tailor made marketing campaign. Sign-up to now and be part of Gibraltar’s social network!

The devil’s advocate might argue that Gibbook is redundant, considering the success that Facebook is having locally, with groups about Gibraltar popping out every day. Yet, GibBook believes it isn’t: statistics prove that whoever is hooked to the fad tends to have accounts with more than one social network, and post their comments, videos and photos on one or the other depending on the friends they have in them. Furthermore, because everyone knows everyone in Gibraltar, the forum is guaranteed to be kept urbane, free of the cyber-bullying some people experience on worldwide sites, since it virtually polices itself, and anyone can report abuse and possibly be personally acquainted with the abuser.






Never has an epoch been so recorded in such detail since the introduction of the cheap digital camera. If 6000 years from now we have not destroyed ourselves in an exchange of nuclear weapons historians would have no problems trying to piece together how we lived from the billions of photographs that are uploaded to the internet every year. It has been estimated that by mid 2011 there were 100 billion photographs uploaded to Facebook alone and if the trend continues in a 1000 years the numbers would be unthinkable.

Imagine a world without photography There was a time when this was very much the case. No photos of your children or your pets no instagramme no duck face profile picture nothing and no movies. Now fast forward to 1900, there were cameras about sure, but mainly in the hands of highly trained people who could get the best out of them. At this point cameras where still bulky and it was only until Kodak announced the Box Brownie the first box roll film camera that photography started to be introduced to the average person on the street for the princely sum of $1. Low cost photography for everyone was not a dream anymore but a fact, with its simple controls all you had to do was press the button and send the film away to a photographic lab and hey presto, family portrait. Fast forward One Hundred and twelve years forget the introduction of colour film or the arrival of the 35mm SLR camera or the advent of Polaroid or the hundreds of innovations made in the search for better ways of capturing an image.


But what kind of a distorted view would these historians of the future have of life in the 21st century, what would they think of our clothing our profile photos the orange people of Jersey Shore? Whether a photograph in the future tells a story or not it would at the very least show how we look and dressed but it will have people scratching their heads when they see a couple of million photographs of people planking, they might think it some kind of whacky religion. What is certain though is that digital cameras are here to stay; the only thing is what guise will they take? Already anybody that has a mobile phone has a digital camera inbuilt and these are getting better with every upgrade. Will the future give us cameras that can be surgically implanted into our retinas? Well when they can do that, I can assure you I will be having one implanted.


Your Gibraltar TV Well, some of you may remember an article in the Direct Mag about this time last year, talking about this great new project for Gibraltar, Your Gibraltar TV! An online website that concentrates on what's going on in and around Gibraltar, and only in Gibraltar. The HyperLocal media (as it officially known) is a great space, where due to technical advances, it is easy to create great content at a fraction of the cost that TV used to cost.  So here we are, a year later and we're still enjoying what we do. The site now average over 35,000 visits per month and bearing in mind the Gibraltar population is only estimated at 29,000 I think we are doing pretty well. The range of programmes has increased from just the simple written and video news, to feature Business Matters programmes presente by Ian LeBreton and YGTV Presents specials.  The response within the community has been amazing and we really must thank everyone, here in Gibraltar and abroad that use the service to

keep up to date with all the latest news and events here in Gibraltar. We love providing and awe are glad to se so many of you enjoy using it. You can always see what's going on by simply going online at or alternatively, follow us on or - whichever way you prefer, you'll keep up to date with all the latest that's going on in Gibraltar.  From all of us here, thanks again for supporting us and we hope to see you all soon!

Gaelic Football Gaelic Football is a form of football played mainly in Ireland where, although a strictly amateur pursuit, it is the most popular sport in terms of both playing numbers and attendance levels. Played correctly, it is a fast, hard game requiring a combination of skills incorporating kicking, catching, running, tackling and hand-passing. Teams of 11 or 15 players attack H-shaped goal posts, with one point awarded for kicking or punching the ball between the posts and over the crossbar and a goal worth three points awarded for getting the ball under the bar and into the net. Gibraltars very own gaelic football team "The Gibraltar Gaels" recorded their second straight victory of the season with a hard earned victory over reigning Iberian champions - Seville. The match was fiercely competitive with both sides leaving nothing on the field, and both battling hard until the final whistle. Gibraltar's superior fitness won through in the end and the victory now leaves them top of the Andalucian league. It's an impressive milestone for the

team considering the club is in its infancy, only formed 12 months ago. The club now faces Marbella in the final game before the christmas break, victory would solidify their place as league leaders. The club trains every Wednesday at 8.30 on the municipal pitches in La Linea. Wether you're completely new to the game or a seasoned pro, all are welcome, all nationalities, we cater for everyone, get involved!!!

Check out or email for more info. 95





MCA Ship Security Officer Courses now available in Gibraltar

Allabroad, the leading maritime training centre in the area and the only MCA Accredited Training provider within at least nine hundred kilometres from Gibraltar, now runs the Proficiency as a Ships Security Officer course. This course meets STCW95 requirements and is delivered by their inhouse Ship Security consultant who has over 30 years Experience in both the Royal and Merchant Navy. When Direct Mag asked Lew their specialist instructor for this course what makes Allabroad’s course so special he replied: “The most important fact is that our course is MCA approved, and this gives all our delegates the knowledge that the course is delivered to the exceptionally high standards of the MCA. It shows that all our training facilities, equipment and instruction team along with our standards of operation have been inspected.” Direct Mag “Why is MCA Approved so very important”?

2 to transfer guests to shore or even being a Yachtmaster, makes an SSO highly sought after crew member.

Lew Ship Security Officer Instructor

The SSO training course is run over 3 days, includes all the necessary training and security scenario role plays for experienced seamen to become a Ship Security Officer. Delivered by Allabroad’s full time Ship Security Consultant who has a massive 30 years experience in the Royal Navy and 5 years working as a ship security officer.   If a full time maritime career is not your idea of a fun day at the office then Allabroad do also offer all RYA Sailing Courses and also Motor Cruising and Powerboating courses along with online study navigation courses, and have been doing so for the last 12 years.

Lew “ The MCA is world renowned for high standards and their certificates are accepted in all International Maritime Organisation (IMO) white list countries around the world, that’s about 123 countries so it gives good scope for those looking to work on a variety of flagged yachts” Lew continues to explain that having a SSO onboard is not just limited to vessels crossing global hotspots for piracy. Many superyacht owners like e to have a security qualified person onboard for their own piece of mind and these individuals sometimes need to be cross trained for other departments. Achieving STCW95 Basic Safety Training is a strict requirement for anybody who has a safety critical role onboard but also having other skills like Powerboat level


Allabroad Sailing Academy 7 The Square, Marina Bay, Gibraltar Tels: 00350 20050202 - 0034 678710206 -

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Professional Maritime Career Training

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Weekly Sailing Adventures Experience the Straits Adventure Starting every Sunday explore Gibraltar, North Africa and the Spanish coastline whilst achieving your RYA Sailing or Motor course in warm tidal waters Powerboat level 1 & 2 Online courses for RYA Day Skipper & RYA Coastal Skipper RYA Competent Crew RYA Day Skipper Practical 9 Day Express Day Skipper RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Yachtmaster Coastal & Offshore exam courses

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12 years of RYA recognition Gibraltar • Morocco • Spain • Portugal


200+ Years Later, and the HMS Pickle is set to Return

The date is October the 21st1805, Admiral Horatio Nelson is kneeling upon the deck of the HMS Victory. The British are victorious once again, but Admiral Nelson has been struck by a bullet, in his spine. Three hours later the last words to escape from his lips are ‘God and my Country’… Following his death and Britain’s victory in the Battle of Trafalgar the HMS Pickle was instructed to make the journey from Gibraltar, back to the Motherland, with the bittersweet news. The famous topsail schooner sank drastically in the bay around Cadiz, Spain on 26th July 1807.

Two hundred and five years later, Gibraltar is set to see the haunting return of the vessel. An exact replica of the 73-foot twin masted HMS Pickle was commissioned to return to Gibraltar’s ever popular Ocean Village earlier this year. The Tourist Board was approached by operator of the ship, Robin James, who pledged to make the Pickle a permanent feature in Gibraltar.


Considering the germane antiquity shared between Gibraltar and the HMS Pickle, Minister for Tourism, Neil Costa explained that Government is thrilled with the initiative. He also noted that the Tourist Board would be assisting in the marketing of the tourism product in order to encourage as many visitors to the site, as possible.

On its journey to Gibraltar, in September, the ship was struck with its second bout of bad luck, after fighting against storms in the Irish sea and sustaining sail damage, a fishing net got sucked into the water intake, causing the engine to over heat and fail. Following this incident, the ship remained in Northern Spain awaiting repairs. It was expected to arrive in Gibraltar in time for Trafalgar day on October 21st, however following an extensive six weeks of repairs, Robin James managed to obtain a new engine from Gloucester. The mammoth task of installing the new piece saw extensive delays, but alas, the Vessel will definitely arrive in Gibraltar very soon, to a magnanimous welcome from the public. Text provided by



Gibraltar Town Centre

Casemates Square

Named after the British Barracks located at the north of the square, this area has served many purposes. Formerly the site of public executions, this commercial and social square has become the hub of social activities.

Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory

Visitors can watch as the highly skilled glass blowers shape and work the molten glass by hand.

American War Memorial

This prominent arch was built into the main city wall in 1932 to commemorate the achievements and comradeship of the U.S. Navy and the Royal Navy during the First World War.

Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned

Situated on the site of a mosque, the Cathedral was badly damaged during the Great Siege although some of the early structure can still be appreciated. It was converted into a Roman Catholic Cathedral soon after 1462.

Great Synagogue and Flemish Synagogue

Gibraltar has a considerable Jewish community and the Great Synagogue in Engineer Lane has the distinction of being one of the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula, dating back to 1724. Guided tours can be arranged.


Crystal Glass Factory


Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Despite its deceptively Moorish appearance, Holy Trinity was not laid down until 1825. Among those buried here is General Sir George Don under whose direction the cathedral was erected.

St Andrew’s Church

In the 1840s a group of ex-patriot Scots began fundraising, which resulted in the opening of St Andrew’s Church on May 30th 1854. Cathedral of St. Mary

Gibraltar Museum

An audiovisual presentation and galleries holding a collection of Gibraltar’s original artefacts, old prints and photographs. The Rock’s rich and diverse natural history is also represented while the lower part of the building houses what is arguably the bestpreserved Moorish Bath House in Europe.

King’s Bastion

King’s Bastion was the keystone of the defences during the Great Siege. Nowadays it is in use as a leisure centre, and boasts a bowling alley, ice-skating rink and multi cinema amongst its various facilities.

Garrison Library

This handsome building was inaugurated in 1793 and houses a remarkable collection of works on Gibraltar. There are weekly tours of the Library where you can discover its treasures.

King’s Chapel

A church beside The Convent where inside, beneath the colours of several British regiments, lie the remains of the wife of a Spanish governor, together with those of British governors.

The Convent

This building has been the official residence of Gibraltar’s Governors since 1728. It was once a Convent of Franciscan Friars, hence its name. A guard mount takes place at the main entrance during the week.

John Mackintosh Hall

A centre of Gibraltar’s cultural activities which contains a public library, a theatre and conference hall along with halls for exhibitions and other public functions.

Trafalgar Cemetery King’s Bastion

Trafalgar Cemetery

A cemetery where two of those who died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Trafalgar are buried. A ceremony is held here every year, on Trafalgar Day, to commemorate Lord Nelson’s victory.



The Upper Rock

Mediterranean Steps

Apes’ Den

One of Gibraltar’s most important tourist attractions, the Barbary Apes are actually tail-less monkeys. We recommend that you do not carry any visible signs of food or touch these animals as they may bite. There is a maximum fine of £500 for feeding the monkeys.

World War II Tunnels – Rock and Fortress

During WWII an attack on Gibraltar was imminent. The answer was to construct a massive network of tunnels in order to build a fortress inside a fortress.

The Apes

The Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels are an impressive defence system devised by man. Excavated during the Great Siege of 1779-83, these tunnels were hewn into the rock with the aid of the simplest of tools and gunpowder.

Military Heritage Centre

A fascinating array of artefacts of military history housed in Princess Caroline’s Battery.


Great Siege Tunnels


Gibraltar, a City Under Siege Exhibition

Probably one of the first buildings ever constructed by the British in Gibraltar. Undoubtedly the most important aspect of the building is the graffiti that can be seen on the walls, the earliest of which dates back to 1726.

St Michael’s Cave

This beautiful natural grotto was prepared as a hospital during WWII, yet nowadays it is a unique auditorium. There is also a lower segment that provides the more adventurous visitor with an experience never to be forgotten, however, these tours need to be pre-arranged.

Moorish Castle

The fortifications on and around the site of the Moorish Castle were first built in 1160. The Tower of Homage, its main feature, dates primarily from about 1333 AD when Abu’l Hassan recaptured Gibraltar from the Spanish. Seige Exhibition

Military Hertitage

Moorish Castle

St. Michaels Cave



Outside Town The Lighthouse

The Gibraltar Lighthouse is the only one regulated by Trinity House outside the UK. It dates back to 1841 and stands 49 metres above sea level with a range of some 37 kilometres.

Dolphin Watching

Visit the dolphins in their natural environment in the Bay of Gibraltar. Boat tours depart from Marina Bay / Ocean Village and the Ferry Terminal.

Shrine of Our Lady of Europe and Museum

Located at the southern end of the Rock, this shrine was originally a mosque and converted into a chapel by the Spaniards in 1462. There is a museum at the Shrine that depicts its long history.


Our Lady of Europe

Dolphin Watching


Queensway Quay Marina

The Marinas

There are two marinas in Gibraltar, Ocean Village and Queensway Quay, offering excellent berthing facilities, shops and restaurants.

Catalan Bay Village

First settled by Genoese fishermen in the 18th century, the village was named after it was considered a haven for Catalans fleeing from Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in the 19th century.

Catalan Bay

Alameda Botanic Gardens and Wildlife Park

This beautiful green haven, with its plants and trees is indeed a hidden gem. Also located within the gardens is a Wildlife Conservation park.

For further information contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board Tel: +350 20045000

Alameda Botanic Gardens & Wildlife Park



sendero: La Calzada Dehesa Boyal La Calzada is a walk, which brings you

to a path, known by the people of Castellar de la Frontera to be an original roman path. Along this path, flanked with rockroses, you reach a turret whose function was to keep watch from this strategic point. Further on you come to the castle, which was built in the 13thC and has a great Moorish influence on the exterior development. It is an outstanding fortification and is still inhabited to this day.

From the road CA-5131, about 350m you will come to Venta La Jarandilla. This is 5km from Castellar de la Frontera (Pueblo Nuevo). Part of a roadway on this walk is still paved.

Length: 3.100m Difficulty: Medium Estimated Time: 2 Hours


La Calzada es un sendero que nos acerca a

un camino que se cree es de origen romano, y así es conocido por los habitantes de Castellar de la Frontera. Flanqueados por jaras, llegamos a un torreón cuya mision era la de vigilancia de este punto estratégico y, más adelante, a un castillo cuya construcción data del siglo X, tiene gran influencia musulmana y un desarrollo posterior. Resulta notable el que sea una fortificación habitada hasta nuestros días. Desde la carretera CA-5131, parte una calzada empedrada que es la que recorre este sendero. Se localiza a 350 metros de la Venta Las Jarandillas, a 5km de Castellar de la Frontera (Pueblo Nuevo).

Longitud: 3.100 m Dificultad: Media Tiempo Estimado: 2 Horas

birds: Falcons


Peregrine / Halcón Peregrino / Falco peregrines

Common resident associated with rocky coastal or inland areas. The largest and fastest of the falcons, adults have slate grey upperparts that contrast with the white under parts which are barred black; brownish crown and prominent, with a board black moustache stripe, pointed tail and wings, medium sized. Juveniles have brownish upperparts and cream heavily streaked under parts. It flies with rapid wing beats interspaced with short glides. Strong pair bond and highly territorial behaviour.

Merlin / Esmerejón / Falco columbaruis

Rare and irregular winter visitor to open country areas. Similar to a Peregrine but very small and compact, with short wings and board base; long, rather square cut tail, often files at almost ground level with powerful rapid wing beats. Males are bluish grey above the rusty yellow below with fine streaking. Females are brownish grey on upperparts and boldly streaked on under parts.

Kestrel / Cernícalo Vulgar / Falco tinnunculus

Abundant resident to open country areas. Numbers increase during winter with the arrival of birds from the North. Males a have grey head, rump and tail with a broad black sub-terminal band, slightly larger than the lesser kestrel, with black spotted back and claws, females and juveniles are brownish and heavily mottled. They also hover like the lesser kestrel.

Continuing directmag’s guide to the birds of the Campo de Gibraltar from the book Guia de Aves del Estrecho de Gibraltar by Ornitour



Places of Interest

Roman Ruins & Artifacts

Algeciras Roman acqueduct, in El Cobre area.

Galerias Manolo Ales Museo Cruz Herrera Plaza de Fariñas, Calle Doctor Villar / Esq. C/ Carboneros, La Linea Tel: 956 76 25 76 Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm & 5pm to 8pm. Price: Free Entry San Roque Municipal de Cultura Luís Ortega Bru FMC “Luis Ortega Brú” Palacio de los Gobernadores, Plaza de la Iglesia, San Roque Tel: 956 781587 Opening hours: Mon to Fri -10am to 2pm Museo Taurino Alameda Alfonso XI, Tel: 956 781587 San Roque Centre Opening Hours: Tues to Fri - 11am to 1pm & 6pm to 8pm - Saturdays 11am to 1pm

Los Barrios Remains of a Roman bridge, near the railway station, also along the old service road you will find the famous bullfighters hat caused by erosion. Algeciras In the surrounding areas of Los Barrios you Museo Municipal de Algeciras can find cave paintings, tombs, fossils etc... Histórico-Arqueológica C/ Ortega y Gasset, s/n 11207 Algeciras San Roque Tel: 956-570672 Roman site of Carteia, Guadarranque Monday to Friday: 9am to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm Tarifa Roman Ruins of Baelo Claudia Museo Arte Sacro C/ Cayetano del Toro, s/n 11207 Algeciras


Los Barrios Municipal Calle Calvario 14, Los Barrios Tel: 956 621169 La Línea Museo Taurino Pepe Cabrera Calle Mateo Inurria 2, La Línea - Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am to 2pm. Closed: afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays & festivities, Except arranged visits. Prices: 3 € - Reduced: 2 € (groups, minimum 20 people); 1,50 € - (OAPs) Free: Children up to 12yrs Museum del Istmo Plaza de la Constitución s/n, La Línea Tel: 956 690 657 / 658 334 350 Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 9pm Sundays & festivities: 11am to 2pm Afternoons & Mondays closed


Tarifa Guzman the Good Museum (Museo Guzmán el Bueno), located inside the castle. Municipal Museum (Museo Municipal), in the library (biblioteca).

Theatres La Velada Paseo de la Velada, La Línea, Tel: 956 172708 Palacio de Congres Avda. Principe de Asturias, La Linea Juan Luís Galiardo Alameda Alfonso XI, San Roque Tel: 956 781074 Aula Municipal de Teatro Teniente Miranda Algeciras, Tel: 956 630036 Cine - Teatro Municipal Plaza de Andalucia, Castellar de la Frontera Tel: 956 693001


Tourist Offices Around Campo de Gibraltar Algeciras Tourist Office Junta de Andalucia Juan de la Cierva s/n 11201, Algeciras Tel: 956 572 636

Los Barrios Avda. José Chamizo de la Rubia 11370, Los Barrios Tel: 956 628013

Castellar de la Frontera Plaza de Andalucia s/n 11350, Castellar de la Frontera Tel: 956 693001

San Roque Plaza de Andalucía, s/n 11360 San Roque (Cádiz) Tel: (+34) 956 694 005

Jimena de la Frontera Iglesia de la Misericordia s/n 11330, Jimena de la Frontera Tel: 956 640569

Tarifa Paseo de la Alameda 11380, Tarifa Tel: 956 680993

La Linea Junta de Andalucía Av. del Ejercito (esq 20 de abril) La Linea Tel: 956 784135 - 37 - 38 Lunes a viernes 09:00 a 19:30 h

Gibraltar Casemates Square Tel:+350 200 45000

Visitor Centres in Los Alcornocales Natural Park There are two visitors’ centres: Huerta Grande is south of Algeciras at Km 96 on the N340 coast road. El Aljibe is in Alcalá de los Gazules, on the road to Benalup at Km 1. For both centres, call 956 679 161.

In Grazalema is an information office call 956 132 225, they can also provide walking maps and acquire walking permits from El Bosque office for you.

There is a visitors’ centre in Cortes de la Frontera 952 154 599, with information on geology, flora and fauna of the park. El Bosque is the main park office call 956 727 029, they can provide maps, walking routes and permits for walks. The tourist offices in Cadiz 956 258 646 and Malaga 952 213 445 can also provide information.



Castles in Campo de Gibraltar Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera

Cablecars - Telefericos

You can catch a cablecar in Gibraltar to the top of the rock and also in Benalmádena to the peak of Calamorro. inquire in local tourist offices

Rock Tours

Discover Gibraltar and get to know the history, culture, flora, fauna, like the famous apes, also see St. Michaels Cave, the great siege tunnels, the moorish castle, views from the upper rock over the bay and more

Dolphin & Whale boat trips

You can take trips out in the bay from Gibraltar & Tarifa, inquire in local tourist offices

Castillo de Guzman el Bueno – Tarifa Castillo de Jimena de la Frontera

Zoos - Parks - Activities Rutas de Caballo

Each town has different companies, you can trek in land or on the beach, inquire in local tourist offices

Cortijo Rural Las Aves

Here you can find a large range of birds as well as a petting zoo and other amazing animals to see. Camino Fabrica de Pipas, Estación de Jimena, Tel: 956 640210

Bowling & Cinema

Palmones Cinecite, Los Barrios Kings Bastion Leisure Centre, Gibraltar

Parque Acuatico Mijas

A family waterpark with whirling rides, and waterslides, wave pool, aqualandia for the littles ones and a receational / picnic area

Sea Life Benalmadena

Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena, Malaga - Tel: 952 560150 Discover the mysteries of the underwater world. They have now been joined by two amazing sea turtles.

Zoo Bontanico Jerez

C/ Taxdirt s/n, Tel: 956 153 293, Jerez de la Frontera, they also have Conservation and Breeding projects to protect endangered species, as well as many other animals.

Selwo Adventure Safari Park


Lobo park - Wolf park

Ctra. Antequera - Álora (A343) Km. 16 Tel: 952 031107- Antequera. Open daily from 10am to 6pm Enjoy the guided tours and the petting zoo During the summer evenings enjoy the Howling nights along with a BBQ

Km. 162,5, Las Lomas del Monte Estepona. Animal adventure, amusement, animation and activities, see tigers, elephants, bears, there are more than 2000 animals to see living in semi liberty.

Selwo Marina

Parque de las Palomas, Benalmedena The first Dolphinarium in Andalucia, an ice living station where you can see sea lions and penguins, as well as the amazing dolphin and sea lion shows

Sailing Schools & Academies

You can find sailing schools and academies along the coast at local marinas, Gibraltar, Sotogrande, Marbella etc.

Crocodile Park

Calle Cuba, Torremolinos. Open daily all year. Discover amazing facts about these creatures, education and research videos, crocodile nursery, you can even get to hold a baby crocodile

Street Markets / Mercadillos Monday Taraguilla Tuesday Algeciras El Saladillo Tarifa, Huerta del Rey Wednesday - La Linea, Ciudad Deportivo Thursday - Estación de San Roque Puente Mayorga Torrguadiaro Friday Castellar, New Town Jimena, Recinto Ferial Guadiaro Saturday - Los Barrios, Recinto Ferial Sunday Palmones, Recinto Ferial San Roque San Enrique de Guadiaro Sat & Sun - Castellar Castle, Rastro Jarandilla Most towns have a daily market or an indoor market


About us Â

Spanish Stray Dogs is a non-profit organization which was set up in 2010 Mission Our mission is not only to find homes for the dogs in Los Barrios Killing Station but also to promote castration for all dogs. We also try to encourage people to volunteer in a range of different things and we try to show people that there are lots of ways to help the dogs from collecting blankets from your neighbours, to organizing fund raising activities, to fostering a dog, to coming along to the shelter to help clean and care for the dogs. Company Overview Spanish Stray Dogs is a non-profit organization which was set up in 2010 by Amee Angelina Townsend to help a stray dog called Ben. One year later and it is no longer just one person but a very happy international team of humans who share the same love of helping dogs. Since 2010 we have helped to raise money for many local shelters, we provide assistance to a local killing station helping them to feed and care for the unfortunate dogs there, as well as finding homes far and wide for unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs.


We have also helped to free 40 Beagles from a Laboratory in 2010 and helped to send them to freedom in The United States. We live for helping dogs. A DOG IS FOR LIFE. General information All of the dogs you can see on our page are available for adoption. We don't just adopt locally we send dogs from Spain to the UK, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Holland and even the United States. We work together with many other organizations in order to make this happen. If you would like to find out how much it would cost to adopt a dog from us then please contact us. The price is often different depending on which country you are in. Local Spanish adoptions are 150 euros. Adoptions to the UK are 400 euros and adoptions to Finland are 450 euros. These prices are inclusive of travel, all paperwork, passport, vaccinations, castration, blood tests, microchip, de-worming and de-flea treatment.

Our Facebook page is


Madventurers Charity in Ghana In January 2011 Cathy Lopez embarked on a 7 week building project in Ho, Ghana with the charity Madventurer, there, she and other fellow volunteers (or Madventurers as they are referred to) helped build a sanitary block for the local kindergarten in the village of SokodeGbogame in the Volta region. Little did she know that 18months on she would be recruiting fellow MAD volunteers to join her on another expedition in West Africa. This up and coming project, led by Cathy herself, will takeplace over 4 weeks in July 2013. The intense 4 week build will consist of renovating the current village Post Office into a cocoa factory. The Post Office will have to be completelyrepaired, re-plastered, re-roofed, painted, decorated and equipped, ready to become a fully functional cocoa factory which will allow the community to sustain themselves for generations to come.By enabling sustainable projects and facilities, the MAD (Make a Difference) Foundation supports communities in creating better opportunities and scope for further development. Moreover, Madventure always work in close partnerships with the village chiefs, development committees, local governments and NGOsto create income generation and capacity buildingprojects that can aid the economic development of local communities.Shia’s livelihood derives from the cocoa fields that surround it, so this project really is vital in order to help the community sustain themselves long after the Madventurer’s have left.

The response so far has been overwhelming and a number of MAD Gibraltarians have already signed up to take the leap, head to Ghana and Make a Difference in summer 2013. There are high hopes for Gibraltar’s first ever MAD Tribe and we hope to gain more support as we go on.

The founder and chief of Madventurer, John Lawler (or Chief TorgbuiMottey I – his official title as the Chief of Development due to his extraordinary efforts to help build and improve education in the Volta region) will be in Gibraltar to do a presentation regarding this project, on Saturday 24th November. During their stay in Ghana, the Madventurer’s will More details can be found on the Facebook group be completely submerged into Ghanaian culture; page ‘MAD Gib’s in Ghana’ or enquire about the eating, sleeping, talking and shaking hands (yes first ever Gib MAD Tribe on Madventurer’s main Ghana has their own handshake) like the locals. facebook group. Furthermore, Ghana is renowned for having the friendliest people in Africa – and Cathy can Work Hard, Play Hard, Give Back! personally vouch for that having visited another 10 Your Gibraltar TV will be following Cathy and the African countries during her time travelling west, other MAD volunteers through the project. Keep east and south Africa – so the Madventuer’s will an eye out, it should be fun. have no problem getting settled in. Text provided by


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ground floor, ICC - T: +350 20041422

BabyZone Gibraltar

17 engineer lane - T: +350 200 61565

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Bicycle Centres Cycle Centre

15c devils tower road - T: +350 20063562


Classique Boutique 49 engineers lane - T:350 20065770


The PC Clinic


17 convent place, Tel: +350 200 49991

office, jetwash coach park - T: +350 54001740


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Gib Glass

Pro Services


Riviera Express 86 - 89 catalan bay village stefano's cafeteria - T: +350 20061007

Cleaning services




office, jetwash coach park - T: +350 54001740


Computer Centre

Ocean Village Express unit 18, ocean village promenade T: +350 20059991

Car Repairs


10 main street T:350 20076176

DC Motors

4 water gardens, T: +350 200 41727 / 47470


Marble Arc

Irish Town Express 40 - 44 irish town T: +350 20065003

3 corral road T: +350 20040220


6a cathedral square T:350 20072381

A.M. Capurro

20 line wall road, T: +350 20075149 -


Hanny's Boutique

Alemeda Express grand parade, boyd street T: +350 20078319

Car dealers


Clothes shops


day care centre


Aping About

11 corral road T: +350 20062544





dolphin & whale watching

B Dolphin Adventure C D E

marina bay T: +350 20050650 -

Dolphin Safari

T: +350 20071914 - M: 0034 607290400

diving school

F Dive Charters

marina bay - T: +350 20045649





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education CCP Group

Suite 24, Victoria House, 26 Main Street T: +350 20065563 -

Kidz Academy

Suite 24, Victoria House, 26 Main Street T: +350 20065563 -

electronic cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes

123 / 2 main street

electronics Carlos

87-91 main street- T: +350 20078841 -

suite 24, victoria house, 26 main street T: +350 20065563 / 54025929

interior design Denville Designs

62 engineers lane - T: +350 20044012

Patricia Darch Interiors

Ocean Village Promenade - T: +350 606 77775



6 bishop rapallos ramp - T: +350 20045600 -

Sonic Electronics

34 main street, T: +350 20073289


80 - 82 main street - T: +350 20040007 F: +350 200 63007 -

electrical installations RMD

12 tuckeys lane T: +350 20063380 -

finance Sovereign Trust (Gibraltar) Ltd

143 main street, T: +350 20076173

florist Stephanie Florist 26/28 john mackintosh square T: +350 20041688 -

furniture ACModa

4 trafalgar road - T: +350 20078060 -


Life Coaching Hypnotherapy

8 trafalgar road - T: +350 20065566

Blue Spirit


221 main street - T: +350 20074163


Essardas Jewellers


64 main street - T: +350 20078441

Jewel Box


148 main street - T: +350 20072501


Omni Jewel


18 main street T: +350 20077625



172 main street - T: +350 20078505

Watch and Bullion


see from page 36 of wedding section U

kitchens supplies B.I.A

46-48 irish town - T:+350 20075188

kitchens Kitchens by Design

19 city mill lane - T:+350 20076262



Leisure centre

B King's Bastion Leisure Centre C

queensway quay - T:+350 20044777


Light Retailers

Castle Hill Recruitment T: +350 200 65664 / +34 646 976963 Smart Progressive Recruitment T: +350 20079569 / 58164000

E The Light & Power Shop F G H I

325a main street - T:+350 20062602


See page 126 for Restaurant section

Opticians Gache Opticians 266 main street T:+350 20075757

paint supplier

J Corner Shop ltd K


19 irish town, T: +350 20040600 9 cemetery road, T: +350 20078452


Sailing school AllABroad 7 the square, marina bay T:+350 20050202 M: +34 678 710206

sports events Shoreleave Events

tattoo palour

Star of India & Hotu

108 main street, T: +350 20075792 100 main street, T: +350 20072182


Second Skin

17 georges lane T: +350 20045335

O Mulberry Homes P

45 governors's street - T: +350 20042737

telecommunications CTS

Q Find a Property

ground floor 9 cooperage lane T: +350 20051500 - -


Shine (Eazitel)

T: +350 20044537 -

S Property World T U V

unit f2a, icc, main street - T: +350 20049494 -

Seekers Property Solutions

10 engineer lane - T: +350 20044955




Beta Service Recruitment suit 4, 3 turnbulls lane, main street T:+350 20064868




gournd floor, block 6, water gardens T: +350 20066400 -

travel agents Gib Sun Club

32 city mill lane - T: +350 20070954

Travel Xcel

98 irish town T: +350 20043567

valeting services Pro Valeting

office, jetwash, coach park - T: +350 54001740


GIBRALTAR Food & Drink Guide

GibraltaR Food & Drink Guide Bars & Clubs Trafalgar Sports Bar 1a rosia road - T: +350 20045370 / 54019764

Cafes All’s Well grand casemates square T: +350 200 72987 Bean & Gone Cafe 20 engineers lane - T: +350 20065334 Cafe Solo grand casemates square T: +350 20044449 Sacarello’s 57 irish town - T:350 20070625


Sink that hunger with a

or one of our homemade burgers See in-store for details

Historical theme pub, serving traditional pub fayre, complimented by a fine selection of beers, wines & spirits.

Eat, Drink, Enjoy All’s Well, Casemates Tel: 20072987

Salad & Sandwich Bar Eurotowers, Europrt Ave, Gibraltar. Tel 200 62828 & Casemates Square, Gibraltar. Tel 200 48185 • Baguettes, Wraps & Speciality Breads • Subs • • Burgers • Breakfasts + Much more •

The venue with the menu Are you having an event? We cater for:

Contemporary Bar Bistro serving Pizza Pasta & Mediterranean cuisine Enjoy dinner in our airconditioned bistro or call 200 44449 to book a table on our terrace +350 200 44449 • GRAND CASEMATES SQUARE

• Office Functions and Training events • • Board meetings • Wedding Receptions • • Birthday Parties • Baby Showers • • Cocktail Parties • Birthday celebrations • • Children's Parties •

Your out of town destination Solo Bar & Grill

Unit 15, 4 Eurotowers, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar.

Tel +350 200 62828.


Cafes Solo bar & grill unit15, 4 eurotowers, europort avenue T: +350 20062828 Solo Express grand casemates square T: +350 20048185


Biancas 6/7 admirals walk, maina bay T: +350 20073379 Champions Bar & Grill Unit 2B, the tower, marina bay T: +350 200 61999 - Charlie’s Tavern marina bay -

GIBRALTAR Food & Drink Guide

O'Callaghan Elliott Hotel 8th floor rooftop restaurant T: +350 20070500 PizzaHut unit G5/6, ground floor i.c.c. T: +350 20042800 - The Chargrill Restaurant gala casino, ocean village T: +350 20076666

health foods & products Get Joost 248 main street / casemates kiosk T: +350 20076699 -

Restaurants Brazilian

Ipanema Bar & Churrascaria ocean village, T: 350 2164 8888


The Landing’s Restaurant 15 queensway quay T: +350 20066100 Taps Bar 5 ocean village promenade T: +350 200 67575 Waterfront Restaurant queensway quay T: +350 20045666


Come & our


All New


GIBRALTAR Food & Drink Guide

Call: (350) 200 42800 to book your table Don't forget to book your

Children’s Contact us to find out more:

with us

Unit G5/6 Ground Floor, International Commercial Centre, Casemates Square, Gibraltar Tel: (350) 200 42800 Office: (350) 200 72259

Rollo de Primavera – Spring roll Romana – Breaded & fried Romero – Rosemary Romesco – Sweet / hot peppers Ron – Rum Rosada – Cat fish / wolf fish Rosado – Rosé Roscas – Large ring shaped roll Roscos – Doughnuts Rosquilla – doughnut / biscuit Ruibarbo – Rhubarb

Food & Drink Translations Traducciones de Comida y Bebida R Rabadilla de buey – Rump steak Rábano – Radish Rallado – Grated / Shredded Rana – Frog Rape – Angler fish / Monkfish Rebozada – Breadcrumbs / deep fried Recomendamos – we recommend Redondo – round Refresco – Soft drink Regular – Normal / medium Relleno – Stuffing / Filling Remojo – Soak Remojón – Orange Salad Remolacha – Beetroot Reserva – Aged wine Revuelto – Scrambled Riñones - Kidneys Riojana – Sweet pepper sauce Róbalo – Sea Bass Rodaballo – Turbot Rodaja – Slice


S Saboroso – Tasty / savoury Sacacorchos – Corkscrew Sal – Salt Salado – Salty Salchichas – Sausages Salchichón – Salami / cured sausage Salmón – Salmon Salmonete – Red Mullet Salmorejo – Tapa of Peppers, onions, tomatoes etc Salmuera – Brine Salón de Té – Tearoom Salpicado – Peppered with / sprinkled with Salipicón de Mariscos – Seafood cocktail Salsa – Sauce - en salsa – Braised in sauce - a la marinera – a fish sauce - a la riojana – Veg, meat & wine stock - salsa boloñesa – bolognaise - etc… Salteado – Sautéed Salvado – Bran Salvia – Sage Sandía – Watermelon Sándwich mixto – Ham & Cheese Toasty Sangre – Blood Sangría – Fruit Punch Sarda – Mackerel Sardina – Sardines Sardina pequeña – Sprats Sargo – Bream Sebo – Suet Seco – Dry / dried Semillas – Seeds Sémola – Semolina Sepia – Cuttlefish Serrano – Mountain style Servicio – Service Servilleta – Serviette Sesos – Brains Seta – Wild Mushroom Sevillana – cooked with olives Sidra – Cider Sin sal – without salt

Sobrasada – Chorizo lard Soja – Soya Solomillo – best cut of meat Sopa – Soup Sorbete – Sorbet Suave – Soft / Mild Suela – Sole Suplemento sobre – Extra Surtido – Mixture T Tabla – Plate of assorted cold meats Tajada – Sliver Tallarines – Tagliatelle / noodles Tamarindo – Tamarind Tapas – A variety of small snacks Tarta – Cake Tartaletas – flan based snacks Tasca – Beach bar Taza – Cup Té – Tea Tenedor – Fork Ternera – Beef / Veal Tibia de angulas – Baby eels Tiburón – Shark Tierno – Tender Tinto – Red (wine) Tinto de Verano – Summer Wine (Spritzer) Tocino – Salt pork / bacon Tocino de cielo – Caramel custard flan Tomate – Tomato Tomillo – Thyme Tónica – Tonic water Torcaz – Wood pigeon Torta – Cake / flat bread Torta de avena – Oakcake Tortilla – Omelette Tórtola – Turtle dove Tortuga – Turtle Tostada – Toast Tostado – Toasted / Roasted Trigo – Wheat Tripa – Tripe Troceados – Chunks / Pieces Trozo – A piece / slice Trucha – Trout Trufas – Truffles Tubo – Glass of beer Turrón – Sweet variety of candy bars

Vapor – Steam Variados – Mixed Vasca – Basque sauce Vaso – Glass Vegetariano/a – Vegetarian Venado – Venision Veneras – Scallops Ventresca – loin / belly (fish) Verano – Summer Verduras – Vegetables Vermut – Vermouth Vinagre – Vinegar Vino – Wine Vino añejo – Vintage wine Vino blanco – White wine Vino de aguja – Slightly sparkling wine Vino de la casa – House wine Vino de mesa – Table wine Vino espumoso – Sparkling wine Vino Reserva, Crianza y Tempranillo Reserved, aging & young Vino de postre – Dessert wine Vino rosado – Rosé wine Vino seco – Dry wine Vino tinto – Red wine Vodka – Vodka W Whisky americano – Bourbon Whisky escocés – Scotch Y Yema – Egg yolk Yogur – Yoghurt Z Zanahoria – Carrot Zarzamora – Blackberry Zumo – Juice

U Urta – Fish similar to red bream Uva pasa – raisin Uvas – grapes V Vaca – Cow / beef Vainilla – Vanilla


Spanish Food & Drink Guide Bars & Clubs

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

la linea Eden plaza cruz herrera TPOP calle lopez de ayala 8 Soviet plaza cruz herrera Vogg calle duque de tetuan 2

Cafes la linea La Jarra Helada bulevar, avda. 20 de abril T: 660 700967


Cafes Las Flores calle las flores 5 (zona mercado) Tornasol Cafe calle lopez de ayala T:956 766189 Wind Cafe plaza de la iglesia T:956 095864

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

Pueblo Nuevo de guadiaro Black Mouth Coffee plaza blanca 2 T: 637 203844

Sotogrande Ke Cafe Puerto Deportivo Sotogrande


Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber



Restaurants argentinean algeciras La Posta

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

avda. palma de la virgen 5 T: 856 222958

Mil Pastas Ristorante calle sagunto 3 T: 956 764776

sotogrande Andoitte Pizzeria Restaurante calle sierra bermeja s/n T: 956 793142

san enrique de guadiaro

Frascati Ristorante puerto sotogrande T: 956 790392

Asador Cancha II club de polo ayala, T: 618 568368

Lombardos Ristorante galerias paniagua T: 956 795924


oriental / Thai La Linea

La Quinta Restaurant calle ramiro el monje, santa maria polo club T: 956 616934 -

Belgian sotogrande Mytilus Restaurant puerto deportivo, T: 956 790212

indian pueblo nuevo de guadiaro Ivory Indian Restaurant calle los canos 32 T: 956 695611

Zen avda. principe de asturias 42 T: 956 175541

San Roque La Finca cn. 340, km. 126,2, camping la casita next to alcaidesa - T:665 075124

Spanish / mediterranean Algeciras Taberna La Higuera calle juan morrison 48, T: 619 592358 / 625 214020 -

international sotogrande

castellar de la frontera

The Courtyard c.c. mar y sol, T. 956 795532

Molino del Conde ctra. algeciras-jimena T: 956 236063

The Spinnaker ribera del marlin, new marina shopping centre, sotogrande, T: 956 615024

Venta La Jarandilla acceso castillo de castellar, T: 956 647030

italian la linea Don Giovanni Pizzerias calle salvador dali T: 956 171252


ESTACION DE SAN ROQUE Casa Barea avda. del guadarranque T: 956 786173


Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

Restaurants cont. guadiaro Molino del Conde calle ciro gil, La Terraza de Teo calle carretera 48, T: 956 614219

la linea Asador La Bota calle manuel de falla 24 - T:956 102659 Las Bermudas calle granada 44 - T: 956 178271 Las Trebedes calle calderon de la barca, T: 956 176004 Los Olivos calle olivo 17, T: 956 766420

SOTOGRANDE La Terrasse Brasserie puerto sotogrande, T: 956 790390 Midas Restaurant & Zaldia sotogrande port, T: 956 790121

torreguadiaro La Verandah urb. playa guadiaro T: 956 610508 Trasmallo de Agustino avda. mar del sur, T: 956 610259

Portuguese la linea Porties Restaurant & Bar avda. de la banqueta 19 T: 956 102733

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

take aways

campamento La Cosa Nostra calle real 30 T: 956 699320

la linea Don Giovanni calle salvador dali T: 956 171663 / 767022 Mil Pastas calle sagunto 3, T:956 764776 Pizza Cero calle sol T:956 175860 Ski Hamburgueseria calle isabel la catolica 43

pueblo nuevo de guadiaro Golden View calle sierra bermeja 69 T: 956 695902 Ivory Indian Restaurant calle los canos 32 T: 956 695611 Osteria de Borgo plaza italica T: 956 794143 Samphire Catering T: 660 444005 -

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

tapas bars la linea Bar Algo Mas calle ayala de lopez Bar Jardines calle jardines 98 - T:625 679556 / 956 762155 Bar Taurino calle clavel 82 - T:956 173252 Casa Santi calle lopez de ayala, esq duque de tetuan Casa Puri calle padre junco 16 - Tel: 606 203588 El Rengue calle duque de tetuan 20 - Tel: 956 762841 El Rincon de Juan calle doctor villar 3, T:678 401 253 El Rincon de mis Abuelas calle alba 5 - T:691 840504

Food & Drink Guide / Guia de Comer y Beber

tapas bars cont. Hacienda Patagonica Tapas Bar calle carboneros plaza cruz herrera La Bodeguiya calle san pablo 3, T. 679 127650 La Perla del Sur paseo maritimo la atunara, T: 630 038396 La Serrana calle sol 44, calle padre junco, T: 956178179 La Tasca calle sol 21, plaza farinas, T: 956 176239 Meson Albero calle lopez de ayala 11 Meson de Alfredo calle lopez de ayala 22, T: 956 173344 Meson La Bellota calle gibraltar 43, T: 651 975247 Meson La Traviesa pasaje alba, T: 856 122521

Meson La Velada calle oviedo 6, T:956 762715

pueblo nuevo de guadiaro Bodeguita Garciolo calle altamira 4, T:647 176593 Moncayo sierra bermeja, T: 666 551989 E-Tapa calle sierra bermeja - T: 690 123922

tapas bars cont.




Spanish Classified Directory

G H san roque I J

Salud 5 Elementos camino viejo gaucin T: 629 362463

asian food suppliers


guadiaro Asian Market avda. ciro gil, sotovila T: 956 614084 / 620472906

O algeciras P Q




see page 132 for eat & drink section



By Chabely Beauty Designs calle las palmeras 55, Tel: 956 094201 - Beauty & Nail Centre galeria paniagua, L7, Tel: 956 793145 Gina's Hair & Beauty Salon c.c. sotomarket, A7, km. 130, Tel: 956 793398 Romain Dominique galeria paniagua Tel: 956 695352

TORREGUADIARO Bagus calle de la iglesia 18a, Tel: 956 616960 Bellissima Beauty avda.mar del sur, edif. mamia, Tel: 956 610047

Toldos Mario, T: 956 606209 M 626 797313 -

Bars & Clubs



ALSO see page 62 for beauty section



beauty treatments

beauty therapies PUEBLO NUEVO DE GUADIARO Katie Lee plaza italica -Tel: 660 444005

ALSO see page 62 for beauty section

Y Z 152

business management la linea Asesoria Atunara calle santa maria 23 - T: 956 174686

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 153



butchers Pueblo Nuevo de guadiaro Paul Dennis Butchers calle sierra bermeja T: 956 785118

Duquesa, Estepona The Englich Butcher Puerto Duquesa T: 952 891313 / 952 892470




see page 132 for eat & drink section

Car Mechanics & accessories

Car wash palmones, los barrios Centro de Lavado F1 calle ancla 10, pol. ind. palmones II T: 956 675928 / 655 045279

Catering & equipment guadiaro Nectar calle francisco amado 26, T:956 614318

los barrios Silleria Algeciras T: 956 678086 - 667 439464

la linea

Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro

Kalai Tuning avda. menendez pelayo 61 - T: 956 173437

Samphire T: 660 444005 -



Automocion Alvarez Gago calle canoa 1, palmones II, T: 956 676587 Mob: 678 720979

Ke Catering puerto sotogrande - T: 956 790333


Club House Ferrari Espa単a autovia mediterranea, salida 130 T: 951 087942 -

Car dealers & repairs la linea Ford - J. Dunas Lopez Ctra. Higeron 76 - T:956 643145 -

Clothes shops la linea 360尊 Skate & Surf Shop calle carboneros, T:956 175932 Sue単os, moda y + calle jardines 13 T: 956 095764





Pierre Chimen avda. espa単a blq 5, local 2-3, T: 619 078040


S M Club Motor autovia mediterranea, salida 130 T: 951 087942 -

Z 154


Disco hire sotogrande


Martini Discotheques marbella, sotogrande, tarifa, T:956 794482 m: 630 170485 -





dance & fitness clubs


Videola DVD 24h Rentals galerias paniagua, lower patio T: 956 796021



La Linea Arte XXI Estudio de Danza calle aurora 50 - T: 691 686833 / 654 217762

sotogrande Bizzybodies T:690 691371 Danceworks C.C. mar y sol, T:609 841748 Gymtonic edif. laxmor, T:629 528250 -

Dentists la linea Clinica Dental calle teatro 21, esq. san luis T: 956 768573 / 663 417292 Dental Red calle isabel la catolica 11 - T: 956 171105 calle clavel 39 - T: 956 110940

san roque Brilliant Dental 278, T:956 613190





Elitetronic avda mar del sur T: 902 404089 -




Los barrios


Floral Dvine T: 666 019773 -


Furniture shops la linea


Tan Tan Decoracion avda. maria guerrero 154 T:653 674978


Pueblo Nuevo de Gudiaro Etno Design CN 340, Km. 133, siera bermeja, via de servicio - T: 956 796632




la linea, sotogrande etc. Jardineria Martinez T:678 733228


Y 155



gift shops Pueblo Nuevo de guadiaro

El Rey del Castillo avda. de las industrias 5, junto carrefour T: 856 120043 -

Sotofiesta sierra bermeja via servicio T:956 695983

Silleria Algeciras T: 956 678086 / 667 439464

graphic designers Zona Digital calle oviedo 7, T:956 763172



hotels & hostels

la linea

see page 62 for beauty section

hiring equipment la linea Segloco avda. 20 de abril local 13, T:603 836169

Z 156

guadacorte Hotel Guadacorte Park ctra. cadiz - malaga, Km. 114, T:956 677500

jimena de la frontera Hostal Anon calle consuelo 34/40, - T:956 640113 -

Torreguadiaro Milla de Plata Boutique Hotel avda. mar del sur 106 - T: 956 616561


interior design La linea


Estiloco T: 682 518231




Patricia Darch Interiors avda. mar del sur 26, T:956 615350




la linea


MasQueJoyas calle real 9 - T: 615 503158


Relojeria & Joyeria Blanca avda. banqueta 3, T: 956 174038

M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y 157



language schools

B Algeciras C D E F

EF Education First Cadiz avda. america, edif. marina del carmen L5 T: 956 625317 / 956 603330

la linea Juanita Moya Gil T: 652 072393

G Pueblo Nuevo de guadiaro H I J K

P. N. Language School calle altamira 5, T: 956 794294

SAN ROQUE Lingo Club de Idiomas calle general lacy, (alto bar el deportivo) T: 622 265125 -



M la linea N O

Yolanda Mata Holgado calle san jose 1, T: 956 173071

lighting retailers & Repairs


Q la linea R S

La Luz calle doctor villar 25, T: 956 17222

newsagents T sotogrande


Videola Newsagents & DVD Rentals 24H galerias paniagua lower patio T: 956 796021

opticians la linea Multiopticas Traverso doctor villar 21 T: 956 170348

Z 158

organic products la linea Encanto Ecologico calle jardines - T: 653 674978

orthopedic san roque Ortopedia San Roque calle constitucion blq 3, local 1 - T: 956 780907

paintball suppliers




algeciras Arguia avda. espaĂąa 11, portal 1 2ÂşE - T: 653 939033


La Natura blas infante, edif. fuerte santiago 2 T: 956 091233


san enrique


Centro de Fisioterapia Daniel Ruiz avda. san enrique 34, T: 660 406819


la linea




Salvajes Airsoft calle sol 84, T: 856 122979

Pest Control guadiaro Sotopest sotogrande T: 609 031950

Photography & Video La linea Cuatro Corazones calle salvador dali 1, T: 609 419847 Estudio Fotografico Alicia Jimenez calle lopez de ayala, T: 686 454644 Foto Luz Fotografos calle andalucia 1, T: 956 174578

sotogrande Doro Arte T: 680 138561 - Trevor Brooks T: 664 557416



sotogrande Bristow Property Group galerias paniagua local 16/17 T: 956 793200 / 201 -


Consuelo Silva Real Estate galerias paniagua local 3 - T: 956 785035


Holmes Property Sales galerias paniagua - T: 956 795340


Peninsula Properties puerto deportivo sotogrande - T: 956 790076




Sotogrande Home galerias paniagua, local 25 T: 956 795343 -


Property Maintenance Sotogrande


Property Maintenance lee doyle T:956 794482 - 630 170485


VIP Rental & Management Services edif.laxmor, centro sotogrande T: 956 794571

X Y 159





Prima Store & Services pol. ind. dehesilla, nave 22, T: 952 854242

Restaurants see page 136 for eat & drink section

sweet shops / suppliers la linea Caramelos y Frutos Secos Pepe Campos calle alvarez quintero 3, T: 956 762799

take aways see page 144 for eat & drink section

tapas bars


see page 146 for eat & drink section


travel agencies


La Linea Starlight Travel calle duque de tetuan 24



Pueblo Nuevo de guadiaro


Don Neumaticos calle sierra bermeja T:956 794657


Upholsterers la linea D.K. Curtains La Linea - T: 956 769 999 - M: 619 329555 Gibratlar - T: 350 57416000

Vets, pets & Grooming Parlours LA LINEA Salud Vet calle gibraltar 1 - T: 956 762763 Urg: 625 433471 -

A B C D E F G palmones Spanish Stray Dogs T: 619 586833

pueblo nuevo de guadiaro Clinica Veterinaria Fabula calle blanca 20 - T: 956 695259 Urg: 620 529522


san roque


San Roque Clinica Veterinaria calle olivo 3 T: 956 782022 - Urg: 659 190637


wine & Drink suppliers pueblo nuevo de guadiaro Bodegas Collado plaza italica, T: 956 796046 / 151

Yachting sotogrande Yachting Sotogrande puerto sotogrande, T: 680 681233 Yachting Jane Reece

To be included in our directory call now on 627 585677 or email us on


Useful & Emergency Numbers Information National: 11888 International Information: 11886 Alarm Call: 902 111096 Emergencias - Emergencies: 112 Bomberos - Fire Station: 080 Guardia Civil: 062 Urgencias Sanitarias: 061 Hospital La Linea: 956 026500 Hospital Algeciras: 956 025000 Policía Local: 092 / 956 176000 Policía Nacional: 091 Cruz Roja - Red Cross: 901 222222 Emergencias Marítimas: 900 202202 Guardia Civil Trafico - 956 261611 Road Traffic Information: 900 123505 Passport Office Malaga: 952 352300 Water Board - Agua: 956 762076 Electric Emergencies: 902 516516 Emergencia Marina: 900 202202

Gibraltar Emergency Numbers:

(The code for Gibraltar is 00350 200) Emergency: 199 Directory Inquiries: 195 Tourist Office: 74950 Police: 72500 Hospital: 79700 Ambulance: 50025 Fire Brigade: 79507 Custom Inquiries: 78879 Passport Office: 51725 Frontier Queue: 42777

Teléfonos de Transportes Automovlles - Buses Automoviles Portillo: 956 172396 La Valenciana-Linesur: 956 667649 Bacoma: 956 665 067 Transportes Grles.Comes: 956 170093 Aeropuertos - Airports Málaga: 952 048484 - 902 404704 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 73026 Jerez de la Frontera: 956 150 000 Sevilla: 954 449 000 Ferrocarril - Trains Algeciras: 956 632087 Jimena de la Frontera: 956 640738 San Roque: 956 612019 RENFE - Train Station: 902 240202 Radio Taxis La Linea: 956 174800 San Roque: 956 782222 Guadiaro: 956 614383 Algeciras: 956 655 512 Los Barrios: 956 621872 Jimena: 956 640293 Tarifa: 956 685076 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 70027


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Local guide for the campo de gibraltar and surrounding areas

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