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46. Great offers at the Hair & Beauty Centre Sandra Rios 54. Festivals & Fun at Tornasol Cafe 55. Big Al's Fish & Chip Shop have a new Summer Menu available 62. Bar Taurino boast the best pinchitos in the area 64. Walk - La Punta del Boqueron 65. Birds - Red-legged Partridge, Quail, Pheasant 66. Feudal state in Castellar during Xvi & Xvii Centuries


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The Gourmet Festival at La Vista Off the beaten track of the „Costa del Sol“ shines since 2007 the gourmet restaurant „La Hacienda“ (Urb. Alcaidesa) now re-named „La Vista“. You can enjoy great international meals with a fantastic view of the rock of Gibraltar. During the summer months the „Patio“ is the ideal place for an appetizer, on fresh nights you can savour the sights of Morocco and Gibraltar from the winter garden. The theme is Art Cuisine meets elements of the traditional Spanish kitchen. The German celebrity chef Manfred Schwarz is patron and creative director of the restaurant and puts his mark on high quality and innovative dishes. A special event will take place in La Vista gardens around the 16th of June 2009: the Gourmet Festival! The Festival will host around 500 people both from the Hotel Aldiana Alcaidesa and also many residents of the Costa del Sol. Six magnificent German chefs will serve their favourite dishes.The guests will enjoy a 5 Fork (5 Star) meal, seasoned with entertainment andmusic to make it an unforgettable night. If you want to join the only party with nine Michelin Stars and 103.5Gault - Millau points, make your reservation on 0034 956582700 (numbers are limited!).

La Festival de Gourmet al restaurante La Vista Lejos del bullicio de la Costa del Sol, en la urbanización La Alcaidesa, el antiguo restaurante “La Hacienda” luce un nuevo aspecto: La Vista. Aquí, se puede degustar una exquisita cocina internacional y disfrutar, al mismo tiempo, de una fantástica vista del peñón de Gibraltar. En verano, el “patio” es un lugar idóneo para tomar un aperitivo. En las noches frescas, desde su terraza, usted puede disfrutar de unas vistas increíbles de Gibraltar y Marruecos. En La Vista, el Art Cooking se mezcla con elementos de la cocina española tradicional. El célebre cocinero alemán Manfred Schwarz es el director creativo del restaurante y deja su firma en la elaboración de una cocina innovadora y de alta calidad. Un evento muy especial va a tener lugar el proximo 16 junio del 2009 como en años pasados. Este año volvemos a congregar a 500 clientes del Hotel Aldiana Alcaidesa y a los residentes de la Costa del Sol. Seis magníficos cocineros alemanes van a cocinar sus mejores platos. Los invitados disfrutaran de una comida de cinco tenedores aderezada con espectaculo y musica para una noche inolvidable. Para poder asistir y participar el festival con nueve estrellas Michelin y 103,5 puntos en el Gault-Millau, puede hacer su reserva llamando al 0034956582700 (plazas limitadas).




ste año hemos cumplido nuestro 15 aniversario. Seguimos con la misma ilusión y ganas que el primer día. Durante todo este tiempo hemos conseguido un gran reto, consiste en haber logrado fidelizar una numerosa clientela. Eso es algo que nos gratifica y nos hace seguir trabajando en la misma línea.

Hicimos una reforma importantísima hace cuatro años con el objetivo de poder daros un mejor servicio en unas mejores instalaciones, además de potenciar nuestra variedad y calidad de productos, todo esto por y para vosotros. Gracias por vuestra confianza Alicia y Andrés

We made some important changes four years ago with the objective to give you an even better service within one of the best establishments, and to provide variety and good quality products. This is all for you, the Client, to enjoy.


his year we are celebrating our 15th anniversary. We continue to be strong with the same hopes and dreams we had on the first day of opening. During all this time we have achieved a great deal, and gained a numerous amount of faithful clients. This we appreciate and it is what keeps us working hard to achieve our same high standards.


Thank you for your confidence in us, Alicia & Andrés.

Calle Oviedo 6 La Linea Tel: 956 762 715

El rincón de mis abuelas


l disfrute hecho arte” y no es una frase hecha, es la pura realidad, hemos montado un establecimiento, donde la comida heredada del buen hacer en la cocina de nuestras abuelas, combina con las exquisiteces actuales. Lugar donde los potajes mas clásicos conviven con las canapés y montaditos de la cocina moderna.

Nota aparte no podemos olvidarnos de nuestros vinos, hemos selecionados los mejores tintos y la mejor Manzanilla.


n enjoyment made into Art” not just a poetic phrase, but the pure truth. We have opened an establishment, where the good food recipes have been inherited from our grandmothers, and then combined with modern delights. A place where traditional stews are made alongside with modern canapés and pork rolls. On a special note, we can not forget to mention our wines, where we have selected the best tintos (reds) and the best Manzanilla (sherry) for your enjoyment.

To this we add a welcoming ambiance, cleanliness and an attentive personal treatment, a place you can not go without staying, and we can be sure you will become a welcome client. Come to Rincon de Mis Abuelas (My Grandmothers Corner) and you will understand what we mean. Si a esto añadimos un clima agradable, limpieza y trato personal correctisimo, en un lugar que no puede dejar de visitar, estamos seguros que se hará cliente nuestro.

Welcome all and Bon Apetit!

Finalmente una pregunta; ¿Ha escuchado alguna vez esto? “Por lo que vamos a pagar y encima me lo ponen todo por delante, hoy no hago de comer” venga al Rincón de Mis Abuelas y entenderá este frase. Bienvendios y Buen Provecho

Paseo Alba 5, La Linea Tel: 610 422 268



Caramelos y Frutos Secos “Pepe Campos” es uno de los pocos comercios tradicionales donde tratamos de orientar al cliente lo mejor posible, ofreciéndole nuestros frutos secos recién hecho y nuestras patatas fritas casera en bolsas de 1K, la mejor calidad al mejor precio.

Nuestra almendra, macadamia, anacardos, avellanas, manises y nuestro revueltos para boda y cualquier clases de fiesta, también los famosos cucuruchos de chuchearías para los cumpleaños, que son los mejores conseguidas en la zona y sin olvidar de las legumbres de Granada como fabe, garbanzos, alubias pinta, canela, carillas y el famoso “Potaje Gitano” del que damos la receta, sino nos conoce visítanos quedara plenamente satisfechos de nuestros productos.

Estamos en La Línea, C/ Álvarez Quintero 3, (Frente Pescadería Tel. 956 762799 So, if you do not already know us, pop by and we are sure you will be completely satisfied with our products. You can find us on C/ Alvarez Quintero 3, La Linea (opposite the fish market).

Caramelos y Frutos Secos “Pepe Campos”

Is one of the few traditional shops where we try to suit every customer’s individual requirements as best as possible. We offer our freshly roasted nuts and homemade crisps in kilo bags, at the best quality and at great prices. We have almonds, macadamias, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts etc; and we do mixtures for weddings, or any type of party. Try our famous cones of sweets for birthdays, they are the best in the area. We also sell pulses from Granada, a large variety of beans, chickpeas, etc, and the famous “Gypsy Mixture”. Please feel free to ask us for the recipe.






hen you think about Ocean Village, the first thing that comes to mind is the wonderful array of restaurants available serving mouth watering cuisine from around the world and right in the heart lies Pusser’s Landing, serving innovative, high quality Caribbean cuisine and authentic Pusser’s Rum cocktails for you to enjoy whilst relaxing by the water’s edge. As part of this ‘Caribbean Experience’, you’ll find tucked away on the Promenade Pusser’s Company Store – a treasure trove of exclusive clothing and accessories and not to mention the best place to stock up on Pusser’s Navy Rum! Welcome to the Pusser’s Company Store. Here you will find the Caribbean look – clothing specially designed for tropical lifestyles from shorts, shirts, jackets and ties to ladies outfits and menswear. Our unique clothing has been tried and tested in ‘some of the world’s most extremely beautiful conditions!’


Apart from clothing, we stock a wonderful range of Pirate Society gifts including flags, mugs and books. We have our own specially selected Caribbean spices and seasonings for you to recreate your favourite dishes at home as well as authentic West Indian Hot Sauces. Not to mention, no Pusser’s Store would be complete without its very namesake, Pusser’s Navy Rum. We stock not only the Original

Pusser’s Admiralty Rum, as issued on-board Her Majesty’s ships but also a very smooth 15 year old Pusser’s Rum and a large selection of commemorative ceramic decanters – all full of rum! We also stock a wide variety of rums, so if Pusser’s is not to your taste, chances are we have your favourite as well.

Why not pop down and see us, whether you are looking for a new wardrobe, or just a gift for someone special, we will have something for you.

Right now we have some fantastic special offers on our products and mention ‘Direct Magazine’ for a further 10% off your purchase. You can find us at 30 OceanVillage Gibraltar Tel: +350 21642164 also check out

21 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel: +350 21622162












ueble colonial, rustico o urbano, líneas serenas, perfección en la modularidad, todo concebido para que en todo momento descubramos sensaciones relajantes con nuestros sentidos. Nuestras colecciones proyectan una forma actual de sentir y disfrutar el hogar con la distinción y calidad deseada, con corrientes nuevas de gran evolución intimista.

Apostamos por una amplia colección de colchas, cojines y cortinas en diferentes texturas y colores con los que darás a tu hogar tu toque personal.

Sofás cómodos y elegantes en piel y tela acordes con las últimas tendencias, que vestirán tu hogar como siempre imaginaste. Grandes ideas para convertir cualquier espacio al aire libre de tu hogar en tu rincón preferido. Con sofás y mobiliario en fibras naturales, te proponemos la manera más sencilla de disfrutar del máximo confort. Quienes ya conocen nuestra manera de crear, ya saben que siempre apostamos por aportar la máxima innovación y comodidad.

Cojines desde 6.80€ hasta 12.00€ 28

Colonial, Rustic or Urban furniture, serene lines, perfectly adapted, all made so that you can discover the relaxing sensations we provide for your needs. Our collections project a way of well-being and enjoyment in your home with the distinction and quality you desire, and with new waves of great evolutionary detail. We boast a wide range of quilts, cushions, and curtains in different textures and colours, to give your home that personal touch.Comfortable sofas, elegant in leather and cloth, according to your needs, so you can furnish your home to the style you always dreamed of. We have loads of ideas on how to convert your outside space into your favourite place. We offer you an easy way to enjoy maximum comfort with sofas and furniture of natural fibres. Those of you, who already know how we work, know that we always achieve a way to produce the latest innovation and convenience.







4 1




5 2









Beautiful Brides

he appearance of the bride has always been an important part of the wedding preparations. Gina’s Hair Beauty Salon Unisex, at the Sotomarket shopping centre, offers the future wife the experience of an exclusive team of professionals who provide advice and prepare the bride for the most important day of her life. Body and facial treatments, beauty treatment sparing no details, make-up with a trial run (before the big day) for a natural result and hairstyling to suit the face that will set off the beauty of the bride are just some of the services that this hair and beauty centre will provide to the fiancée who decides to put her trust in the salon in order to shine at the alter.

All of the advice given will be in keeping with the latest trends for brides this year with natural makeup that creates a clean and fresh face and loose hairstyles that give an informal feel of youthfulness, freshness and a great deal of comfort.


Bellas Novias

a estética de la novia ocupa, desde hace años, un lugar significativo dentro de los preparativos de una boda. Gina’s Hair & Beauty Salon Unisex, en el centro comercial Sotomarket, pone a disposición de la futura esposa los conocimientos de un exclusivo grupo de profesionales que asesorarán y prepararán a la mujer para el día más importante de su vida.

Tratamientos corporales y faciales, cuidados estéticos al de talle, maquillaje con pruebas para un resultado natural y peinados adaptados al rostro que realcen la belleza de la novia son solamente algunos de los cuidados que este centro de peluqueria y belleza dedicarán a la prometida que decide ponerse en sus manos para lucir hermosa en el altar.

C.C. Sotomarket, A7, Km. 130 Sotogrande - Tel: 956 793 398

Consejos, todos ellos, acordes con las últimas tendencias que este año marcan novias con maquillajes naturales que simulen una cara limpia y fresca o peinados con melenas sueltas que den una sensación informal, de juventud, frescura y mucha comodidad.



Disinfection Germs, Bacteria etc... Desinfecciones Gérmenes ambientales, bacterias ect...

What do we do?


ur experienced and qualified staff will determine that correct protocol will be followed in each case.

The chemical and hardware products to be used guarantee the effectiveness of our treatments always with respect to people’s health and environment. We have the latest technology on the market which is also environmentally friendly, and it is always used with effective results.

Wood Treatment Termites, woodworm Plagas de la madera Termita, Carcoma Bird Treatments Pigeons, Doves

Our practice is certified by the health authorities and our staff have the qualifications and titles as required by the regulations. This enables us to always comply with the standards for correct certified treatments.

Rodent Extermination Rats, mice, moles Desratizaciones Ratas ratones, topos

Insecticides Roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, etc. Desinsectaciones Cucarachas, hormigas, pulgas, garrapatas ect.

Tratamiento de aves Palomas

¿Quienes somos? Nuestra experiencia y personal técnico cualificado determinará en cada caso el protocolo de actuación a seguir así como los métodos físicos o puímicos a aplicar, para garantizar la efectividad de nuestros servicios. Siempre respetando la salud de las personas y del medio ambiente. Contamos con los medios materiales y equipamientos más modernos y especializados del mercado, así como los productos de última generación de mayor eficacia y más respetuosos con el medio ambiente. Nuestra experiencia está debidamente certificada por la Dirección General de Salud Pública y su personal está titulado tal y como exige la normativa, estamos por tanto homologados para la expedición de certificados de tratamientos.

Pest Control /Control de Plagas Ser vicio 24h C/ Francisco Amado s/n, Guadiaro


Tel: 609 031 950


Hair & Beauty Centre Sandra Rios


ome along to a relaxing ambiance and enjoy a few of our treatments. Treat yourself to one of our massages with essential oils or chocolate, surrounded by candles and relaxing music, for a very modest price of 15€, and we even throw in a cup of tea for you. We also have a masseuse on board to relieve you from stress or your backaches and pains. At the moment we have on offer promotional vouchers including: Facial, pedicure & manicure treatments for only 40€ Facial, pedicure, manicure & chocolate massage or waxing for only 60€ Pedicure & manicure for 28€ and a free blow-dry We also offer weight loss treatments with seaweed therapy. Massages and chocolate-therapy etc. Excellent treatments for rejuvenation with laser (anti-wrinkle, contains collagen, elastina etc.) Laser waxing for only 30€ (per area) The salon has some fantastic offers for you: Tuesdays & Wednesdays blow-dry for 6€, Colour 6€ or haircut 6€ We are open from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm & 4pm to 8pm Saturdays from 9.30am to 1.30pm We are situated in Algeciras behind the bus station Comes,


Calle Carteya 17, Edif. Las Magnolias Tel: 856 127933

Centro de Belleza y Peluquería Sandra Ríos


en a un ambiente relajante y disfruta de nuestros tratamientos. Disfruta de nuestros masajes relajantes con aceites esenciales o con chocolate, rodeado de velas y música relajante por un módico precio de 15€ con una taza de té que te daremos para tomar. También disponemos de quiromasajista que te dará un masaje descontracturantes para quitarte las tensidos y dolores. Disponemos de unas buenas promociones en bonos como: Tratamiento facial, manicura y pedicura por solo 40€ Tratamiento facial, pedicura, manicura, masaje con chocolate o depilación a la cera por solo 60€ Pedicura, manicura y regalo peinado 28€ También hacemos tratamientos adelgazantes: algas marinas, chocoterapia etc. Excelentes tratamientos rejuvenecedores con láser (antiarrugas, aportación de colágeno y elastina etc.) Depilación por láser por solo 30€ la zona. Disponemos de peluquería con unas ofertas increíbles. Martes y Miércoles peinados 6€, tintes 6€ y cortes 6€ Especialistas en maquillaje y peinado de Novias Estamos a su disposición: nuestro horario es: Lunes de 9.30h a 13.30 y 16h a 20h Sábados de 9.30h a 13.30h Estamos en Algeciras, detrás de la Estación de Autobuses Comes


Ta p a s D Dátiles – Dates Desayuno – Breakfast Diente de Ajo – Clove of garlic Doble – Double Dorado – Gilt-head bream Dulce – Sweet Dulce de Membrillo – Quince jelly Duro – Hard E Embutidos – Various types of sausage Empanadas – savoury pasties Empapado – Soaked Eneldo – Dill Ensalda (mixta) – Salad (mixed) Entrada – Starter Entrecot – Fillet of Steak Entremesas – Appetisers Espagueti – Spaghetti Espárragos – Asparagus Especialidades – (House) Specialities Espina – Fish bone Espinaca – Spinach Espumoso – Sparkling / Fizzy Estilo – Style Estofado – Stew Estragon – Tarragon Exprimido – Squeezed


Adva. Mar del Sur Torreguadiaro

F Faisan – Pheasant Falda – Flank (meat) Fiambre – Cold meats Fideos – Noodles Filete – Fillet (meat or fish) Filetito – Small fillet Fino – Sherry or fine (cut) Flamenquines – Deep fried ham rolls filled with cheese Flan (de caramelo) – Caramel pudding (custard) Foie-gras – Páte Frambuesa – Raspberry Fresa (Freson) – Strawberry (big strawberry) Fresco – Fresh Frio – Cold Frito – Fried Fruta – Fruit Fuerte – Strong Fuet – Sausage / salami Fundido – Melted G Galletas – Biscuits Gallina – Hen Gallo – Type of Brill (or Cockerel Gambas – Prawns Ganso – Goose (wild) Garbanzo – Chick pea Gazpacho – Cold Soup Gelatina – Jelly Ginebra – Gin Girasol – Sunflower Gordo – Fat (size) Granadina – Grenadine Granizado – Iced drink (Slush puppy) Grano de pimiento – peppercorn Grasa – Fat (lard / oil) Gratinado – Grilled cheese Guarnición – Garnish Guindilla – small very hot chilli Guisado / Guiso – Stew / casserole Guisantes – Peas

If you missed out on previous letters e-mail us at:



Ruff `n´tumble play classes & family time

Bars & Clubs

50 54


in la


51 55

Cafes cafe cortado - strong white coffee

cafe con leche - white coffee

cafe solo - small black coffee

cafe americano - large black coffee


Un Patrimonio Unico

Parés Baltá es una bodega 100% familiar ubicada en el Penedés, cuya propiedad se ha transmitido de padre a hijos por primera vez en 1790. La base de la calidad de sus vinos está respaldada por un patrimonio único, creado por la diversidad de sus viñas (18 variedades distintas), sus 214 hectáreas de viñas repartidas en 5 fincas diferentes, un mosaico de diferentes suelos, altitudes y microclimas diferentes, cultivo ecológico del viñedo, una enología vanguardista y la mejor tecnología en la bodega. De su amplia gama de vinos, presentamos Calcari, elaborado 100 % Xare.lo, variedad autóctona inusual en la elaboración de un varietal. Tras una maceración pelicular de 4 horas se fermenta en depósitos de acero inoxidable durante 3 semanas y a continuación se le realiza una crianza de 4 meses con lías en depósitos de acero inoxidable con battonage diario. Color amarillo paja muy pálido. Nítido y transparente. Aroma de intensidad media con matices de pera y banana. En boca es elegante, con muy buena acidez y equilibrio.

Marca: Calcari. Tipo: Blanco. Bodega elaboradora: Bodegas Parés Baltá. Origen: Penedés. Variedad: Xare.lo. Alcohol: 13.00 % Temperatura servicio: 10 - 12º C. Precio aproximado: 6.98 €

A Unique Heritage

Parés Baltá is a wine cellar 100% family based, which started back in 1790 when the owner first handed the cellar over to his sons. It is located in the Penedés region. The base for the quality of their wines is supported by a unique heritage, created by the diversity of their vines (18 different varieties). They are grown on 214 hectares and split into 5 vineyards, a mosaic of different terrains, altitudes and microclimates. They use an ecological cultivation for all the vineyards. They are specialists in the study of wines and they use the very best technology within the wine cellar. From their wide range of wines, we present Calcari, made from the 100% Xare.lo, a native variety, which then goes through an unusual and varied process. After 4 hours of soaking, the grapes are transferred to stainless steel casks to ferment for 3 weeks, and then in continuation a 4 month old Crianza is made, which is mixed into stainless steel casks and stirred daily. The wine is a pale yellow straw colour, flinty and transparent, with a mild aroma and hints of pear and banana. It is elegant on taste with good balance and acidity.


Tornasol cafe

Tranquilidad, calma, placer…

Pero también fiestas. Carnaval y la Semana de San Patricio fueron un gran éxito en Tornasol, y cada día son más los que disfrutan de nuestra larga variedad de cervezas, baguettes, sándwiches, crepes, tortitas, tartas caseras, hamburguesas, infusiones, zumos de variados sabores, y mucho más. Y si la grata compañía no te parece suficiente, puedes conectarte a internet desde nuestros ordenadores o con tu portátil vía Wi-Fi, o quizás probar algún juego de mesa o leer un libro o un cómic de nuestra biblioteca, única en La Línea.

Tranquility, calm, pleasure... But also time for Festivals The Carnival and St. Patrick’s celebrations were a great success for Tornasol, and every day there are more people coming to enjoy the variety of beers, baguettes, sandwiches, crepes, tarts, homemade cakes, hamburgers, infusions, juices, and much more. If the pleasant company is not enough, you can connect and go online from one of the computers here or via Wi-Fi on your laptop, or maybe play one of our board games or read a book or comic from our library, unique in La Linea. Also, don’t forget to ask us about up and coming events, like Jazz sessions, magic, lectures, or the recently inaugurated exhibition of photographs by the artist Dori Fernández. This is Tornasol, a temple for hobbies.

Y no olvides preguntar por nuestros próximos eventos, como recitales de Jazz , magia, lectura, o la recientemente inaugurada exposición de fotografía de la artista Dori Fernández. Así es Tornasol, un templo para el ocio.


Calle Sol, esq. Lopez de Ayala, La Linea


t last! A real Fish & Chip shop in La Linea. Big Al’s Fish & Chip shop opened in October and has been going strong ever since; we have lots of regular customers (thank you) and we welcome new ones every day. Our home made chips – yes, we peel and slice English potatoes on the premises. They’re delicious – we pride ourselves that they are the best tin the Campo. All our products are imported from the UK, except our Southern Fried Chicken, which we source locally and marinated in a special blend of spices. For the summer we have developed daily specials, our menu diario! All the items on our regular menu are also available.

Sunny Delights


ig Al’s es una tienda Inglesa de Pescado y Patatas Fritas (al estilo ingles) para llevar, estamos en la Calle duque de Tetuán 24 en La Línea.

Pescado y Patatas Fritas son comidas muy típicas in Inglaterra. El filete de Bacalao es nuestro pescado más popular, esta rebozada. Nuestras patatas fritas caseras son peladas y cortadas en la tienda, se cortan gruesas y van servidas con sal y vinagre. Están deliciosas – posiblemente las mejores del Campo de Gibraltar.

Monday - Haddock & Chips (with choice of) free Mushy Peas/Beans/Curry Sauce 7€ Tuesday – Pie & Chips with free Gravy 5€ Wednesday – Southern Fried Chicken & Chips 5€ Thursday – Sausages (x2), chips free Beer/Coke 5€ Friday – Cod, chips (with choice of) free Mushy Peas/ Beans/Curry Sauce 8€ Or Spam Fritters (x2), chips Free Beans/Gravy 5€ Saturday – Big Al Combo Burger*** & Chips Free Beer/Coke 5€ (***burger, cheese, egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, ketchup/mayo)

Este verano tenemos especialidades del día – el Menú Diario También disponemos del menú regular. Lunes – Abadejo con patatas y salsa curry o alubias en tomate o guisantes gratis 7€ Martes – Empanda de carne Pukka, patatas y salsa de carne gratis 5€ Miércoles – Pollo estilo ‘Kentucky’ con patatas 5€ Jueves – Salchichas (x2), patatas y bebida gratis 5€ Viernes – Bacalao, patatas y salsa curry o alubias en tomate o guisantes gratis 8€ O Fiambre de cerdo frito (x2), patatas y alubias en tomate o salsa de carne gratis 5€ Sábado – Big Al Combo Hamburguesa*** con patatas y bebida gratis 5€ (***hamburguesa, queso, huevo, lechuga, tomate, cebolla, mayonesa/Ketchup)

Big Al’s Fish & Chips C/Duque de Tetuán 24 La Línea Tels: 662 410 213 634 811379



Argentinean Los Cazadores

Francisco Amado, Guadiaro Mob. 666 858903 Parrila / Grill Restaurant Tapas & Drinks

Cancha II

San Enrique de Guadiaro Tel: 618 568368 Asador Argentino y Restaurante Argentinean Grill & Restaurant

Patagonia Restaurant

C/ Isabel la Católica 43 La Línea · Tel: 956 178021 “The importance for us is not for you to come, but to return...”


Edif.Plaza Mayor, P.N. de Guadiaro, Tel: 956 695168 Argentinean Grill Parrilla Argentina


International Mytilus Restaurant

Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande Tel: 956 790212 - Belgian Cuisine

Pussers Landing

21 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel: +350 21642164 Exotic Dishes, traditional wines and spirits and all at old fashioned prices



Italian Don Giovanni

Hacienda Patagonica



La Quinta


Mil Pastas

Waterport, Casemates, Gibraltar Tel: 21622162 A restaurant that caters precisely for what people want. C/ Carboneros 5, La Linea Fused Spanish tapas with an Argentinean grill. Prime quality beef Open every day lunch & evenings Punta Europa, Torreguadiaro Tel: 956 616934 Argentinean Meats, Homemade Pastas & Desserts. Live Music!

C/ Sierra Bermeja 69, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro Tel: 956 695 322 Authentic Indian Cuisine, Pizzas & Kebabs C/ Los Canos 32, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, Tel. 956 695611 Authentic Indian Restaurant & Bar Open Tues to Sunday 7.30pm-12am Sail 2.2 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 40971 Fine Indian Cuisine. Dine relaxing and looking on the marina

Salvador Dali s/n, La Linea Tel: 956 171 663 Pizzas, Pastas and more Take aways available Galerías Paniagua, Sotogrande Tel: 956 795924 Open 7 days from 7pm Pizza & Pasta - Take Away C/ Sagunto 3, La Linea Tel: 956 764776 Eat in or Take away - Comida para Llevar, Products from Italy


Restaurant Guide Osteria de Nazario


Pizza Cero

The Water Margin

Los Barrios Cine Cite Tel: 610 770381 Italian Ristorante, Pizzeria Take Aways & Home Delivery Calle Sol 49, La Linea Tel: 956 175 860 Pizzas to eat in or take away for all the family to enjoy


Calle Punto Ribot s/n, La Linea Tel: 634 687076 Wood Fired Oven Pizzas Breakfasts, Menu of the day

Sotovila 1, Local 3, P.N. Guadiaro Tel: 956 794 253 Open 7.30pm to 11.30pm Japanese cuisine 5 Ocean Village, Gibraltar Tel: +350 200 73668 Chinese Cuisine Open for lunch & Dinner

Spanish / Mediterranean La Perla del Sur

Japanese / Oriental

Paseo Maritimo, Atunara, La Linea Tel: 630 038396 Cerveceria, Marisqueria, Freiduria Beer, Seafood & Fish

Little Buddha

La Vista Restauaurant

Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande Tel: 956 796 217 Thai Restaurant & Take away Open from 7pm until midnight


Urbanization Alcaidesa Tel: 956 582700 Special Chef Manfred Schwarz Spanish Mediterranean cuisine

La Marina

Paseo Maritimo, La Linea Tel: 956 171531 Specialising in Fish & Seafood, we also have a range of quality meats

Meson Ziryab

C/ Carrasca s/n Los Barrios Tel: 956 620870 Mediterranean & Moroccan Cuisine Cocina Mediterranea y Mozรกrabe

Midas Bar & Restaurante

Sotogrande - Tel: 956 790121 Specialising in Mediterranean Cuisine, Fish, Shellfish, Grilled Meats & Homemade Desserts

Molino del Conde

Ctra. Algeciras - Jimena Km. 82,5 Castellar Tel. 956 236063 Typical Andalusian Dishes Tipicos Platos Andaluza

Restaurante Alonso

Calle Ctra. s/n, Guadiaro Tel: 956 614134 Restaurant & Tapas Mon to Sat 7.30pm to 11pm

Trasmallo de Agustino

Adva. del Mar, Torreguadiaro Tel: 956 610 259 Best quality fish & shellfish La mejor pescado y mariscos

Venta La Cantina

Ctra. Ronda, Castellar Tel: 956 693 202 Specialities: Mountain Game & Seafood Casseroles,

Venta Jarandilla

Acceso Castillo de Castellar Tel: 956 647030 Specialities: Mountain Rabbit, Venison & Wild Boar

Take Away Guide


Take Away Guide


Bar Taurino

(fundado en 1979)

Mohamed Mustafa

Tapas – Raciones – Comida Marroqui


bicado en Calle Clavel cerca de la Plaza de Toros se encuentra nuestro local con terraza de verano, en el que les ofrecemos nuestros conocidos pinchitos y montaditos de cordero, ternera, pollo, picada y pez espada, raciones, los platos más típicos de la comida marroquí y un menú vegetariano.

He aquí los platos marroquíes que debe usted probar; Pinchitos morunos, Harira, Pastelas (de pollo, mariscos, ternera y verdura), Cus-cus, Tajine (pata de cordero lechal), Chuia (carne en salsa pollo y ternera), pastelitos marroquíes y té con hierbabuena. Tras 30 años de dedicación y servicio aprovechamos este espacio para agradecer a clientes – amigos la confianza que han depositado en nosotros. Gracias.

Especialidad en Pinchitos de Cordero 62

Como cada año durante la Feria les atenderemos en nuestro chiringuito situado en el Recinto Ferial Felices Fiestas

Bar Taurino

(founded in 1979)


e are situated on Calle Clavel near to the Bullring where you will find our place complete with a summer terrace. We can offer you our well-known kebabs and rolls filled with lamb, beef, chicken, mince and sword fish, side dishes, and the most typical Moroccan foods. We also have a vegetarian menu.

Here are the Moroccan dishes you should try: Moroccan kebabs (pinchitos morunos), Harira (soup), Pasties (of chicken, seafood, beef and vegetables), Cous-cous, Tagine (baby leg of lamb), Chuia (meat in sauce, chicken and beef), Moroccan cakes and Mint tea.

Like each year during the Feria, we will attend to you at our marquee situated in the Fair ground. Happy Feria

After 30 yrs of dedication and service we take this opportunity to thank our clients – friends, for your trust in us. Thank you!





lo largo de este cómodo paseo por la playa del Castillo descubriremos que andamos por el extremo de una barra arenosa, La Punta del Boquerón. A un lado tendremos el Caño de SanctiPetri, una de las áreas de marisma mejor conservadas del Parque, y, al otro, la playa y, junto a ella una zona sumergida o no en función de las mareas y, más hacia el interior, las dunas, las acumulaciones de arena por efecto del viento.

Hay que llegar a la playa de Camposoto, al sur de San Fernando. Justo donde concluye el paseo marítimo comienza este sendero, dejando a la izquierda las Salinas de la Carabela y una granja de cultivos acuícolas.

Difficulty / Nivel: Low / Baja Time / Tiempo: 45mins Length / Longitud: 2.000m.


s you stroll along the Castillo Beach, you will discover that you are walking on a sandbank, La Punta del Boquerón (Anchovy Point). On one side you will see the Caño de Sancti-Petri, one of the best conserved marsh areas in the park, and on the other side of the bank is the beach, near to


a submerged area which is no longer affected by the tides. Moving towards the central area, you will find the sand dunes which have been created by the winds. There are also ruins to see, San Nicolas and Baterias de Urrutia, along the way to El Retamar. To start the walk you will need to head for the beach Camposoto, south of San Fernando (Cadiz). Park your car and walk to the end of the promenade, leaving the Salinas of Carabela and the Aquatic Plant farm on your left

GameBirds Continuing direct magazine’s guide to the birds of the Campo de Gibraltar

Red-Legged Partridge / Perdiz Roja / Alectoris Rufa Common resident of open areas, fields and scrub, especially in the West. They have a striking orange belly and flanks with white, black, brown and grey stripes, a white throat, black streaks on the breast, and red legs, bill and eye stripe. Quick, direct in flight with periods of strong wing beat alternating with the gliding during which the orange line along the edges of tail feathers and brownish-grey plumage on the back can be observed.

Quail / Codorniz Común / Coturnix Coturnix Common summer resident in crop areas varies in yearly numbers and is effected by periods of drought. There a small resident group in the region of La Janda. They are squat, rounded in appearance, half the size of the Red-legged Partridge; cryptic plumage with several dark greyish-brown and cream longitudinal stripes. The male has black centred throat and light coloured collar, easy to detect thanks to the calls of males: rapid and rhythmically repeated: <pit-pil-it>. Direct in flight with rapid beats just above the ground.

Pheasant / Faisán Vulgar / Phaisanus Colchicus Abundant but very localised resident, introduced into the Almoraima and Las Lomas estates. Nowadays, only appears in numbers at the latter, where it is artificially bred and raised, several sub-species exist. Unmistakable because of its shape, colour and long tail, males are more spectacular, when taking off; wings produce a loud buzzing sound.


FEUDAL STATE IN CASTELLAR DURING XVI AND XVII CENTURIES The Muslim empire ended in Castellar de la Frontera when D. Juan Arias de Saavedra conquered the fortress in the year 1434, incorporating it into the Christian monarchy. After the conquest of the fortress, D. Juan Arias de Saavedra was proclaimed mayor of the village and later on, in 1495, he was proclaimed lord of Castellar. In order to attract people to the new Christian site, the lord gave his vassals a piece of land located around the fortress called “Boyal Pasture”. However, after some decades, this land was no longer productive so the workers asked the lord to change the Boyal Pasture for another one located in Majarambú. The lord accepted the change (this was at the beginning of the XVI century). Some years later, inhabitants of Castellar asked the lord to have back the Boyal Pasture again, which was conceded.

On the 10th November 1539, the emperor Carlos V proclaimed D. Juan de Saavedra as Count of Castellar.

During the XVI century, people from different places came to live in Castellar. Among these new inhabitants were people from Gibraltar, who were looking for a secure place to run away from the attacks held on the coast.

The inhabitants’ life belonging to this type of feudal state depended totally on the lord. The lord was the owner of them and the land. This feudal state lasted in Castellar until the XX century. In 1603, San Miguel de la Almoraima convent was built. The countess Dª Beatriz Ramírez de Mendoza ordered it’s construction for the Mercedario’s religious order. It was during the years of the XVI century that the king ordered to expel all the Moslems that lived in the Spanish kingdom. In Castellar, the Count tried to convince the king not to expel his Moslems because these were an important part of the labour of the land. The king refused and all the Moslems were expelled from Castellar. In 1650, Dª Teresa María Arias de Saavedra, countess of Castellar, took possession of the village. Four years later, the village changed to Casa Santisteban’s possession. The new owners had a courtesan life and this meant that Castellar government were ruled by governors.


By Andrés Herrera Moya (form the book Castellar de la Frontera of Antonio Torremocha)


There are two visitors’ centres: Huerta Grande is south of Algeciras at Km 96 on the N340 coast road. El Aljibe is in Alcalá de los Gazules, on the road to Benalup at Km 1. For both centres, call 956 679 161. There is a visitors’ centre in Cortes de la Frontera 952 154 599, with information on geology, flora and fauna of the park. In El Bosque is the main park office 956 727 029, which has maps, walking routes and issues permits for walks. The tourist offices in Cadiz 956 258 646 and Malaga 952 213 445 can also provide information. In Grazalema is an information office 956 132 225 that has walking maps and can obtain walking permits from El Bosque office for you.

Visitor Centres in Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Visitor Centres

You can see Dolphins & Whales on clear days along the coast around the Straits. The list below indicates the Cetaceans that are seen Frequently (blue) Occasionally (green) and Rarely (yellow)


Algeciras Tourist Office Junta de Andalucia Juan de la Cierva s/n 11201, Algeciras Tel: 956 572 636 Castellar de la Frontera Plaza de Andalucia s/n 11350, Castellar de la Frontera Tel: 956 693001

Junta de Andalucía Av. del Ejercito (esquina 20 de abril), s/n, 11300 LA LINEA Telefonos: 956 784135 - 37 - 38 e-mail: Lunes a viernes 09:00 a 19:30 h Los Barrios Avda. José Chamizo de la Rubia 11370, Los Barrios Tel: 956 628013

Jimena de la Frontera Iglesia de la Misericordia s/n 11330, Jimena de la Frontera Tel: 956 640569

San Roque Plaza de Andalucia s/n Esq. C/ San Felipe 11360, San Roque Tel: 956 694005

La Línea de la Concepción Avda. Príncipe de Asturias s/n 11300, La Línea de la Concepción Tel: 956 696200

Tarifa Paseo de la Alameda 11380, Tarifa Tel: 956 680993

Tourist Offices

Tourist Offices Around Campo de Gibraltar

Finca & Cortijo La Alcaidesa San Roque’s Country Estate for High-Quality Rural Tourism


his estate, which belongs to the Andalusian Regional Government, is one of the borough of San Roque’s best kept secrets. The park borders with the north east of Pinar del Rey Pine Woods. Come off the A-7 dual carriageway, at exit 130. The access to the park is via the A-2100 main road, at kilometre point 8.5. Just before a sign indicating the boundary of the borough of Castellar, there is a t-junction turning left leading into the estate. Drive along this country lane for about three and half kilometres, until you get the 18th century Country House and the complexes main facilities.

The estate has an impressive surface area of 1,500 hectares with wild olive trees, cork oak trees and pine trees, this natural habitat is ideal for herds of wild goats, deer and boar that inhabit the area. This pioneering public-private project, which has slowly, but surely taken shape, was successfully inaugurated in 2004. The initiative is managed by the highly-experienced adventure tourist firm called “Sotosportyocio”, specialized in accommodation and adventure tourism. This company is now working closely with San Roque’s Tourist Information Office to maximize the promotion of the facilities.


As far as facilities are concerned, tourists and visitors will find a renovated Andalusian country house on offer as rural accommodation of the highest standard with 5 suites and 8 wooden cabins ideal for kids doing Environmental Studies, as well as a restaurant (bookings must be made in advance), a cafĂŠ-bar, a tourist information point and a souvenir shop. With regards to amenities, the estate will feature nature trails with rope bridges, artificial cliff faces for climbing, zip wires, hacks, mountain bike routes, 4x4 excursions, canoeing, orientation, survival, archery, ecological and eco-system familiarisation courses for children with specialised guides.

A day out at Finca La Alcaidesa is an unforgettable experience, which should not be missed when staying in the Gibraltar Area. To book a visit, contact Sotosportyocio:

Tel: 956 615 505 E-mail: Web sites: nature-areas/finca-alcaidesa/ 71


Adults only...


Information National: 11818 International Information: 11825 Alarm Call: 902 111096 Emergencias - Emergencies: 112 Bomberos - Fire Station: 085 Guardia Civil: 062 Urgencias Sanitarias: 061 Hospital La Linea: 956 026 500 Hospital Algeciras: 956 025 000 Policía Local: 092 / 956 176 000 Policía Nacional: 091 Cruz Roja - Red Cross: 915 222 222 Emergencias Marítimas: 900 202 202 Guardia Civil Trafico - 956 261 611 Road Traffic Information: 900 123 505 Passport Office Malaga: 952 352 300 Water Board - Agua: 956 762 076 Electric Emergencies - Endesa: 902 516 516


Gibraltar Emergency Numbers:

(The code for Gibraltar is 00350 200) Directory Inquiries: 195 Tourist Office: 74950 Police: 72500 Hospital: 79700 Ambulance: 50025 Fire Brigade: 79507 Custom Inquiries: 78879 Passport Office: 51725 Frontier Queue: 42777

Teléfonos de Transportes

Automovlles - Buses Automoviles Portillo: 956 172 396 La Valenciana-Linesur: 956 667 649 Bacoma: 956 665 067 Transportes Grles. Comes: 956 170 093 Aeropuertos - Airports Málaga: 952 048 838 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 73026 Jerez de la Frontera: 956 150 083 Sevilla: 954 449 000 Ferrocarril - Trains Algeciras: 956 632 087 Jimena de la Frontera: 956 640 738 San Roque: 956 612 019 RENFE - Train Station: 902 240 202 Radio Taxis La Linea: 956 174 800 San Roque: 956 782 222 Guadiaro: 956 614383 Algeciras: 956 655 512 Los Barrios: 956 621 872 Jimena: 956 640 293 Tarifa: 956 685 076 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 70052

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