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Gauchos Argentinean Restaurant in Gibraltar


Shoe on Main Street boast their new Spring Collections

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La Perla del Sur, fish, beer and much more

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W Slumdog Millionaire - Dev Patel, Freida Pinto Britain’s own Danny Boyle, director of 28 DAYS LATER and TRAINSPOTTING travels to India for this film starring Irrfan Khan and Anil Kapoor. In SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, a young orphan rises above his roots in poverty to win both the ultimate prize on India’s WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE and the heart of a former love. Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), un joven huérfano que vive en una barriada pobre de Bombay, decide presentarse a la versión india del concurso: “¿Quién quiere ser millonario?”. ¿Cómo es posible que un chico cómo él sea capaz de conocer todas las respuestas? Cuando Jamal está a punto de responder a la última pregunta, la que le hará ganar 20 millones de rupias, la policía lo detiene y se lo lleva para interrogarle. Jamal deberá explicar por qué conocía las respuestas, que además ayudarán a desvelar la verdadera razón de su participación en el concurso.

ithin a typical marine enclave, La Perla del Sur opened their doors for Beer, Seafood and Fried fish, in pure local style. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of fish, seafood and high quality products of the sea. You will also be delighted to know that we have a corner for Iberian products and cured meats, all at affordable prices, a wide selection of wines, to the liking of our fellow diner, and of course, the coldest beer you can drink.

The Reader - Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes

The Reader opens in post-WWII Germany when teenager Michael Berg becomes ill and is helped home by Hanna, he recovers from scarlet fever and seeks out Hanna to thank her. The two are quickly drawn into a passionate but secretive affair. Hanna mysteriously disappears one day and Michael is left confused and heartbroken.


El Lector

Basada en la novela homónima de Bernhard Schlink. Cuando cae enfermo en su camino a casa desde el colegio, Michael Berg, un joven de 15 años, es rescatado por Hanna (Kate Winslet), una mujer que le dobla la edad. Ambos comienzan un inesperado y apasionado idilio hasta que Hanna desaparece inesperadamente.

Defiance - Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell

The year is 1941 and the Jews of Eastern Europe are being massacred by the thousands. Managing to escape certain death, three brothers take refuge in the dense surrounding woods they have known since childhood. There they begin their desperate battle against the Nazis, a primitive struggle to survive and find a way to avenge the deaths of their loved ones by saving thousands of others.


Un drama ambientado en la Polonia ocupada durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial y narra la historia de tres hermanos judíos que escapan a través de un bosque y se alían a los rusos para luchar contra el nazismo e intentar salvar las vidas de otros judíos.


A serious and professional service, all in harmony with the décor, is present to make you feel that you have enjoyed yourself, and can’t wait to make a return visit.

n un enclave típico y marinero, abre sus puertas La Perla del Sur, Cervecería, Marisquería y Freiduría, al más puro estilo gaditano, donde podrás disfrutar de una gran variedad de pescaíto, marisco y productos alta mar.

También queremos deleitarles con un rinconcito de Productos Ibéricos y Salazones, todo seguido con unos precios incomparables, con una amplia gama de vinos, al gusto del comensal, y como no, con la cerveza más fría que puedan beber. Un servicio serio y profesional, todo armonizado en nuestras instalaciones, para que usted se vaya con la sensación de haber disfrutado y vuelva a una apuesta segura.

La Perla del Sur Cervecería, Marisquería y Freiduría. Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, 129 La Línea - Tel: 630 038396


‘ Shoe ’

situated at 178 Main Street in Gibraltar, has just completed its first year of trading. Opened and run by sisters Jenny & Di, they visit Milan, twice a year to put together their collections, selecting beautiful handmade shoes and bags for ladies and men. ‘Our new spring collection has just launched and features a selection of designers catering for people who want excellent quality and contemporary rather than high fashion style, we call it fashion for grown-ups!



rgentine restaurants are perhaps nothing new these days. The western world’s insatiable appetite for red meat has led to Asados popping up and flourishing in all of Europe and North America’s trendiest cities. Every Argentine restaurant prides itself on the basic philosophy of provenance (meaning authenticity), assurance and rigorous attention to obtain the finest quality ingredients from source. It appears that many Argentine restaurants, from Buenos Aires to Brighton, have adopted the modern approach to interior designing, i.e. chrome fittings and sharp edges, sometimes so clinical you’re not sure whether you’re sitting down for a meal or visiting the dentist!

Gauchos in Gibraltar (no relation to the Gaucho restaurant chain in London) bucks this trend, and is all the better for it. Its rustic charm, stone walls and soft lighting leave you feeling that you just tied up your horse and have come in from an Estancia on the Pampas. The theme of the restaurant is definitely the cow, with cow skin bar stools, to name one of the fantastically quirky features. Once inside, the open wood fire where the meat is cooked adds to the homely feel, but one look at the pristine white table cloths and sparkling silverware lets you know that behind the quaintness lies assured professionalism. This is also the case with the service, yet at the same time feels friendly and intimate. This is partly due to the size of the restaurant, which seats around fifty, but none of the waiters ever leave you feeling as though you should be sitting up straight!


Waterport, Casemates, Gibraltar Tel +350 20059700

The steaks are as to be expected: sublime. Cooked exactly to your liking, there is the sollomillo for those who like it rare and the churasco for those who like the texture of the fillet but prefer the meat cooked more. And the rib eye and the T-bone all make a healthy alternative. However, what sets the menu apart is its attention to the side dishes, fish and vegetarian options. The fillet of salmon is grilled with a delicious banana, mango and avocado sauce and the vegetable lasagne is good enough to tempt even the most carnivorous at the table away from the meat, for a change. Another positive feature of Gauchos is how it blends effortlessly with its environment and culture. Dining here offers you the rare experience of enjoying a fine repast inside a two hundred year-old casemate. The impressive and extensive wine list consists mainly of Spanish wines, from regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rueda, all complementing the Argentine cuisine perfectly, and the menu, written in spanglish is understandable to everyone and is yet another example of how the restaurant fuses with Gibraltar and Andalusia. Gauchos is the brainchild and vision of Andre de Barr, one of the ‘names’ you could say for catering on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar. Having revived the fortunes of countless restaurants in Gibraltar, Gauchos has now combined all these skills to create a restaurant that caters precisely for what people want. Smoking and non smoking areas available.

A new brand we have launched is Chie Mihara, a fabulous designer who incorporates her strong but feminine designs with a thorough understanding of good construction, making them incredibly comfortable too. Audley, a British brand established in 1988, is famed for their quality and elegance. Their unique and original shoes have already proved to be very popular with our customers.

But now we have 2 gorgeous ranges of shoes that are specifically for weddings and very special occasions. The shoes are beautiful, all in ivory silk and tastefully decorated in Swarovski crystals, with particular attention to comfort. We can even have them handcoloured to match a specific outfit! We try to offer our customers the best service and a product we are proud of, excellent quality and design so they will return to us again and again, a retailer they can trust. We think our Pretty Ballerina range is our strongest yet, the colours are fresh the styles fun, with cute coordinating clutch bags. For the gentlemen we have British brands Jeffery West and Hudson for smart and casual shoes plus Birkenstocks and an excellent Italian brand for sandals. Our latest exciting area is Bridal & Occasion shoes. We catered already for special occasions within our normal range with all different heel heights and lots of styles.




Estamos situados en la calle Duque de Tetuán Nº 26, esquina con Pasaje Jesús del Gran Poder en La Línea de la Concepción, telf. 956 766169, a 70mts de la Plaza de la Iglesia. Nos podéis llamar para reservar celebraciones familiares y comidas de empresa. Ven a conócenos, te esperamos con nuestro buen ambiente y profesionalidad. Somos un bar de tapas con nombre en La Línea desde 1956, desde que mi padre lo tenia en la calle San Pablo y calle Real, nosotros lo reabrimos en el verano del 2006 intentando mantener la tradición culinaria de aquellos años con los famosos riñones al jerez, jibia en salsa, callos, ensaladilla rusa etc.…

Un saludo y gracias Miguel Montes, Gerente

¡Conoces La Postrería! Si quieres tomarte un desayuno en un ambiente tranquilo y relajado, pásate a vernos y podrás disfrutar de una gran variedad de tes y de un estupendo café acompañado de uno de nuestros muffins ó tostadas. Si lo que te apetece es saborear fabulosas sobremesas ó meriendas, entonces la Postrería es tu lugar ideal, porque aquí podrás encontrar las mejores tartas de La Línea y la mayor oferta (Tarta de chocolate, queso, oreo, zanahoria…) así como brownies, goffres, increíbles batidos de helado…

Do you know La Postrería!

También tenemos cocina actual y renovada como por ejemplo tostas y tapas de nueva creación como el queso de cabra con cebolla caramelizada, foie de hígado de pato al Málaga virgen, camembert con confitura, etc.…

Would you like to have breakfast in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, well come and see us and you will be able to enjoy a large variety of teas and superb coffee accompanied with a muffin or toast. If you would like to try our fabulous snacks, then La Postrería is the ideal place, because here you can find the best cakes in La Linea, (Chocolate, Cheese, Oreo, Carrot cake…) or brownies, waffles, incredible ice-cream milkshakes…

Bar Jerez since 1956 We are a tapas bar with a name in La Linea since 1956, when my Father owned a bar on Calle San Pablo and Calle Real. We re-opened in the summer of 2006, and whilst making sure we maintained the culinary skills and traditions of my Father, with the famous Jerez style kidneys, cuttlefish in sauce, callos and Russian salad etc…we have also updated our kitchen and added new items to our menu like toasts/roasts and tapas. We have also added a new concept with dishes such as goat’s cheese with caramelised onions, duck foie-gras Malaga virgin style, and camembert with compote etc… You will find us on Calle Duque de Tetuan, No 26, on the corner of Pasaje Jesus del Gran Poder, in La Linea de la Concepción, 70 metres from the Church Square. You can call us for reservations for family celebrations or business lunches. So come along and experience our great food, good ambiance and professional service.


“The changing face of a restaurant“

Thank you and best regards to all, Miguel Montes, director.

¡También estamos abiertos para que tu y tus amigos os toméis las primeras copas de la noche! Ven y disfruta de un gran ambiente en el local más coqueto del centro. Acompañado de una maravillosa selección de música y buenos precios. Si aun no sabes donde estamos, ¡Busca La Plaza Fariñas! We are also open in the evenings, and it is a great place for you and your friends to meet for the first drink of the night. Come and enjoy a great ambiance in a charming place in the centre of town, accompanied by a marvellous selection of music and good prices. If you still don’t know where we are, look for the Plaza Fariñas!





sauce and mango relish is a confident and ballsy dish, letting you know the kitchen must be headed by considerable experience. The restaurant takes its name from Pusser’s Rum, first served on board British Royal Navy Ships in 1650 and recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten best rums in the world. And the name “Pusser’s”? Just a corruption of the word “Purser,” the person in charge of the ship’s stock in the Royal Navy. It’s all about the rum, with a rum based cocktail menu, all great tasting with slightly naff names like ‘Jamaican me crazy’ all adding to the fun. Set in the stylish new Ocean Village complex, the restaurant is the latest venture of Andre de Barr, a catering powerhouse in Gibraltar, whose name alone seems to be a seal of approval. With its beautiful and relaxed setting, good service and vibrant food, Pussers Landing does not disappoint.


successful restaurant is usually dependant on a successful concept. The concept needs to be different enough, trendy but not too far ahead of its time. Key features also include, (budding restaurateurs take note); being priced within the market, being easily identifiable, being inspired and being in a good location. Pusser’s Landing in Ocean Village ticks all of these boxes.

And you can also check out our Store for all your Nautical & Casual wear, along with gifts and Caribbean flavours at Ocean Village, Gibraltar.

a medley of brilliant colours, bold flavours and lush presentations, emphasizing fresh seafood, Pusser’s Island Grill menu and regional entrée favourites, such as coconut encrusted tempura prawns and West Indian conch fritters. It’s the newly introduced evening menu that really showcases this vibrancy, the surf and turf is a kaleidoscope of flavours and texture, and the salmon tower, with a citrus BBQ

The concept is the West Indies, although more Pirates of the Caribbean than Bob Marley and the Wailers! First introduced in the British Virgin Islands, Pusser’s restaurants can be found in Annapolis, Munich and now Gibraltar and they offer a “taste of the Caribbean” featuring innovative, high quality, reasonably priced, and freshly prepared ‘Caribbean Cuisine’. Inverted commas are required here as the food is more Caribbean cuisine adapted for American tourists, but this all sits quite comfortably in today’s Americanised world. The cuisine is





CIAN 111903-2








Colonial Bed Cama Colonial: 696.10€ Soft Leather Armchair Butaca Terciopelo: 276.70€ 2 Door Chest of Drawers Cómoda 2 puertas: 137.10€ Teak / leather Bench Banco pie de cama teka / piel: 175.10€


n esta ocasión, como siempre, deseamos ofrecerte una amplia gama de alternativas, todas ellas igualmente prácticas, bellas y elegantes. Por otra parte, y porque sabemos que todos somos diferentes y únicos, nuestras propuestas abarcan diferentes estilos, para que escojas el que realmente encaja con tu manera de vivir y de sentir.

On this occasion as always, we would like to offer you a wide range of alternatives, all being practical, beautiful and elegant. As we know everybody is different in many ways that is why we can offer you different styles to choose from to suit your needs through every day life.

We would like to surround you with beautiful objects so you can enjoy them daily. Also now is store a wide range of cushions, bedspreads and curtains of all colours and textures that reflect the light and freshness of springtime, combined with the vibrant seduction of summer.

Queremos rodearte de objetos bellos para disfrutar intensamente a diario. Además tenemos preparado para ti una amplia gama de cojines, colchas y cortinas en colores y texturas que reflejan la ligereza y frescura de la primavera combinada con la vibrante seducción del verano.


Cojines desde 6.80€ hasta 12.00€










3 2








La Linea





Recently opened on the Ocean Village Promenade, the 1,200 square metres Aftershock London Boutique offers a stunning selection of Fashion ranges from Casual to Evening, as


well as accessory collections and product styles exclusive to Gibraltar. Overlooking the Marina, the Boutique is showcasing a new Spring and Summer Collection.

Quervain Tenosynovitis


ave you ever had a pain between the wrist and the base of your thumb while holding a cup of tea or a pen?

If the answer is yes, then you probably have a “Quervain Tenosynovitis ”!!! Let’s explain: This injury is more common among middle age adults, although is becoming frequent in teenagers because of the continuous use of video games. Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendons which are the tissues that attach the muscles to the bones. Some of them are covered by a sheath called synovial; when this sheath gets inflamed then it’s called “tendosinovitis”, and if the one inflamed is the sheath that covers the short and long extensors muscles of the thumb, then is a “Quervain Tenosynovitis” characterised by tingling sensation and loss of sensation in the fingers.

This condition can be caused by a trauma but is often due to the constant and repetitive use of the thumb muscles, that’s why it mainly affects people who practise golf, squash or tennis, and also to musicians specially guitar players… It’s also frequent in women because of the housekeeping and even more in those who have babies. The diagnosis is confirmed by the Finkelstein test: closing the thumb into the hand covering it with the rest of the fingers, if pain appears then the test is positive, confirming the injury. Treatment: Rehabilitation with a physiotherapist, which will include; - Rest from the activity that causes the pain. - Ice - Electrotherapy i.e. Ultrasound, Laser - Cyriax mobilisations

For more information, contact Sotogrande Physiotherapy Clinic Plaza Italica Nº13, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro - Tel: 956 695 149 – 629 518160 E-Mail: 44


DIABETICS NOW MEET IN ESTEPONA The Mijas La Cala Lions Diabetic Support “We have been operating for over six years in Andalucia and realize that our Group held their inaugural meeting at services are needed more and more The Maharaja’s Indian Restaurant in amongst the ex-pats. Estepona Port earlier this month. Andy Bakhai, the owner and a fellow Diabetes has become a world problem diabetic, has kindly made his premises with over 2.5 million men and women available for a regular monthly get together – the first Friday of every month being treated in the UK alone.” from 11am. Over 20 attended the first meeting. New members came from as far away as Marbella and Sotogrande. Co-founder Anne Bowles was delighted and said: “We now have three venues up and running. Apart from Estepona we now meet every month at Sol Andalusi near Alhaurin de la Torre and at The Ark, Las Rampas in Fuengirola.


For more information contact Anne on HELPLINE Tel: 952 46 41 84 Mob: 607 879 450 or E-Mail:


C Cabeza – Head Cabra / Cabrito – Goat / Kid Cacahuetes – Peanuts Café con leche – White coffee Café cortado – Strong coffee Café descafeinado –Decafe coffee Café expreso – Expresso coffee Café Solo – Black coffee Café soluble – Instant coffee Calabacín – Courgettes Calabaza – Pumpkin Calamares – Squid Caldo – Stock Caliente – Hot (temperature) Callos – Tripe Camarero/a – Waiter / Waitress Canela – Cinnamon Canelones – Cannelloni Cangrejo – Crab Caracoles – Snails Caracol de mar – Periwinkle Carajillo – Coffee with brandy Carne en salsa – Meat in sauce Carne picada – Mince meat Carpa – Carp Carta – Menu Cáscara – Shell Caserola – Casserole - stew Castaña – Chestnuts Cava – Champagne


Ta p a s

Caza – Game / hunt Cazón – Dog fish Cazuela – casserole dish Cebolla – Onion Cena – Supper Cerdo – Pork Cereza – Cherry Cerveza – Beer Champiñon – Mushroom Charcuteria – Delicatessen Chipiron – Small squid Chirivia – Parsnip Chirla – Small clam Choco – Cuttlefish Chopa – Bream Chorizo – Spicy sausage Chuleta – Chops Chumbo – Prickly pear Chupito – Shot (drink) Churros – Doughnut or fritter Cidra – Cider Cigala – Crayfish Ciruela – Plums Coco – Coconut Coctel de frutas – Fruit cocktail Codillo – shoulder (pork) Codorniz – Quail Col – Cabbage Coles de Bruselas – Brussel Sprouts Coliflor – Cauliflower Comida – Food Conejo – Rabbit Corazon – Heart Corcho – Cork Cordero – Lamb Costilla – Ribs Cuchara – Spoon Crudo – Raw Cuchillo – Knife

If you missed out on previous letters e-mail us at:


Ruff `n´tumble play classes & family time

Bars & Clubs

50 54

Bars in la


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En el año 2007 asistimos al nacimiento de un nuevo vino, era novedad por ser un tinto nacido en Cádiz y por las pretensiones de hacerse un hueco entre los grandes vinos tintos de España. A este “Taberner” de la añada 2005, le han seguido otros vinos; Barbazul y Barbarosa. Barbazul surge con la añada 2007, es el vino pequeño de la bodega, fresco, joven y vivo; adecuado para estas fechas coincidiendo con el inicio de la primavera y el aumento de las temperaturas.

cafe cortado - strong white coffee

Coupage de diferentes variedades, después de la fermentación alcohólica en cubas de acero ha permanecido durante 5 meses en barricas de roble francés.

cafe con leche - white coffee

cafe solo - small black coffee

Color intenso con tonalidades violáceas. Aromas cítricos y notas vegetales. En boca ofrece un paso de boca largo y un final que resulta fresco con una acidez muy compensada.

Marca: Barbazul. Tipo: Tinto. Bodega elaboradora: Bodegas Huerta de Albalá S.A. Origen: Tierra de Cádiz. Variedad: Tintilla de Rota, Syrah, Merlot y Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol: 14 % vol. Temperatura servicio: 16-18 º C. Precio aproximado: 5.22 €

NEW WINES cafe americano - large black coffee

In 2007 we assisted in the birth of a new wine. This was a novelty that was born in Cadiz and also to lay claim to a place amongst the biggest wines in Spain. From this “Taberner” of the 2005 production, has followed other wines like Barbazul and Barbarosa. Barbazul emerges with a 2007 addition, being one of the smaller wines within the wine cellar, a fresh, young and lively wine; a perfect wine for this time of year with the spring and warmer temperatures approaching. The coupage is of different varieties, and after the alcoholic fermentation in steel casks, they are then preserved in French oak barrels for 5 months. This wine has an intense colour with violet tones, citric aromas and hints of vegetables. It is long on taste yet complimented by a fresh acidic ending.




or the third consecutive year the prestigious restaurant La Marina has been chosen for the BIB Gourmand award within the exclusive Michelin gastronomic guide.

The BIB Gourmand is awarded to restaurants with high quality cuisine at good prices, helping as a reference for people who use the Michelin guide. We say ‘well done’ to the well established restaurant La Marina (since1947) being the only restaurant in the Campo de Gibraltar area to achieve the award for constant innovation within the traditional marine gastronomy.


or tres años consecutivos el prestigoso restaurante La Marina consigue la distribucion BIB Gourmand en la más selecta y exclusiva guia gastronomica como en la Michelin. BIB Gourmand distinge a los restaurantes con una cocina de calidad al mejor precio siendo una de la referencias más buscados por los usarios de la Michelin. Felicitamos al restaurante la Marina decano de los restaurante del campo de gibraltar (1947) por su constante innovacion dentro de la tradicion gastronomica mas marinera.

Paseo Maritimo s/n, La Atunara La Linea


Tel: 956 171531




Restaurant Guide Argentinean Los Cazadores

Francisco Amado, Guadiaro Mob. 666 858903 Parrila / Grill Restaurant Tapas & Drinks


Edif.Plaza Mayor, P.N. de Guadiaro, Tel: 956 695168 Argentinean Grill Parrilla Argentina

Mytilus Restaurant

Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande Tel: 956 790212 - Belgian Cuisine

Cancha II

Indian Flame’nGo

Italian Lombardo’s



Mil Pastas

San Enrique de Guadiaro Tel: 618 568368 Asador Argentino y Restaurante Argentinean Grill & Restaurant Waterport, Casemates, Gibraltar Tel: 21622162 A restaurant that caters precisely for what people want.


C/ Isabel la Católica 43 La Línea · Tel: 956 178021 “The importance for us is not for you to come, but to return...”

Hacienda Patagonica

C/ Carboneros 5, La Linea Fused Spanish tapas with an Argentinean grill. Prime quality beef Open every day lunch & evenings


C/ Sierra Bermeja 69, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro Tel: 956 695 322 Authentic Indian Cuisine, Pizzas & Kebabs C/ Los Canos 32, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, Tel. 956 695611 Authentic Indian Restaurant & Bar Open Tues to Sunday 7.30pm-12am

Tandoori Nights II

Playa Guadiaro, Torreguadiaro, Km.135 - 956 610056 Authentic Indian Cuisine, Take Aways. Comida para Llevar

International Montenegral Inn

Ctra. 513, San Martin de Tesorillo Tel:956 618453 Specials, Grilled Meats, BBQ, Live Music on Sundays, Terrace

Galerías Paniagua, Sotogrande Tel: 956 795924 Open 7 days from 7pm Pizza & Pasta - Take Away C/ Sagunto 3, La Linea Tel: 956 764776 Eat in or Take away - Comida para Llevar, Products from Italy

Pizza Cero

Calle Sol 49, La Linea Tel: 956 175 860 Pizzas to eat in or take away for all the family to enjoy


Calle Punto Ribot s/n, La Linea Tel: 634 687076 Wood Fired Oven Pizzas Breakfasts, Menu of the day

Restaurant Guide Japanese / Oriental Little Buddha

Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande Tel: 956 796 217 Thai Restaurant & Take away Open from 7pm until midnight


Sotovila 1, Local 3, P.N. Guadiaro Tel: 956 794 253 Open 7.30pm to 11.30pm Japanese cuisine

Spanish / Mediterranean El Fogón del Toro

Calle Real 73, Campamento Tel: 956 697536 Specialising in Meat dishes Iberian & smoked dishes, Salads etc

La Perla del Sur

Paseo Maritimo, Atunara, La Linea Tel: 630 038396 Cerveceria, Marisqueria, Freiduria Beer, Seafood & Fish

La Vista Restauaurant

Urbanization Alcaidesa Tel: 956 582700 Special Chef Manfred Schwarz Spanish Mediterranean cuisine

Meson Ziryab

Venta La Cantina

Midas Bar & Restaurante

Venta Jarandilla

C/ Carrasca s/n Los Barrios Tel: 956 620870 Mediterranean & Moroccan Cuisine Cocina Mediterranea y Mozárabe Sotogrande - Tel: 956 790121 Specialising in Mediterranean Cuisine, Fish, Shellfish, Grilled Meats & Homemade Desserts

Molino del Conde

Ctra. Algeciras - Jimena Km. 82,5 Castellar Tel. 956 236063 Typical Andalusian Dishes Tipicos Platos Andaluza

Restaurante Alonso

Calle Ctra. s/n, Guadiaro Tel: 956 614134 Restaurant & Tapas Mon to Sat 7.30pm to 11pm

Trasmallo de Agustino

Adva. del Mar, Torreguadiaro Tel: 956 610 259 Best quality fish & shellfish La mejor pescado y mariscos

Ctra. Ronda, P.N. de Castellar Tel: 956 693 202 / 659 646 247 Specialities: Mountain Game & Seafood Casseroles, Celebrations. Acceso al Castillo de Castellar Tel: 956 647030 Specialities: Mountain Rabbit, Venison & Wild Boar

Take Away Guide


Take Away Guide



Venta Jarandilla

(Fundada 1952)

enta Jarandilla, founded in 1952, lies on the access road to the castle of Castellar, situated within the natural park of Los Alcornocales and surrounded by Holm and Cork oaks, making this culinary destination into a wonderful place for visitors.

Within their kitchen, they cook the unique flavours of their dishes ranging from Tagarninas (golden thistle asparagus), Gazpacho, and Callos to the outstanding meats of wild boar, venison, rabbit, partridge… Dishes which have become a reference for this characterful place “Venta Jarandilla”.

Augustus Egg, Travelling Companions, 1862


enta Jarandilla, fundada en 1.952, en la Carretera de Acceso al Castillo de Castellar, situada en pleno corazón del Parque de los Alcornocales, rodeada de encinas y alcornoques, se convierte en el destino culinario para los visitantes de este maravilloso paisaje. En su cocina se elaboran los irrepetibles sabores de sus platos, como pueden ser las Tagarninas, el Gazpacho, los Callos y destacar la preparación y elaboración de sus carnes, como el Jabalí, el Venado, el Conejo, la Perdiz… Platos que a lo largo de estos años se han convertido en el referente caracteristico de la “Venta Jarandilla”.

An area situated in the heart of nature, it offers the visitor a choice of two rooms, one interior and the other exterior, where you can enjoy the spectacular views and a garden-park area for games, reading a book or just simply relaxing and enjoying the surrounding natural area.

Enclave situado en plena naturaleza que ofrece al visitante de sus instalaciones, dos salones, uno interior y otro exterior, desde el que se puede disfrutar de las espectaculares vistas y un ParqueJardin anexo, para juegos, la lectura de un buen libro o simplemente para relajarse y disfrutar en pleno contacto con la natrualeza. Entorno ideal para cualquier tipo de celebraciones, como Bodas, Bautizos y Comuniones.

It is an idyllic place for all kinds of celebrations, weddings, christenings, holy communions etc…

“Venta Jarandilla” atiende a sus clientes con mayor dedicación y atención por parte de su personal, que cuida cada detalle e intenta que la visita de sus “Venta Jarandilla” have a dedicated staff who attend to their clients with the greatest attention to detail and clientes sea de su mayor agrado. to make the client feel as welcome as possible. Por ello, desde “Venta Jarandilla” agradecer a todos aquellos que nos visitan cada día y que disfrutan So, Venta Jarandilla would like to thank everybody that visits each day and for them to enjoy the flavours de los sabores y paisajes rodeados de amigos y and views surrounded by friends and family, making familiares, haciendo de este lugar su destino para this a meeting place to come and enjoy good disfrutar de la buena cocina tradicional.


traditional food.

The DFAS de la Frontera lecture on 21st April is a very special one. Linda Smith who gave us “The Human Body in Art” is back with a double lecture programme! In the morning we will have FROM EGG TO BACON: ENGLISH PAINTING 1850-1950 when Linda will tell us about Victorian artists like Augustus Egg, a friend of Charles Dickens, who created popular works with a high moral tone, and how the Pre-Raphaelites challenged the status quo with vivid colours and complex decoration. They initiated a fertile era in English art, at the end of which Francis Bacon erupted onto the scene.


Damien Hirst 1991

DFAS de la Frontera special April lecture In an informal afternoon lecture, Linda Smith will round off her examination of modern English art with a discussion entitled KICKING AND SCREAMING:


This will incorporate a study of the mixture of Modernism and Pastoralism in the 1950s, followed by Pop Art in the sixties, Conceptualism through the 1980s and the turbulent launch of the Turner Prize. Will the future be equally controversial or will the trend to figurative art intensify? This lecture will start at 2.30 p.m.

Furthermore our Patron, Lady Ann Parkinson, will be joining us. Lady Parkinson is one of the founder members of the whole NADFAS movement and has also been a National Chairman of NADFAS as well as a Vice President of the organization. We are privileged to have her with us and there will be a Patron’s lunch in her honour between lectures.

We meet in the exclusive surroundings of the San Roque Golf and Country Club, Km. 127 (A7) at 11.00. a.m. Visitors are welcome and entry at the door is €12 and €10 for members of other DFAS societies, with free entry for members.

Lady Ann Parkinson

Seasonal membership is €65 and more information can be obtained by calling (00 34) 952 804 692 or 956 794 279 or at





as salinas tienen para quienes no las conocen apariencia de laberintos sin sentido. Sin embargo, responden a una ordenada estructura que podemos descubrir en este sendero. La conducción y detenimiento del agua de mar a través de, a veces sinuosos y otras veces rectos, cursos de agua, conocidos como caños –como el de la fotografía- hace posible que, gracias al sol, ésta cristalice la sal en los llamados tajos. Hay que seguir durante algo más de dos kilómetros la carretera que va a la playa de Camposoto y que parte de la rotonda de entrada a San Fernando desde Cádiz. Prácticamente al borde de la marisma hay una entrada hacia un eucaliptol, donde de inicia el sendero.


The carefully channelled sea water (sometimes winding and sometimes straight) is guided through canals or dikes, and the sun dries and crystallises the salt along the sides of the gorges.


Continuing direct magazine’s guide to the birds of the Campo de Gibraltar

Great Spotted Woodpecker / Pico Picapinos / Dendrocopos major Abundant resident in woodlands, boasting a black and white body, black wings and tail, heavily barred white, with two white ovals on the shoulders. Males have a red nape and so do juveniles, while females have no red on their heads. They are easy to detect by their metallic call and the tapping sounds on tree trunks.

Green Woodpecker / Pito Real / Picus Viridis Common resident in forests in the Northern half of the territory, and expanding to the South-West and signs of breeding in the Southern half as well. A large bird with greenish upper-parts and green grey under-parts, a bright red crown and yellow rump. Males have a red centre to a black moustache and a black eye patch, females have a black moustache and juveniles have spotted white upper-parts and heavily spotted black under-parts. Its call is a powerful and strident “neigh”.

he Salt Marshes appear as an endless maze, but they are really made up as an organised structure, which you will be able to see along this walk.

You need to head along the road towards the beach Camposoto for about 2km, coming from Cadiz direction, and near the roundabout for the entrance of San Fernando. Practically on the border of the marshes there is an entrance near the eucalyptus, where you start the walk.


Common Cuckoo / Cuco Común / Cuculus Canorus

Difficulty / Nivel: Low / Baja Time / Tiempo: 45mins Length / Longitud: 1.900m.

Abundant summer visitor to forests and scrublands. A medium sized bird with short legs, slender body with a long tail and pointed wings that rules out Eurasian Sparrow hawks. Males are overall grey except for a sharp border below against a finely dark-barred white belly, females are variable, including a rare rufous form, and juveniles are all barred from throat to belly with a white nape patch. Adults parasitizes smaller species, the chick develops by itself after having expelled the chicks or eggs from the nest. It has very reserved habits and its well known call “cuck-coo” helps in revealing its presence.




istorians think that Castellar de la Frontera might have been occupied by the Muslims in the first years of the conquest. These first settlers used the old existing Roman roads to enter the Peninsula and there was an important one that connected Carteia to Córdoba which ran passed the foot of the old Castellar. It is believed that at the beginning of the X century, this area was already inhabited by Hispanic and Arab populations.

During the Muslim period, Castellar was an important part within the “cora” Algecireña. During the Muslim period, Castellar was an important part within the “cora” Algecireña. The “coras” were territorial and administrative districts in which Al-Andalus was divided into after this land was conquered.

From the XII century, Castellar gained importance as a defensive stronghold and it had a decisive role in the wars between the Christian and Muslim armies which were carried out from 1309. The fortress was a part of the Granada kingdom’s defensive system. Due to the resurgence of agriculture in the caliphate period, small villages and arcades were built around the castle. A large estate worked by tenant farmers was also created.

The origin of the fortress is uncertain but it is known that Abd-al-Rahmán ordered fortresses to be built on top sites when he invaded the villages of Serranía de Ronda. It is believed that Castellar was one these defensive strongholds built around the year 900AD.

When Almanzor died, the Taifa kingdom was constituted. Castellar de la Frontera was included within the Yazirí kingdom. The King governing this area strengthened the walls of the castle and increased the garrison. Later on, the fortress included architectural styles copied from the Almohades village. In 1182, Alfonso VIII army destroyed the arcades and houses built outside the castle. The Muslim empire finished in Castellar when Juan Arias de Saavedra conquered it in the year 1434, incorporating it into the Christian monarchy.


By Andrés Herrera Moya


There is a visitors’ centre in Cortes de la Frontera 952 154 599, with information on geology, flora and fauna of the park. In El Bosque is the main park office 956 727 029, which has maps, walking routes and issues permits for walks. The tourist offices in Cadiz 956 258 646 and Malaga 952 213 445 can also provide information. In Grazalema is an information office 956 132 225 that has walking maps and can obtain walking permits from El Bosque office for you.

You can see Dolphins & Whales on clear days along the coast around the Straits. The list below indicates the Cetaceans that are seen Frequently (blue) Occasionally (green) and Rarely (yellow)


Tourist Offices Around Campo de Gibraltar Algeciras Tourist Office Junta de Andalucia Juan de la Cierva s/n 11201, Algeciras Tel: 956 572 636 Castellar de la Frontera Plaza de Andalucia s/n 11350, Castellar de la Frontera Tel: 956 693001

Junta de Andalucía Av. del Ejercito (esquina 20 de abril), s/n, 11300 LA LINEA Telefonos: 956 784135 - 37 - 38 e-mail: Lunes a viernes 09:00 a 19:30 h Los Barrios Avda. José Chamizo de la Rubia 11370, Los Barrios Tel: 956 628013

Jimena de la Frontera Iglesia de la Misericordia s/n 11330, Jimena de la Frontera Tel: 956 640569

San Roque Plaza de Andalucia s/n Esq. C/ San Felipe 11360, San Roque Tel: 956 694005

La Línea de la Concepción Avda. Príncipe de Asturias s/n 11300, La Línea de la Concepción Tel: 956 696200

Tarifa Paseo de la Alameda 11380, Tarifa Tel: 956 680993

Tourist Offices

There are two visitors’ centres: Huerta Grande is south of Algeciras at Km 96 on the N340 coast road. El Aljibe is in Alcalá de los Gazules, on the road to Benalup at Km 1. For both centres, call 956 679 161.

Visitor Centres in Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Visitor Centres

Castles in Campo de Gibraltar Castillo de Castellar de la Frontera

Zoos - Parks - Activites Zoo Bontanico Jerez

C/ Taxdirt s/n, Tel: 956 153 293 - Jerez de la Frontera

Cortijo Rural Las Aves

Camino Fabrica de Pipas, Estación de Jimena, Tel: 956 640210

Rutas de Buggy

Castillo de Castellar, Jarandilla recreational area Tel: 671 610233

Rutas de Caballo Castillo de Guzman el Bueno – Tarifa

Each town has different companies, you can trek in land or on the beach, inquire in local tourist offices

Dolphin & Whale boat trips

You can take trips out in the bay from Gibraltar & Tarifa, inquire in local tourist offices

Cablecars - Telefericos

You can catch a cablecar in Gibraltar to the top of the rock and also in Benalmádena to the peak of Calamorro. inquire in local tourist offices

Lobo park - Wolf park

Castillo de Jimena de la Frontera

Ctra. Antequera - Álora (A343) Km. 16 Tel: 952 031107- Antequera, Malaga Open daily from 10am to 6pm

Crocodiles upclose

Calle Cuba 14, Torremolinos, Malaga Tel: 952 051782 Guided tours, pets corner, and see the largest croc in Europe.

Places of Interest Museums: La Línea

Museo Taurino Pepe Cabrera

Calle Mateo Inurria 2, La Línea - Tel: 856 120044 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am to 2pm. Closed: afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays & festivities, Except arranged visits. Prices: 3 € - Reduced: 2 € (groups, minimum 20 people); 1,50 € - (OAPs) Free: Children up to 12yrs

Museum del Istmo

Plaza de la Constitución s/n, La Línea Tel: 956 690 657 / 658 334 350 Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 9pm Sundays & festivities: 11am to 2pm - Afternoons & Mondays closed

Casa de Cultura Museo Cruz Herrera

Plaza de Fariñas, Calle Doctor Villar / Esq. C/ Carboneros, La Linea Tel: 956 76 25 76 Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm & 5pm to 8pm. Price: Free Entry

San Roque

Municipal de Cultura Luís Ortega Bru

FMC “Luis Ortega Brú” Palacio de los Gobernadores, Plaza de la Iglesia, San Roque Tel: 956 781587 Opening hours: Mon to Fri -10am to 2pm

Museo Taurino

Bowling & Cinema

Palmones Cinecite, Los Barrios

Street Markets - Mercadillos

Monday Taraguilla Tuesday Algeciras El Saladillo Tarifa, Huerta del Rey Wednesday - La Linea, Ciudad Deportivo Thursday - Estación de San Roque Puente Mayorga Torrguadiaro Friday Castellar, New Town Jimena, Recinto Ferial 70 Guadiaro

Saturday - Los Barrios, Recinto Ferial Sunday - Palmones, Recinto Ferial San Roque San Enrique de Guadiaro Rastro Sotogrande Sat & Sun - Castellar Castle, Rastro Jarandilla Most towns have a daily market or an indoor market

Alameda Alfonso XI, Tel: 956 781587 San Roque Centre Opening Hours: Tues to Fri - 11am to 1pm & 6pm to 8pm - Saturdays 11am to 1pm

Los Barrios


Calle Calvario 14, Los Barrios Tel: 956 621169


Guzman the Good Museum (Museo Guzmán el Bueno), located inside the castle. Municipal Museum (Museo Municipal), in the library (biblioteca).


La Velada - Paseo de la Velada, La Línea, Tel: 956 172708 Juan Luís Galiardo, Alameda Alfonso XI, San Roque Tel: 956 781074 Aula Municipal de Teatro, Teniente Miranda 118 Algeciras, Tel: 956 630036 Cine - Teatro Municipal, Plaza de Andalucia s/n, Castellar de la Frontera -Tel: 956 693001

Roman Ruins Algeciras Roman acqueduct, on the outskirts of the city. Los Barrios Remains of a Roman bridge, near the railway station San Roque Carteia – Guadarranque,

Tarifa - Baelo Claudia


Museo Municipal de Algeciras

Histórico-Arqueológica C/ Ortega y Gasset, s/n 11207 Algeciras Tel: 956-570672 Monday to Friday: 9am to 2pm & 5pm to 7pm

Museo Arte Sacro

C/ Cayetano del Toro, s/n 11207 Algeciras

Adults only...



Information National: 11818 International Information: 11825 Alarm Call: 902 111096 Emergencias - Emergencies: 112 Bomberos - Fire Station: 085 Guardia Civil: 062 Urgencias Sanitarias: 061 Hospital La Linea: 956 026 500 Hospital Algeciras: 956 025 000 Policía Local: 092 / 956 176 000 Policía Nacional: 091 Cruz Roja - Red Cross: 915 222 222 Emergencias Marítimas: 900 202 202 Guardia Civil Trafico - 956 261 611 Road Traffic Information: 900 123 505 Passport Office Malaga: 952 352 300 Water Board - Agua: 956 762 076 Electric Emergencies - Endesa: 902 516 516


Gibraltar Emergency Numbers:

(The code for Gibraltar is 00350 200) Directory Inquiries: 195 Tourist Office: 74950 Police: 72500 Hospital: 79700 Ambulance: 50025 Fire Brigade: 79507 Custom Inquiries: 78879 Passport Office: 51725 Frontier Queue: 42777

Teléfonos de Transportes

Automovlles - Buses Automoviles Portillo: 956 172 396 La Valenciana-Linesur: 956 667 649 Bacoma: 956 665 067 Transportes Grles. Comes: 956 170 093 Aeropuertos - Airports Málaga: 952 048 838 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 73026 Jerez de la Frontera: 956 150 083 Sevilla: 954 449 000 Ferrocarril - Trains Algeciras: 956 632 087 Jimena de la Frontera: 956 640 738 San Roque: 956 612 019 RENFE - Train Station: 902 240 202 Radio Taxis La Linea: 956 174 800 San Roque: 956 782 222 Guadiaro: 956 614383 Algeciras: 956 655 512 Los Barrios: 956 621 872 Jimena: 956 640 293 Tarifa: 956 685 076 Gibraltar: (00350 200) 70052

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