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South Gloucestershire Edition

February 2020




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Choose Pre-l oved Charity shopping helps reduce UK annual carbon emissions by 7 million tonnes Did you know; it takes 15 thousand litres of water to make just one pair of denim jeans? When you choose to buy a pre-loved item for your wardrobe or home, you're not just picking up a thrifty little find, you're helping to make our natural resources go further and reduce our carbon footprint. Make your next purchase at Emmaus Bristol; find us in Stokes Croft and on Bedminster Parade.

furniture | cl othing curiosities | lamps | tea pots tools | treasures | white goods

www.emmausbristo l .org.uk


Emmaus Bristol is a charity registered in England and Wales (1071538).


“Discover the Musician in You!”


Perfect Christmas gift for young children! New engaging primer piano method! Semi-private piano lessons for 4-6 year olds Two students share lesson time with one parent each 45 minutes once per week (parent MUST attend full lesson time) 12-week program – begins in January 2020 NEW engaging primer piano method! @3EighthNotesMusicStudio Email: three8thnotes@yahoo.com Contact Joanna T. Xylas on: 07570 862 464

e e th 1 exp om # r Fr K’s ove U ke a m


h tc


REFRESH YOUR TIRED KITCHEN by just swapping the doors and worktops

s. rt


• Excellent reputation • From simple door replacements to fully fitted kitchens • Choose from a wide range of quality doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps • Installed quickly and cleanly by our own local professional fitters in just a few days



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ED’s letter Happy New Year! Have you started your new years resolutions yet? Or have you destroyed them in the first few days ? Statistics say that more than 40% of us will set a weight loss goal and 30% of us will decide to do more exercise. The other 10% will set no goals for this new year. However more shocking is that 80% of the population will give up on their new years resolutions by 1st of February and return to their old ways. On a brighter note as of now the nights will start to get a little bit bearable and brighter thanks to Winter Solstice that took place on 22nd December. Also we all start to plan our next big summer holiday or a small get away, if you want some top tips please read our piece from The Travel Councilors Charlie Dyson on page 20. He has some great ideas to travel to Lisbon, Mauritius and Japan. I hope you make 2020 the best year yet and achieve all your goals and resolutions Happy New Year !!

The team EDITOR Michael Davies WEB DESIGNER Matthew Clarke ACCOUNTS Lisa Davies Advertising sales Tel: 0117 3258029 Mobile: 07500 017236

This month.. 5. Overcoming doglessness 7. Your Garden in February 8. What does February hold for you? is it love? 12. Puzzle page 13. Whats on 14. Super sweetcorn fritters 16. Taking the taboo out of end of life

Email: info@directlocalonline.com Distribution: Direct Local South Glos is hand delivered to selected homes and businesses in Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Thornbury, Chipping Sodbury, Yate ,Downend and surrounding areas.


20. Bristol embryologist takes top prize

Issue 34 February 2020

Disclaimer The opinions expressed in Direct Local do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publisher or their agents. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included within this publication, the publisher takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in Direct Local. The content of Direct Local is not to be reproduced in any form without permission of the publisher. Please pass to a friend, recycle or compost. All adverts designed by Direct Local are the property of Direct Local please contact us if you wish to reprint them in other publications as a small release fee Is applied. Use of adverts designed by us will need written permission first.


Missing a dog in your life? Become a Barking Mad holiday host

Companionship, friendship and fun are guaranteed! • Dogs to suit your lifestyle • Completely flexible • Trial stays to ensure compatibility • Full support and advice • A playmate for your own dog

BarkingMad.uk.com Overcoming Doglessness and Helping to Ease Social Isolation – Barking Mad’s Alternative to Dog Ownership Celebrates 20 Years

The Bristol branch of a canine company founded in 2000 to provide dog care in loving homes instead of kennels, is helping to celebrate 20 years of people experiencing health and well-being benefits thanks to their alternative to dog ownership. According to studies such as ‘The Pet Factor – Companion Animals as a Conduit for Getting to Know People, Friendship Formation and Social Support’, it has been scientifically proven that patting and walking dogs can help people to feel more relaxed and less anxious. This makes a huge difference to emotional and physical well-being. Those caring for a dog are also less likely to be socially isolated, research suggests. Jennifer Davies has been a ‘host’ dog boarder for Barking Mad for nearly fourteen years and believes that her hobby has changed her life. She said,

Owner-operator of your local branch, Barking Mad North Bristol, John Johnson said: “We love our job! We cover a big area, from Thornbury to Saltford and Shirehampton to Wick. We have lovely dogs, with great owners, and fabulously dedicated hosts like Jennifer. As Barking Mad celebrates its 20th anniversary, our proudest achievement is the happiness which holidaying dogs have brought to the lives of our hosts. We match friendly dogs to our hosts’ preferences and lifestyle, for their holidays and short breaks. We take care of everything, including chauffeuring dogs to our hosts’ homes with all their essentials and providing 24/7 support. If you are retired, missing a dog in your life, have experience of owning a dog and have your own secure garden, we would love to hear from you.”

“The best thing about hosting is – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! I always get a lovely good morning greeting with lots of tail wagging and I am much fitter. I have lost five stone in weight. Having a dog is much the same as having a baby – people talk to you and make a fuss of the dogs. I have met so many new people with dogs and without. I have a son who lives in Guernsey who I visit regularly and I like going on holidays with my friends. If I had my own dog, this would make things more complicated. With Barking Call 0117 325 8222 or email john.johnson@ Mad, I always say I have all of the pleasure and barkingmad.uk.com or visit www.barkingmad. none of the expense or worry about what would 5 uk.com/local/bristol/north-bristol. happen if I became unwell”





Your one stop shop for Accountancy, Tax and Business Advice

TSA Accountants Bristol Ltd 124 Gloucester Road Patchway Bristol BS34 5BP


Accounting Services Sole Trader Self Employed Limited Company Partnership Contractor

Business Advice Professional business advice to help set you on the path to growth and success. This is included within our services as standard.

Free Initial Consultation We offer a free initial consultation to assess the level of accountancy services you require.

Your Garden in February If you’re a keen gardener February is a month filled with anticipation. The first signs of life are beginning to emerge as plants shake off their winter dormancy and wildlife begins to wake. Light levels are increasing, temperatures are rising and splashes of colour are beginning to creep back into the garden. Spring is on its way and there is plenty of preparation to do. Prune plants Prune late flowering shrubs such as fuchsia, hydrangea, buddleja and ceanothus. Using sharp secateurs, cut just above an outward pointing bud. Aim to remove about a third of the height of the shrub and try to maintain an even shape. Check other shrubs and remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches to keep the plant healthy. Try to avoid pruning early flowering shrubs until after they have flowered. Give the lawn a light mow If the weather is warm you may need to start mowing. Set the cutting height on your mower to its maximum and only mow when it’s dry. Re-cutting lawn edges will also give an instant lift to the appearance of the garden. Plant shrubs and trees February is the ideal time to plant new shrubs and trees while they are still in their dormant state. Make sure the ground is not frozen or water logged before planting. Stakes and rabbit guards should be put in place at the time of planting to prevent damage to the root ball or bark. It’s also a good idea to check ties and stakes on existing plants and replace, tighten or slacken where necessary.

Plant of the Month Camellias

Why should you plant them? Welcome in the spring with Camellias-these hardy shrubs have glossy evergreen leaves and display flowers that brighten up your winter. An early riser in terms of plants waking up from the winter snooze. Camellias burst into flower in February just as the rest of the garden is starting to blink its eyes at the sunshine. How should you plant them? Camellias are easy to grow and flower relliably-the most important thing is choosing the right spot. Although a hardy shrub their flower buds are susceptible to frost once they start to develop so plant in a sheltered spot and wrap with fleece when frost is forecast. Camellias like to grow in acidic soil so need planting with ericaceous compost. feed with ericaceous plant food to keep the leaves glossy and green and water well once the flower buds appear-although the flowers wont break until February. The buds will begin to develop in autumn.


Is love in store for you this February?

January There may be some hold-ups to your plans or projects, this could be a time to take a good look at these situations and see what you can do to change things. Try and look at things from a different perspective and see if this gives you a clearer view to sorting things out. Keywords: Review and Re-new.

July Be on the lookout for opportunities, especially if it is to do with improving your home environment. It may be an idea to review a few changes to diet, and maybe taking more care of yourself. Keywords: Opportunities and Looking after yourself.

August Look out for new interests or ideas, and at this time it February may be good to follow your intuition and seek advice It seems there are a few changes coming your way, from a trusted friend rather than take everything on this may bring a few hold-ups or obstacles, but will yourself. Be aware of being sensitive to other run relatively smoothly. The end result will be very people’s needs when trying to put your point across. worthwhile and very rewarding. This should help to Keywords: New things and Communication. bring some calm. Keywords: Changes and Renewal September Now could be a good time to start looking at things March you need to get organised. Be aware of not pushing Your intuition would be your best friend at this time, yourself too hard and asking others for help with try to pay attention to it. If possible, stay out of situa- necessary. Try to keep calm and not let things get tions that can bring you anxiety or tension, and try to too much of your time, as you may find it not as seek balance in your life. You may find that you are much fun as it can be. well on the way to organising yourself. Keywords: Organisation, Calm and you time. Keywords: Intuition, Balance, Organisation October April Although this is a good time to start looking at You may be feeling a little restless and looking to decorating your home. If anything this could be a find new things and changes to your life. good time to start clearing and getting rid of a few Be aware of your intuition, gut feelings, as they will unnecessary things. Be true to your own values and stand you in good stead. Try not to take everything ethics and try not to be swayed otherwise. on yourself, and seek support from friends and Keywords: Clearing, and Values. family if needed. Look after yourself, and try to seek balance and harmony. November Keywords: Intuition and Harmony. If anyone around you is being treated unfairly, you’re not needed to try and step-in and bring balance and May justice back. In any given situation, try to be If you find yourself in difficult situations, remember to sensitive to other people feelings and try not being stick to your values and ethics, and also be aware of stuck in new ways. Keeping a balance in all avenues being sensitive to other people’s needs. of your life of your life would be good right now. Your home environment is very prominent at this Keywords: Justice, Sensitivity, Balance. time. It is also your place of calm and relaxation. Try not to get drawn in too much to buying December everything you see. Looks like there could be some good changes on Keywords: Values and Home. the way for you, something may be a few obstacles or hold-ups. You have the ability to deal with most June situations calmly, and without too much stress. Your home and your loved ones are very much on Remember changes can sometimes bring a form of your mind right now. You are possibly already well awakening, and let you see things differently. on the way to organising things. If something starts Keywords: Changes, Obstacles and New ideas. to become a little much, remember to ask family Want to find out more about what’s in store for you or friends for any advice or help rather than taking everything on yourself. this month! Contact Marie on: 07949 800354 Keywords: Home, Loved ones. Disclaimer This zodiac is for entertainment purposes only please do not take the predictions seriously Marie take no responsibility for your actions


House, Garden, Office Clearance

Plus All Your Other Waste Removal Needs too! On Average cheaper than a skip.

Tel: 07592 506 003 1/4 Load £89 Half Load £139 3/4 Load £179 Full Load £199











0117 980 3337


Fish & Chips Phone: 0117 9574211

27a Badminton Rd, Downend, Bristol, BS16 6BB


Being the month where The Then there’s the fast-paced thrills of Le Mans ’66, where Matt Damon and Christian Bale must Valentine’s Day makes an work together to create a car equipped to beat the appearance, you better dominant Ferrari. believe that your local Cineworld has a whole host of movies worth falling in love with releasing in February. Emma Ranging from the charm-filled family adventures of a gifted animal doctor, female superheroes with attitude, and the humble tale of a man and his dog, there’s something for everyone on the big screen. Kicking us off on 7th February is Universal’s reboot of the Dolittle franchise. This time featuring Marvel alumni Robert Downey Jr. as the animal-understanding veterinarian, he and his friends are tasked to explore a mysterious island in search of a cure for Queen Victoria’s persistent illness. That very same day sees many a sister doing it for herself, as the Kristen Stewart-starring Underwater and Harley Quinn spin-off Birds of Prey both releasing. The latter follows Quinn shortly after her split with Jared Leto’s Joker, putting together her own team of oddball superheroes to fend off Gotham City’s evil Black Mask. Then, just one week later on Valentine’s Day itself, Jane Austen’s classic 19th century novel about misread love and the folly of youth hits the silver screen, with Split’s Anya Taylor-Joy starring as the titular Emma. Romance not your thing? Another remake arrives in the form of The Call of the Wild just 5 days later, starring Harrison Ford alongside his trusty sled dog surviving in Alaska. Finally, the scares settle in on 28th February with director Leigh Whannell’s take on The Invisible Man. As always Cineworld Yate l and Direct Local Magazine are giving readers a chance to win a prize. Simply complete the word search on 22 page. Enjoy the perfect date with a loved one this February with a visit to your local Cineworld. With so many must-see movies arriving, it’d be hard not to.


The following week sees Elsa, Anna and Olaf return in the highly anticipated Frozen 2, but has the ice queen learned to ‘let it go’?

f Prey Birds o

And finally, Charlie’s Angels gets a reboot that stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as a new ass-kicking secret agent trio.


As always Cineworld and Direct Local Magazine are giving readers a chance to win a prize. Simply complete the next page crossword. The brink of Christmasilbrings d all the thrills, so be the W sometime in November. ofCineworld sure tollvisit Ca




Sudoku Puzzle

Welcome to our Cineworld Bristol competition.1 lucky winner will win 2 tickets to the movies. All you need to do is complete the word search and either scan, take a photo on your smart phone and email it to us with your address at: info@directlocalonline.com or send it in the post via snail mail to the address below with your address. 7 Hopewell Gardens Shirehampton Bristol BS11 0JS

Dolittle Call Wild Emma Valentines

Birds Prey Harley Quinn Invisible

Underwater Misread Franchise Adventure Cineworld

Competition Closes 20/02/20 January Winner Maxine Earl All the details of the entrants will be stored for 2 months securely and NOT be shared with any other third parties except for the winner of the competition in which Cineworld will need the details to contact the winner to collect the prize.

We have been emailed a lot recently to add other puzzles to our local magazines. So we have listened to your comments and added a Sudoku puzzle for you to baffle your brains over breakfast or tease your brain over tea time either way I hope you enjoy the new addition just for a bit of fun. Please note this is not part of the Cineworld competition


When we fit any Worcester Bosch boiler with a system filter


A NEW BOILER FROM ONLY ÂŁ2500 Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd

keeping Bristol Warm







LPG (All makes) Breakdown & repair airs (All makes) Boiler servicing & rep g hin flus er Pow P.A.T. Testing Domestic electrics ection Periodic electrical insp Test & inspect Free estimates

Top Rated Worcester Bosch Fully fitted, includes filter and clock Price is for combi-for-combi swap with horizontal flue

CALL NOW ON: 0117 910 9005 or 0117 968 7196 Boiler Breakdowns, boiler Services & Landlord Gas Safe Certificates From Only ÂŁ60 + Vat

WHAT’S ON: SOUTH GLOS An Evening with David Rudolf: From Netflix’s The Staircase Event Date: 5th Feb Description: David Rudolf, the defence lawyer in the infamous Michael Peterson case will be coming to UWE, Bristol in February 2020. The case garnered world wide attention as it was the focal point of a hit Netflix documentary series ‘The Staircase’. The show left viewers gripped as they watched to find out what happened to Kathleen Peterson in December 2001. Venue: Bristol Business School, Frenchay Campus, UWE, Coldharbour Ln, Campus, Stoke Gifford, Bristol The Family History Show South West Event Date: 8th Feb Description: The event for anyone interested in their family history. Venue: The University of West England Exhibition Centre, Filton Rd, Bristol Antiques,Vintage & Collectables Fair Event Date: 9 th Feb Description: Fully accessible indoor fairs with 50 traders selling a wide range of antiques, vintage ware & 20th century collectables Venue: BAWA Club Southmead Road, Filton Bristol BNI St Swithins Networking Event Date: 7th Feb Description: Do you need more business ? If the answer is yes! then please attend one of our Friday morning meetings, Call 07500017236 Venue Bristol Golf Club St Swithins Park, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS10 7TP

Valentines Steak & Skate - Old Down Event Date: 14 - 15 Feb Description: Book a table for two and enjoy the ice rink at your leisure before your meal. Love songs will play on the ice creating the perfect date. Venue: Old Down Country Park, Foxholes Lane, Bristol

INNOVATION, AVIATION AND CELEBRATION: A CONCERT UNDER THE WINGS OF CONCORDE Event Date: 15thh Feb Description: Join Aerospace Bristol for a musical extravaganza that celebrates more than 100 years of aerospace engineering in Bristol. Venue: Aerospace Bristol Hayes Way Patchway Bristol FEBRUARY HALF TERM at Wild Place Project Event Date: 15th Feb Description: Kick off your February half term with a wild adventure at Wild Place Project! Venue: Wild Place Project Wild Place Project Blackhorse Hill Bristol

Little Giggles Valentine’s DISCO Event Date: 14tt Feb Description: Little Giggles valentines disco. why not bring your Little tearaway to the best disco so far this year! Call 01454 803444 or email info@littlegigglesbristol.com for information and bookings. Venue: Riverside Retail Park Yate

Apple-grafting Workshop Event Date: 22th Feb Description: Learn how to graft apple trees on this course under the tuition of Ben Raskin. Take home your own new apple trees. Venue: Winterbourne Medieval Barn, Church Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol Sleeping fox needle felting workshop Event Date: 24th Feb Description: This workshop is now fully booked. Learn to needle felt in a relaxed friendly atmosphere and create your own sleeping fox. Workshop is £25 per person including refreshments. Allow for 3 hours. Please message to book on. Limited spaces available venue: Almondsbury Creative 10 Gloucester Road, BS32 4AA World Handicap System Workshop *For affiliated clubs* Event Date: 26th Feb Description: England Golf in conjunction with the GGU and the GLCGA have agreed to put on two WHS Joint Education Workshops for the benefit of its affiliated golf club officials and volunteers. Venue: The Bristol Golf Club St. Swithins Park, Blackhorse Hill Almondsbury, Bristol Mind Body and Spirit Event Date: 1 Mar Description : 10:30 to 4pm we have a day full of mind body and spirit this includes Celtic tree readings Ogham readings amd much more. So if your in to your spiritual stuff come along. venue: BAWA Club Southmead Road, Filton Bristol


Super sweetcorn fritters

Ingredients 25g Plain flour 1 large egg, beaten ½ heaped tsp baking powder 165g sweetcorn, drained or defrosted 4-5 stems of chives or 1 spring onion, finely chopped 1 tbsp vegetable oil


1. Place 1/3 of the sweetcorn and the rest of the ingredients except the oil in a jug or small bowl and blend to make smooth with a stick blender . 2. Stir in the remaining sweetcorn. 3. Heat half of the oil in a large frying pan on a

medium- high heat and drop in 4-5 spoonfuls of the batter. Fry for about 1 ½ minutes until golden on the underside, then carefully turn and cook for approximately a further 1 ½ minutes.

4. Drain briefly on kitchen paper before serving.

Repeat with the remaining batter, adding the extra oil. Makes 10-14.

Serving suggestions and adaptations: • •

Add ¼ tsp chilli flakes for a bit of heat!

• •

Add 1/8- ¼ tsp salt for adults

Replace the sweetcorn with peas. Crumble in feta, add a few chopped mint or basil leaves. Serve with a sweet chilli dip or a yogurt and chive dip

Use 85g sweetcorn with 85g diced halloumi for extra protein

Add a few fresh chopped mint leaves to pea fritters

Freeze for up to two months in an airtight container.

153 Wick Road, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 4HH


Call us on 07783 334 881153


Equity Release Myth Busters Here is our guide to bust some of those myths about releasing equity and provide you with some facts:

With a lifetime mortgage, the most popular method of releasing equity from your home, you will not have to sell any part of it to anyone. The lender will release the funds once a charge is secured on your home, the same as a normal residential mortgage you may have had previously, and you are entitled to carry on living in your home for the rest of your life.

“I cannot leave an inheritance for my family” False

“I will leave a debt for my loved ones if I go ahead with equity release” - False

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate it will not prevent you from leaving an inheritance for your loved ones. You can even opt for a guaranteed percentage your home value to be left to your beneficiaries.

This is not the case. Equity release plans now come with a “no negative equity guarantee”. This means you or your estate will never be asked to repay more than the value of your property, even if the amount owed is greater. We will not recommend a plan to you that does not offer such protection.

“If I release equity from my home now I will not be able to move in future” - False Equity release lenders will allow you to move your loan from one property to another. However, it should be noted that there are certain instances when it may not be possible to transfer your loan from one home to the next. The lenders have strict property criteria so you will need to check with your lender to make sure your new home can act as acceptable security. “I will have to hand over my deeds and will not own my own home any-more” - False

“Equity release is not for everyone” - True Equity release may well not be the right option for you at this time, we understand that everyone is different. Our job is to make sure you know everything you need to, before making any decisions. Rest assured, if we do not think it is the right choice for you, we will say so. You can therefore make informed decisions.

A Lifetime Mortgage could help you in retirement We’ll provide the canvas... ...Paint the future you deserve Contact us for qualifed and impartial advice

Call us on 0800 2545169 or find us at www.laterlife-lending.co.uk This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration. A lifetime mortgage may impact your entitlement to means tested benefits and the inheritance you may leave. Road Westbury-on-Trym BS9 3HQ.Bristol & West Financial Services Ltd is an appointed representative of Sandringham Financial Partners Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2HG. Registered in England and Wales No: 08022795. VAT Registered:153 0427 42.



Christopher Baker, founder of Bristol Memorial Woodlands, said: “Death is still such a taboo subject and we really want to open up more conversations around dying, which is the aim with our series of seminars in 2020.

“It’s a topic which affects us all, so as uncomfortable as it may be, these conversations are incredibly A seminar focused on the importance of important. We’re hoping to get some really conversation and planning in end of life care is interesting speakers on board and meet lots of local being held for palliative and end of life care workers professionals.” at a local Bristol cemetery. Organised by Bristol Memorial Woodlands in partnership with training provider Gentle Dusk, the workshop aims to help participants feel confident initiating conversations with people at the end of their lives and supporting them to discuss and record their care wishes. Open to care home staff, GPs, district nurses and other local professionals working in end of life care, the event will take place on Tuesday 4 February. The workshop is the first in a series of lectures, seminars and training sessions being held at the Alveston woodlands and will be free of charge.


The training is being delivered by Mireille Hayden, founding partner of Gentle Dusk which provides training and events around death, dying and bereavement. Mireille is a Chartered Health Psychologist and Senior Manager with 20 years of experience in the Health Service. Mireille also often provides expert input on death in the media including appearances on BBC News Worldwide and in New Scientist Magazine.

With Gentle Dusk she aims to empower professionals and communities on topics around death combining knowledge and techniques from psychology, experience of healthcare services and patient and family support in end of life care. Mireille said: “Death, dying and planning for the end of life can be one of the most challenging topics to discuss for anyone working within health and social care. With the right knowledge and skills, it can become one of the most rewarding. “Around 70% of people would prefer to die at home. In England, 50% die in hospital. Only 7% of us have recorded our wishes and preferences for the care we would like at the end of our lives. Planning ahead can help people receive this care; it gives them a greater sense of control and can help make things easier for those that care for them.�

Bristol Memorial Woodlands offers 100 acres of burial woodland and provides families with a setting to visit and remember loved ones for years to come The seminar will take place on Tuesday 4 February from 2-5pm at Bristol Memorial Woodlands. Places are free for local professionals working in End of Life Care but limited to 20 for this workshop. To book email your name, title and organisation as well as the title and date of the course you want to be booked on to admin@memorialwoodlands.com or telephone 01454 414 999. For more info visit: www.memorialwoodlands.com


“Blood will have blood.”

Opera in a Box is delighted to be returning to the Loco Klub to perform Verdi’s Macbeth. Asa touring opera company in the South West of the UK aimed at bringing the opera genre to as wide an audience as possible, we encourage you to take all of your preconceptions about opera and throw them out of the window! Experience this tragic tale of greed up-close in our intimate adaptation with our cast of talented performers. In our adaptation, Shakespeare’s dark tale will be performed in the chilling and atmospheric tunnels under Bristol Temple Meads Station. Opera in a Box has set the standard in the South West of up-close and personal operas in unique settings, helping to smash the pre-conceptions of opera that can put off new audience members. We defy you to watch an opera in the same way again! "I have seen the future of Opera, and it works.” (The Magic Flute) “Opera in a Box have won a new fan. Having never seen opera performed live, I went along not really knowing what to expect - and I was mesmerised!” (The Marriage of Figaro) Founding Member of Opera in a Box, Charlie Morris says, “Every production of ours is unique, and built entirely around the concept sharing our passion for opera with our audience (often those who have never experienced live opera before). Our exciting challenge in this production is combine such a well-known story by Shakespeare with the intense music provided by Verdi. Our cast are doing a superb job in bringing their characters to life!” Soprano Hannah Coleman, who is taking on the role of Lady Macbeth in the upcoming production, adds “Often opera-lovers have seen a productions of Verdi’s other opera, like La Traviata, but the music in Macbeth is particularly empowering and involving. Especially the banquet scene, where Lady Macbeth is struggling to keep the celebrations going while her husband is struggling with the realisation of his murderous actions.” Opera in a Box’s production of Macbeth will be performed in a promenade setting, and will require the audience to move through the tunnels and stand for a period of approximately 15mins. There are minimal steps in the tunnel, but the floor is uneven. Please dress appropriately for the venue. Some seating is available on request. A drink and canapé are included in the price as we welcome you to the banquet! Please contact us for specific requirements. The Loco Klub, opposite Yurt Lush, Clock Tower Yard, Bristol. BS1 6QH (duration approximately 2h with interval) Tickets can be purchased from www.operainabox. com


Bristol Gilbert & Sullivan Operatic Society presents

Yeomen Guard The

of the

1 - 4 April 2020

Nightly at 7.30pm & Saturday Matinee 2.30pm Redgrave Theatre, Clifton. BS8 3LE Tickets from www.bristolgsos.co.uk



TEL: 0117 329 5525 Plumbing - Heating - Bathrooms - Boilers - Boiler Spares

Love your bathr00m


Star Plumbing & heating Supplies, 15 Kenn Court, Roman Farm, Road, Bristol, BS4 1UL 19

BRISTOL EMBRYOLOGIST TAKES TOP PRIZE AT NATIONAL CONFERENCE A clinical embryologist at the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine (BCRM) has won a top prize at the national Fertility 2020 conference for scientific research that will help more women have babies. Jen Nisbett, 33, was awarded the Post Registration Presentation prize against stiff competition. She was one of 78 researchers to present at the conference in Edinburgh, whittled down from a total of 342 would-be contenders. Her presentation outlined her recent findings about how implanting frozen embryos in patients is more likely to result in a viable pregnancy than using fresh embryos in certain circumstances. Mum-of-two, Jen, who completed her clinical training at BCRM, said: “These discoveries about the use of frozen embryos are really exciting, because all our work is targeted at helping women facing potential childlessness to succeed in having babies of their own. “Obviously it’s really important to share any advances with others working in the field, so with over 750 experts in fertility and reproductive medicine attending Fertility 2020 it was a great platform for sharing the outcome of the pilot study we’ve done at BCRM.

“I was thrilled to discover that winning the prize means I’ll be going to Sydney in August to present these findings at the Fertility Society of Australia’s annual conference. That was an unexpected bonus.” Jen’s work at BCRM involves carrying out IVF, making observations and keeping records of how embryos develop, which was what led to the frozen embryo study. The centre is the longest established fertility clinic in Bristol, helping people from throughout the South West and Wales with fertility treatment for both private and NHS patients. Their IVF success rate exceeds 55%, compared with a rate of just 34% nationally. BCRM offers regular free patient open evenings at their centre on the Southmead Hospital site every other week where women and couples can have a free mini consultation, meet specialist staff, tour the centre, ask questions and find out how the clinic can help them. Sessions run from 6.15pm to 8pm, and free parking is available.


To register for the next event on Thursday 13th February email info@BCRM.org.uk or call 0117 3018605.

Why not read our other publications online! South Bristol North Somerset North Bristol South Gloucestershire www.directlocalbristol.co.uk


Legal Surgery Every Wednesday throughout February & March 10am - 3pm Come and see us for a free no obligation chat regarding your Will, making a Lasting Power of Attorney, Estate Planning & Property Conveyancing questions

CJ Cleaning Services Professional cleaning at affordable prices

Call: 07915 698665 Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning & Gutter Clearance End Of Tenancy

Please phone or drop in to make an appointment quoting “Legal Surgery”. We will be very pleased to see you.

0117 986 9141 64 HIGH STREET



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Wider Mead, BS16 1GF - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market this immaculately presented, spacious four bedroom family home in the ever popular Cheswick Village. The property itself is set over three floors, offering generous room sizes and finished to the highest standards. Cheswick Village is situated within close proximity to Parkway Train Station, MOD, National Cycle Network and UWE. In addition, its a convenient location for schools shops and easy access for local and national buses. The property comprises in brief a living room, kitchen, downstairs W/C, four bedrooms (one with en-suite) and family bathroom, Further benefits include an enclosed rear garden, offroad parking and a garage. Call today to view! Bishopsworth Road, BS13 7JS - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market this immaculately presented, extended Victorian terrace in the ever popular Bedminster Down, South Bristol. The current owners of this property have renovated the house from top to bottom, including a new kitchen, bathroom and a fully landscaped rear garden. The property also boasts the character features you would expect from a Victorian property, such as fireplaces and ceiling roses. Comprising in brief a living room, kitchen/diner, utility room, downstairs W/C, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Further benefits include a fully landscaped rear garden. Call today to view!


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Whitchurch Lane, BS14 0EN - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market this well presented bungalow in the very popular location of Whitchurch. The property comprises in brief, a very spacious lounge/ diner, kitchen, two good sized bedrooms and newly refurbished bathroom. The property also benefits from a large enclosed rear garden and off road parking for multiple cars to the front of the property. Call us today to book a viewing!



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Highridge Road, BS13 8HU - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market this unique, detached property on the ever popular Highridge Road. Perfectly positioned on a generous plot which offers an over 100ft rear garden and off-road parking for several vehicles, this property would make the perfect family home. Comprising in brief a living room, dining room, kitchen, downstairs W/C, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Offered onto the market with no onward chain, call today to view!


St Peters Rise, BS13 7NA - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market this immaculately presented, extended family home in the ever popular Headley Park. The property has been upgraded extensively by its current owner, including a double-storey extension, new kitchen, new bathroom and a landscaped rear garden. It's ample living space downstairs and spacious bedrooms make it the perfect family home. Comprising in brief a living room, dining room, a further reception room, kitchen, downstairs W/C, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Further benefits include a double garage and off-road parking for several vehicles. Call today to view!

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The Ridings, BS13 8NY - AllenStone Estate Agents are pleased to bring to the market a well presented two bedroom end terraced property situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in Lower Dundry. The property comprises in brief of a lounge/diner, kitchen, lean-to, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The property benefits from off street parking for 2 vehicles. Call today to view!

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Direct Local South Gloucestershire February 2020  

Welcome to our next edition!! Fully interactive South Gloucestershire edition of Direct Local we are the leading advertising magazine with n...