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6. Toffee Apple Lolly Cookies

8. Whats in-store for you this October 10. Your Garden In October 12’ Brand New Music Venue 14. Whats On October 17. Spooky Things Happening At Cineworld 18’ Universal Pictures Competition 20.Good Ofsted Report

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Well September was fun for us at the office at Direct Local first things first we took a bit of a swan dive and hit the floor running by launching a new service on our website. An all new events calendar where you can upload your events for free and reach thousands of local people with your local events. However October is looking to be a fantastic month for events in your local area with Halloween being the highlight of the month for some. If your out trick or treating don’t forget to stay safe and stay in your groups as there is safety in numbers. When we used to go out trick or treating with my son and friends many years ago we used to crack a joke or two on the door such as quoting “Trick or treat” Then as they said we do not have anything we would react with “We do take cheques and credit card payments too” ... But please do not try this as we did get some funny looks and a few irate people lol. Finally as we get closer and closer to the deadline for Brexit on the 31st October there seems to be more and more uncertainty with whats going to happen do you think it will ever come to an end? Or do you want us to remain in the EU ? All we know is the future is not looking that bright at the moment. Disclaimer

The opinions expressed in Direct Local do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publisher or their agents. Whilst every reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included within this publication, the publisher takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in Direct Local. The content of Direct Local is not to be reproduced in any form without permission of the publisher. Please pass to a friend, recycle or compost. All adverts designed by Direct Local are the property of Direct Local please contact us if you wish to reprint them in other publications as a small release fee Is applied. Use of adverts designed by us will need written permission first.

Equity Release Myth Busters Here is our guide to bust some of those myths about releasing equity and provide you with some facts:

With a lifetime mortgage, the most popular method of releasing equity from your home, you will not have to sell any part of it to anyone. The lender will release the funds once a charge is secured on your home, the same as a normal residential mortgage you may have had previously, and you are entitled to carry on living in your home for the rest of your life.

“I cannot leave an inheritance for my family” False

“I will leave a debt for my loved ones if I go ahead with equity release” - False

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate it will not prevent you from leaving an inheritance for your loved ones. You can even opt for a guaranteed percentage your home value to be left to your beneficiaries.

This is not the case. Equity release plans now come with a “no negative equity guarantee”. This means you or your estate will never be asked to repay more than the value of your property, even if the amount owed is greater. We will not recommend a plan to you that does not offer such protection.

“If I release equity from my home now I will not be able to move in future” - False Equity release lenders will allow you to move your loan from one property to another. However, it should be noted that there are certain instances when it may not be possible to transfer your loan from one home to the next. The lenders have strict property criteria so you will need to check with your lender to make sure your new home can act as acceptable security. “I will have to hand over my deeds and will not own my own home any-more” - False

“Equity release is not for everyone” - True Equity release may well not be the right option for you at this time, we understand that everyone is different. Our job is to make sure you know everything you need to, before making any decisions. Rest assured, if we do not think it is the right choice for you, we will say so. You can therefore make informed decisions.

A Lifetime Mortgage could help you in retirement We’ll provide the canvas... ...Paint the future you deserve Contact us for qualifed and impartial advice

Call us on 0800 2545169 or find us at This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks please ask for a personalised illustration. Our typical advice fee would be £600. A lifetime mortgage may impact your entitlement to means tested benefits and the inheritance you may leave.

Bristol & West Financial Services LTD. Registered in England and Wales, under no. 09085520. Registered office address - Trym Lodge Henbury Road Westbury-on-Trym BS9 3HQ.Bristol & West Financial Services Ltd is an appointed representative of Sandringham Financial Partners Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number 581304. Registered Office: 5th Floor, 30 Market Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2HG. Registered in England and Wales No: 08022795. VAT Registered:153 0427 42.


Toffee Apple Lolly cookies

Method 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/ Fan 170C. 2. Line a baking sheet with baking paper. 3. Cream the butter until soft, then add the sugar and beat again until light and fluffy.


4.Beat in the egg a little at a time, followed by the vanilla. Fold the sifted flour and mix until just combined.

55g unsalted butter, softened at room temperature 55g caster sugar ½ medium free-range egg, lightly beaten ½ tsp vanilla extract 85g plain flour 1 tbsp. milk ¼ apple, chopped into chunks 3 toffees, chopped into chunks

5. Place 8 dessert spoons of the mixture onto the tray, allowing space for them to spread when baking. Slide a lolly stick towards into the underside of the mixture to the centre.

Lolly sticks Coloured regal icing for the leaf and worm

8. Make a leaf and worm out of the regal icing and stick with a little glace icing.


6. Bake for around 15 minutes or until light golden brown and cooked through. 7. Leave to cool on a wire rack.

As a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, working in foreign countries for 35 years now, coming to Yate and being afforded an opportunity to plant a new church here—in the country of my birth—is a great honour and joyous fulfilment of a life-long dream! The Gospel is the good news of God’s love and rescuing grace for every generation and thus for me, returning to England is about seeing God do here what I have experienced Him do in other nations. God is doing amazing things around the world and I believe He will bless the UK with a fresh understanding of a living faith. The River International Christian Fellowship now meets at Cranleigh Court Chapel as a new church plant in Yate, with a missional focus. For us being missional effectively means we understand God is actively engaged by His Spirit today in the mission to rescue mankind and creation. We are part of a wider network of churches across the UK and our purpose is to help people encounter God for a fresh and living faith.

We are not traditional or denominational in our approach because we want to engage with the broader Body of Christ to share the insights and experiences of God’s goodness in sustaining a living faith and transforming people’s lives. One of the ways we find most effective in achieving this is through purposed training in God’s Word. Our Bible School runs on a Tuesday night during school term and is open to all, free of charge.

The courses are best suited for those that are and those who want to be committed disciples of Jesus Christ, notwithstanding their denominational affiliation. The courses are topical and designed around practical application. Our website has a link to book for the next course which starts on October 15. Visit: uk/our-news#UpcomingEvents or write to us at for more information.



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January it may be wise to be a little on your guard at this time, and follow your intuition. There maybe a situation or a person that is a little bit difficult right now, but try and keep balance, and try and keep the peace, without compromising yourself. Keywords. Intuition and sensitivity.

February You may have been thinking of changing a few things, and along with this possibly some clearing and decluttering. This could well be either emotionally, or physically in your home. Which ever way you choose, it will allow space for new ideas, or new things in your environment. Keywords. Clearing and renewing.. March If you are thinking of starting something new, or trying to attain some of your ambitions, be kind to yourself and just persevere even if it seems difficult at times. There is uncertainty, stop for a while and do some soul-searching, and maybe look at things from all angles. Keywords. Perseverance and soul-searching April Being with other people it’s going to be quite prominent at this time, it could be socially or work-related. There may be some things that need to be revamped or renewed, maybe ways of doing things that could be improved. It could be an idea to step back and see if there are different ways of doing things, or it may be a case of compromising. Keywords. Gatherings and renewal May Your intuition will be a valuable asset for you at this time, so try to take note of it especially if there are obstacles or difficult situations. You may feel as though somethings are hard going at the moment, but you do have the energy to deal with them. Maybe take a step back and try and look at some of these things in a different way. Keywords. Obstacles and review June If there are things holding you back, check and see if you are causing your own hold-ups. There may be some lesson you need to learn, whatever you find try and seek balance within yourself. Try to look after yourself in other ways as you may need the energy to go through some of these challenges or obstacles. Keywords. Challenges and finding balance Want to find out more about what’s in store for you in September ? Contact Marie to find out whats in store for you this month on: 07949 800354


July There may be some things that are coming to an end for you right now. It could be as simple as just changing an interest, or it could be bigger things. The main thing is if something is being given up, it makes a space for something new. Whatever the situation is in regards to change and renewal, follow your intuition and look forward to some new things coming your way. Keywords. Changes and new things August There may be some challenging things for you at this time, but you will come through it and find balance again. Along with this will be a sense of renewal and achievement. This may also bring the time of taking a step back and reviewing some things, and making some small changes, to further improve things for yourself. Keywords. Challenges and renewal September If there is a situation that needs sorting, it’s probably best to do so quickly and sensitively as you can. Maybe this has been hunting up things for you, so it would be good to sort it and things should flow better. You could be drawn to a new interest or project,or restarting something that has been on hold for awhile. Keywords. Sensitivity and communication and new interest October Although you have no trouble in speaking your mind, just be aware of being sensitive to other people. You may have a feeling of wanting a break, or that somethings need to be changed. You may be feeling quite homely as well at this time, although thought of a quick getaway is quite appealing. Loved ones are well starred and important for you at this time. Keywords. Sensitivity and change. November Communication is a good start this month. It could well be that through this media you can resolve the situation. Your vitality levels may have been a bit low recently but this looks to be about to change. Maybe it is worth checking out your fitness regime. Keywords. Communication and well-being December There seems to be obstacles or hold-ups at the moment. So now this could be a good time to step back and try and view things in a different way, it may help you to decide your best course of action. It may bring some changes to you, but this could be what you have been trying to avoid. Keywords. prospective and changes Disclaimer This zodiac is for entertainment purposes only please do not take the predictions seriously Marie take no responsibility for your actions




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TSA Accountants Bristol Ltd 124 Gloucester Road Patchway Bristol BS34 5BP

Accounting Services Sole Trader Self Employed Limited Company Partnership Contractor

Business Advice Professional business advice to help set you on the path to growth and success. This is included within our services as standard.

Free Initial Consultation We offer a free initial consultation to assess the level of accountancy services you require.

e e th 1 exp om # r Fr K’s ove U ke a m


h tc


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Your Garden In October

Autumn is officially here! October, in all its glory, gives us a wonderful display of colours. The trees are beginning to lose their leaves in abundance as they become dormant for winter, telling us that the change of season is in full swing.

The days are much shorter and cooler and we can feel autumn chill in the air. Although trees are the stars of the month, October is time to think about how the garden will look when it wakes from hibernation. There are plants to be cut back and left tidy for the winter, shrubs to be planted or moved, summer plants to be removed and replaced with winter hardy bedding, bulbs to be strategically placed in borders and the lawn to be fed and given its final mow October may bring with it the beginning of quiet times for the garden – but not for the gardener. TIDY PERENNIALS Perennials are not difficult plants to care for, but trimming them after flowering finishes in autumn helps to improve their appearance and give a boost to next year’s flowering. Using a knife, shears or secateurs, cut stems close to the ‘crown’ or dormant base of the plant. Any crowded clumps of perennials can also be lifted, divided and replanted. Take the opportunity to remove weeds as you prune before applying a light mulch to protect from any hard frost.


PLANT TREES AND SHRUBS October is the ideal month to plant trees and shrubs. Although the container grown plants can be planted at any time of the year they are easier to care for if planted in the autumn or winter. The ground is damp and still warm which gives the perfect conditions to allow roots to become established before winter sets in.

PLANT AUTUMN BEDDING Any remaining summer bedding will be looking very tired by now and is best cleared and replaced for a fresher display. Autumn bedding such as pansy and primrose will give an instant lift to the garden and they look great planted between the shrubs in the border. Myositis, which produces masses of small flowers with the little white eyes and Sweet William, which provides a colourful carpet of flowers from spring through summer are both ideal for over wintering if planted now.


WHY SHOULD YOU PLANT THEM? Conifers are hardy evergreen trees and shrubs that suit any garden. They come in a huge range of shape and sizes and textures and the colour can be anything from yellow or light green through to dark green and blue. Easy to care for and long lasting, conifers are the ideal choice for any gardener looking for a low maintenance but high impact plant. HOW SHOULD YOU PLANT THEM? Dwarf conifers are good for containers and larger shrubs and trees make good hedging or garden features. They are happy in any soil in the sun or shade. Newly planted conifers will need watering until established.. After flowering, sheer back dead flower stems to keep the plant looking full.

House, Garden, Office Clearance

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BRAND NEW LIVE MUSIC VENUE TO OPEN IN YATE Something very special is happening behind the closed doors of the old Prezzo site in the Riverside Leisure Park, Yate. Shan’s Cabaret Bar and live music venue is shaping up and is hoping to fling open its doors in October, creating 20 jobs for local people. Shan’s Cabaret Bar will host live music and the very best impersonators and tribute bands the UK has to offer. Already signed to appear are George Michael, Take That, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Phil Collins and Barry White impersonators. Michelle Griffin, owner, Shan’s Cabaret Bar says: “We’re looking forward to opening the doors in October and show live music lovers what we’ve created. I wanted to open a venue that provides an entire night out under one roof. Guests can come here for food and drinks then stay and enjoy our fabulous live music acts without having to jump in a taxi to Bristol or drive anywhere else.” Michelle is transforming the old Prezzo site into a state-of-the-art live music venue with a touch of old school glamour, eclectic artwork and statement light fittings. A bar has been built towards the front of the venue where guests can enjoy a selection of craft ales, premium spirits and Shan’s unique ‘build your own’ cocktails. Andrew Lowrey, Yate Shopping Centre Manager, says: "We are very excited about the opening of Shan’s as this is a great boost to Yate's night-time economy. It will add a much-needed venue to the town's ever-increasing entertainment attractions helping to draw people from the wider catchment area. The letting to Shan’s will mean that the Riverside Retail & Leisure scheme is now fully let and alongside Cineworld, Little Giggles, Nandos and F&B, visitors to Yate can enjoy a great night out. "The retail & leisure markets are continuing to experience difficult times, however Yate Shopping Centre continues to attract new and exciting offers with more announcements in the pipeline." Behind the bar will be a performance area with classic Parisienne-styled, lamp lit cabaret tables and seating for 120 people in front of a raised stage. Tucked away there will also be a separate exclusive VIP area sponsored by Moet et Chandon champagne house for those extra special evenings. The food offering has been kept deliberately simple – handmade pizzas with a variety of toppings and steaks served with tiger chips and salad will be served, with all ingredients sourced locally. Shan’s Cabaret Bar will be open Friday and Saturday evenings 7.00pm – 1am. The front bar will be open for drinks and freshly made sandwiches Monday to Sunday, 3.30pm – 10.00pm.


Tel: 01454 313556

Bristol's Leading Business Contract Hire Specialist

Let us know what you need and we will find it for you! Pearce Bros are one of the leading independent contract hire companies in the Bristol and Gloucestershire regions

The Benefits Of Choosing Business Contract Hire With Us! Any make and model available; cars or commercials 12 - 48 month contract options Contract offered with or without maintenance Low cost deposit can assist cashflow We offer fixed - cost budgeting for period of contract No residual value worries or disposal costs at end of contract New vehicles supplied on a regular cycle helping you keep a good company image Fleet management available Expanding your fleet - managing your cost control Improve your carbon footprint by upgrading to newer vehicles Able to trade in your older vehicle and upgrade, enhancing company image

“Pearce Bros has been operating for over 40 years so let us supply your fleet and keep you on the road� 10-14 Stover Road, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5JN



MINGLES OVER 30’s DANCE PARTY at The BAWA Club, Bristol Date: 4th Oct 2 Details: FIRST Friday of Every MONTH….. It’s The Ideal Night Out For The 30 * 40 * 50 * 60 Age Range. Come And Dance Amongst A Friendly Lively Crowd. Venue: BAWA, 589 Southmead Road Filton Bristol A Band Called Malice - The Jam Tribute Show Event Date: 4th Oct Details: ’A Band Called Malice’ have quickly taken the tribute world by storm in their quest to become the number one choice tribute-act to The Jam. With over 70 gigs booked during 2018, the talented trio are the real deal and guarantee to take you back to ‘When You’re Young,” with an evening of single releases & album tracks from The Jams early Fire & Skill years, through to their very last release. Venue: Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, Bristol Nicholas Parsons - “Just a Laugh a Minute” Date: 12th Oct Details: Nicholas brings his highly acclaimed, entertaining and vibrant one-man show for an evening of stories and anecdotes. Venue: Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, Bristol Halloween at Cattle Country Event Date: 12 thOct - 3rd Nov Details: Visit us this Halloween for a ’spooktacully’ fun time! Venue: Cattle Country Adventure Park Berkeley Heath

Cattle Country Fireworks Night Date: 27th Oct Details: Come join us at Cattle Country for our spectacular Manor Wedding Fayre firework night. Enjoy an evening Date: 13 Oct of fireworks set to music, a huge Details: Planning your wedding bonfire, sparklers, fantastic hot day? Why not join us at our food and drink options, as well Wedding Fayre where our as access to our 2 indoor playfriendly and experienced barns! wedding co-ordinators will show your around our wonderful Manor Venue: Cattle Country Adventure Park Berkeley Heath House with its fine furnishings, elaborate bedrooms and Yate Shopping Center - Pumpkin exceptional gardens and views. Carving Our preferred suppliers will be Date: 31st Oct exhibiting too so you can chat Details: carve you rvery own about all the individual touches pumpkin. needed to create your dream Venue: Yate Shopping Centre wedding. Venue: Old Down Country Park, Downend Round Table Fireworks Foxholes Lane, Bristol 2019 Date: 1st Nov - 1 Talking Food: The Royal Details: Downend Round Table’s Gardens at Highgrove annual Firework display, lots of Date: 15th Oct Details: Celebrate all things food fun for the whole family! Venue: King George V Playing at the inaugural Talking Food Fields, Downend, Bristol event at Highgrove. From 15th to 19th October the UK’s most progressive chefs, food producers, farmers, and campaigners will participate in expert lectures, presentations and panel sessions each day. Venue: Highgrove House, Doughton, Tetbury

This is the Greatest Show Fireworks 2019 Date: 1st Nov Details: This is The Greatest Show - Fireworks to the music of The Greatest Showman Venue: Almondsbury Creative, Almondsbury Recreation Ground,

Barnum Date: 23rd Oct - 26th Oct Details: Circus based musical Venue: Armstrong Hall, Chapel Street, Thornbury, Bristol

Gloucester Road, Fireworks at Old Down Country Park Event Date: 3rd Nov Details: Old Down Country Park will host Quiet Fireworks Nights Autumn Discoveries on Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th Date: 26tgh Oct - 3rd Nov and Tuesday 5th November. A Details: This October half term, wonderfully atmospheric evening we’re celebrating the autumn with marshmallows in the walled season at Wild Place Project! gardens, BBQ food and warming Venue: Wild Place Project, Black- drinks this is a family night to horse Hill, Bristol remember. Venue: Old Down Country Park, Foxholes Lane, Bristol

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ck lo ec g19 im rin t t Sp ar uote


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Bristol IT Company (BITC), based in the Quorum Office building in Bristol have taken the first step in helping a blind or partially sighted person become mobile and independent by supporting Guide Dogs through the launch of their new digital brand Zeus Digital.

As a result of everyone’s efforts, Bristol IT are thrilled to announce they have raised a whopping £724.14 for Guide Dogs.

On Thursday 12th September Bristol IT Company hosted a charity fundraiser in aid of Guide Dogs. ‘’We chose to support this particular charity as our very own Customer Care Manager, Dave relies on Zeus his guide dog to get by day to day. It is incredible to see first-hand the amazing work Zeus does for Dave and we can all appreciate the hard work that goes into training these dogs’’ says Amin Khataee, Director of Bristol IT Company.

In conjunction with the fundraiser Bristol IT Company also launched their new digital brand for website services. Zeus Digital, named after their Customer Care Manager’s guide dog, supports Bristol IT’s values of expertise, innovation and understanding. Bristol IT Company have been offering web services for over 10 years and now with the new digital brand can really showcase their expertise.

Sarah Jenkins, Marketing Manager said “The support we received for the event was overwhelming. From the Quorum staff who enabled us to use the reception space for the event to all those who attended and donated money, to the Guide Dog ambassadors who brought their dogs and told their stories, the staff here at BITC who all baked something for our cake stall and to the local businesses who donated prizes for our raffle, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

To find out more about Zeus Digital or any other Bristol IT Company services contact enquiries@ or call 0117 370 0777. If you would like to find out how you could can support Guide Dogs through your company or office building, please contact Tracey Wellingham on or call 0118 983 8722.


Enjoy all these movies and more at



Gemini Man


04 October

11 October

11 October

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Terminator: Dark Fate

The Addams Family

18 October

25 October

25 October

All films are subject to availability. Please check the website for further information



me Want more? Welco

to Unlimited

Minimum 12 month subscription. Exclusions apply. Uplifts payable where applicable. Higher monthly fee for West End cinemas. Full terms available at

There’s Spooky things happening at Cineworld this October.. Following on from a hectic September, the Halloween season brings with it plenty of scarily good movies to see at your local Cineworld. From animated epics to comic book icons, October doesn’t disappoint with big hits gracing the silver screen. Let’s get into it:


Kicking us off this October 4th is the highly anticipated origin movie centred on DC’s clown prince of crime, simply titled The Joker. Said to be inspired by ‘70s Martin Scorsese films, witness the birth of a villain as portrayed by award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. Fast forward a week later and Abominable arrives as the new animated feature film from the people behind How to Train Your Dragon. It follows the epic quest between a young girl and yeti who must travel to the highest point on Earth.


The following week, on October 18th, it’s a blockbuster double feature as Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil arrive. The former sees Aardman’s mischievous lamb caught in a government conspiracy, while Disney’s second Sleeping Beauty spin-off sees the world of humans and fairies divided once again. Then, on October 23rd, Terminator: Dark Fate attempts to inject new life into James Cameron’s longstanding sci-fi series, bringing back both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their respective iconic roles. Finally, everyone’s favourite kooky household returns two days later via a new animated version of The Addams Family. Believe us when we say nobody celebrates Halloween like these guys.

Terminator Dark Fate

As always Cineworld and Direct Local are giving readers a chance to win a prize. Simply complete the next page word search. Are you brave enough to visit Cineworld this Halloween? You’d be daft not to.


CINEWORLD MOVIE MERCHANDISE COMPETITION Universal Pictures are giving one lucky winner Abominable goodies. All you need to do is complete the word search and either scan, take a photo on your smart phone and email it to us with your address at: or send it in the post via snail mail to the address below with your address. 7 Hopewell Gardens Shirehampton Bristol BS11 0JS

Competition Closes 20/10/19 September WinnerDavid Vincent

Spooky Haunted Addams Ghost Paranormal

Vampire Frankenstein Abominable Joker Maleficent

Terminator Family Gemini Evil Good


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Quality carpets at the best prices in Bristol Established in 1978, Red Lion Carpets is a family run business Based in Bristol, we have every shade and style of carpet and flooring to choose from. So if you are looking for a new carpet, but you’re not sure what best suits your room?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring/ Elegant wood Looking for that extra touch? Come in for a chat about our luxury vinyl flooring solutions. LAMINATES Our range of laminates are perfect for all areas. CARPETS We stock and supply a stunning range of quality carpets from industry leading manufacturers. REMOVALS Need your old floor removed? We are happy to discuss our removal service with you. Redlion Carpets Wells Road, Bristol BS14 9AF

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EMMA CELEBRATES 10 YEARS WITH GOOD OFSTED RESULT A Soundwell nursery manager is celebrating 10 years of service with news of a ‘Good’ rating from governing body Ofsted. Emma Plucknett manages the Mama Bear’s Day Nursery and Pre-School on Pembroke Road, Soundwell and is marking her 10-year anniversary with the family-run group. To top off celebrations, the setting has maintained its ‘Good’ Ofsted rating with the inspector noting that the ‘friendly and kind staff care for children well’. The report also praised staff for their effective partnerships with parents and their monitoring and progression of children’s development. Emma was particularly praised by the inspector who said: “The manager shows commitment and dedication to providing a good service for the families and children at the provision. She leads reflection on nursery practice well, closely involves staff and values parents' views. She also works with regional managers, for example, carrying out in-depth audits and programmes of evaluation to outline further areas for improvement.”


Emma said: “It is wonderful to celebrate my 10 year anniversary at Mama Bear’s with another Good Ofsted result. Myself and all the nursery staff work really hard to create an environment for children which allows them to grow, develop and have fun while feeling right at home. It’s lovely to have our hard work recognised. “Our team here is very close-knit. Many of us have been here for several years so it really feels like a family and it’s wonderful to celebrate our success together. “We put a massive focus on the quality of care we provide at Mama Bear’s and it is this commitment to quality that has made me so proud in the last 10 years.” Mama Bear’s Day Nursery is a family-run business with settings across Bristol, Somerset and Devon. The day nurseries are aimed at providing children with their first vital level of education to give them a head-start when they start at primary school. If you would like to find out more about Mama Bear’s visit

Starting a Business?

* Business Planning

The majority of people who start businesses do so because they are skilled and knowledgeable in that specialist area. A plasterer knows how to put a good finish on a wall. A recruitment consultant knows about skills shortages, candidates and opportunities. This does not mean that people considering any type of “Start-up business” are experienced in starting and running a business from scratch.

* Bookkeeping and Accounting

* Incorporation

* Web site / domain names * Logo design * Telephone numbers * Business software

* Hot desking / Registered office Techvolution works closely with Chartered Certified Accountants “TSA Business AdvCsorrs” to assist * Ongoing mentoring people who want to take that exciting step to start their own business. The assistance available Without the right advice there is a more than 50% includes: chance of start up businesses failing within 2 years. TSA Business Advisors has a remarkable 80% success rate with start-up businesses. TSA and Techvolution work to give their clients the best chance of not simply surviving the first two years, but being well structured, profitable and ready to grow. 0333 200 4660 0117 923 5394


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Bristol's Largest Independent Construction Health & Safety Training Centre               

CITB Health & Safety Awareness CITB SSSTS and Refreshers CITB SMSTS and Refreshers First Aid Face Fit Testing IPAF PASMA Forklift Manual Handling Asbestos Awareness Abrasive Wheels Working at Height Scaffold Inspection Ladder & Steps and more...

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Unit 4, Bakers Park, Cater Road, Bishopsworth, Bristol, BS13 7TT


STROUD AUCTION ROOMS Entries now invited for our December auction to include

jewellery, silver, watches, coins, bijouterie, clocks, fine wines & spirits Coins Silver Watches

Contact Mike Gardner A 1692 William and Mary gold five guinea piece Sold for £8400


Contact Mark Rozelaar (BA Hons) Contact Stuart Maule A Georgian hallmarked Lemania British Royal Navy nuclear silver tea caddy submarine single button chronograph Sold for £950 wristwatch. Sold for £6,300

Fine wines & spirits

Contact Alexandra Bowkett (DGA, FGA) Contact Patrick Smart An 18ct white gold ring set with Bottle of Macallan whisky an Asscher cut emerald Sold for £2,300 and diamonds. Sold for £4,500


Contact Nick Bowkett Dunhill Aquarium table lighter. Sold for £2300

Free valuations every Friday (9am-5pm) & Saturday (9am-12:30pm) at our saleroom, at your home by appointment or why not email a photo to We are currently ranked no 1 in the country for the number of online bidders

Unit J, Bath Road Trading Estate, Stroud, GL5 3QF


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Direct Local South Gloucestershire October 2019  

Welcome to the interactive South Gloucestershire edition of Direct Local Bristol's leading advertising magazine with news, events competitio...

Direct Local South Gloucestershire October 2019  

Welcome to the interactive South Gloucestershire edition of Direct Local Bristol's leading advertising magazine with news, events competitio...