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Over the recent years,

lanyards have emerged in popularity due to rise in security concerns.

Lanyards are used in different sectors such as:

 Education  Corporate  Government

Custom lanyards can keys, membership cards, ID badges, sunglasses, cell phones and serve huge number of other purposes.

Apart from security, these lanyards are best to promote your brand logo and brand name.


are available in

tubular, polyester, dye sublimated or even popular woven style.

Many companies offer free lanyard attachments. There are various attachment options.

Lanyard has two parts That which gets attached to your body Point where the object can be attached

Using a lanyard:

Find the loop of the object that you want to attach to the lanyard Place the large loop of lanyard around your neck Attach the object at the end of the lanyard Adjust the lanyard

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Direct lanyards  
Direct lanyards  

Custom Lanyards are great for holding keys, ID badges, trade show membership cards or simply promoting your brand, service or product. Want...