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elf-driving cars are not the stuff of science fiction – they are a reality, right now. Google is already testing its own model, and has introduced a new prototype that is very peculiar in a number of ways. For instance, it lacks three of the most essential elements found in a conventional car: it has no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal and no brake pedal. But that’s not all. The company that designed the world’s simplest home page has decided to make the world’s simplest car – it also has no mirrors, no backseat, no glove compartment and no stereo. So what’s left? The two-seater prototype is Google’s reimagining of what the modern automobile should look and feel like if you take the driver out of the equation and design something solely to chauffeur passengers from A to B. Plus, the absence of a steering wheel, pedals and stereo system doesn’t mean it is not a technologically superb car. There are lots of sensors and an advanced self-driving software system that Google has tested in the Toyota Prius and Lexus SUV. These have been driving on highways and city streets for the past five years with not a single acciМартин Метc Фото: Google dent, racking up more than one million kilometers in the process. амоуправляемые автомобили, на самом деле, Google said these earlier versions уже не будущее, а реальность сегодняшнего of its self-driving car have been able дня. Google проводит сейчас испытания самоуto handle most situations (well, when правляемых автомобилей собственного произthey are loaded with a road map and водства, причем, нового прототипа, очень неоit’s not snowing), but every time they бычного во многих отношениях. Например, у него нет have been on the road they have трех из наиболее важных элементов, которые делают been monitored by two people ready автомобиль автомобилем: ни руля, ни педали «газа», to take control at a moment’s notice. ни педали тормоза.



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Direction Summer 2014  
Direction Summer 2014  

The on-board magazine of Lux Express Group is placed in the seat pocket in front of each passenger.