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NEWS FROM SLY written by George Sly.


Sly are excited to announce that we are now UK and France Premier dealers for Precision Planting Inc, a subsidiary of Agco Corp. This opens new horizons for us in terms of technology and the ability to offer customers machines and components to significantly enhance the way they farm. The main reasons we decided to take on the dealership was through testing on our own farms of PP technology. It really unlocks many of the barriers we face in conservation agriculture.

Residue levels at drill depth

Precision Planting offer both OEM control system solutions as well as retro fit components to enhance your existing drill or planter. They have a vast engineering team based in Tremont, Illinois. The company was started by a farmer with simple retro fit components to enhance planter/drill performance, he then sold the company to Monsanto, later Monsanto sold it to Agco. Some examples of technology we are now fitting to our own precision planters, as well as offering as retro upgrades to existing machines:

All of this information is live fed to the Precision planting 2020 monitor which stores and uploads maps to the cloud. You might ask why do we need all this information? Firstly when you take a move to conservation agriculture, certain aspects like Cover cropping, composting, no-till etc are moving you in a direction you hope is improving your soil. With this sensory technology every time you drill/ plant, you get a reading, so you can track your progress in your transition. Secondly, this technology on our machines can live adjust seed rates and fertiliser rates based on what it is seeing in the field. It can also switch seed variety/hybrid based on what it is seeing in the seed furrow. If a different variety maybe better suited to certain areas of the field the control system can switch to take seed from a separate tank. It can also control seeding depth based on moisture levels it is seeing.



individually. It adjusts the pressure to each row unit/opener 5X per second. When planting sugar beet last spring, my field contained light silt hills and heavy clay lows, we could maintain a plant speed of 10km/h and keep depth +/- 1mm consistent. The 2020 monitor displays the KG it is placing on each row, sometimes it is negative in light soils and then positive load in heavy areas. My soil is marginal to grow precision row crops, but Deltaforce insures I can achieve even depth placement in a no-till/strip-till situation. All major European precision planters are designed for a full or mintill systems where the seedbed is very consistent and level. I am using no-till and strip till, my seedbed is not quite as even or consistent and so Deltaforce is the “key” to having uniform emergence and success.

VapplyHD: VApplyHD is a liquid fertiliser control system using PWM technology. We monitor and control the flow on a row by row basis, we record exactly what we have delivered to each row and it is recorded on maps (which can then be compared to yield maps). The system can be spec’d as advanced or simple as the customer requires, but it is a huge leap forward in the accuracy of liquid placement for all drills and planters.

Furrowjet + Conceal – THE KEY TO RELIABLE MAIZE ESTABLISHMENT IN THE UK? Smartfirmers are in furrow sensors we can install on existing planters or drills. These sensors are live monitoring: Organic Matter CEC Moisture


I tried Deltaforce for the first time in Spring 2018 on our prototype maize planter. Deltaforce is a downforce system we can install that monitors and adjusts down pressure and load on the planter/ drill gauge/closing wheel, each row


Furrowjet is a fertiliser attachment for planters, it allows us to place 3 bands 95

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Direct Driller Issue 5  

Issue 5 Of Direct Driller magazine. The conservation agriculture magazine created by farmers for farmers. Subscribe for your free print copy...

Direct Driller Issue 5  

Issue 5 Of Direct Driller magazine. The conservation agriculture magazine created by farmers for farmers. Subscribe for your free print copy...