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daily mowing, the need to perform, possess high aesthetics and ‘for the game is not compromised from the negatives of disease infection and slow recuperation. The benefits to the clubs are financial, agronomic and environmental as the products are on the whole non-hazardous, being derived from sustainable plant extracts, bespoke and with most being produced in the United Kingdom flexibility, availability and delivery schedules are maintained. The product range is not large consisting of four categories: 1 Microbial Nutriments and ‘Fertiliser Supplements’ Humic substances, as powder, soluble powder, slow release granular, Liquid Nutrimus and Nutrimus UltraFINE grades These materials are available for direct applications or as supplements to granular and liquid ‘fertilisers’. High values of labile Carbon support microbial communities and help balance Carbon:Nitrogen ratios. Composition: Note Table 5 - * Leonardite ranges considerably in humic and fulvic acid content. For example, deposits can have as low as 10% humic acid content and as high as 78%. It’s derived from Lignite based coal and was formed in saltwater deposits. The other 2090% of the product that isn't the

active ingredient is made up of ash and heavy metals. The comparison of the two is clearer when you take into consideration the enhanced nutrient quality and properties Nutrimus has over Leonardite shale. Humic substances have been proven to improve the quality of soil, growth of soil organisms, and uptakes of nutrients by plants. The benefits of humic and fulvic substances are well documented. The direct and compounding benefits where one benefit will lead to the next are: • mprovement of soil chemistry and structure • improvement of biological status of soils • improved utilisation of nutrients supplied and obvious cost savings • improved water utilisation and possible cost savings • improved yield – higher income/ha • improved quality – higher income/ ha 2. Plant and Soil elicitors & enhancers Exalt • A complex of 4 Non Hazardous botanical extracts with multifaceted modes of action within the soil, the plant rhizosphere and the growing plant. • Organic surfactants help to diffuse

liquid homogenously into the soil profile • Microbial nutriments promote a rich biological ‘microbiome’ • Elicitors, promote Systemic Acquired and Induce Resistance, acting similarly as an inoculation, kick starting the plants own immune system • Naturally occurring synergistic back ground nutrients & amino acids provide nutrition • Apply Exalt at: - pre sowing - post germination p -E  xalt can be tank mixed with most liquid nutrients and other compatible products - Tank mixing with glyphosate and selected herbicides - Tank mixing fungicides



N.B. That all and every tank mix product should be first tested with a ‘jar tests’ as some adjuvants can be reactive. Exalt contains naturally occurring surfactants and tackifiers. Application rates: o Cereals & OSR 1.5 – 2 litres / Ha o Root crop (carrots, potato) 2 l/ha o Legumes 1 l/ha Protos A liquid EC FERTILISER - PK Fertiliser solution: containing

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ISSUE 5 | APRIL 2019

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Direct Driller Issue 5  

Issue 5 Of Direct Driller magazine. The conservation agriculture magazine created by farmers for farmers. Subscribe for your free print copy...

Direct Driller Issue 5  

Issue 5 Of Direct Driller magazine. The conservation agriculture magazine created by farmers for farmers. Subscribe for your free print copy...