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Cyber Bullying

Safeguarding software that protects students, staff and institutions from cyber bullying and internet misuse.

Cyber Slacking Abusive Emails Racial or Sexual Harassment Inappropriate Web Site Access Online Gambling Unethical or Illegal Practices Commercial Threats Lost Productivity Avoid potential harmful safeguarding incidents and fulfill your duty of care with intelligent monitoring software. Policy Central. It’s cost effective, easy-tomanage and non-invasive. Endorsed by Prof Tanya Byron Phd., PsychD., Msc., Bsc. Clinical Psychologist, Journalist, Broadcaster and Author of “Little Angels”, “The House of Tiny Tearaways”, “Your Child Your Way”, “Safer Children in a Digital World” published 2008, and “Do we have Safer Children in a Digital World” published 2010.

Monitor online activity and keep Students and Staff Safe Brand new to the Irish market and currently used by over 2500 schools in the UK, Policy Central provides a powerful software solution that monitors students online behavior to ensure that they are protected from dangers within the digital environment such as cyber bullying and other harmful influences. A cost effective, easy to use solution that ensures that schools are fulfilling their duty of care and helps schools to develop effective strategies to combat the risk of cyber bullying. • Easy to install • Easy to configure • Easy to manage reporting • Protects pupils without curtailing their web experience • Keeps you compliant with current regulations • Collects and captures detailed evidence of online behaviours • Detects and captures all violations – online AND offline.

Detect and Protect with Policy Central Policy Central allows schools to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy for all computers putting a stop to inappropriate and harmful computer use, whether it involves ‘just looking’ or active participation. Policy Central provides comprehensive and automatic protection. It demonstrates compliance with the Department of Education’s Action Plan for Bullying 2013 by providing a monitoring solution that ensures cyber-bullying, racist or homophobic language, and extreme behavior are tracked and tackled. Policy Central protects your community from: • Bullying and threatening behaviour whether perpetrated by students or staff • Abusive comments or offensive attitudes • Racist, homophobic or extreme language or behaviour • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web sites (pornography, violence, suicide) • Deliberate access to inappropriate web sites • Online gambling and shopping • Un-moderated discussion forums and chat rooms

Providing a safer e-learning environment without limiting the web experience.

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Forensic Software’s monitoring and safeguarding software, Policy Central offers a breakthrough in providing a safer learning environment without limiting the web experience, without excessive network management, and without significant costs or loss of learning opportunities.

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• Social exclusion, isolation, depression and even suicide • Sexual or racial harassment • Loss of staff • Avoid a serious safeguarding incident and fulfill your duty of care • Parental dissatisfaction • Decline in academic achievement • Loss of reputation • Intervention of authorities • Racial prejudice and homophobic language or behaviour • Threats against teachers • Problem students Policy Central is a simple, easy to manage and very cost-effective tool that provides peace of mind when students are in school. Its sister product, CyberSentinel; extends the reach of protection to the home and provides a perfect parental engagement opportunity, sharing the responsibility of safeguarding with those closest to the students – their parents and carers.

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