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A how-to guide for Australian fundraising volunteers


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The Fundraising Directory presents you with an A to Z guide of reliable and proven fundraising products and services in Australia; among them suppliers of sweets and chocolates. FACT: nine out of ten Australians regularly eat confectionary. Eight out of ten choose chocolate. With that sort of statistic, it’s no wonder that chocolate and lolly drives are among the most popular of all fundraisers! Who can resist? One in ten perhaps! Tempting isn’t it? But be aware: there are knockers who’ll try to resist – even spoil – your efforts. In this e-book, a companion to my 22 lessons for A+ fundraising, I’ll show you how to conduct a responsible chocolate drive and enjoy truly sweet fundraising success. Happy Fundraising! Direct Digital


Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES

What’s on offer Suppliers listed in the Fundraising Directory provide an assortment of: • chocolates • lollies

How it works Depending on the type of confectionary you choose to sell – and the supplier – you have two options: • on-hand sales • order from a catalogue On-hand sales mean you have the chocolate bars or lollies to sell. It strikes the sweet tooth: it’s an impulse buy. It’s great for quick sales when you need your funds fast. But you have to pay upfront for your products, although deferred payment terms may be available. Ordering from a catalogue takes more time and effort. You need to distribute the catalogues, campaign for sales and get the orders in. It’s usually the favoured choice when selling larger gift boxes of luxury confectionary where the price tag is higher.

Who confectionary drives work for Apart from schools, these are particularly popular with sporting clubs, groups like Scouts and music teams.

When to run your fundraiser? If you’ve read 22 lessons for A+ fundraising, you will have in place: • a SMART goal – a real target and purpose for fundraising • a fundraising calendar with a mix of opportunities throughout the year – without being too enthusiastic or greedy. But the reality is Australians don’t really need an excuse to buy confectionary! Chocolates and lollies are popular all year!! Winter is particularly popular for chocolates due to the cooler weather being more kind on stock.

Did you know Australians eat more chocolate at Easter time than anywhere in the world?

Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES





Treat Pack

$1 RRP


tra RO No Money Up Front . lia nf VE 2 a Returns accepted . mi N ly SE ow Premium milk chocolate. ne LL d& ER Pre-mixed for your convenience. op era 3 ted Free delivery for 18+ carry packs . sin ce Your choice of free individual incentive 19 50 prizes for your sellers or free bonus 4 stock + free major rewards. 7. Pay 28 days from delivery1.

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Check out our website for the new discount vouchers that we supply to your sellers. RRY


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Complete information is available at Request a free information kit or samples online or by phoning our office on free call 1800 657 489 (or 07 3279 0140 from mobiles). 1. To approved customers. 2. Returns of unopened cartons for orders of 60 or more carry packs. Must be returned within 28 days from delivery. No handling charge for returns. 3. Freight surcharge may apply for small orders for country and interstate orders. Contact our office. 4. One (1) free carry pack for every 50 carry packs net sold. * Profit assumes your organisation is not GST registered.

This fundraiser is brought to you by Proudly Australian owned and operated.


Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES

FREE CALL 1800 657 489

Choosing the supplier who’s right for you The Fundraising Directory takes the legwork out of finding suitable suppliers. You can send online queries to suppliers seeking more information and then decide who best meets your needs. Here are the absolute essential questions to ask: 1. How long has the company been in business?

If selling confectionary is a first for your group, and you choose to pre-purchase, err on the side of caution. If you’ve sold confectionary before, be guided by your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual which will include the quantities sold – and profit made. It’s better to sell out – and have to ask for more – than to have boxes of unsold product eating up your profit in a garage.

2. How many years of experience does the company 8. Is there a prize incentive representative have in program? If so, who pays for fundraising? it? 3. What is the percentage profit 9. What is the returns policy if of sales? you over-order? 4. How much can I expect to make? 5. Is the product high-quality? Quality products equal quality revenue returns. 6. Is the drive based on orders or pre-purchase?

7. Does the supplier provide services that will help save volunteers’ time such as checklists, promotional posters, tally sheets, collection envelopes, pre-sorting?

Some confectionary suppliers offer very generous prizes for high sales. Consider using these as raffle prizes for another fundraiser e.g. trivia night When talking to the company rep, consider her communication style. You want to work with someone who listens to your needs. Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES


The company rep should also ask you questions about:

your group’s financial goal

your fundraising timeline

the number of potential participants and their ages

any historical information (e.g. past fundraisers, participation levels, successes and failures).

If he doesn’t, he’s not really interested in you: and you shouldn’t be interested in him either!

Fundraising tips Product drives work best when they’re short and sharp: two to three weeks is ideal. • You’ll need to promote ahead of the fundraiser. • You’ll need to launch the fundraiser. • You’ll need to round up the orders.

2. If you are selling on-hand stock, be vigilant in your record-keeping. Know who has how much. Then you’ll know exactly how much to expect from sellers.

3. Respect the fact that some families won’t want to sell confectionary. Send a letter like this home to all participants, including an ‘opt-out’ alternative.

Dear Scouting family You will have heard that our scout group is raising money to send members to the World Jamboree. This is an opportunity of a lifetime: but it’s very expensive. That’s why the Fundraising Committee is running a Chocolate fundraising drive, starting on 1 September.

All participating families will be issued with a box of 30 chocolate bars. We ask you to promote this fundraiser to family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours. The Hints on all this – and more – chocolates are high quality and sell are detailed in 22 lessons for A+ for $2 each. That’s great value for fundraising but here are some of my money! best tips for a confectionary drive. Please return money and any unsold 1. Keep your sales campaign product to Baloo at the scout meeting short and sweet – two to three in the week beginning 15 September. weeks is ample.


Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES

Index to Fundraising eBooks FREE eBooks available from fu n d ra is in

1. The Essentials of Fundraising - 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising 2. Fundraising with ARTWORK, STATIONERY & LABELS 4. Fundraising with Books 5. Fundraising with Bulbs, Herbs & seeds

g id e a s.c o

The Essenti als of Fundrais ing 2013

3. Fundraising with Athons & Raffles



m .a u

6. Fundraising with Chocolates & Lollies 7. Fundraising with Clothing & Jewellery 8. Fundraising with Custom Labelled Beverages 9. Fundraising with ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS 10. Fundraising with Entertainment 12. Fundraising with Glowsticks & Flashing Novelties 13. Fundraising with Homewares


14. Fundraising with Miscellaneous Ideas



15. Fundraising with MOTHERS & FATHERS DAY STALLS rs


A how-to gu Australian ide for fundraising voluntee

16. Fundraising with Novelties & Showbags


11. Fundraising with Food & Fruit

17. Fundraising with Personal Care Products 18. Fundraising with Photography 19. Fundraising with Promo Products/Wristbands/Badges 20. Fundraising with Shopping Tours 22. Fundraising for High Schools


24. Fundraising for Childcare & Kindergartens 25. Fundraising for Sporting Clubs & community groups


26. Fundraising for Individuals


Individuals 2013

23. Fundraising for Primary Schools


21. Fundraising with Toys & Educational

Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES


If you require more boxes before that date, please call Baloo on 34340000.

If you are do not wish to participate, please let me know as soon as possible and I will redistribute the box. We would be grateful if you would consider showing your support for our Scout group in another way: for example donating the equivalent amount that we make in profit from selling a box ($15).

3. Use the fundraising effort to remind children about ‘sometimes’ foods.

Remember: the more funds we can raise to offset travel and registration costs, the more representatives can have this fantastic experience. Thanking you in anticipation of your support. Kind regards AKELA Group Leader

Answering critics of a sweet fundraiser While many Australians have a sweet tooth, there are those who will criticise this choice of fundraiser. 1. Give parents the opportunity to opt-out up front. See the example above.

4. Alternate the confectionary drive with an activity-based fundraiser such as a walkathon. I never have any trouble selling chocolates for my daughters’ school. Even on night duty – especially on night duty! – the chocolates are gobbled up. Todd, doctor

When the fundraising’s over Orders have been dispatched, the money’s banked, and it’s all over, right? Not quite. But then, you know that: you’ve read 22 lessons for A+ fundraising! Here are some of the jobs that the fundraising committee still needs to do:


2. Discourage children selling at school. Instead, encourage 10 Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES

parents to take their box to their workplace.

Share the outcome with your community. Too often, a fundraiser just fades away. People want to

know what happened! Copies of the 2013 Fundraising Communicate the result with Directory are only $6 per copy all who took part – committee and can be ordered online members, volunteers, and from fundraisingdirectory. supporters – using your newsletter and/or website. Subscribe to our FREE monthly Provide your fundraising Fundraising eNewsletter to receive a bonus Fundraising Report Card supplier with feedback. Template. Click here to subscribe. Then head to the supplier’s listing on the Fundraising Directory website to leave a review of this supplier to share with other fundraising volunteers.


Congratulate your volunteers on a job well done.

They’ll be more receptive to helping again.


Complete the Report Card in your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual.


What’s this? You need to read 22 lessons for A+ fundraising, explaining the essential tidy up actions that are needed.

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Fundraising with CHOCOLATES & LOLLIES 11

Fundraising with Chocolates & Lollies 2013  
Fundraising with Chocolates & Lollies 2013  

FUNDRAISING WITH A how-to guide for Australian fundraising volunteers Comprehensive guide to planning your fundraising, including: • Getting...