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A how-to guide for Australian fundraising volunteers


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One of the biggest decisions a committee has to make is what to do to raise those much needed extra funds for a group project.

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Sometimes it’s easy to do what’s been done before, in the name of tradition; or because it seems just too hard to do something different.

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From my experience, product drives make fundraising easy. But there are so many different products to choose from!


The Fundraising Directory presents you with an A to Z guide of reliable and proven fundraising products and services in Australia.


Direct Digital Publications Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for materials in this publication or claims made by advertisers, or errors or omissions. Readers should not act on any representations made in this book without independent verification.

In this ebook, a companion to my 22 lessons for A+ fundraising, let’s look at the possibilities that come from just one category – selling bulbs, herbs and seeds.

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Watch your profits grow! Direct Digital

What’s on offer Fundraising with plants strikes at our growing environmental consciousness. It also can be a very economic option.

Reasons to consider a growing fundraiser

4. It’s great to spend time outdoors. 5. There’s a sense of achievement that comes in growing your own herbs and flowers. 6. You can plant your bouquet.

7. Every serious home chef secretly desires their own 1. It’s good for the environment herb garden within reach of • Growing your own veggies, for the kitchen. example, helps reduce your carbon footprint. You When to run your eat in season; your produce isn’t being hauled across the fundraiser? city – let alone the globe; you If you’ve read 22 lessons for A+ don’t need to package what fundraising, you will have in place: you grow. • a SMART goal – a real target 2. Gardening teaches children and purpose for fundraising important life skills like • a fundraising calendar with • responsibility (gained from a mix of opportunities caring for and tending plants) throughout the year – without being too enthusiastic or • patience (seedlings greedy. don’t know about immediate gratification) Choosing bulbs, plants and herbs as a fundraiser ties you to their 3. Growing plants opens up a growing season. Think about what world of discovery to type of plant has the most appeal children for your audience and look at their • They learn where food comes growing calendar: from; they learn about cause • Bulbs are only available when and effect. dormant – late winter is the 4

Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS

Get Your Profits Growing with Living Fundraisers

Choose from: • Grow-in-the-bag Herbs • Vegie growing kits • Flower growing kits • Seed-embedded Christmas Cards • Snack foods • Greeting cards (NEW in 2013!)

fit o r p r

% 40 for yorugroup ol o o h sc

Healthy, eco-friendly, educational and fun! “The best fundraiser we’ve ever run. We raised over $4,500 and everyone loved it”. The Harbour Family and Children’s Centre

No up-front costs Free delivery Australia-wide* Australian made and owned Returns accepted*

“It was a lot less work than a Trivia Night and yet raised the same amount of money” Cheltenham Primary School

*see website for conditions

Order your free guide to fundraising, info kit and product sample at Proudly supporting

Ph: 1300 848 993

most popular time to buy and plant; likewise bare rooted roses. • • •

Choosing the supplier who’s right for you

The Fundraising Directory takes the legwork out of finding suitable suppliers. You can send online Veggie seeds will grow best in queries to suppliers seeking more Spring. information and then decide who best meets your needs. Herbs are a late Summer growing concern. Here are the absolute essential questions to ask: Daylilies can be grown virtually any time.

1. How long has the company been in business? 2. How many years of experience does the company representative have in fundraising? 3. What is the percentage profit of sales? 4. How much can I expect to make? You can expect between 3050% profit, depending on sales volume and the individual supplier you choose. 5. Is the product high-quality? Quality products equal quality revenue returns. 6

Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS

6. Is the drive based on orders or pre-purchase?

• Percentage does not necessarily translate into profit. If one company offers you 30% of gross sales and another offers you 20%, ask why.

Drives that are based on orders are less risky than pre-purchase as you only order – and pay for – what’s wanted.

It could be that the ‘20%’ company offers useful ‘extras’ that could boost sales and save time e.g. kick-offs, incentives, timely delivery of merchandise, customised packaging for individual. Perhaps the quality is so superior that an increased sales volume will net your group more money.

Remember: unsold stock wilts profits!

7. Does the supplier provide services that will help save volunteers’ time such as checklists, promotional posters, tally sheets, collection envelopes, pre-sorting?

8. Is there a prize incentive program? If so, who pays for it? 9. Are products paid for in advance or upon delivery? Will they work with you on a fair payment option?

Don’t take the percentage of sales at face value.

When talking to the company rep, consider her communication style. You want to work with someone who listens to your needs. The company rep should also ask you questions about:

10. What is the returns policy if you over-order? The last thing you want are boxes of unsold calendars!

your group’s financial goal

your fundraising timeline

the number of potential participants and their ages

Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS


Featured Advertiser

1300 848 993

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Healthy, educational, eco-friendly and fun, a Living Fundraiser is the easy choice for fundraising success.


What products are available? You can choose from: grow-in-the-bag herbs, flower growing kits, vegie growing kits, seed-embedded Christmas cards, snack foods and, new in 2013: greeting cards. Q How does it work? A Simply place an order for the number of items you require. There are no up-front costs or delivery charges and you have a month to run your drive before your bill is due. Returns are accepted on most items. Please see our website for full details. Q How much will we make? A You keep 40% of sales. Depending on the product you choose, this is $19.20 or $24 per carry-bag. Eg: if you sold 100 bags, you could make $2,400. Q Are products Australian made and exclusive as fundraisers? A Yes. Products are made in Australia in partnership with Paramount Workforce -


Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS

a community organisation that supports people with disabilities to live indendent lives. All our products are only available for fundraising - they can’t be found in shops. Q What information and support do you provide? A We have an extensive range of tools and resources to help make your fundraiser a success. This includes distribution and tally sheets, guidelines, and templates for your newsletter or notes home. Each participant receives an envelope to collect and return their money, as well as full instructions and information on how to sell their items. Q Have you had any recent feedback? A We have recently received some lovely feedback from Veronica, parent and Fundraising Coordinator from The Harbour Family and Children’s Centre; “The best fundraiser we’ve ever run. We raised over $4,500 and everyone loved it.”

any historical information (e.g. past fundraisers, participation levels, successes and failures).

If he doesn’t, he’s not really interested in you: and you shouldn’t be interested in him either!

the fundraising drive. For example, selling pots of herbs to raise money for tuckshop facilities. 3. Is there room for a community garden? This could encourage those who haven’t got green thumb to have a go and learn some basics; and then have the confidence to invest in seedlings or bulbs themselves.

Fundraising tips Product drives work best when they’re short and sharp: three weeks is ideal. 4. Does your school have an environment group? If so, get • You’ll need to promote ahead members involved. of the fundraiser.

You’ll need to launch the fundraiser.

You’ll need to round up the orders.

Hints on all this – and more – are detailed in 22 lessons for A+ fundraising. But here are some specific marketing tips for selling these products: 1. Communicate your fundraising goal clearly.

We want to raise $1500 to buy the tuckshop a new oven

2. Align – wherever possible – the fundraising goal and Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS


5. Selling herbs or produce? Consider a ‘fresh is best’ culinary demonstration.

6. If you are selling bulbs etc through a catalogue, set up a prominent display with colourful photos of blooms – and be ready to take orders.

When the fundraising’s over

Premium quality flower bulbs, Sticker Fun labels and gift cards. Fully guaranteed, prompt service with great profit margins.

Orders have been dispatched, the money’s banked, and it’s all over, right? Not quite. But then, you know that: you’ve read 22 lessons for A+ fundraising!

2. Here are some of the jobs that the fundraising committee still needs to do: 1. Share the outcome with your community. Too often, a fundraiser just fades away. People want to know what happened! Communicate the result with 3. all who took part – committee members, volunteers, and supporters – using your newsletter and/or website.

10 Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS


p 03 5250 5132 f 03 5250 5116

Provide your fundraising supplier with feedback. Then head to the supplier’s listing on the Fundraising Directory website to leave a review of this supplier to share with other fundraising volunteers.

Congratulate your volunteers on a job well done. They’ll be more receptive to helping again.


Complete the Report Card in your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual. What’s this? You need to read 22 lessons for A+ fundraising, explaining the essential tidy up actions that are needed.

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Copies of the 2013 Fundraising Directory are only $6 per copy and can be ordered online from fundraisingdirectory. Subscribe to our FREE monthly Fundraising eNewsletter to receive a bonus Fundraising Report Card Template. Click here to subscribe.

email: or phone: 1300 653 305

Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS 11

Index to Fundraising eBooks FREE eBooks available from fu n d ra is in

1. The Essentials of Fundraising - 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising 2. Fundraising with ARTWORK, STATIONERY & LABELS 3. Fundraising with Athons & Raffles 5. Fundraising with Bulbs, Herbs & seeds

g id e a s.c o

4. Fundraising with Books

The Essenti als of Fundrais ing 2013 RAISING


m .a u

6. Fundraising with Chocolates & Lollies 7. Fundraising with Clothing & Jewellery 8. Fundraising with Custom Labelled Beverages 9. Fundraising with ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS 10. Fundraising with Entertainment 12. Fundraising with Glowsticks & Flashing Novelties 13. Fundraising with Homewares


14. Fundraising with Miscellaneous Ideas



15. Fundraising with MOTHERS & FATHERS DAY STALLS A how-to gu Australian ide for fundraising voluntee



16. Fundraising with Novelties & Showbags


11. Fundraising with Food & Fruit

17. Fundraising with Personal Care Products 18. Fundraising with Photography 19. Fundraising with Promo Products/Wristbands/Badges 20. Fundraising with Shopping Tours 22. Fundraising for High Schools 23. Fundraising for Primary Schools 24. Fundraising for Childcare & Kindergartens 25. Fundraising for Sporting Clubs & community groups

12 Fundraising with BULBS, HERBS & SEEDS


Individuals 2013


26. Fundraising for Individuals



21. Fundraising with Toys & Educational

Fundraising with Bulbs,Herbs & Seeds 2013  

FUNDRAISING WITH A how-to guide for Australian fundraising volunteers Comprehensive guide to planning your fundraising, including: • Getting...

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