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Primary Schools 2013

Fundraising for

An Australian fundraising tradition for over 35 years.

The original melamine Pictureplate速

Loved by kids,

treasured by parents Pictureplates are a simple and effective fundraiser proven over many years. We make it easy to run a successful fundraiser with our range of durable, high-quality personalised keepsakes.


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Why Fundraising at Primary Schools can be so successful


Goal setting and calendar planning


- one fundraiser a term is ideal, particluarly if you mix it up


Spoilt for choice:


- The Fundraiser best for your school


- Deciding on an Event or Product Drive 19

Harnessing Support


When the Fundraiser’s over


1. Share the outcome with your community 31 2. Provide your Fundraising supplier with feedback 31 3. Congratulate your volunteers on a job well done 31 4. Complete the Report Card in your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual 31

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Introduction A+ fundraising for primary schools I have some very good news to share. Primary school years are the prime time for… fundraising! It’s as though all the planets are aligned and because of this divine state of being, good things happen: and of course the Fundraising Directory makes it so much easier for you to make a success out of your school fundraising efforts. How? 1. The Fundraising Directory has done the hard work of sourcing reliable and proven products you can trust. Some products are old-favourites; others are ‘hot’ now. You’ll find supplier details at the back of this eBook. 2. I share my own secrets to success – fundraising for my own children’s school for more than five years – and draw on the experience of hundreds of other parents who provide feedback through the Fundraising Directory Facebook community. These are detailed in my comprehensive free eBook Essentials of Fundraising: 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising. 3. A+ fundraising for primary schools teases out some of the issues and opportunities that you – as primary school fundraisers – may face. If you’re experienced in fundraising, consider this eBook a ready-reckoner, refreshing your own experience and bringing new ideas to the fore. If you’re new to fundraising – welcome aboard! It’s hugely rewarding and while it does take some effort (I’d be lying if I said it didn’t!), a well-motivated fundraising committee, armed with this eBook and our ‘bible’ - Essentials of Fundraising: 22 Lessons for A+ fundraising, can enjoy the success of being cashed up for a cause. Read on please… put the Fun back in Fundraising … and don’t lose sight of why you put your hand up to be involved: our kids are worth the effort!

Happy fundraising!

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


The fund-raiser everyone looks forward to, year after year! Reserve your 2013 | 2014 Entertainment™ Books now Easy and risk-free Entertainment™ Books are an easy, effective and risk-free way to raise funds for your club, school or organisation. Books are provided on consignment, so there is no up-front cost!

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Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


Why fundraising Goal setting and at primary calendar schools can be planning so successful? The Essentials of Fundraising starts with a • Label something as improving a child’s educational outcomes and parents will be right behind the project. We want what’s best for our kids.

really basic question: Why do you need to fundraise?

• Children love seeing mum and dad involved. It makes them feel really special and loved.

You need a goal, a SMART goal, and you get it like this:

• Primary school kids are old enough to be involved in some fundraising and they get a kick out of it. The older ones can even take on a little responsibility. They learn valuable lessons like leadership and the importance of ‘giving’. • For these few years, you can genuinely enjoy ‘family’ activities!

No, the answer is not ‘because we should’: nor is it ‘because we want to help the school’.

• Specific – well-defined and clear • Measurable – in terms of progress towards the goal • Agreed – all key stakeholders agree to the goal and have a stake in it • Realistic – don’t be too ambitious • Timely – a time frame is built in. Full details about defining a SMART goal from Lesson 1 in The Essentials of Fundraising. Once you have a SMART goal, you need to work towards it. That’s where calendar planning comes in. Try for at least six months in advance. Gold star if you make commitments to fundraising at the Annual General Meeting for the year ahead.


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Calendars * Cards * Diaries * Labels Fun, Easy and Creative! Each calendar, card or diary is unique, made from each child’s own artwork or photo to organise * Simple – we send you everything you need

* No pre-selling or upfront expense * Everyone can participate * Great gifts for family and friends 2013



LABELS! The simple and exciting way for schools to raise funds.

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Lot’s of designs available! Great for sticking on lunch boxes, school books, etc.



Jack Bo

Jack Boyle

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Camel Fundraising

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Meet Kathy, she has been with our family owned and operated company for over 15 years. She is a wealth of knowledge! Phone 1800 657 489




• •

7 delicious flavours. Make 100 13g bite size cookies per 1.3kg tub. Can be refrozen. Order form drive - we supply the colour order forms. Australian owned and made. Free incentive prizes.

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Make up to 70% clear cash profit. Receive up to 30% value for prizes and support materials. The most proven and profitable fun run/walk-a-thon program. Our premium program is 25% cheaper** than the standard program offered by others - more money in your pocket to purchase equipment/ resources for your school/group. Run the fundraiser with your cross country, walk-a-thon, lap-a-thon, sports carnivals, kick-a-thon, dance-a-thon or Walk to School Day.



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Easy, fun and highly profitable. Donors scratch off dots and donate the amount revealed ($0.50, $1, $2, or $3). Your sellers receive a silicon sports watch for every card purchased. $80 donation value on each card.

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Complete information on all of our programs is available at where you can request a free information kit and samples online. Alternatively you can call our office on FREE CALL 1800 657 489 (07 3279 0140 from mobiles). Check our website for the new *To approved customers. **As of November 2012. discount vouchers that we supply to your sellers.

We offer a comprehensive range of programs They're popular and proven! No money up front.*

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My Card Shop in a Box™ All Occasion Handmade Cards

• • • • •

Choose from three great destinations. We do all of the setup for you! These raffles are just for your group. It’s your very own raffle for general fundraising or as a fete/fair raffle. Someone in your group or community will win this terrific holiday prize. We supply the holiday and travel prizes, the professionally printed colour raffle tickets personalised with your logo and raffle details and colour book covers, draft parent’s letters, seller incentive prizes, courier costs and accounting tally software/tally sheets. Easy payment plan to take the pressure off your cash flows.

You provide an outstanding opportunity for your families/members to purchase and sell beautiful, handcrafted, 3D greeting cards at the exceptional value of only $0.80 each. Three gift/display boxes available: All Occasion Cards, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards Run the fundraiser as a direct sale or as an order form drive.



These fundraisers are brought to you by Proudly Australian owned and operated.

Support Cancer Council, promote sun protection awareness and raise funds for your group. Run as an in-hand direct sale or as an order form drive. The order form includes the SunSmart SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK, SLIDE message.

FREE CALL 1800 657 489

One fundraiser a term is ideal, particularly if you mix it up; say: • product drive • spell-a-thon or walk-a-thon • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day activity • family day or fete Your Fundraising Report Card will tell you what has worked in the past. You’ll also see if a golden oldie has become a little tired and needs either some revitalisation or a rest. Don’t know what a Fundraising Report Card is? You need to read Lesson 3 in The Essentials of Fundraising. We now include Fundraising Report Card templates in our Fundraising Directory and have them available to download online.

Spoilt for choice:

deciding on the fundraiser that’s best for your school

Browse the Fundraising Directory and you’ll see 17 distinct categories of products offered for fundraising either as product drives, party plans, events or spur-of-themoment spends: • artwork, stationery and labels • a-thons and raffles • books and movies • chocolates and lollies • clothing and jewellery • custom-labelled beverages • entertainment • food and fruit • glowsticks and flashing novelties


• homewares • novelties • personal care products • photography • printing and promotional products • shopping tours • silicone bracelets • toys and educational products Your job as a fundraising committee is to identify what will work best for your unique market. Answering the following questions may help shortlist your options: • How quickly you need to meet your financial goal? • Do you want an event or a sales program? (While The Essentials of Fundraising: 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising focuses on product drives, you’ll find terrific practical tips in another of our jam-packed eBooks, How to organise a fete - many principles cross over to other community-based events). • When will this fundraiser run? For example, chocolates are best sold in cooler months in Australia to avoid gooey messes ruining your profits. I never have any trouble selling chocolates for my daughters’ school. Even on night duty – especially on night duty! – the chocolates are gobbled up. Todd, doctor • Who you can target to support your cause? Can you cash in by offering a fundraiser that interests people beyond your school? It’s great when neighbours, relatives and colleagues are willing to dig into their pockets!

ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

boxes Receive 2 free old! for every 50 s

Make CentS fundraising

Welcome to the Fat Free Alternative to Fundraising! ...Exclusive Handcrafted Greeting Cards & Bags.

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Hand Crafted Cards You Pay $18.00 Minimum Profit $9.00 per box

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all occasions: 30 cards | Birthday Box: 30 cards | Christmas Box: 30 cards | mini Box: 50 cards Card, Wrap and tags: 15 cards, 15 wrapping paper and 15 cards | Bags: 20 gift bags


Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools


COOKBOOKS Our passion is helping preschools, schools and community groups publish their premium quality fundraising cookbooks that everyone will just love! Our 3-step process is SO simple and involves very little work for you:

1 2 3

Register and start promoting your event. Families then submit their recipes DIRECT TO US via our simple website template. Once you check the recipes, we then do EVERYTHING else to edit, design and print your stunning cookbook. Just select from our large range of available sizes, styles & food photos and WE DO THE REST! We prepare your cookbook printing proof. You approve, we print & deliver.

“Thank you for making the process of having our very own beautiful cookbook such an easy project. I would recommend to anyone wishing to publish a cookbook to first contact Published Authors.” Northview State School P&C

Contact us for our FREE INFORMATION PACK & SAMPLE COOKBOOK Ph: Schools 1300 -112 77017 Fundraising for Primary e-book

fundraise with Australia’s original AND best show bags EASY, effective fundraising Pre Packed, ready to sell

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Call NOW for our fantastic SAMPLE packs mon rantee see the quality before you buy! gua 1300 677 469 18

ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

• If you’re selling, who forms your sales team? • In choosing a product to sell, is it affordable for your market? • Just as importantly, does the product reflect your school’s values. Money’s tight. I have found day-to-day purchases turned into fundraisers don’t burn a hole in the budget. They simply require a change in where the ‘spend’ happens. Marisa, parent, Newcastle The Essentials of Fundraising details more on this, and how to choose a supplier who’s right for you.

one, particularly when linked to events like swim carnivals, sports days and fetes. But you usually have to pay upfront. What if you don’t sell all your stock? Unsold cartons of product equal lost profit. Order carefully – you can always get more later, and ask about your fundraising company’s return policy.


I’m all for teaching our kids healthy eating habits. It’s seen in the choice of foods available at school canteens or tuckshops. Having a chocolate or lolly drive may cause concerns. Read some tips about how to manage this issue the great sweet debate in The Essentials of Fundraising.

Deciding on an event or a product drive Remember my suggested calendar of four events; one per term. It looked like this: • product drive • spell-a-thon or walk-a-thon • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day activity • family day or fete Let’s narrow down the selection a little more. Product drives are either direct sales, order-based or online. They’re best run as short sharp campaigns of two to three weeks’ duration. Direct sales the advantage of stock ready to sell now. People see; people buy! Lollies and chocolates are very popular. Custom-labelled water is a great

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Order-based programs do not carry the risk of excess stock, however they require lead time to get order forms out, provide a chance for prospective buyers to look and consider their choices and then return the forms – and money on time. Like anything worthwhile, it does take persistence. Food items like baked goods and cookie dough, books, toys, custom-labelled wine, spring bulbs, photography and products made with children’s art are just some of the products that sell well this way.

Thought! Has your school started an

environment group up? Inspire the next generation to be greenthumbs, growing their own veggies and raise funds for a school greenhouse at the same time!

Online sales programs are emerging fundraisers with potential to save time and money. Likely to be big in the future: keep an open mind to them, particularly if your goal is a long-term one; not something that needs to be achieved this term or year.

Involving children in fundraising Do not – for a moment – think that involving children in fundraising is exploitative. It’s not: they learn instead some great life lessons: • Children learn that things don’t ‘just appear’ in their classroom. Just like pocket money must be saved for the latest gizmo, the cool new playground doesn’t just materialise; it’s worked for.

Become a fan of the fundraising directory on facebook and win!

Monthly Prize Draw:

Win a Rose Bloom from or follow the link from our website


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Meet Kathy, she has been with our family owned and operated company for over 15 years. She is a wealth of knowledge! Phone 1800 657 489




Thaw out the tub and scoop out a teaspoonful of dough. You can refreeze the tub.


• •

7 delicious flavours. Make 100 13g bite size cookies per 1.3kg tub. Can be refrozen. Order form drive - we supply the colour order forms. Australian owned and made. Free incentive prizes.

Roll into a ball, place onto a baking tray and bake for 12-14 minutes.

Scrumptious, fresh cookies and biscuits freshly baked by you!

Is there really a Billy G? Find out at

This fundraiser is brought to you by Proudly Australian owned and operated.

FREE CALL 1800 657 489

• Being a part of the sales team teaches community spirit. • Involvement in fundraising boosts selfconfidence too. Incentive prizes, done right, are also important. Do not offer anything so outrageously generous that children will take inappropriate risks to achieve it. For a larger prize such as this, you are better to offer it as a random participation prize – where every participating child goes into the draw to win it! Some product suppliers actually offer incentive programs. From my experience, prizes don’t have to be costly or extravagant: an ice block for returning the form is a welcome reward on a hot summer school day; pizza for lunch for the class that returns the most orders is cheap – yet ‘awesome’.

“Out of the mouths of babes…” Children’s views are fresh and honest. Why not ask for their ideas about a fundraiser, such as what prize would work as an incentive for taking part. One school I know did this and discovered that a high bounce ball was motivating all the kids one year, and it turned out to be the least expensive incentive prize – a win-win! But it may well ‘suck’ the next year. A word of caution though… Children should never ever sell products or seek sponsorship door-to-door without parental supervision. The Essentials of Fundraising details the steps every product sales campaign needs to succeed: from kick-off to driving the sales home. • Some fundraisers involve children directly. Think a-thons: walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons; skip-a-thons, swim-athons. These are great because they inspire a sense of achievement in children. Every child can have a go and achieve his or her own Personal Best! There may be an educational focus or a health focus – and that’s a bonus too. • A Mother’s Day or Father’s Day themed fundraiser may be either produce-based or event. Photography, custom-labelled wine and child-inspired art immediately come to mind as potential product drives. From an event perspective, consider a ‘girls only’ shopping tour for mums.


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Get Your Profits Growing with Living Fundraisers

Choose from: • Grow-in-the-bag Herbs • Vegie growing kits • Flower growing kits • Seed-embedded Christmas Cards • Snack foods • Greeting cards (NEW in 2013!)

fit o r p r

% 40 for yorugroup ol o o h sc

Healthy, eco-friendly, educational and fun! “The best fundraiser we’ve ever run. We raised over $4,500 and everyone loved it”. The Harbour Family and Children’s Centre

No up-front costs Free delivery Australia-wide* Australian made and owned Returns accepted*

“It was a lot less work than a Trivia Night and yet raised the same amount of money” Cheltenham Primary School

*see website for conditions

Order your free guide to fundraising, info kit and product sample at Proudly supporting

Ph: 1300 848 993

• Family events like Christmas carols lend themselves to the addition of direct sales such as glow sticks and flashing candles as spur-of-the-moment or mood purchases. School fetes present opportunities to drive home order-based sales and sell pre-ordered stock. My free eBook How to Organise a Fete is loaded with practical tips and experiences from parents all over Australia. Many of the tips and planning will help you run other family-oriented events.

Harnessing support Support for fundraising comes in two key forms: 1. financial support made by purchasing products, attending an event or through sponsorship; 2. volunteer support. Don’t assume either will just happen. Your fundraiser needs to be on parents’ radars.

Facts: • We’re all busy. There’s a lot going on. Sometimes we need to be reminded what day of the week it is! • Parents’ time is precious. • Many more families are dual income.


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools




Treat Pack

$1 RRP


tra RO No Money Up Front . lia nf VE 2 a Returns accepted . mi N ly SE ow Premium milk chocolate. ne LL d& ER Pre-mixed for your convenience. op era 3 ted Free delivery for 18+ carry packs . sin ce Your choice of free individual incentive 19 50 prizes for your sellers or free bonus 4 stock + free major rewards. 7. Pay 28 days from delivery1.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.




Check out our website for the new discount vouchers that we supply to your sellers. RRY


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Packs Sold


















Complete information is available at Request a free information kit or samples online or by phoning our office on free call 1800 657 489 (or 07 3279 0140 from mobiles). 1. To approved customers. 2. Returns of unopened cartons for orders of 60 or more carry packs. Must be returned within 28 days from delivery. No handling charge for returns. 3. Freight surcharge may apply for small orders for country and interstate orders. Contact our office. 4. One (1) free carry pack for every 50 carry packs net sold. * Profit assumes your organisation is not GST registered.

This fundraiser is brought to you by Proudly Australian owned and operated.

FREE CALL 1800 657 489 Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


• Primary school children are likely to be involved in organised activities outside school (such as sport or music or extra tuition) meaning ‘Mum’s taxi’ is in overdrive. • Siblings of different ages can divide a family’s energies to support your primary school and the childcare centre or, at the other end, high school. That’s why fundraising – and volunteering – needs to be made EASY. Of all the lessons I’ve learnt in fundraising, the most important boils down to COMMUNICATION. • Let your supporters know why this fundraiser is needed – and how they have a role to play. • Remember the SMART goal? In prepublicising the fundraiser, directly link

the action to the big picture goal. • Use your school’s website to post a ‘coming soon’ notice. • Display posters everywhere: on classroom doors, at every school entrance, in the office, canteen, library; even in the adults’ toilets. • Use your group’s database to email out information. • Create a Facebook page and post details, including a link to the page from your school’s official website. Essentials of Fundraising spells out the actions needed to be seen and heard. Essentials of Fundraising also looks at harnessing volunteer support. From my experience, primary school parents are the most willing to give their time to support a school cause. Even so, here’s my hot tip: Break down tasks into manageable chunks. Think micro-tasks. Offering one hour – and knowing it will be time well spent – is manageable. Lesson 19 in Essentials of Fundraising outlines how to create a volunteer sign-up board and other ways to snag helpers. TIP: During your fundraising efforts, allocate a ‘volunteer of the week’ car space in the school car park. Reward a different helper each week.


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools


When the fundraiser’s over

Complete the Report Card in your Fundraiser’s Handover Manual.

Orders have been dispatched, the money’s banked, and it’s all over, right? Not quite. But then, you know that: you’ve read Essentials of Fundraising!

This provides a record of what worked, what didn’t; and why. It includes timelines, quantities, costs, profit, and volunteer and supplier details. It’s an essential tool to help measure success and plan a bigger and better fundraiser next time.

Your fundraising committee must still complete FOUR key tasks:


Share the outcome with your community.

Too often, a fundraiser just fades away. People want to know what happened! Communicate the result with all who took part – committee members, volunteers, and supporters – using your newsletter and/or website: “Our pie drive resulted in $4000 profit which enables X classrooms to be airconditioned.”


Provide your fundraising supplier with feedback.

Head to their listing on fundraisingdirectory. and leave a review for them there!




Fun and Fundraising Specialists. The more you Shop the more you can Save the more you can Earn. Sydney’s only Shopping Tour Company with their own fleet of Luxury Coaches and Modern Charter Buses.

PLUS WE GIVE YOU...  4 Free Morning Tea  4 Free Bonus Gift  4 Free Bonus Seats  4 Raffles  4 Free Gifts

Congratulate your volunteers on a job well done. They’ll be more receptive to helping again. Handwritten notes from the group president are a nice touch – far better than a blanket group email.

SYDNE Y’S No.1 • All tours hostess escorted • Airconditioned coaches & modern buses

02 8188 2055

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


$2 proFit per paCKet!

Fundraiser Fundraising is simple with great temptations. raise $2 per packet sold of our delicious cakes, muffins and melting moments.

Affordable and made fresh our products are packaged and ready to eat at your convenience. We supply you with a fundraising pack including colour order forms and a steps to success guide, with Australia wide delivery direct to your door.

FreeCall 1800 301 511 Our dedicated Fundraising Coordinator is available to assist.


ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


Are nitz driving you nutz ? Then hit nits for six!

Hit Nitz 4 6 Head Lice Solutions Make $4.95 for every bottle sold We pay the postage to you An easy fundraiser with minimal effort required Help parents & children while fundraising

ive Effect em t sys rol to contice head l Free head lice information & Customer Service Line

Money Back Guarantee (If used as directed)

g No combin required!

1300 349 400




ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

The Easiest & Most Profitable Labels Fundraiser Gorgeous New Designer Range, hand finished to look their best! • Dishwasher resistant stick on labels • Permanent iron-on labels • Pencil labels… and much more

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Next day despatch for orders in by 12 noon weekdays FREECALL 1800

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serving Australian families for over 10 years

Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


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Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book



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ebook - Fundraising for Primary Schools

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Fundraising for Primary Schools - e-book


Index to Fundraising eBooks FREE eBooks available from fu n d ra is in

1. The Essentials of Fundraising - 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising 2. Fundraising with ARTWORK, STATIONERY & LABELS 3. Fundraising with Athons & Raffles 5. Fundraising with Bulbs, Herbs & seeds

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4. Fundraising with Books

The Essenti als of Fundrais ing 2012 RAISING


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6. Fundraising with Chocolates & Lollies 7. Fundraising with Clothing & Jewellery 8. Fundraising with Custom Labelled Beverages 9. Fundraising with ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS 10. Fundraising with Entertainment 12. Fundraising with Glowsticks & Flashing Novelties 13. Fundraising with Homewares


14. Fundraising with Miscellaneous Ideas



15. Fundraising with MOTHERS & FATHERS DAY STALLS A how-to gu Australian ide for fundraising voluntee



16. Fundraising with Novelties & Showbags


11. Fundraising with Food & Fruit

17. Fundraising with Personal Care Products 18. Fundraising with Photography 19. Fundraising with Promo Products/Wristbands/Badges 20. Fundraising with Shopping Tours 22. Fundraising for High Schools 23. Fundraising for Primary Schools 24. Fundraising for Childcare & Kindergartens 25. Fundraising for Sporting Clubs & community groups


Individuals 2012


26. Fundraising for Individuals



21. Fundraising with Toys & Educational

Fundraising For Primary Schools 2013  
Fundraising For Primary Schools 2013  

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