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Steps To Be Taken For Repairing Concrete Floors

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STEPS TO CONSIDER FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIRING STEP-1:-Determine the scope of the problem STEP-2:-Use a ruler to determine the length and width of the area to be repaired if the condition does not define itself. STEP-3:-Chip the surface of the concrete to remove any high material, and to create a rough surface for the repair cement mixture to bond to. STEP-4:-Clean the dust and debris from the area you have chipped.

STEPS TO CONSIDER FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIRING STEP 5:- Mix the cement/sand material you will use to fill in the area you have chipped out. STEP-6:-Add a latex or polymerized liquid bonding agent to the dry sand/cement mixture, using enough to thoroughly wet the material and bring it to a stiff, plastic consistency. STEP-7:-Wet the area where the patch is to be applied with clean, fresh water.

STEPS TO CONSIDER FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIRING STEP-8:- Scoop some of your cement mixture out of your mixing container with a bull-nosed pointing trowel (or other suitable tool). STEP-9:- Level the surface of the wet cement with the trowel, leaving it slightly higher than the adjacent edges, to allow for settling and shrinkage. STEP-10:- Trowel the area with a steel finishing trowel when the patch material has become stiff.

STEPS TO CONSIDER FOR CONCRETE FLOOR REPAIRING STEP-11:- Give the area another hour or two so that it sets up, or becomes hard, then finish trowel ling it. STEP-12:- Clean your tools, and remove any excess material. By following these 12 steps you will definitely get the best result.

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Steps to be taken for repairing concrete floors