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Cleaning Solutions-With Benefits The Direct cleaning solutions have been exceeding expectations with respect to the Cleaning solutions. They have been into the services of the cleaning from past 25 years. They are one of the leading brands in the industry of the cleaning equipments, which does includes the Numatic and mopping equipments. They pride themselves on the high levels of the personnel services which are combined with the culture, which does promotes the strongest customer relations. They are at the forefront of supplying and serving the industrial cleaning along with the hospitality services.

Some of the services and maintenance which they offer are- popular products, product specials, Repair and maintenance along with the 3 year warranty. Cleaning solutions are the substances which are usually in the liquids, powders, granules which are used for removing the dirt, stains, bad smells and the clutter of the surfaces. The Direct cleaning solutions deals with selling of different items with respect to the cleaning materials. Some of them which need to mention is as under that are ATX750, AVQ250, HZDQ750, MFQ470-22 and many more. Apart from the Numatic products there are some mopping equipments which are being worked on at their end. Some of the mopping equipments are- Chemical product lists, Washroom product lists, Washroom essentials etc.

The Direct cleaning solutions have taken care of describing each and every product with its feature, so that the users could know about the facts and uses of the materials which they are selling off to the customers. They have also provided the users with the search option which helps them in finding out the appropriate products of cleaning solutions by just entering the name into the search option and click on the search. When it is searched, it would be displaying those products only which are available on that range. Even they have provided with the option of Ask the question –related to the product on the product description page itself. The Direct cleaning solutions, have taken appropriate action through which the users can get the information from the company. For that users can go through the Contact us page-where the details with respect to the address and the locations with the local and the international numbers. They have also provided the people with the form where they can enter the information and send to the company for the details of cleaning solutions. The users would be getting information within the stipulated time, so that they can finalize their working accordingly. For more information, visit at

Contact Us Head Office, Johannesburg: Unit 5, Standard Close Langwa Street Strijdom Park Johannesburg South Africa P.O. Box 765 Ferndale 2160 Johannesburg South Africa Local: Tel: (011) 792 9044 Fax: (011) 791 1406 International: Tel: +27 11 792 9044 Fax: +27 11 791 1406

Cleaning solutions with benefits  
Cleaning solutions with benefits  

The Direct cleaning solutions have taken care of describing each and every product with its feature, so that the users could know about the...