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Wool Carpet- An Elegant Decor Piece! Carpets are an essential element of home decor. They lend elegance and warmth to a setting. If you don’t like your floors to be hard, cold and uncomforting, then carpets are ideal solution. It makes you house look warm and inviting.There are different types of carpets made from different kinds of fiber. Most common ones are wool carpets made from wool and silk carpets made from silk fiber. Synthetic carpets are made from synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester and acrylic. Bamboo and coir carpets are also popular as eco friendly carpets.

Out of all types of carpets wool carpet is perfect for places, which have high moisture. The texture of the wool is such that it prevents the carpet from crushing and soiling. Wool carpets are also east to clean because the fiber arrests the dirt particles in the upper layer only and prevents it from going deep into the carpet. Wool is also flame resistant and has high durability and that’s perhaps one of the reasons they are also passed form one generation to the other. If you suffer from allergies, then wool carpet may be a good choice for you because it is made from natural fibers. Silk is also another natural fiber, which has high durability. It is lustrous and is widely used in oriental carpets. Silk carpets are usually expensive and exclusive. The silk fiber is delicate; hence it requires special care andmaintenance. On the other hand there are other natural fibers like jute and coir. These carpets are inexpensive and suited for dry conditions because moisture is not good for jute. Nylon is most widely used synthetic material for making carpets. It is easy to maintain and clean. Wool carpets have lovely and intricate designs in myriad colors. They give contemporary look and feel to your home and are a popular choice for home decor. Since the fiber has a natural twisted feel to it, they stick together and give an even textured appearance. They absorb heat and are ideal for cold climate. To help the carpet retain its original shape and color, all you need to do is vacuum it regularly and go for professional cleaning once in a while. To make sure that the carpet wears off evenly, you need to rotate it from time to time. If your carpet is damaged due to some reason you can opt for restoration. Qualified person should do Restoration otherwise it can cause further damage to your carpet.

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Wool Carpet An Elegant Decor Piece!