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Biography My Name is Tye Jeffers and i was born in Great Falls Montana and know i live in St. Joseph Missouri their is many things i can say about my self like i can make my family laugh, i like the new Boss 2013 Mustang, my favorite baseball team is Yankees, and favorite football team is the Vikings, i have a dog named Dipsy, and more.

About Tye Christopher Jeffers I was born in montana and moved down here when i was 13 teen and have been here ever since And then the rest of my family has lived here. my dad harley jeffers , my aunt pam, my grandma Karen, and some cousins. But my Step Brother shawn jeffers he lives in Iowa My Birthday is September 16th 1996 stuff about me. my favorite color is blue i like watching football, and baseball i can make my whole family crack up laughing my favorite food is popcorn chicken, and fish. favorite movie character is johnny I lived with my dad for awhile and deep then moved in with my aunt, and favorite athlete Adrain peterson. grandma and went to Spring Garden favorite animal is my dog and Middle School. Know i go to Benton snakes. High school. and it has been very My favorite car is a Mustang GT great. Cobra

I have one dog named dipsy, i have a puppy named susie q and a cat named knot head.

my favorite collage basketball team the Jay Hawks

Some Family history. i am from Wales England. And my crest mean peace. And the Northern Ireland

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Tye Jeffers male white Lives in St.Joseph Missouri 195lbs last seen in Savannah Missouri He may be limping because of broken ankle, brunet hair, greenish blue eyes, and has a scar on his left

he is charged with being a bomb at basketball and has a very low temper. if you have any info please contact us right away so we can put this fugitive away in bars for a long time

Jeffers mean peace, song of peace and territory and region peace

means salvation from the cross

settled in the USA in the 1620s Walter Geffrei was the first person to have the last name of the Jeffers

They moved from welsh to join the migration in the 1800s and 1900s to north america

Type to enter text Map of where i have live and lived and been to great falls montana is where i have lived for almost 13teen years of my live

saint joseph missouri is where i moved i know live with my aunt, and grandma. lived here ever since went to chicago in 8th grade with spring garden middle school. it was awesome getting to go. but was a total of 8 hours their and back it was exhausting and tiring. also have been to omaha nebraska and the zoo

have also been to kanas city missouri a couple of times to

good kitty cat

these are places i have been and lived in my life.

Don’t just be loud, be heard

personal Essay The most Influenced Person in my life would have to be my Grandma because she is like a mom to me to. She is always on me to keep my grades and chores up and on time with out her i would be nothing and nothing to live for because i love here more then anything in my life and i would die for her if i could and had two.

But also their is more of my family that i love like my Aunt Pam, my Aunt dee, my Uncle louie, my Cousin and even some of my old friends from montana. And i wouldn't ask for a diffrent family at all and we may fight a� lot but after its all over we are a family again hugging laughing and more thats what i like about my family.

Their are many ways to describe my family and me also because we are all diffrent but we are still a family forever and with out my grandma i would be with out anything she is a great person and has lots of energy for being old but that do-sent stop her and me from having a great time and having fun. we spend a lot of time together doing diffrent stuff that passes time and have a positive influence on me and also does my aunt Pam.

With out any body of my family or my grandma would kill me because we have a special bond with one another that could not be broke by anybody or any person. it would live forever and wouldn't break even if she passes away because i know she loves me with all of her heart and nothing less.

And final with out her i would be total lost in the world today because i love her and nothing could change that and know body would.

So the most influenced person in my life is my Grandma.


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