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Consumer Spotlight • Kristi Roach Despite ongoing health issues and TPN, I graduated nursing school on time in 2016. Since then, I have worked as a hospitalbased registered nurse in an adult cardiac telemetry unit. My 12-plus-hour shifts can be exhausting, but it feels great to not always be the patient anymore.

My name is Kristi Roach, and I live in New Albany, Indiana. In 2012, I started on J-tube feeds for severe gastroparesis. In 2014, I developed intestinal dysmotility and stopped tolerating tube feeds. I started on TPN in November 2014 and have been on it ever since.

In my free time, I love hanging out with my family and friends. I also enjoy networking with and supporting others who are on nutrition support. I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors. A while back, I started running as a distraction from some stressors in my life. I started slowly. When I found I could run one mile despite my medical condition, I made it two. It felt exhilarating to overcome the barriers of my disease and therapy. My love of the outdoors turned into

Staff Spotlight • ThriveRx Nurse Navigators

Quality nursing support is a vital part of home TPN care. The ThriveRx nursing team offers pharmacy-based clinical coordinators and field-based nurse navigators with a combination of knowledge, professionalism, passion, and compassion. All are registered nurses with specialization in parenteral nutrition and line care. They have an unparalleled depth of nursing experience and hold advanced certification.

ThriveRx nurse navigators and clinical coordinators take a consumer- and family-centered approach focused on improving care and quality of life. A navigator serves as a primary contact to coordinate care, providing training, helping identify products that meet individualized needs, providing ongoing support, conducting annual visits, and helping reduce the incidence of catheterrelated bloodstream infections. Clinical coordinators monitor hospital admissions, help develop care plans to keep consumers at home, and are available to answer clinical questions.

a growing passion for running. Last fall, I ran my first half marathon. I completed my second this spring. Over the years, I have had to switch between several infusions companies due to insurance changes. ThriveRx is by far the best that I have ever worked with. I constantly have people checking in on me, and it is very easy to communicate with the ThriveRx staff when needed. TPN does not limit me from living my life and doing the things I love. In fact, TPN has given me a life far better than I ever dreamed of having after my gastroparesis diagnosis. I always try to focus on what TPN allows me to accomplish, and having that mindset allows me to keep fighting.

“Having had a child on TPN for six years, I feel I understand where the patients and families are coming from in their daily struggles with managing care, as well as dealing with the stress of living with a family member struggling with a chronic illness. I think the patients appreciate my clinical interest and experience in mitochondrial metabolism disorders.” —Nurse Navigator Kristi Griggs, infusion therapy specialist for 15 years, CNSC-certified nutrition support clinician “I utilize the skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years as a nurse to help my consumers and their families. They, in return, have given me a renewed appreciation and joy for my profession of nursing.” —Nurse Navigator Lloydette Zieman, infusion therapy specialist for 27 years, CRNI-certified registered nurse, intravenous

To learn more about the exceptional ThriveRx nursing team and how they can help you improve your quality of life on TPN, contact us at 888.684.7483.

“My ThriveRx nurse navigator is a great educator and has worked diligently to provide ongoing high-quality and compassionate care. I give ThriveRx nursing 10 out of five stars” —Shawna Southwick, ThriveRx consumer


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ThriveRx Newsletter - August 2018  

ThriveRx Newsletter - August 2018